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Annelise Turnington by JKRowlingFan22
Chapter 3 : Summer Vacation Part I
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from JKR’s Harry Potter books does NOT belong to me.

Annelise Turnington
Chapter Three - Summer Vacation Part I

“Anna?” James knocked on my wide-open door. “Can I come in?” He asked politely. I rolled my eyes at him and grinned. I propped my elbows higher on the bed and shuffled the cards on the bedside table.

“’Course… It’s your house!” I told him. He sniffed.

“But the guest should have their own privacy.” He explained. He looked down at the deck of cards I held in my hands. “What are you playing?” He asked as he came closer.

“Solitaire.” I answered simply and started dealing out the crisp cards. He wrinkled his nose at me.

“You are one weird kid.” He remarked. I tried to scuff him on the head, but he quickly stepped away from my violent hands. “Seriously Anna, solitaire is for losers!” He said mockingly. I gave him the most evil and menacing glare I could muster. He recoiled slightly.

“Take. That. Back.” I growled. He smirked.

“Whatcha gonna do about it?” He teased. I stared at him blankly.

“Nothing.” I answered simply. He looked at me surprised.

“Really?” He asked slowly.

“No.” I answered and before he could react I tackled him to the ground.

“Ouch! OUCHIE! I take that back! I’m sorry!” He cried desperately. I held him down for a little while longer. You might think I’m mean, but that’s how we played. It was harmless, really.


Okay, I take that back. I let him go and he rubbed his arms and neck. “Why am I friends with you?” He muttered to himself. I shrugged and went back to my game of solitaire. Just then, a tiny little black haired kid with glasses poked his head through the doorway. He sniffed.

“What’s the commotion? I’m trying to read guys!” Ah, cute little Albus. Sometimes I just wanted to pinch his little cheeks and eat him all up. I appreciated his efforts on being educated. Education was somewhat important to me… But not to James. I solely blamed him for the 82 detentions we had together during our first year. Most of them anyway. I take total credit for putting ground puking pastilles in all of the Slytherins' food. I walked over to Albus and crouched down.

“Sorry little guy, we’ll keep it down.” I apologized and messed up his hair. He looked at me wide-eyed and all of a sudden turned an angry red. ‘Uh-oh, what did I do this time?’ I thought to myself.

“MUM!” Albus bellowed as tears threatened to spill out of his eyes. He started to run away. “SHE TOUCHED MY HAIR! AND SHE CALLED ME LITTLE!” He bawled. Did I mention he was a drama queen? James let out an exasperated sigh.

“Oh dear lord.” He muttered. “We’re in for it now.”

“Sorry.” I whispered apologetically. How was I supposed to know that he was sensitive about his hair? Albus came back, dragging Mrs. Pott- errr, I mean Ginny by the hand. He pointed at us.

“Make them apologize Mum.” Albus ordered. I could see Mrs. Pot- Ginny fighting the urge to roll her eyes at her youngest son.

“James Potter and Annelise Turnington.” She told us sternly, while giving us a discrete wink. “Apologize to Albus.”

“I’m sorry buddy.” We both said in perfect synchronization. I went over to him.

“Albus! Darling! Please forgive me!” I wailed as I threw my arms around him. “If I had known that destroying your hair would hurt your feelings, I would have never done it!” I said dramatically. “Forgive me Albus!” I wailed some more. The poor boy looked extremely disturbed.

“Fine.” I held on to him tighter. “FINE!” He nearly yelled. “Just get off of me, will you?!” I let go, feigning disappointment. He looked at us all awkwardly. “Well, erm, I’m just going to go read my book now.” He informed us then quickly disappeared. James gave me a high five. I turned to Mrs. Po- GINNY! God, I was never going to get used to that!”

“Sorry for having to call you over because of that.” I apologized to Mrs. Potter- Oh, I give up! She smiled at us.

“Do you guys want some cookies?” She asked kindly. James and I shared a very private look.

