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I hate mornings. I am not a morning person. I am a leave-me-alone-until-at-least-eleven-o’clock-or-I-may-kill-you type of person.

Speaking of killing people, I almost killed Lily for waking me up. I was having the most wonderful dream… and no, it did not involve Remus being in my kitchen like last time. Oh God, I still can not believe that horrific train ride happened. We shall never speak of it again.

Anyway, this dream involved a certain someone, toast and hand holding. I really do think I ate too much toast because now I’m dreaming about it. Well I was, until Lily so rudely came and shook me awake yelling, “Wake up! You’re going to be late for muggle studies!”

I just rolled over and mumbled, “Who cares? Muggle studies is for…” before I started falling back asleep. That is when Lily pushed me out of my bed and onto the floor.

That is where I am now. I’ve been here for a good five minutes cursing Lily and thinking about how much I hate mornings.

“Shaylee! Get up! Don’t make me drag you to the bathroom” Lily warned as she stood at the end of my bed looking down at me on the floor. I sighed and grumbled but dragged myself up and shuffled off to the bathroom.

Oh god. What is going on with… all of me? What is the point of even leaving the dormitory? It is painfully obvious that I am very ugly and must remain in the bathroom forever. I wonder if I could talk Lily into bringing me food and homework everyday… Actually, forget the homework, the food will be fine. This is most definitely an ‘ugly day’ as I like to call days where I feel particularly gross.

Okay, so maybe staying in the bathroom forever is irrational and dramatic. Pfft, what do I care? I’m all about being irrational and dramatic!

Oh well. May as well TRY and make myself presentable. I tried splashing some water onto my face to wake myself up, and to make my usually green eyes less ‘murky lake water’ coloured.

Well I am never doing that again. All it did was go up my nose and hurt my eyes. My eyes are still murky green and I feel like I’ve nearly drowned. Stupid water.
Now what am I going to do with my hair? I was trying to drag a brush through my hair without getting it stuck in there forever, when Alice came in all smiles and way to happy for the morning.

“Good morn-… What are you doing?” Alice asked as she looked at me weirdly.

“Err… nothing?” I said, trying not to wince as I pulled too hard on a particularly difficult knot.

Alice smiled sympathetically as she looked into the next mirror and pinned her hair up perfectly. Humph. I could totally do that if I wanted… who am I kidding? I couldn’t do that to save myself!

“You know, all you have to do is ask and I would be happy to help you” Alice grinned over at me as she watched me struggle.

“Oh I don’t need any help!” I laughed casually and winced as the brush caught on another knot.

Alice just raised her eyebrows at me.

“Oh alright! I need your help!” I gave in and frowned while Alice laughed.

“Come here and stop trying to brush your hair, you won’t have any left in a minute!”

When Alice was finished with me I didn’t feel quite so ugly anymore. It’s amazing what a good hair day and a near drowning can do!

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you!” I said to Alice as I hugged her while trying to keep looking at my now curled hair in the mirror.

Alice laughed and offered, “No problem Shaylee. If you want I could teach you a few hairstyles tonight?”

“That would be great! Thanks again!” I grinned at her. That really would be great because I can’t have Alice doing my hair every morning. I shudder at the thought of me trying to do it on my own. We both went to get dressed and walked down to the common room together chatting and giggling.

Lily was sitting in the common room looking impatient. When she saw us she jumped up and said, “Finally! Even Peter was ready before you lot!”

Alice and I just rolled our eyes and gave Lily puppy dog faces. Lily continued to frown at us.

“How can you stay mad at those faces!” said a voice from the boy’s dormitory staircase. We all looked over and saw the Marauders sauntering down the stairs. Okay so when I say sauntering I really mean that only James and Sirius were. Of course they were. Peter was not so much sauntering but more trying not to trip over his own feet while Remus rummaged around in his bag for something.

My stomach did a stupid flip-flop thing at the sight of Remus looking particularly nice this morning. Calm down stomach! Gosh.

“Hey!” I said to Lily, “You said Peter was ready! He hasn’t even got his school bag!” I said while laughing. Peter looked shocked for a second before he groaned and hurried back up the stairs to get his bag.

The boys laughed as they came over to us and James tried to casually sling his arm around Lily’s shoulders. He promptly removed it when Lily gave him the glare of all glares. Everyone laughed at James’ slightly scared face while I patted him on the shoulder and said in a stage whisper, “Don’t mind her. She’s just grumpy because she thinks she is going to be late” and smiled encouragingly.

“Oh don’t even get me sta-” Lily began angrily before Sirius interruptedher by saying to me,

“Your hair looks different”

Oh lordy. I thought it looked nice! Great, just great.

