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The Devil’s Game – A Harry Potter Fan Fic

Chapter Two: Obliviate

Silvery bangs of hair fell into Scorpius Malfoy’s eyes as he leant over his Transfigurations essay, his elegant, narrow handwriting flowing effortlessly onto the page where he sat by the candle lit desk. The warm light pooled around him, casting small shallows against the black ebony desk and the emerald furniture. It was well after midnight, and the Slytherin common room was how Scorpius preferred it – empty.

These were his moments of complete serenity, and he valued them greatly. He was one of the most socially gifted people attending Hogwarts, however silence and time alone was something he could not go many days without. He needed this; the peace and quiet of a silent room, the soft scribble of a quill against parchment being the only sound filling the large space.

Soon, Scorpius had finished his essay and stretched his arms above his head, his silhouette catlike against the dark wall. He glanced at the large clock, ornate and heavy, where it hung above the arched door leading out to the dungeons. One. At best, he’d probably get about five hours of sleep. Not that it mattered. His body had gotten used to sleepless nights - and he had the grades to prove it. Since he’d been a wee first year, Scorpius had pushed himself harder and harder every year to achieve top grades in every subject; he’d of course succeeded.

He always did.

Suddenly, the conversation he’d shared with Rose Weasley earlier that day came to mind. Scorpius smirked. Her reluctance had been so very delicious; her wariness had clung to the air between them like electricity, the innocence she practically radiated had been raw in his nostrils. She would be a challenge, certainly – that was the foundation of Scorpius’ initial interest in her - but the mane of thick, red hair and that pretty little mouth of hers definitely contributed to the thrill.

Scorpius caused the proud and innocent to fall, and Rose Weasley would be no exception.

With that thought, Scorpius blew out the candle and rose from the desk, blue smoke curling around his Lumos lit wand as he made his way towards his sleeping quarters.

* * *

When Rose entered the dungeons the next morning, she was quite apprehensive at the prospect of enduring another hour of Potions in Scorpius Malfoy’s company. She didn’t like the way his eyes seemed to see right through her school robes, or the way a smirk spread across his features every time she tried to withdraw from him, as though he knew something she did not. Furthermore, the blonde Slytherin was extremely... intimate. She still recalled how his lips had almost brushed against her ear as he’d whispered some quite inappropriate things to her during yesterday’s class. His breath had been hot and damp, forcing an unwilling shiver down her spine
Something she loathed about Scorpius Malfoy was the fact that he possessed the ability to convince everyone that he was indeed a proper gentleman - even though he, when it came down to it, was nothing more or less than a manipulative brat with a satanic streak loitering beneath that polite, well-practised exterior.

The worst part, however, was that he seemed to think that she didn’t see right through him.

“Rose,” Scorpius greeted her, his voice silky and deep. “Had a good night?”

Rose pushed her long hair behind her shoulders and smirked at him down her small, freckled nose. He was not the only one who could play games. “Brilliant, thank you.”

“What brought on this cheerful mood today?” the Slytherin asked, something indefinable glittering behind his silver gaze.

Rose studied him, taking in his majestic posture and air of confidence. “What brought on this curiousness, Malfoy?”

He leant closer now, his eyes flickering to the front where the Professor was still busy preparing for their lesson. Their classmates’ conversations buzzed around them, and when he was certain no one was paying any attention to them, he whispered:

“Perhaps I want to know what was so brilliant about your night, Weasley.”

There was a wicked spark in Scorpius’ eyes as he spoke, and Rose narrowed her eyes, hating the fact that she could feel her cheeks blush under his stare. She may not be a Slytherin, but she could recognise an innuendo when she heard it. “Didn’t mean anything like that,” she murmured shyly, trying to pull back, but his long fingers enclosed her wrist, pulling her towards him gently, but firmly.

“Now now, Rose, if you’re planning on being a prude the entire time during this Potions project I will get bored. I’m not very pleasant to be around when I’m bored, you know. I’m a rather... Demanding person.”