“What kind are they Mum?” James asked suspiciously. Mrs. Potter was notorious for her bad cooking. It was a shame really; I had heard Grandma Weasley, her mother, was a fantastic one…

“The ones where you add water to the mix and just put them in the oven!” Mrs. Potter replied jovially. I looked over at James. He gave me a curt nod.

“Sure then Mrs-“ I started.

“GINNY!” She said sharply. I grinned sheepishly at her.

“Right… Sorry.”


The cookies were atrocious. How Mrs. Potter managed to muck them up that was beyond my comprehension. It was simple. Put cookie mix into a bowl. Put water into the bowl. Mix them together. Roll them into little balls and place them on a cookie sheet. Mrs. Potter was something else. We were both choking down one of her cookies. It was burnt on the inside and sticky on the outside… how that was possible I will never know. It tasted like dirt and slugs mixed together.

“What’s cooking Mom?” Lily asked as she entered the kitchen. I really liked Lily. She was… cool, like us. She was really mature for her age and I admired her self-confidence that was much like mine.

“Cookies, do you want one?” Mrs. Potter offered. James tried to shake his head and get Lily’s attention, but no such luck. She had already reached for one of the cookies. Poor Lily, she actually still trusted Mrs. Potter with baking. Poor, naïve, Lily. She took a big bit and chewed on it a bit. She then looked at us wide-eyed and started to gag.

“Are you all right Love?” Mrs. Potter asked concernedly. Lily nodded and quickly spat the cookie out. “Is there something the matter with the cookies?” She asked worriedly.

“No, not at all Mum!” Lily squeaked. “I just swallowed it too soon and it got stuck in my throat…” If you hadn’t already guessed, Mrs. Potter had no idea how bad she was at cooking. None at all and no one wanted to be the one to experienced the bout of temper that would follow if they told her. Mrs. Potter smiled.

“Okay then! Sit down and have some more!” Lily was practically forced to sit beside us. She eyed them warily.

Help me.” She mouthed. We shrugged at her. What were we supposed to do about it?

At that moment we heard a thump coming from the living room, followed by a groan. We raced into the next room. We came across a very disgruntled Mr. Potter sprawled against the carpet, his glasses askew and his face full of soot. Mrs. Potter raced to help him up.

“Honey! What are you doing home so early? And what happened?” Mrs. Potter asked as she brushed off his suit and kissed his very dirty cheek. I always smiled when I saw them together. They were so adorable! They never seemed to get sick of each other like other spouses did. Mr. Potter smiled gaily at his wife.

“I was allowed to come home at an earlier time to see my favorite girl. And I fell on a very large doll when I stepped out of the fireplace…” Lily rushed to the doll and picked it up. She looked at us quickly and then darted out of the room with her face flushing behind her thick red hair. James and I stifled a giggle. Lily did not like to show the girlish side of her.

“How’s it going?” Mr. Potter asked us both. I shrugged.

“Not much Mr. Potter.” I replied. “M-Ginny made us cookies.” Then we both gave Mr. Potter two winks and a fidget. I had only been with the Potter’s for a week, and already we had our own secret signs.

“I’m thinking of making dinner as well!” Mrs. Potter piped up. Mr. Potter began to panic.

“N-NO! That’s quite all-right Gin! As much as I would love for you to cook supper, I have actually made plans for us to go to this new fancy restaurant…” Mr. Potter said hastily. Mrs. Potter looked a bit disappointed. She sighed.

“Oh, all right…” She told him. “I was really looking forward to it though.” And she walked back into the kitchen. I high-fived Mr. Potter.

“Thank you so much Dad!” James said in relief. “The cookies were bad enough.”

“What restaurant are we going too?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, erm… I don’t know yet. Do you guys know of anywhere really fancy?” Mr. Potter inquired. James and I shook our heads in perfect synchronization. “Damn. I have to make a few calls.”

“Won’t it be hard to get a reservation on such short notice?” I asked in confusion. James winked at me.

“Being a Potter has some benefits Anna!”

“Damn you and your perfect life.” I grumbled. It was true. They had this freaking-incredible house with a room for everyone and four bathrooms. It was on acreage with a Quidditch pitch for Mrs. Potter to practice. The kitchen was humongous and even had a walk in refrigerator! Everything was clean and bright in the Potter household.

