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Secret No. 34: Remember  that couple making out behind the greenhouse every thursday for a month, around two years ago? Yeah, that was me. The person I was with? Marissa's boyfriend at the time.


Amy remerges from the bathroom with wet hair and a towel around her body to find me still in the same position, staring with wide eyes in her direction. She tosses her hair over her shoulder, but it doesn’t shine like it usually does. Actually, everything seems a bit danker in this light. “Oh, you know Kathleen?” Amy laughs, taking a few steps towards the mirror.

I can’t do anything but nod dumbly. Scorpius. She wants to ruin Scorpius.

“Well, our parents are friends so we became friends,” Amy babbles excitedly, like she is in total awe of Kathleen. Which, actually, she probably is. Amy leans in towards the mirror, inspecting her clear skin for blemishes. “Mum nearly cried when she found out Kathleen got a modelling job. She was all; ‘why can’t you do that, Amy?’ Blah blah blah.”

I nod along absentmindedly, not really listening but know that if I completely switch off it will come back and bite me in the arse.

“And then Kathleen said she’s going to tell her agent about me and try to set something up,” Amy says breathlessly and turns around to face me, showing that, while I’ve been sitting and staring at the same spot for the last ten minutes, Amy’s managed to apply her make-up perfectly and somehow every strand of her hair has fallen perfectly into place, probably with a few nifty charms. “Isn’t that great or what?!”

It’s Scorpius! Scorpius!


“Rose,” Amy frowns at me, taking a few steps in my direction. Her green eyes stare directly at me and, for the first time, I find myself not wanting to do anything I can to please her. “Why are you being so selfish?”

 “Amy, Scorpius saved you!” I exclaim shrilly from my seat on the bed, wanting to wrap my fingers around Amy’s skinny arms and shake her hard. She is just impossible. It’s really hard to love her sometimes. “Why the fuck do you want to do that to him?”

Amy’s lip curls and she looks at me with such distaste that I start to think that it’s me who should be apologizing right now and that it’s me who suggested something so idiotic. “Because, Rosie,” she sneers, emphasizing my childhood nickname, probably her way to remind me of my place. “I know that Malfoy told Louis.”

I just stare at her, wondering if she honestly thinks this fact will make her plot less cold. I swing my legs out of bed and stand so that I’m towering over Amy. She seems to notice something’s changed for she steps back. An image of Will’s leering face flashes through my mind and I feel my expression soften as I look at Amy’s stubborn face. “Amy, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she replies icily, her expression closed and stony, which would usually tell me she wants to drop the subject. But, this time, I’m worried about her.

I step towards Amy carefully, not wanting to alarm her further, and take her hand. She stares down at it with an expression I can’t quite read. “Maybe you should tell someone.”

Amy pulls her hand out of my grip and snaps her head up to glare at me. “And say what? That I was so drunk I don’t remember what happened?” Her lip trembles and, even with her perfectly made up face, I can easily see she’s shaken up.

“Amy, I was there, too! I saw what he did!”

Her eyes are shiny with tears as she scowls up at me. “Yeah, and if you weren’t there then that never would have happened.”

I take a step back, feeling like she’s slapped me in the face. “What?” My voice cracks.

Her chin juts out stubbornly and she looks me directly in the eyes. “If you hadn’t gotten off with that creep then his friend wouldn’t have tried to get off with me.”

“Amy…” I trail off, shocked, feeling tears springing to my eyes. I can’t believe she is actually blaming me. “I-I…”

Amy seems to regain her confidence from my lack of words. She moves closer to me, her expression neutral. “Rose, friends don’t do that. Friends help friends when they’re asked to,” she explains calmly, as if her words don’t have a hidden meaning - I know she’s referring to the ruining of Scorpius plan. “You are my friend, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” I say quickly, honestly. I take a deep breath, hating myself for the words I’m about to say. “I just don’t think we should do that to Scorpius.”

