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    CHP 5 A/N: I as an author do not resent George Weasley but I hate the pairing of Gr/Hr because they really not suitable and I don’t know why some people like this pairing but hey at least Fred look good in this fic. CHP 5 ~Ronnie P.O.V~ I told you one of this days, someone PLEASE stop calling me Ronnie. It sickened me that some called me that especially Rich, on with the story then. First September arrived for the four of us, that’s me, Ginny, Harry, Hermione… oops… forgot Rich, that’s five. The five of us went to King’s Cross Station with our things and stuffs. Hermione needed help with her things; I swore she was going to live in a library one of this day. We said our goodbyes to our family; Hermione’s parents were there for her. Mum gave her usual pep talk to Gin and I. Harry and Rich got no one to say goodbye to, lucky fellows. They got something though, mum gave them a hug each, the bone-crushing ones, they got what they deserve. One thing I did not expect was a boring ride to Hogwarts. We stayed quiet the whole ride, after some briefing on our prefect’s duties, Hermione and I went to our usual compartment for six years. Harry and Hermione stayed quiet the whole ride, I was annoyed by this two but I couldn’t do anything. Gin went off to her friends and I hoped someone get here, anyone but not the Slytherins. That reminded me, where was Rich? Last time I saw him, we were trying to get into the train. Wait a minute, something to talk about. “Hey Harry,” I got Harry’s attention from the interesting window. “Do you know where Rich is?” I asked - Hermione put her book down; she too was concern for Rich. “He was called by McGonagall,” he answered, I was surprised. “McGonagall? What she want to do with my cousin?” “I don’t know, it’s not our business,” he said coolly. “Not our business! It is our business when it comes to a Weasley, I was worried with Rich, you know – ever since Fleur and Bill came that day, he’s been quiet the whole time,” I said, maybe a bit of exaggerating but hey I only want to start a conversation. “Oh Ron, he got some issues that he needs to settle himself,” said Hermione reassuringly, she seemed to know something; she was the closest to Rich than any of us. “You seemed to know something,” I said inquisitively. Hermione rolled her eyes. “Ron, not everything a Weasley can share with the whole Weasley clan,” her words made me a bit angry. “What? Of course everything has to do with every Weasley,” I said pointedly. She groaned in frustration. “You mean when you go to the loo, every Weasley in the world follows you,” she stated, she got a point there. “Oh,” I said, showing a disappointed face, I lost to her. “You’re right.” “I know I’m right,” she said snobbishly, how I would love to cut her mouth with a knife when she spoke like that. Harry gave annoyed face, Hermione noticed and snubbed Harry. “Hey guys,” said Neville, good ol’ Neville, he came with Ginny and… oh no… Loony Luna Lovegood. Why was she here? She was just a nuisance. “Hey Neville, Luna,” Harry and Hermione said at the same time, they exchanged glares after that and looked back at the visitors. Ginny gave out a frustration sighed, she was evidently disappointed by the two. Hermione nudged me in the ribs, I gave her a glare but she pointed out that I forgot to greet. “Oh, Hey Neville, nice to see you and aaa… you too… Luna,” I said in a quavering tone. Neville and Luna noticed the uneasy feeling in our compartment. They knew what was going on between Harry and Hermione, Gin probably told them. The three took a sit, Neville beside Harry, Luna beside Neville and opposite of me… yikes, Gin between me and Hermione. “So how were your summer guys?” Neville asked, he starting to get out of his shy behaviour, good for him. “Oh not much, the usual Quidditch, Snape’s works and do some other stuff,” I replied, knowing my two friends won’t said much. “How about you, Hermione?” Neville turned to Hermione. She shrugged, “Not much.” She glanced sadly at Harry who was staring outside through the window. “Heard your cousin is transferred to Hogwarts,” Luna asked inquisitively, she held that bloody Quibbler like it was a prize possession. Before Gin or I could answer, in came the slimy Slytherin git, Draco Malfoy and his two goonies. Why did he always have to bother us on the train every single time? “Well, well, what do we have here? The six thief that snuck in the Ministry building, how daring to be still alive after all this,” he sneered, he was still the same worthless slimy git I knew, even after his father was jailed… hey, his father was jailed, time for revenge. “Don’t you have anyone else to bother,” Ginny scowled. “Why, so you can sneak into another building, Weasley, just like Potter and Granger here?” he looked scathingly at Harry and Hermione. My two best friends scowled like they never scowled before. “At least, we got into the building and got your dear old daddy,” I teased in an angelic tone. “And sent him to Azkaban,” that’s my revenge, you insufferable git. The six of us smirk in satisfaction, liking the way I sent the message. Draco looked at me with pure loathing; he sure hated what we did to his family. “Sod off Weasley,” he mocked, he was out of words - that sure taught him not to mess with the Weasley clan. “I’m only here because I heard another Weasley is coming to Hogwart,” why did he want to see Rich, probably mocking him. “Don’t know the Weasley female can lay another one still.” Gin and I steamed with anger, our face was red as our hair, how dare he compare my mother to a chicken. The Weasley siblings couldn’t stand another Malfoy taunt. We stood up and scowled at him with utter loathing. “For your information, the other Weasley is our cousin,” said Ginny through her gritted white teeth. “Like I care,” he sneered. “He most certainly has a mother who has a raging sex life and lays lots of siblings to make the whole family poor,” his last mockery was the last straw, my family has been out of the poor state ever since the twins were successful and dad got a new and high-profile job. I wanted to beat the living bloody hell out of Malfoy, I didn’t care if I got beaten up by Crabbe and Goyle but I was beaten to do that. Harry and Hermione pushed Malfoy out