“Well, I wouldn’t say perfect…” James said with fake modesty.

“You are such a prick.” I told him as I rolled my eyes. “Look at me! I’m James Potter!” I yelled as I started to strut around the room. “I mess up my hair all the time and have patterned dinosaur underpants!”

“Well I’m Annelise Turnington!” James said as he stuck out his tongue. “I… I’m…” He frowned and screwed his face up from thinking to hard. He then looked up brightly and shouted, “I have really long and shiny hair!” I burst out laughing.

“T-that was the w-worst attempt of an insult in t-the whole wide world!” I said through fits of laughter. James huffed in dissatisfaction. He could never win against me, never. It was quite funny actually…

“I’m going to my room. You are no longer my friend because you are a mean person who hurt my feelings. And to think I invited you to spend three weeks of our summer vacation in this household…” He sniffed and stalked up the stairs. I shrugged.

“So this means you’re not coming to my house after this then?” I called.

“NO!” He yelled and slammed his bedroom door. I smiled and went down the hallway to the kitchen. I opened the door to see Mr. and Mrs. Potter snogging their heads off on the kitchen counter. I mean with the tongues and EVERYTHING.

“ACK! My eyes! MY EYES!” I yelled. They jumped apart, looking quite embarrassed. “I am mentally scarred for life!”

“Sorry Annelise, it won’t happen again.” Mr. Potter tried to say seriously. I could tell he was about to burst into laughter.

“Would you like something to eat dear?” Mrs. Potter asked.

“No, after that display I think I’ll never be hungry again! I ATE FOOD OFF THAT COUNTER!” I said in disgust. “I think I’m just gonna go and… erm… play more solitaire! Yea, that's what I’m going to do. Bye!” I said hurriedly and ran out of the room.

“Again, I’m sorry you had to see that!” Mr. Potter called. “Ah, to be twelve again.” I heard Mr. Potter tell his wife. I then heard some giggling and then a very masculine growl. I scrambled even faster up the stairs.

I don’t ever think I’ll be able to look at them the same way ever again… I mean, it’s bad enough having to accidentally walk in on my mom and Carl doing things that I will not speak of… but this was a whole entire ball game. Mr. Potter was the savior of the wizarding world for heavens sake! He wasn’t supposed to be doing stuff like that! Especially growling. That was just downright disturbing.

“Hey Annelise. What was with all the noise?” Lily commented as she made her way right toward the kitchen.

“Lily. DON’T GO IN THERE!” I yelled. She ignored me. She always did. I counted backwards from five.

“JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH! Get a room!” Lily screamed at her parents. “AHHHHH!” And she ran to the top of the stairs, where I currently was.

“You could have warned me!” She said as she pointed her finger accusingly at me.

“I tried Lily.” I told her in exasperation while my right eye twitched angrily. “I really tried.” We then both shuddered.


“Annelise! It’s time to go!” Mr. Potter told me as he poked his head into the guest bedroom. I still couldn’t look him in the eye after the ‘incident’.

“Err, okay.” I said with a sigh. I was in a white t-shirt and a nice blue skirt, with fancy silver sandals to match. I hated the bloody skirt. It was too drafty and it felt all wrong. I was completely self-conscious about how I walked and how I sat. But I wanted to make a great impression, so I sacrificed my freedom for the sake of looking nice. The sandals were stupid too. They hurt my heels and caused several ankle-twisting accidents. I even had put on jewelry. JEWELERY.

“You okay?” Mr. Potter asked in concern as he sat on my bed.

“Yeah…” I replied quietly. “Just nervous, that’s all.” He looked at me incredulously. “I want them to all like me and accept me.” I explained to him.

“Don’t worry about it. Just be yourself… everyone will love you.” Mr. Potter reassured me. I smiled a bit more brightly.

“Yeah, they probably will, won’t they. ‘Cept Roxanne of course. She hates me!” I finished dramatically. Mr. Potter chuckled.