“Rose,” Amy says, but it sounds more like a command or a scold, for even thinking that. I shrink away from her. “If he hadn’t told Louis then none of this would have happened.”

I shake my head furiously, blinking away tears. “That’s not true.”

“Is it,” she argues. “And if you’re not going to help me then get out.”

This shocks me to the core of my body and, for a few moments, I find myself momentarily frozen as I stare at the girl I thought was my best friend. Then, without replying, – I know I’ll probably say something I regret or just burst into tears there and then – I march over to my trunk and pull out some jeans and a tee.

Amy flips her hair, smirking down at me triumphantly, confident she’s won. “I heard you both talking about it last night. When you thought I was asleep in Scorpius’s arms,” Amy informs me as if I hadn’t figured that out already. I ignore her and step into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind me. I hear Amy snigger and her voice reverberating through the door. “Scorpius is quite fit, actually. That’s why it’s going to be so much fun.”

I pull on my jeans furiously, trying to block Amy’s horrible voice out of my head. It doesn’t work too well – I could probably hear her cackles a mile away. A few tears escape my eyes but I rub them away, unwillingly to show Amy how much she’s hurt me.

“Of course, you’re going to help me. It would hurt him so much more. Oh, it’s going to be so great!”

Repressing the urge to scream in frustration, in anger, in betrayal, I yank the door open, dressed in an outfit once deemed too casual by Amy, and stalk to the dormitory exit. Amy stares after me a little bewildered and I spin on my heel to face her.

“I’m sorry for whatever you think I did,” I say in a calm voice, looking at Amy with a blank expression on my face. “But screwing Scorpius over is just messed up.”

 And then, while she’s still reeling from that blow, I say those two little words that I’ve been wanting to say to Amy since she put gum in my hair in First Year and I had to cut it out, ending up with a wonky haircut which, of course, I was also teased for.

“You know what, Amy? Screw you.”

The door slams so hard behind me I’m left wondering if it fell off its hinges or not.

I know for a fact that I left Amy completely shell-shocked. I’ve never, never spoken to her like that. Not seriously, anyway. It would always be playful and teasing and we’d both laugh a little too much about it.

It’s going to take her at least twenty minutes to collect herself enough to storm after me and get me back for what I said. That’s what she’d usually do to her disobedient followers, anyway. They’d usually always end up in tears.

But this means I’m positive that she hasn’t gotten to Scorpius yet and I’m now hell-bent on reaching him first. Who knows what she might say to him about me.

Unfortunately, this really isn’t my day. There’s a shrill giggle behind me and a few ‘Oh, my God!’s and I turn slowly, reluctantly. It’d really do me no good to ignore these girls, especially knowing what Amy could be saying to them in a couple of hours.

“Hey, Marissa, Nina,” I say, giving them a sad smile as I look at their prettily made up faces. I remember with a jolt that I haven’t even bothered to put any make-up on today or even drag a brush through my wavy hair. My eyes must also be puffy from the few tears I let escape.

Nina lets out a little gasp as she nears, noticing my face for the first time. “Rose, are you okay?”

“Shit,” Marissa whistles, her eyes flicking up and down my body. She smirks. “You look bloody awful.”


I cross my arms defensively over my chest and jut my chin out in an attempt to appear unbothered. “I’m having a bad day,” is all I say when really, in my mind, I’m picturing myself ripping Marissa’s crayola red hair out of her annoyingly shaped scalp.

But that wouldn’t give a very good impression, would it?

I open my mouth to say something but notice both Marissa and Nina’s eyes drift to someone behind me. I feel ready to hit something. Honestly, if not wearing any make-up or dressing in jeans and not in a short skirt makes my friends start to zone out when I talk then I better do some serious arse whooping.


"Look who it is!” Marissa calls out over my shoulder, looking positively delighted. I furrow my brow and turn. Naomi is stood frozen at the end of the corridor, like a deer caught in headlights. I give her a small smile, ready to lift a hand in greeting. “Alright, fatty?”