Remus could obviously see that I was put out about my hair and he quickly said, “It’s a good different though! It looks nice curled” and he SMILED super NICELY at me, while Sirius nodded in agreement.

Oh Merlin, I think I love you. You have somehow made Remus and Sirius notice my hair and then compliment it! … Even if it was a lie, I don’t care!

I tried smiling thankfully back at them but it came out more of an ’I-am-feeling-ridiculously-shy-but-happy-right-now-so-stop-looking-at-me’ sort of way. Hey, I tried alright?

“Thanks,” I said shyly before I noticed Peter coming back down the stairs, this time with his school bag. I said in a much louder, distracting voice, “Oh look! Here’s Peter! Gosh, hurry up, you’re making Lily grumpy…er” Peter looked shocked for a moment before he realised that I was only joking and laughed weakly while hurrying over to us.

“Can we please just go now!” Lily more so demanded than asked.

“Yes Lily, your highness, we can” Said Sirius in a posh accent and made a show of bowing and showing the way to the portrait hole.

He elbowed James and Remus in the ribs until they did the same with Peter joining in. Lily rolled her eyes but I detected a hint of a smile on her face and she flounced past the boys. Alice giggled and practically skipped out of the portrait hole. Like the dense fool that I am, I stood in front of the Marauders with them looking at me expectedly.

“Er, you know Shaylee, this would be the opportune moment to pretend you’re a princess or something, you know, with us bowing and everything” Sirius smirked up at me from his bowed position.

“And you know, if you could hurry it up, that would be great because my back is hurting” James joked from beside Sirius.

In an act of be it stupidity or courage, I stuck my tongue out at all four boys before strutting past them, making it a point to swing my hips.

My gosh. I have started my morning looking semi alright, joking with the Marauders and possibly gaining Alice as a new friend. Ahhh, I love mornings.

Now let’s just hope that I actually did swing my hips and in fact did not look like a duck waddling past. Fingers crossed?


“Well we do seem to have a problem here don’t we” said Professor Verona to Remus, Peter and I in Muggle studies later that day as we stood awkwardly around the two person desk that Remus and I had shared yesterday.

Stupid Peter and not having to go to the hospital wing. Stupid Professor Verona and his ‘we have a problem here’. Stupid me for caring so much that I won’t be able to be Remus’ partner anymore… shut up, I’m allowed to care!

Here it comes. Professor Verona is going to tell me to go sit next to ‘Crazy Maisie’ and she is going to want to show me pictures of her cat and I’m going to have to smile and go, ‘Ohhh isn’t he cute… even with just his one eye…’ Great. Just bloody great.

“Remus you take your seat here and Shaylee can take a seat -”

“Next to Maisie, I know, I know” I cut off the Professor as I grumbled, more to myself than to anyone in particular.

“Err, well I was going to seat you next to Mr. Lupin but if you would rather partner with Miss Bunning…” Professor Verona offered.

“No!” I practically shrieked. Everyone looked at me, slightly alarmed. Maisie glared at me and I quickly looked away from her while saying, “Uh… what I mean is that Peter was telling me just this morning that he wanted to work with Maisie… weren’t you Peter?”

I stared hard at Peter while he looked from me to Maisie and back again. I smiled sweetly at him and gave him my best puppy dog eyes. With a final desperate look at the Professor who was beginning to look a bit impatient, Peter sighed heavily and slouched off to sit next to the lovely Maisie.

Well damn. Today is turning out way better than I expected!

As I sat down next to Remus, I could hear Sirius, James and Remus sniggering as they looked over at Peter.

Ohhh poor Peter. Maisie has already gotten out her first lot of photos. Peter turned to glare at us all and I mouthed ‘I’m sorry!’ but I don’t think he saw it because Maisie hit him to get his attention.

“Oh Merlin, the poor chap hasn’t got a chance!” Remus choked out through his laughter.

“Right class, settle down, settle down” Professor Verona said from his position at the front of the classroom. Remus and I glanced at each other and he grinned at me. My stomach fluttered crazily and I tried to remind myself not to grin like a loon at him. I tried to give him my most attractive yet, I’m-not-really-trying-to-smile-attractively smile that I could. I like to believe that’s what it looked like. That’s what I would like to believe, I’m not saying that’s how it looked. I think I managed okay, he didn’t go running off in disgust. That’s got to mean something right?

As we both turned towards the board to give our attention to the Professor, I caught Lily’s eye and she was grinning like a fool at me. I couldn’t help but grin back.