“She doesn’t hate you…” He started and I looked at him in disbelief. “Oh, all right. She does.”

“Thanks Mr. Potter.” I drawled. “You’re cool, don’t get me wrong, but you suck at comforting people and making them feel better.” He clapped me on the back.

“Well, despite how wonderful I am, I’m not the best at everything.” He said with a wink. “By the way, you look… nice.” He said apprehensively. I rolled my eyes.

“It’s horrible, isn’t it?” I replied honestly. I looked down at my skirt. “All year I fought with McGonagall about not wearing skirts and wearing board shorts instead as part of my uniform. I got tons of detentions because of it. And now LOOK AT ME!” I waved down at my clothing. “And sandals are stupid. You can’t run in them.” Mr. Potter chuckled once again.

“Too true.”

“Anna and Dad! Get in the car before Mum has a fit!” James ordered as he stormed in the room. He then looked at me. He stared at me oddly for a long time and his ears turn red.

“Anna. Y-you look like a girl!” He exclaimed in disbelief. “That skirt is too short, put on pants.” He ordered. I came over and whacked him on the back of the head.

“What are you, my father?” I asked angrily. He then hugged me tight.

“Sorry Anna! Please forgive me!” He wailed. Then he did the Puppy Eyes. I hate him.

“Fine, you’re forgiven.” I grumbled.

“You’re hair is down.” He said softly. “You never put it down.” I looked at him oddly, he was sure speaking strangely.

“Um, yeah, cause that way it doesn’t get in my face. Ugh, it’s going to get in my food when I’m eating at the Burrow tonight.” I said in disgust as I examined the way-to-long-and-stupid hair.

“You haven’t worn it down since the train ride to Hogwarts…” James said to me.

“You remember the times I put my hair down? You’re such a creep.”

“Am not!” He yelled.

“Are too!” I yelled back.

“KIDS AND HARRY! Get in the bloody car!” Mrs. Potter yelled. We scrambled down the stairs.

“I call one of the window seats!” I ordered.

“To late!” Albus and Lily said at the same time. I hate those kids.


I was panting and extremely carsick by the end of the ride. I had to sit right beside James, who I swear, is a human heat source.

“Roll down the window!” I ordered. Albus grinned evilly at me.

“Nope!” He replied cheerfully. James, who was asleep by this point, yawned and tightly wrapped his arms around my neck. I tried to move, but that only made him grab on tighter.

“Roll down the window NOW.” I growled at Albus. He became frightened by my menacing glare.

“Fine.” He sighed. A breeze of air happily greeted me a few seconds later.

“Aaah.” I breathed in relief. The car lurched to a stop.

“YAY!” Albus and Lily screamed. “Nana Molly’s!” James awoke with a start. He put his head up which smashed into my face.

“Frick!” I yelled.

“Anna?” He said drowsily. His eyes opened widely. “Anna!”

“I’m bleeding!” I screeched. “You twat!” He took his arms off from my neck.

“Why are my arms around you?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“You put them around me and wouldn’t get off!” I protested. James looked slightly disappointed.



An old lady with a crooked cane was waiting for us at the front of the Burrow.

“Nana Molly!” Lily squealed. She ran to give a red-haired lady with wrinkles a hug. Albus was right behind his sister. The three of them shared a tight embrace; the woman laughing while her eyes sparkled.

“James?” The lady asked expectantly. James sauntered forward.

“Sup.” He said in a bored voice and then ruffled his hair. Honesty, could this boy be any more pathetic?

“Twat!” I called out at him. He looked at me in disbelief.

“What have I done this time?” He asked in annoyance.

“You’re being a prat! And the whole ‘cool’ image… SO not working.” I yelled out at him.

“You are a cruel person Annelise! You always ruin my image! And you talk way too loudly!” He called back. An indigo haired boy stuck his head out the oak doorway.

“Hey! I thought I heard you guys come. I could recognize that bantering from anywhere!” The boy said with a smile.

“Teddy! I’ve missed you!” I said as I ran to him and put him in a tight hug. The old lady laughed again.

