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This story is from Harry’s perspective. It is short and straight to the point and it was something that I was very interested in writing about. I’ve always tried to place myself in Harry’s shoes to see his view on everything, especially the prophecy. Hope you enjoy, please R&R.
**End A/N**
                                                                       I AM
There is nothing better then being talked about, especially by those that really don't a damn thing about you. That is how it has been throughout most of my life. To me it is quite pointless, and in a way quite idiotic. In no way is it a good look nor does it make a person seem as if they have the me, as opposed to my many nicknames.

There has always been a question of exactly who I am. No one seems to have an answer that really encompasses my persona. My relatives, with all their hate, would say that I am selfish and weird, and that “my people” are a disgrace. They would say that my parents were drunks that had no lives and deserved to die. They would say that I was probably a waste of nine months and that I don’t deserve the amount of effort they put into giving me a “loving” home. Ha! As if. My relatives would definitely say that life without me would be better, not just for them, but for the world. Yes, even those poor folks that never met me.

There are some that would say that I am a no one, and that I absolutely have entirely too much going on in my life. For the most part, I used to agree with that. But things have changed. There are some that would call me the savior of the wizarding world, or a kid that has his nose in all the wrong places. If only they knew the full extent of some of the things that I have been through. Some would say that I am a “fake”, and that I’ve lied in order to see more of the camera flashes. I would honestly like to know where my script is. There is a world of things that people would or could say about me, especially those that who don’t necessarily like me. However, barring all of the bad things, I do have friends.

My friends, who have been through almost everything that I have experienced in my short wizarding experience, have always been there for me, even in the boring moments. When I had no faith in myself, they would tell me that no matter what, I can make it through. They would also probably say that life without me would not be the same, and that I have a great heart. They would never lose faith in my abilities, even if I doubted them myself. My friends are truly great, especially when I am not. Being a Gryffindor means that I an insanely brave, or as some would say foolishly courageous, and some times it is hard but as my friends have told me, I can never go wrong following my heart. They would be so very disappointed in the fact that I want to give up on myself sometimes, even when things seem to get better, however some ties they just don’t understand. Yes, we may argue, fuss, and fight but in the end we would do anything for each other. Sometimes, my friends are my only link to sanity. And yet they are not the only ones that would say good things about me. My parents, if they were alive, would probably be proud of my accomplishments. My friends and mentors believe in my no matter what, especially Albus Dumbledore.

Never before had I met a man that really believed in me, for me. Not for what I could do for him, or because of some threat, because like me he has a pure heart, and a loving spirit. Dumbledore, can see faith where no ones else can, and sees hope where no one sees faith. He has in me, and that is enough for me to give my undying loyalty against any and all that would dare oppose him. Dumbledore has always told me that not many grown men could go through the many things that I have been through and live to tell the tale, or even have the strength to rush back into danger just to help other people. Dumbledore has always had faith in me, no matter what the situation is. What matters the most is that nothing could replace the feeling of having Albus Dumbledore come through the door and save you in the nick of time. Or the fear he inspires, evening the most powerful of foes. Or how he can be some calm when things seem all wrong. I want to be like him one day.

I’ve learned that throughout all of the different things that have been said to me, or about, nothing mattes as much as what I think of myself. There was a point in time where I became unsure of what was expected of me in life. I mean I was eleven years old and already someone wants to kill me. Nothing would have prepared me for anything that I have gone through during my stay at Hogwarts, both good and bad. The pain, the deaths, the murders, the victories, the first kiss, the truth, the lies, power, and best of all magic. Through all of these things, I have learned who I am.

I am strong. I am brave. I am falling in love with my bestfriend. I am smart (at times). I am a believer. I am an orphan. I have people that truthfully care about me and my well-beings. I am more then some poor little boy who lost his parents at the tender age of 1. I am more then some poor little boy that needs someone to look after him. I am definitely not helpless. I am a Gryffindor, through and through. And at my young age, I am more of a man then some of those twice my age. I am not just the savior of the world. I am more then a prophecy. I am not afraid of anything. I am not weak, but in fact I am quite powerful, maybe even being on the path to rival the power of Professor Dumbledore. However, my power does not lie in my magic, but in my love. I am more then someone’s inappropriate. I am more then what is expected of me. I am the son of James and Lily Potter. I am Harry James Potter. I AM.


*A/N I hope you guys like this. I thought that this was something new and different then what other people have written, and what I have read. Please R&R Thanks!* End A/N*

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