I love Muggle Studies. I think it may be my new favourite class.

“I hate Muggle Studies” grumbled Peter as we walked out of the classroom and into the busy corridor.

“Why Wormtail? What is there to complain about? You got to see some great pictures of Maisie’s cat! People would pay for that and you got it for free!” joked James as he grinned at Peter who was glaring at us all as we laughed and started walking to our next class.

“This is all your fault! I did not want to sit next to her!” Peter said angrily to me over his shoulder as he shoved James away from him into a startled group of second years who just about died from having James crash into them.

I wanted to answer but couldn’t. Bloody hell! This is just like the other day in the entrance hall! How do I always end up getting stuck in the crowd? Yeah, sure, everybody get out of the way for the Marauders and just forget me. Great.

Oh thank God! Sirius is coming back to save me. Again. You know, he isn’t nearly as horrible as all the girls make him out to be. But then again, I haven’t dated and gotten dumped by him. James, Remus, Peter and Lily all slowed down as they realised that I was about a million miles away from them.

“Geez Pete, quit glaring at her. You’re going to give yourself wrinkles.” Sirius laughed as he slung his arm around my shoulders. “Shaylee was only trying to help Maisie out. She told you she liked Peter didn’t she?” Sirius asked and winked at me as if to say, ‘just go along with it’.

“Oh yeah, totally” I said while trying not to laugh. I am the worse liar ever.

Peter looked at me for a moment before asking,”Really?”

“Yeah! ‘Course she did Peter. She likes your… uh… hair? Yeah! Your hair,” I smiled as convincingly as I could at Peter who seemed to believe me.

Sirius grinned down at me as we all made our way to the Potions classroom. I instantly got glares from just about all of the girls who where already in the classroom. I smirked at them before quickly ducking out from Sirius’ arm. He looked at me, confused.

“Hey, I’m just protecting myself,” I joked in way of explanation to Sirius, “from your crazy fan club!”

Sirius looked over at the girls, who instantly pasted sappy smiles onto their faces and started flicking their hair madly. He grinned and winked at them. All of them just about fell over. I hit him playfully on the arm and said, “Bad Sirius! Stop making the girls hyperventilate!”

I heard someone laugh behind me. I turned around slowly, knowing that laugh anywhere. Oh my gosh and holy moly! Remus stood there smiling down amusedly at me while I blushed bright red.

Quick! Think of something to say you idiot brain! But all I could think of was the fact that Remus was laughing at something I said. And not in the ‘You said something stupid, shut up now” kind of laugh. It was a nice, friend-… I’ll shut up now.

I was saved from saying something ridiculous, (thank you Merlin!), by Professor Slughorn entering the classroom loudly and asking everyone to take their seats.

I smiled nicely (maybe) at Remus before going to sit beside Lily who had saved me a seat. Remus sat down in front of us in the seat that Peter had made sure to reserve for Remus and Remus only. Lily and I looked at each other, having both picked it up, and giggled.

“What’s so funny eh?” came James’ voice from behind us. We both turned around in time to see Professor Slughorn lightly hit James on the back of the head with his parchment for talking. Lily and I struggled to control our giggles as we looked at James’ shocked expression and Sirius’ mad grin.


Well this sure is a boring lesson. We’re halfway through a double potions lesson and I have run out of parchment to doodle on. Sure, sure I could (should) be taking notes… but what idiot does that?

Just when I was going to sneakily steal some of Lily’s parchment, which she was scribbling notes on, a piece of folded parchment landed in front of me.

Huh. How super weird. I slowly unfolded the paper and was surprised to see two different sets of handwriting on the parchment.


James and I are bored… our only form of entertainment has been watching you draw pictures on your parchment. We both have agreed that the one of the rabbit dancing with the dog in the best!

The handwriting changed to a slightly messier version of the first.

We did not both agree! I, personally, think that the dragon sitting on someone is the best, (we did both agree that the person is Serverus Snape).

Sirius’ hand writing returned.

ANYWAY, before I was so rudely interrupted… wait, what was I talking about again? Oh right, NOTHING! Because nothing is happening and we are bored. We have both voted and decided that you should pull a prank.

James’ handwriting appeared again.

Yes! After all, we have decided that you’re our new (and second female) friend… okay, okay; Sirius won’t stop kicking me until I admit that Lily isn’t technically our friend… YET!

Sirius’ handwriting appeared, along with some smudges and scratch marks, that could only have come from a fight over the quill.

What James was taking a million years to say is we have decided that you need to pull a prank in order to be friend’s with us! Well, you don’t really. But it would make everyone less bored so really it would be a tribute to society and… okay, you get the point.