“You must be the infamous Annelise. I’m Molly Weasley.” ‘Molly’ put her hand out. I unwrapped my arms from around Teddy and shook her hand vigorously. To my surprise she then pulled me into a tight hug. She smelled really nice… How Grandma’s were supposed to smell. Like Christmas and a meadow mixed together.

My Grandma smelled like millions of flowers. Not in a good way either. That woman put on so much flower smelling perfume that it became just down right ridiculous after awhile. You literally choked when you got a whiff of the smell radiating off her body.

“Oh, it’s Annelise everybody! Let’s all jump for joy!” I heard a voice drawl from the doorway. I could recognize that repulsive voice any day.

“Bugger off Roxanne.” I replied in annoyance. To say that Roxanne hated me was an understatement. She seemed nice enough at first, but then she started to glare at me a lot. And then came the ‘sentences with double meanings’. After that, it was the snide remarks, and from there it progressed to name calling and vicious pranks. She was the only Weasley/Potter I did not like. Sure, I knew she was jealous and everything… but was all the nastiness really necessary?

I entered through the doorway with the Potter family, where I met Molly’s husband Arthur, who started to rapidly talk to me once he found out my stepdad Carl was a muggleborn. We do a lot of things the muggle way at my house. Since he was slightly deaf, he seemed to shout a lot during the time of our conversation.

Percy, Audrey and their kids came about five minutes after we did. Percy was a pretty boring person. We got on to a conversation about wizarding politics… not fun. His wife, Audrey, is his exact opposite. She was extremely bubbly, wore neon clothing, and had a smile on her face the whole entire time. It was kind of freaky actually. I tried to copy her exact wide grin, but after just a few minutes I could barely feel my mouth cause I was in such pain. That woman had skill.

I met one-eared George who I took an instant liking too. He has a great sense of humor and apparently got into as much trouble as James and I back in his school days. His smile did fade when he mentioned his twin brother, Fred, who died during the Second Wizarding War. I felt for him, I couldn’t imagine the pain of losing my brother, or even James for that matter. James was like family to me, I have come to love him a lot.

Bill was totally awesome with all those scars and Fleur was stunningly beautiful… but I had trouble at times understanding what she was saying… I was really bad when it came to accents… I greeted Dom and Victoire enthusiastically, and gave Louis a stiff nod. I remembered that Roxanne was not the only one I really didn’t like. Louis was an egotistical prat.

Ron and Hermione Weasley arrived an hour later then we did. Their kids were sweet… in their own way. Rose was a nice girl, but she seemed to freak out a lot and liked to fight with anyone who even slightly offended her. It’s because of her that there is a stereotype that redheads have tempers. Hugo, her little brother on the other hand… well, there was no nice way to put it; the kid is a dork. Not even a smart one either. He kept carrying around a gobstones kit wherever he went, hoping in vain that someone would play with him.

Molly clapped her hands in delight.

“Finally! Everyone is here!” Molly said. “It’s time to start making dinner.”

“Charlie’s not here!” Albus piped up. Molly looked flustered.

“Charlie’s not coming.” She said sorrowfully. All the Weasleys oohed and asked their Nana ‘why not?’.

“Dragon emergency.” Molly told them. “We’ll see him at Christmas at least!” Molly added on a lighter note.

“Dragon emergency?” I asked James.

“Oh, Uncle Charlie is head of the Dragon Sanctuary in Romania.” James explained. I raised my eyebrows with surprise. James had such a cool family… it was not fair. I had no cousins and my mother worked in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the Pest Sub-Division. The most exciting thing that had ever happened to my Mum at work was when she had to deal with a giant infestation of Bundimuns.

“Molly, dear. MAY I HELP OUT WITH THE COOKING?” Arthur half shouted.

“No! Stay out of my kitchen Arthur!” Molly told him sternly.

“I’ll come help out!” Ginny offered helpfully. Molly looked fearful at the very thought of it.