My hand pauses while I stare at Marissa in shock. How could somebody be so horrible?

Don’t,” I bark, narrowing my eyes at the girl in front of me. Marissa’s eyes refocus on me. She looks surprised. “Don’t call her that.”

Nina and Marissa exchange a glance and I find myself hating them both. “Relax, Rose,” Nina says, laying a hand on my arm. “It’s just a joke.”

I yank my arm out from under her hand and look down at her in disgust. “It’s not funny.”

Marissa frowns at me, feigning confusion. “It was funny when you said it at your New Years party.”

Then, all over again, I feel like bursting into tears. Because she’s right. Marissa is right. I was the drunk bitch who started the rumours about Naomi putting on weight and started the horrible, bitchy catcalls, no matter if it isn’t true in the slightest. It’s my fault that happy-go-lucky Naomi is miserable a few minutes a day, whenever she runs into the likes of Marissa.

And I hate myself for it.

“Then your sense of humour sucks,” I growl and, before I go after Naomi who’s ran as soon as Marissa took her eyes off of her, I take a threatening step closer to both Nina and Marissa. “You call her that again and I will personally tell the whole school that you got off with Bertie Dougal.”

Marissa’s eyes narrow. “You wouldn’t.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Do you really want to find out?”

I don’t wait for an answer – I know it will either be something incredibly stupid or something completely off the point – before I spin on my heel and stalk down the hall, wondering, if I was Naomi, where I would have gone.

I check the obvious place first, though that may be me being a little typecasting. When I enter the library about fifteen people have mini heart attacks and two boys and one girl enter into a state of shock when I actually talk to them, asking if they’ve seen a certain blonde girl. It’s only on the fourth person I ask when I get any sort of answer.

“She-she… um, said she was going to see… um, Malfoy.”

I thank the blushing girl and leave the library, heading down the stairs that lead towards the Slytherin Common Room. I’ve got to admit, I’m panicking a little. Why? Because I’m seeing Scorpius for the first time since I officially told Amy to screw herself and that means he’s going to see me in a whole new, possibly fanciable, light.

Well, he should anyway. When I tell him.

Thankfully, I don’t run into any more people on my way down but, with a quick worry that my eyes are still red and puffy and my hair is still in disarray, I make a quick detour into the loos. The heavy wooden door closes behind me with a loud thud and I hear someone let out a little gasp. I creep slowly along the corridor till I am in the open room and my eyes lock with the girl in front of me.


“Oh,” she replies, deflated. “It’s you.”

“Are you okay?”

She shoots me a dirty look and I try not to flinch away from it. Naomi looks so sad and pissed off it’s hard to remember her smiling.

I lift the corners of my mouth in a poor attempt as a smile and take a step closer to Naomi. “I-”

 “Rose, no offense, but I really don’t want to speak to you now.”

My mouth snaps shut and, though I can hardly blame her, I feel a little twinge of annoyance rise. I mean, I’m trying to be nice – something rare for me – and the least she can do is go along with it.

“Yeah, well,” I reply, my voice reminding me of a five year old who doesn’t get their own way. “I’m just going to sit here till you do.”

Naomi stares at me in disbelief as I plonk myself down on the cold, wet in one place, stone floor. I can’t help but frown as I feel a puddle – hopefully from the leaking tap – seep into my tights. Honestly, I should think these things through more carefully.

“What are you doing?” Naomi says, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“I’m sitting,” I reply curtly and fold my arms across my chest. I lean back against the wall and cock my head to the side. “You want to join me?”

I suspect her to roll her eyes, to snigger or to just ignore me, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she leaves. But then I remember she’s not Amy and, frankly, she never will be.

Naomi slowly slides down the wall to sit beside me, looking thoughtful. Silence falls between us.

I take my wand out for something to occupy my hands, to make it seem I am fine with the quiet. Possibly enjoying it, in fact.