Rose looked into his eyes now which were mere inches from hers, and she could feel a shiver run down her spine at the predatory gaze. This was not good. “Let go of me,” she hissed.

Scorpius only chuckled softly and leant forward. “Just tell me about your night and I will,” he promised wickedly, his voice silky against her ear. “Who was he? A Gryffindor?”

“I wasn’t with anyone last night!” she spluttered, blushing fully now.

“Perhaps it wasn’t a boy,” he continued, smirking now. “I can just imagine it... The Gryffindor girls, all alone up in the sleeping dorms because the Noble Gryffindor boys are too righteous to give you what you want. Surely you girls get a little... friendly with one another on occasion?”

“I bet you’d like that,” she snarled, finally managing to bend away his fingers from her wrist.

“Very much,” Scorpius said smugly, leaning backwards with his hands behind his head. “I might be paying you girls a visit one of these days.”

Before Rose could utter a word of response the Professor called for their attention, and Scorpius had immediately trained his gaze upon the teacher, the look in his eyes changing from wicked and naughty to obedient and attentive in less than a second.

As the lecture began, Rose started to relax slightly, trying to forget about the person next to her and just concentrate on the teacher at the front desk. She had almost managed to forget Scorpius’ obscenities, when she felt a hand fall onto her thigh, resting there lightly. She let out a silent gasp, and in the corner of her eye she could see a small, satisfied smirk tug at the corners of the blonde’s mouth.

Ready to slap his hand away, his eyes met hers briefly before he nodded to her lap again. She looked down, and discovered that he was now holding his hand with his palm open, a note carefully folded in the middle and offered to her. She took it suspiciously, unfolding it while wondering absentmindedly when he’d had the time to write and fold the note without her noticing.

His handwriting was narrow and perfect, not that she had expected anything less from him of course.

Perhaps we could work on the Potions project together in the Gryffindor common room tonight? Uniting business and pleasure, as they say.

Without looking at him, Rose ripped the small note apart and scribbled a reply on a piece of parchment:

Forget it, Malfoy. Meet me in the library after dinner tonight. Bring your books, leave your perverted mindset. Got it?

She shoved the parchment unceremoniously across the desk towards him, and thought she could hear a faint snort – she refused to look at him – and was not surprised when the parchment came back:

Dominant, Weasley? I like it – sometimes. I prefer to be in control, but this time, I will let you have your way. See you after dinner.

What was it with this boy? How could he make everything sound so naughty and indecent? Scorpius Malfoy would not give up, that was obvious. As Rose sat through the rest of the class, a plan began to take form in her mind. When the class finally was over and she could flee the dungeons, she had an idea that excited her as much as it frightened her. Perhaps, if she played her cards right, Scorpius Malfoy would get off her back (literally) as of tonight.

* * *

When Scorpius strolled into the library around eight o’clock that very evening Rose was already there, her red hair pushed over one shoulder, sooty eyelashes casting small shadows across her delicate features as she regarded the book in front of her. She was chewing absently on her quill, and even though Scorpius resented that sort of ungraceful behaviour, he couldn’t help but to watch her pretty mouth suck the sugar quill between her pink lips, grazing her teeth against it occasionally.

“Are you planning on standing there staring all night, Malfoy, or will you join me?”

Rose hadn’t lifted her gaze from the books, and Scorpius said nothing as he slid into the chair opposite hers. She looked up now, her dark eyes glinting in surprise beneath long lashes. She pouted. “You’re not going to sit next to me?”

“Would you want me to?” Scorpius asked without missing a beat, his calm face not betraying the surprise that washed over him at her words.

“Sure,” she replied, returning to the books. It’ll be more practical if you sat next to me.”

Not questioning her, Scorpius picked up his books and walked around the table to take the seat next to her, trying carefully not to smirk. This may turn out to be easier than what he initially thought.