“No! You stay out of my kitchen too! I’ll be fine with… my other daughter in-laws helping out. Oh, and Victoire too dear.” Molly said, smiling brightly at the eldest Grandchild. The women paraded into the kitchen to start on (from what I’ve heard) a delicious feast.

“Why can I never help out?” Ginny grumbled.

“I know, it’s so unfair. It’s sexism!” Arthur mumbled to himself. Alas! A sentence from Arthur that didn’t include shouting! All the men visiting the Burrow nodded in agreement to Arthurs’ statement.

“Yeah! Since when can I not cook?” Harry said in protest. “I’m a great cook! I’m loads better than Gin-“ He cut himself off and looked at his wife who looked infuriated and hurt.

“Heh, I was, err… joking Ginny. You’re a great cook!” Ginny’s glare did not waver in the slightest. “Umm. I love you!” He tried to plant a kiss on her cheek but she raised her hand to stop him.

“Kids, is your father a better cook then I am?” She asked curiously.

“No!” Lily said automatically.

“Definitely not!” Albus replied.

“Impossible!” James frantically said.

Ginny gave her three kids a look.

“Well, maybe just a little bit.”

“You’re an okay cook…”

“It’s not like you’re horrible though…” James said hopefully.

Ginny looked at her kids again. That woman had a gift. I could tell that Lily, Albus and James were about to crack…

“Okay, mum, here’s the thing…” Lily started off softly.

“You’re a HORRIBLE cook!” Albus told her.

“You’re food is disgusting and you gave Annelise food poisoning!” James said in total honestly. I felt a little guilty about being dragged into the conversation… but then again, it really wasn’t my fault I started puking my guts out from eating those cookies. Ginny turned to her husband.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She said, pointing a threatening finger at her husband. Before he could even open his mouth, she stormed in the direction of the kitchen.

“Darling, where are you going?” Harry called worriedly.

“To learn how to cook!” She shrieked. James groaned.

“Thanks Dad; thanks a lot.” He told his father. “We are now going to be forced to be test subjects for every meal from now on!” I gave him a sympathetic hug.

“At least you’ll be at my place in a week in a half!” I told him optimistically. James smiled at the prospect.


Us kids went outside while the adults did the cooking and cleaning. The one thing that I loved about the Burrow was the meadow and the numerous number of trees we were able to play in. Rose (James’s extremely spazzy cousin) was in charge of the game we were to play.

“We are going to play house!” Rose exclaimed with clapped hands. Us older kids groaned.

“Do we really have to?” James whined. Louis agreed with him.

“Really Rose! Aren’t we a bit to mature to be playing games such as that?” Louis said in distaste. “I mean, hide and seek is so much better!” Rose growled and looked at him crossly.

“We are going to play house.” She repeated, her face turning an angry red color. Her cousins took this as a warning sign and didn’t argue further. Rose started to give orders to each and every one of us. Lily called right away to being an Aunt, while Hugo and Albus (much to their dismay) became the two children of the family. Louis was an Uncle and Roxanne and Fred became the Grandpa and Grandma. Everyone seemed very unhappy about this arrangement, but it was becoming quite clear that even though Rose was one of the youngest, you did not want to mess with her. In a way I admired her for it, but also loathed it at the same time. I personally never liked playing ‘House’ as a kid.

“And James and Annelise; you are the Mommy and Daddy.”

That was why.

James and I looked at each other with discomfort. “Ewwww!” I told her. “Can I please switch roles with someone?” Everyone took a step back. I looked at Freddie pleadingly who shook his head and was silently laughing at the uncomfortable situation. James’ ears were a very bright red.

“What’s the big deal?” Rose asked me. “You two are going to get married someday anyway… this is great practice!” I looked down at her.

Awkward… I blame the skirt and the sandals for this situation. It gives people ideas.

“You’re kidding me, right?” I said as I rolled my eyes. “Just because James and I are friends does NOT mean we’re going to someday get married!” I told her in exasperation. I had to deal with a lot of these comments during my first year. A lot of people just did not get that a boy and girl could be friends.

The girls in my dorm were under the impression that boys had cooties. The first few weeks had consisted of kissy faces and wolf whistles when James and I would walk down a hallway. That ended when I started beating these said people up.