In truth, I wasn’t. It’s not like the silence was awkward or anything, it’s just I’ve never been one to sit there with my unbelievably large mouth (or so I’m told) shut.

It’s just not, well… me.

So I open my mouth.

“You know, I’m pretty sure Hugo fancies you.”

I really wish I hadn’t. Of all the things to break the ice, this was probably one of the worst to blurt out.

Naomi is looking at me in disbelief, with good reason, I might add, and I find myself becoming even more fidgety. Not only did my conversation starter completely fail but the silence has become, if anything, more awkward. I have a sudden urge to turn around and bash my head into the wall.

But, to my complete, surprise a little giggle erupts from her mouth and, soon, she is roaring with laughter, holding her sides as she tries to breathe through it.

I join in with her, though mine is rather nervous, as if I’m wondering what the hell just happened. And, truthfully, I am. I mean, here is a girl I hadn’t spoken to properly in years, who I accidently on purpose got the whole school calling fat and I’m pretty sure who hates my guts and she is laughing. And not just laughing but actually crying from laughing too much.

“Listen, Naomi,” I say over her giggles. “I know I’m a hoot and all, but what in Merlin’s name is so funny?!”

“You!” She gasps in between her laughter and I nod knowingly, signalling for her to continue. “You’re so… funny… when you’re… angry.”

And then she bursts into another set of laughter. I frown at her in slight confusion, resisting the urge to grab her by the shoulders and shake her in an attempt to stop the hysterics.

“You go all…” Naomi waves her hand in front of her face. “Red and blotchy. Like… your hair!”

Fantastic. Just fantastic. I an trying to comfort a girl who not only is not, in fact, upset by Marissa’s bitchiness but who looks like she is about to wet herself laughing at my red and blotchy face. Which is apparently the same colour as my hair.

“Naomi!” I snap, feeling my face slip into a scowl. To my utmost annoyance, she laughs harder. “Shut the hell up!”

Naomi doesn’t seem to be affected by my words in the slightest. Her cheeks have turned a bright, flaming red and it looks like she has trouble breathing.

That’s why I did what I did next. It wasn’t because her laugh was now grating on my ears or because I was bored, I swear.

“Aguamenti,” I hiss, flicking my wand in the direction of Naomi’s face. She is quickly drenched in the water spurting out of the tip of my wand and the effect is immediate. The toilets are no longer filled with the sound of Naomi’s hysterical laughter and, instead of the wide smile, Naomi’s mouth has fallen open in shock.

“You were hysterical,” I inform her, stowing my wand back in my robe pocket. To be honest, I feel a little important and clever now, after bestowing my wisdom upon Naomi.

She doesn’t look too pleased, though. “But I’m all wet!”

“Well, yes,” I frown, resisting the urge to roll my eyes. “That tends to happen when you get squirted with water.”

“I wasn’t squirted!” Naomi says, her eyes narrowed as she looks at me. “I was drenched.”

“You were hysterical,” I repeat.

“I was laughing,” she growls out and I believe I see her left eye twitch the tiniest bit.

“Yes, but,” I sigh heavily. Honestly, why can she just not accept the fact that she is wrong and I am right? “You were laughing hysterically.”

I don’t know what I expect to happen then. Maybe she will remain silent, glowering at me, maybe she’ll just storm off, leaving me sitting in bewilderment behind her. Maybe she’d muster up some of that anger from New Year’s and wallop me one again.

Naomi is staring at me, her jaw set stubbornly and, for once, Naomi has lost that innocent, hurt expression that is usually on her face. “Rose,” she says, my name coming out in a frank tone. “What’s going on?”

It does take me a few moments to respond. Not because I’m speechless or shocked at how blunt Naomi’s being but because I let the question swirl around in my brain for a bit, deciding the best way to word my answer.