Write back with your thoughts! And say hi to Lily for James before he explodes.

- James and Sirius… and Remus and Peter even though they had nothing to do with this note.

I stared in shock at the note for a moment, taking in the fact that James and Sirius had written me a note. A stupid grin spread over my face at the thought of what all the girls would think if they knew I had received a note from one half of the Marauders.

Hahaha! Take that girls! I’m not such a loser after all! Let’s just pretend that all the girls could hear my inner gloating, alright?

My stupid grin and gloating, (even if it was only to myself in my head), was short lived however when I realised what they had actually said.

Me pull a prank? Me? ME?!

Panic settled into my stomach and I turned around to look at James and Sirius who were grinning at me. I shook my head ‘no’ with a look of ‘have-you-both-gone-absolutely-completely-and-totally-mad?!’ on my face. The idiots continued to grin while nodding their heads.

I heard someone clear their throat and turned around to realise that Professor Slughorn had stopped the lesson and was looking at me with a slightly amused look on his face. I mutter an apology and sunk down in my seat.

Remus and Peter, and just about everyone in the entire class were looking at James, Sirius and I. There was a small smile playing on Remus’ lips before he turned back around as the Professor restarted his lesson, having successfully embarrassed me into being quiet.

Control yourself Shaylee! All Remus did was give you a small smile! That was not an invitation to leap over the desk and snog him!

Pushing all thoughts of snogging Remus out of my head, (which is a struggle, let me tell you), I scribbled a hurried note to James and Sirius saying,

Boys! I’m far too lazy to write both James and Sirius… well I just did, but shh.

What are you two thinking?! Me pulling a prank? We all know that that is not a good idea. The only outcome would be either, a: me hurting myself, b: me hurting someone else, or the most likely, c: me hurting myself and others also proving how incredibly crap I am at pranks… and life.

So, thank you very much for your offer (even if it wasn’t so much an offer than a demand/blackmail of friendship), I am going to have to say NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS! I am only thinking of the safety of all Hogwarts students.

- Shaylee. (Just so you both know, I felt incredibly stupid for signing my name because obviously it is from me… or is it! … er, well it is. Shut up!)

PS: Lily says hi!

PPS: Okay, I lied! She didn’t say hi.

PPPS: You got me! I didn’t actually tell her James said hi. I am afraid she would murder me with her quill for interrupting her note taking.

PPPPS: Why don’t you say hi to her yourself James, you big goose. She would appreciate it a lot more, I’m sure.

- Still from me.

I subtly used my wand to levitate the note behind me and onto the boy’s desk. I heard the sounds of the parchment being unfolded and the whispered fight over who would read it first. I then heard the scoff of one of them, followed by James saying in an indignant whisper, “I am not a big goose!”

I just smiled which turned into a grin as I heard the bell indicating the end of the lesson and that it was now lunch time.


Wow, those boys sure are persistent! I have spent the rest of the day sitting with Lily and Alice in class with notes zooming at me from all directions. James and Sirius just don’t give up. And they recruited Remus and Peter into helping them!

One good thing has come out of this though. Remus sent me notes as well! Okay, okay, the notes said exactly the same thing that the other Marauder’s did, (telling me I HAD to do a prank or they would prank me), but still! It was signed from him. I nearly died when I opened it in Charms and realised he had sent it.

I turned a brilliantly embarrassing red and nearly giggled out loud at the shock of it. I chanced a glance at him and Sirius as they were sitting together. Sirius grinned at me while Remus smiled and mouthed ‘sorry’.

I swear that boy will be the death of me. I had to remind myself to keep breathing and not topple out of my seat in shock.

Once classes finished for the day, Lily, Alice and I, talking and laughing about the day, (yeah I can’t believe it either), walked to our dormitory so that we could drop off our bags and that is where we are now, lounging on our beds before we headed down to dinner.

Not that I would ever in a hundred zillion years tell anyone… but I have tucked the two (yes, TWO) notes that Remus sent me under my pillow for safe keeping and later obsessing over. Don’t judge me!

“Hey, what was that?” Alice asked while sitting crossed legged on her bed, looking at my pillows.

Oh no, oh crap, oh Merlin! She saw me put the notes under my pillow! Quick! Tell her a believable lie!

“Uhh…” Oh thank you Merlin! I was saved from making up a lie that would no doubt not convince anyone, even myself, because at that moment Demelza dramatically entered the room.

As I’m sure she intended, everyone’s attention went to her as she flounced into the room and made her way straight to the end of my bed.