Despite my futile efforts of getting out of being James’s “wife”, Rose still got her way and we went off into the clearing to play our little game of House. After awhile it became quite fun. James and I decided to make fun of our little awkward situation and became quite enthusiastic while pretending to be husband and wife. At the end we were rolling on the ground laughing (well, as much rolling as you can do in a skirt without flashing your underwear) at the silly pet names we were giving each other. So was everyone else… except Roxanne of course. For a second I could have sworn her mouth twitched while pretending to be above the rest of us.

“Very mature guys.” She said. “Very mature.”

“You really need to get that huge ass-stick out of your butt Roxanne.” I told her through fits of laughter.

“Yeah Roxanne!” James and Fred agreed with me. I could see a flash of hurt through her eyes before she huffed and went back inside the house, slamming the door as she went. I almost felt bad for saying it, but it was true.

“She didn’t used to be so uptight.” Fred told me sadly. I nodded in agreement.

“When we first met on the train she was such a nice person.” I reminisced.

“She still is… she just has major jealousy issues.” Fred half-argued on his twins’ behalf. I shrugged.

“Can we play Hide and Seek now?” Albus begged. Rose contemplated this idea.

“Well…” She said slowly, “1 2 3 NOT IT!” She called very suddenly and ran into the forest.

“NOT IT!” The rest of the Potter-Weasley clan said a split second afterwards and ran for it. I was left standing.

“Oh bugger.” I muttered, and started counting to thirty.


Dinner was an interesting event. Ginny was still mad at Harry and even madder at herself. She muttered to herself angrily while picking through her food made by Nana Molly. Roxanne, being the wonderful girl she is, was glaring at me from across the table. I glared back as hard as I could.

We then somehow began to have a staring contest. Her eyes would widen, and then mine would get even wider. After a while my eyes began to really hurt… but I wasn’t about to let her win. James and the rest of the siblings and cousins were too busy having an enthusiastic discussion about Quidditch to even realize what was going on. My eyes were in such searing pain that I knew that I couldn’t take it any longer. So I did what any mature preteen would do in that situation… I picked up a fork and threw it at Roxanne’s forehead.

“OW! WHAT THE FU---“ Roxanne yelled loudly. I smirked.

“I win!” I told her triumphantly. I felt a bit embarrassed for doing something as immature as throwing a utensil at a persons head, but I wasn’t about to show it.

“That was cheating! FORFEIGHT.” Roxanne argued.

“Nu-uh.” I said as I stuck out my tongue. Roxanne became extremely angry and started yelling incoherent things at me while leaning across the table and trying to get closer to me. I started yelling too. We were so close that our noses were almost touching. I was getting mad and each of us pulled up our hand to slap the other when.

“ENOUGH!” Nana Molly cut in. “I have heard enough fighting from you two to last a lifetime!” Mr. Potter nodded in agreement.

“Kids, it’s time to put aside your differences and get along!” Mr. Potter ordered us. Roxanne and I both rolled our eyes.

“Like that’s ever going to happen!” I cried. I had tried at first to be nice to her, but I was so sick of her attitude now.

“I will NEVER get along with her. And you can’t do anything about it!” Roxanne said at the same time. The adults looked at each other and sighed in defeat.

“Then you leave us no choice…” Ron told us. Uh-oh… I did not like the look on their faces. If there was one thing I knew about the Weasley-Potter clan; it was that they always were there to interfere in other people lives. I’m pretty sure that Roxanne knew as well as I that we would be getting along by the end of the night whether we wanted to or not.


A/N: I know… It’s so despicable how long this has taken to update. I will make no excuses, all I can say is I am sorry. I hope this chapter made up for it at least a tiny bit :). Thanks for all the reviews guys. I will try my best to update a lot sooner next time. Again, very very sorry. I have commitment issues at times… but I am trying to get past that. I hope this was a good chapter… please give me feedback on it and tell me areas where I could improve. I would really appreciate it. Again thanks for such a positive feedback on the story!
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