“I’m not going to even try and bullshit my way out of this,” I say each word slowly, carefully, so she knows I’ve actually thought about what I’ve said, no matter how strange or stupid it sounds. “Because I’m tired of lying and, honestly, you’re going to find out sooner or later anyway.”

I peek over at Naomi out of the corner of my eye to see how she’s digesting this new information. There’s a satisfied smile on her face, as if she didn’t expect anything else. She signals for me to continue.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, readying myself. This has to be the first time in years I’ve ever told the complete truth, with no lies spinning out of my mouth.

And I tell her. I tell her about that dreadful night out, I tell her about Amy’s reaction in the morning and about the argument we had only minutes after I awoke. I leave out the part about Scorpius though. I don't want to complicate things further and having to explain Amy's whole plan seems to do just that. And I'm technically still telling the truth. If she just hasn't asked me about it, it doesn't count as a lie, right?

Naomi sits there patiently the whole time, listening intently to what I’m saying. When I’m done she just looks at me. I begin to fidget again, unsure if anything I said offended her.

Then the next thing I knew Naomi had literally thrown herself on me, wrapping her arms around my body, and, honestly, it took more than a little strength to stay upright.

I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t that. I pat her on the back, a little nervously.

Naomi sighs and I hear a little giggle, one of relief I think, escape from her mouth. “I’ve missed you, Rosie.”

Don’t call me that,” I say but the effect is ruined as I find myself grinning happily.

I’ve spent the last hour successfully avoiding Amy. There is no way I am ready to face her yet – it’s going to need at least two hours preparation. I peer around the corner of the wall and, once again, thank my lucky stars that the petite brunette isn’t waiting for me at the end of the hall, her heavily mascara-ed eyes narrowed in anger.

I had spent around half an hour with Naomi in the library (Merlin forbid) but, after shocking everyone a few times over I grew bored and made an excuse to leave. I promised her I would see her later. I said I was going to get a bath but, truthfully, I had wondered off to find him.

So imagine my surprise when the person I just wanted to see appeared around the corner, his bag slung over his shoulder as if it weighed nothing. He blinks a few times as he notices me then, slowly, his mouth stretches into a crooked smile. “Hey, Rose.”

I do a double take. Not only is Scorpius not flinging insults my way or sneering down at me but here he is willingly smiling. I dig my nails into my palm just to make sure I haven’t dozed off in the library and this isn’t some cruel, but wonderful, dream. Nope, I’m definitely not imagining this.

 Oh, Merlin, how long have I been standing here with my mouth open? Right Rose, here’s your chance. Say something witty and intelligent so he knows you’re the girl of his dreams. “Nnnghhhf.”

Nice one.

Oh, but he’s laughing. Not rolling his eyes or sighing in exasperation. If I didn’t think it would make me look utterly insane (or more so) than I would have cheered and wooped, or skipped with happiness or something equally embarrassing.

I settle for what I hope is an alluring smile. With my luck it’ll probably end up looking like I’ve been whacked around the head a few times.

Scorpius has moved closer while I’ve been trying to say something possibly coherent and he’s smiling down at me in an adorable way. It takes me a few moments to remember to breathe again.

“Naomi told me what you said,” he says in a soft voice and I find myself unconsciously leaning closer to him. There is nothing I want more than to just fling myself into his arms.

“Mmmm,” I say instead and turn my face up towards him. He’s a lot closer than both of us expected and, with a jolt, I realise if I were to reach up on my tip-toes, then I could easily kiss him. But to my utmost disappointment, he takes a quick step back and clears his throat.

“You’re going to sit with us at dinner, right?” Scorpius grins down at me and rubs the back of his neck and I know his thoughts are still on the same line as mine.

Not that I want to ravish him right there and then but that we were millimetres away from kissing.

I beam up at him and he takes this as a confirmation. He nods to himself, looking pleased. “Good,” Scorpius makes a move to the side and, as if it is just an afterthought, he adds, “Zoe will be there, too.”

And then he’s gone.