Sure enough, after only a few minutes of taking notes and flipping through the pages of ‘Advanced Potions Making: A Theoretical Approach’, Rose fixed her gaze upon Scorpius’ face.

“Seeing anything you like, Weasley?” he drawled smugly.

“Are you?”

A bold question to come from her, and Scorpius could no longer hide his smirk. Who would have known that Rose Weasley was so easily corruptible? “What if I am?”

Her eyes seemed to darken at his reply, and then she spoke, her voice husky. “Then I’d wonder what the hell you’re waiting for.”

Rising to his feet, Scorpius took a firm grip of her waist and slammed her against the wall forcefully, his body successfully trapping her between it and his body. “I never wait for the things I want,” he hissed against her ear, taking her earlobe between his teeth, satisfied when he heard her let out a soft moan in response.

“And you want me?” she breathed, her small hands finding their way around his neck.

Grinding his hips into hers, he growled. “Does that answer your question?”

“It tells me something I already knew about you,” Rose whispered, suddenly grasping his hair forcefully, pulling his head backwards in a violent motion, causing Scorpius to wince in pain.

“Let go, bitch, that hurts!” he hissed through clenched teeth.

Rose laughed. “I would hope so. And if you ever try something with me again, the whole school will know that the infamous Scorpius Malfoy was turned down by a Weasley. What would that do to your precious rep, hmm, Malfoy?”

Scorpius sneered, his heart pounding furiously in anger and disbelief. No one treated Scorpius Malfoy this way and got away with it. He pushed her away. “If by ‘turned down by a Weasley’ you mean ‘led on by a fucking tease’-“

“Oh, but that won’t matter. They’ll still think you’d... What shall we say, lost you touch?”

“Blackmailing Scorpius Malfoy?” Scorpius spat nastily, sliding his wand into his hand from inside his robes. “That’s not very clever.”

“Neither is trying to seduce Rose Weasley,” she said, glaring into his eyes for a few seconds before turning around to gather her books.

Scorpius now held his wand firmly in his hand.

“Hey, Weasley?”

Rose rounded on him, ready to tell him off, but found herself at a loss of words as Scorpius’ wand was pointed against her chest, his eyes almost black with anger and his teeth bared dangerously. She had never seen him look quite this sinister, and suddenly she felt fear and adrenaline pulse through her entire being.

“I’ll make you regret this,” he promised viciously, before casting his spell. “Obliviate.”

* * *

As Scorpius Malfoy entered the Slytherin common room a few minutes later, he had managed to control his anger slightly; however his hands were still trembling with rage. How dared she? Who the hell did she think she was, trying to blackmail Scorpius Malfoy? Trying to turn his own games against him? Luckily he’d preformed an Obliviate charm on her – she would never be able to hold anything above his head. However, she needed to be taught a lesson. Scorpius would show her where she belonged, he swore as he sat down opposite Oliver Zabini in the common room, whose green eyes lifted from the book he had been reading, taking in Scorpius’ flustered appearance. “I take it that your little rendezvous with our Gryffindor princess didn’t quite work out?”

“Let’s just say, the challenge is off. Now, we’re talking revenge. Served cold and without mercy.”

Oliver regarded him soberly. “Careful, Scorpius. You don’t want to put your father in an uncomfortable position at the Ministry, you know. Weasley senior works with him, doesn’t he?”

Scorpius smirked. “Trust me, Zabini. When I’m done with Rose Weasley, she’ll be too mortified to breathe my name to a soul ever again.”

Oliver arched a dark eyebrow. “What did you have in mind?”

Scorpius’ laugh was cold, and the amusement did not reach his eyes as they remained blackened and sinister. “Absolute humiliation.”

AN: It's so much fun to read all your reviews, that was really what inspired me to update this so soon. Thank you so much to all of you who reviewed and favourited! I hope you're still enjoying it.

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