“You!” she shouted and pointed an accusing finger at me, a tad dramatically in you ask me.

“Me?” I asked, utterly confused.

“Yes you!” she said, glaring.

“Er… hello?” was the best I could think of to say.

“Don’t you ‘hello’ me! I know what you’re up to!” she shouted, putting her hands on her hips angrily.

For a crazy second I thought she meant hiding Remus’ notes, but then realised there was no way she could know that, so I just looked at her confused.

“Oh don’t try and look innocent! I know you have been writing love notes to MY Sirius all day!”

I raised an eyebrow at her. “What?” I said with laughter in my voice.

“Oh don’t play dumb. The Marauders are waiting downstairs to talk to you which just proves you have been sending them all love notes! Well, Sirius is mine and if I catch you even looking at him…” she trailed off while glaring furiously at me before she slammed the bathroom door.

What? WHAT?!

Did she say that they want me to go see them? So I didn’t just dream this whole day. Am I actually friends with the Marauders? It can’t possibly be… can it?

I looked confusedly at the closed bathroom door before looking at Lily and asked, “Should I be scared? You don’t think she would, like, kill me in my sleep or anything… right? Right?” Lily just shrugged and went back to looking for her shoes.

Alice however jumped off her bed and said happily, “Well we may as well go to dinner and you can see them on our way… but make sure you don’t even glance in Sirius’ direction. You might get killed!” she laughed while heading for the door.

When she realised that Lily was still looking for her shoe, her head so far into her trunk she was in danger of falling into it and never being seen again, and that I was still sitting on my bed in shock, she sighed dramatically and came and dragged me off my bed before hauling Lily out of her trunk and pushing us out the door.

“When did you get so pushy Alice?” Lily grumbled under her breath while we made our way down into the common room.

I nearly died when I saw that it was only Remus waiting there. Is he waiting for me? Was Demelza just playing a horrible joke? Oh Merlin, help!

Alice pouted at the sight of just Remus and said, “Aww I wanted to see if you instantly turned into dust for even just looking at Sirius” and sighed loudly.

Before I could make my mind up about storming back to the dormitory and cutting off Demelza’s precious hair for trying to set me up, Remus turned at the sound of our arrival and smiled at us.

Oh God, what am I supposed to do?!

I was saved from doing anything stupid by Lily saying, “We heard you wanted to talk to Shaylee?”

Oh Lily! If it wouldn’t look totally suss and I knew that James wouldn’t kill me, I could have kissed you… Or at least given you a friendly hug!

“Yeah, I did if that’s okay?” Remus asked, looking at me.

Ohmygod! Remus wants to talk to me! Alright, calm down, calm down. I have to stop reacting like this every time he moves around me. Oh but it’s so damn hard not to!

Trying to plaster a cool smile on my face, I said, “Oh sure, no problem” Way to go brain! You never cease to amaze me!

“We’ll save you a seat Shaylee” Lily said, dragging Alice off out of the portrait hole but not before she gave me a knowing look and a grin.

Okay, brain. We can do this. This is not the time to have a meltdown alright?

“Oh were you on your way to dinner?” Remus asked and I nodded. Alright, good, nodding is good. “I guess I can try and corrupt you on our way then” he said and grinned down at me and led the way to the portrait hole.

I laughed disbelievingly. What the… corrupt me?

“Oh God, I just realised how that sounded” Remus groaned in slight embarrassment as we made our way along the corridor.

I smiled at him and said, “Don’t worry about it. I know you’re just a weirdy” I teased him and lightly nudged him. Ohmygod! Did I just do that?! That was actually kind of friendly yet flirty, right? YESSSS! Brain we are on a roll!

He looked down at me and pretended to be appalled. “What did you just say?”

“Ohhh, I don’t know. Just that you’re a weirdy” I shrugged, as if it was no big deal.

“Well if I’m a weirdy then you’re ---” he began, but I didn’t get to hear what I was for I was suddenly covered in honey and dosed in feathers.


A/N: It's a miracle! I haven't died! I understand that you all may have thought that due to my extreme absence. I can't believe how long it has been! So much has happened since I last posted. And let me just say, I am soooo sorry. Please feel free to send me very strongly written letters in the post with lots of angry faces on them... which I will never read but get the point non-the-less. :P

Anyway, I am back and (hopefully) better than before! This is my longest chapter yet! Time for the long chapter dance? No? Oh, alright. I'm going to try and get the next chapter written really super soon.

I would love you (in a totally non-weird way) for a million years if you left me a review. Even if it's only to tell me what your favvy fav season is. I'm deffo pro winter. :) Thanks for reading! xx

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