I’m in the common room when I bump into Nina. I came in to drop off some books – I planned to be in and out as quickly as I could.

She looks surprised as I slam into her, the books I collected falling to the floor. Neither of us move for a moment, the books left forgotten, and Nina’s eyes have widened considerably. Then she seems to recollect herself and her little bee-stung mouth purses in distaste. Her eyes flick up and down my body and then she smirks.

“You dropped something,” Nina sniggers, her eyebrow rising, and I know Amy has told her a slightly biased story of what happened.

“Yes, I know,” I hiss back, my tone unfriendly and unimpressed. Nina is once again surprised – whether at my blatant indifference to my friends turning on me or at m oh-so-creative retort, I don’t know.

With a last dirty glance flung towards me, Nina turns on her heel and stalks off, up the dormitory stairs. Seeing as Nina is not in Gryffindor then I assume Amy is sitting on her bed, gossiping and bitching with Marissa.

Sighing, I bend down to pick up my books, trying to ignore the murmurs around me from people wondering what just happened between Nina, Hogwart’s sweetheart, and I, Rose Weasley, Amy’s best friend. I place the books on a nearby table and move towards the portrait hole, glaring at any person who has the guts to make eye contact.

None of them seem too full of sympathy for me. In fact, most of their expressions seem to say ‘Ha, serves you right.’

It takes a few shaky breaths for me to regain my composure as I lean against the wall in the corridor outside the common room. It’s hard to register the fact that you’ve done so much shitty stuff to people that they wouldn’t care if you just vanished.

The corridor is empty as I walk down it, the only sound my heels slapping against the stone floor. The Great Hall should just be filling up by now and, as I near the room, I feel a bubble of nervousness in my stomach.

It may be due to the fact that it is the first time I’ve not sat at the Gryffindor table with Amy and the usual posse or the fact that I still look like a tramp and there’s no way to avoid being noticed as I enter the hall. Honestly, weekends at dinner time are like fashion show at Hogwarts, where people are forced to walk down the aisle (i.e. the runway) to reach their seats. And everybody stares, giving their own scores in sniggering or thoughtful murmurs.

And I am sure I’m going to be getting a whole load of sniggering.

Sure enough, as I slowly open the doors, a sort of shocked silence falls in the hall. Gossip travels fast in Hogwarts. I take a few cautious steps down the aisle, aware of at least fifty pairs of eyes on me, and, instead of going to my usual seat at the Gryffindor table, I head towards the Slytherins.

That’s when the whispering breaks out.

I can just about make out Naomi’s beaming face over Al’s sticking up, messy hair and I feel a little more confident as I make my way over to her. My eyes travel a little to the left to see Scorpius also grinning.

My hear flutters a little. Until I see Zoe, of course, who is trying to cosy up to Scorpius. I try to hide the smirk I feel coming on as I see he is oblivious to her attempts.

And, yes, I do have to suppress the ‘Ha! Take that, bitch’ comment that bubbles in my mind.

“Hey,” I say softly, my voice low enough so eavesdroppers (i.e. the whole of Hogwarts) can’t hear. Al’s head whirls round and I can see shock evident on his face. Zoe gives me a shy smile and nods once. “Can I sit here?”

I swear it is so quiet you could literally hear a pin drop.

Then Naomi lets out a loud laugh, but it’s not the unkind one that I’m used to, and nods quickly. Scorpius still has the same little grin on his face as he takes me in and, believe it or not, I feel myself blushing.

But what I didn’t take in account was Al’s reaction. If I had been paying attention to him and not staring gormlessly at Scorpius, then I would have noticed his eyebrows to drop down into a frown and his mouth to close in a firm line.

“No,” Al hisses and I know he tries to be inconspicuous but his words crack like a whip in the silence. I take a shocked step back, hurt evident on my features. Al shakes his head furiously. “No.”

I, along with everyone else in the hall, am stunned into silence.

I know I’m not the only one who didn’t think Al had it in him to publically tear me down, though I may be one of the few who knows about his ‘inner-bitch.’ His incredibly snarky comments have proved this fact.

I glance at Scorpius and he seems as shocked as I feel, looking at Al as if he’d suddenly announced he was pregnant.

I swallow, hard, and direct my gaze back to Al. His brilliant eyes burn into mine for second and there’s not an ounce of friendliness, nor sympathy, just pure and simple anger.

I would have said hate, but I don’t think even Al is capable of truly loathing his cousin.

“You think,” Al says and I know now he does not care if he is heard. He just wants me away, “because you fell out with your friend then you can come lump it with us?”

I try not to show that his words had genuinely affected me but, somehow, my eyes are burning and the lump in my throat swells till I find it hard to breathe, let alone speak. I try swallowing again but that seems to make my eyes sting even more. I fix my gaze on my scuffed trainers in a poor attempt to distract myself from the situation.

“Al,” I hear Naomi say softly and I can just imagine her laying a hand on his arm.

A disgusted sound leaves Al’s mouth and there’s a clink of cutlery. “What?” Al’s voice rises with surprise and anger as he turns to glare at Naomi. “Am I the only one who remembers those three years she completely forgot to acknowledge our existence?”

I flinch at the harsh tone in Al’s usually so calm voice.

Al,” Naomi repeats, but it sounds much less patient and even. “Just listen to her-”

I see the movement of Al shaking his head from the corner of my eye and I tilt my head up a little, deciding to face the lashing full on. That’s when I risk a glance at Scorpius and find him sitting, his face stoic, and his eyes averted to the table.

That’s what does it for me.

I’m ready to turn, to run out, to get away from Scorpius’s blatant disinterest.

But Al has seen the direction of my gaze and the moment when my expression crumpled and smirks up at me, “’Sucks, doesn’t it?”

I freeze, my back half to him.

“To have a knife shoved so deep in your back-”

If I had stayed longer I would have heard Naomi’s outraged cry and the students resuming their frantic whispering, some even having the nerve to clap. I wouldn’t have heard Scorpius.

I’m on the other side of the door before I even realise where my feet have been taking me but I knock. Once, twice, before the door swings open and Amy stands in front of me.

There’s a deadly silence as Amy looks at my red, puffy eyes, my tangled hair and the clothes I chose to wear today. Her mouth then curls into a sneer, and her eyes light up in triumph. “Well, look what the cat dragged in.”

I keep my face blank, staring back at Amy with as much courage as I can muster.

“Had enough of slumming it with the likes of Longbottom?” Amy’s face is still distorted by the ugly sneer as she regards me. “Or are you just so pathetic you can’t make any new friends?”

“Amy,” I croak out and I realise you can hear the sound of unshed tears in my throat. I feel a stab of pain as I picture Scorpius’s happy smile earlier in the day, then the blank mask he had on as he sat at the table. Amy looks at me with intrigue.

“I’ll do it,” I hear myself saying. “I’ll help you.”

Secret No. 14: Belive it or not, but I have ridiculously low self-esteem.

A/N: First off, I am so sorry this took so long to get out! You're going to laugh at me when I tell you, or give me those 'you sad, sad person looks' but thing is, my friend (I completely blame him, of course ;) ) told me to play this computer game and even went as far as lending me his and I, like the cool person I am, became completely addicted to it. *sigh* 
Then I completed it and went straight to writing. But that's when my friend brought out a new game, with aliens and guns, and, yes, I also got hooked. >.<

Anyway, I digress, what I'm really trying to say is I appreciate every single one of you guys's reviews (they all make me smile :) ) and I hope you liked the chapter :)
If there's any spelling/grammar errors then please, please tell me because I've just had an injection and it's pretty hard to type with a dead arm. or if you think anything could be better or it was just generally crap then leave me a review and I'll see what I can do to improve it :)

Muchos love, Effy xxxx

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