easily, his body tripped backwards and landed hard on the floor, they sure were strong. They even pushed Crabbe and Goyle out and slammed the compartment door shut together. They were evidently angrier than me and Gin. Why did they do this? “Don’t you dare talk about Rich like that?” Harry snarled. He defended Rich proudly. If only Malfoy could hear that, loud and clear, I’m sure he can hear that. Harry and Hermione sat back down after Malfoy scrambled away from us. As for the four of us, we gawked at the pair, even Luna who was always dreaming away somewhere, stared stupidly at my bestfriends. Maybe it was time to get them back as friends. “That was bloody cool, mates,” I praised them and they blushed in response. I made an eye contact to Gin with a wink and she knew what I was thinking right now. “Yeah, thanks for defending the whole Weasley clan,” Gin thanked them, and they gave a weak but enjoying smile. They never gave each other a glance or maybe I didn’t notice it at all. I was about to open my mouth when Luna wanted to say something. “You two work together really quite well,” she said with a amuse twinkle in her eyes, she was creepy by not blinking, she said the right words that I wanted to say. I have to admit that Luna was a life-saver. My two bestfriends do work quite well together, not romantically but when one of us had a problem. They were my problem-solver. But I was wrong yet again… Harry didn’t like it for some reason, was he still mad at her. Hermione groaned a frustration, hated the idea of working with Harry. Why? They were the driving force behind the entire problem we face, I was way behind them but hey, I’m glad that they always by my side to save me. Please guys, be friends again. “What’s wrong, Harry, Hermione? What Luna said was true?” Neville chimed. “You guys DO work together quite well.” “Work together…… with Mr. Obnoxious with everything I do, how I can possibly work with him,” Hermione faced Harry with her usual death glare, “If he doesn’t listen to me, making mistake and blame it all on me.” “I do not!” Harry exclaimed with utter loathing, here we go again. This was Harry versus Hermione, round sixty. “For your information Ms. Snobby, what happened last three months was entirely my fault and I accept that fully, you just pretend that it was I who blame you, you are too annoying to notice things,” his words were spiteful. Hermione didn’t give up easily. “You’re the one who is annoying, moping away and make everyone worried,” she was now doing the exclaiming. Luna and Neville were shocked to see them fight, yeah I know it was a rare thing to see this two sweet and lovely student of Hogwarts’ finest in an argument, welcome everyone to a new world of Hogwarts. “Hey, respect my private time, I can’t have one when the twins always comes to the Burrow,” said Harry, Fred and George were two really weird boys, that was Gin’s quote last year. Fred only wanted to test the new inventions on Gin, Rich, Harry and I. George was preoccupied with Hermione, he was in love with her, or maybe just a crush. Personally I don’t like them together or maybe I was jealous, no, that wasn’t it. Harry seemed uneasy with the new pair, what was wrong with him. “Get use to it, four eyes,” “Well I won’t, large forehead,” I wished Rich was here, he can stop these guys from further quarrel. I hope no one heard this two. I wonder what Rich was doing right now. ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() ~ Rich’s P.O.V ~ Ronnie sure said ‘sure’ a lot of times, now it was infecting me. Right now, I have no idea; actually I do, where I am. Just stepping onto the train and put my trunks and things in Harry’s historic compartment, I was dragged by an old witch lady. She was a mean and stern lady, scarier than any teacher at Beauxbaton. I was in a teacher’s compartment being interrogated by her about my situation like Fleur said. “No, professor McGonagall, I won’t take it,” McGonagall let out a frustration sigh; she wasn’t giving up that easily. “I repeat again, you have been offered a position to become the president or club leader of the Student with Specialty Club,” she stated, this was the tenth time she asked. “No madam, no way, again and again, no way,” I said for the tenth time. “But Mr. Weasley, there are other students like you who need help and Madam Maxine wants you here because you’re the perfect candidate for helping them,” she tried to reason but I simply gave out a shook of my head. “Very well, I give time, I need an answer before the feast, Mr. Weasley,” she said, I just gave you a no, what more do you want that I would made you believe that I didn’t want this position. “But first…” She took out a rag and a high stool. What in the bloody world did she want to do with a rag and a stool? “Sit down on the stool, Mr. Weasley,” she ordered me, what kind of method would she used now. I doubted her commands but she gave me a reassuring face that she won’t do something terrible. I gave in and sat on the old sturdy stool. I playfully rocked the stool, and got a warning from McGonagall, talk about spoiler-sport. She put on the rag which was an old wizard’s hat with a slight torn from the side. “Relax, Mr. Weasley,” she said as the hat was supposed to do something. Suddenly, it was alive. “Hullo young man,” said the hat from the torn side, I freaked out and fell from the stool. I landed on my arse and the hat went off me. “Are you alright, Mr. Weasley?” McGonagall bent down and pulled me up together with the hat. “I have to admit, the unicorn sorting ceremony at Beauxbaton was gay, but this hat is utterly freaking me out,” I said, and McGonagall gave a sigh. “Sit back on the stool, Mr. Weasley, the hat won’t eat you,” she reassured me and I did what was told. The hat was put back on me and muttered some words of encouragement to myself that the hat was only for sorting, thanks to Hermione for telling me about the hat. “Did I scare you, young man?” the hat asked in a sympathetic voice. “A bit,” I said, earning another sigh from McGonagall. “No matter, it’s time for me, to choose for you, you house,” “O-okay,” “Let me read your mind… hmm… your have a smart and straight-forward mind, Ravenclaw is suitable for you, you have a bit loyalty, Hufflepuff will not be bad for you but since you are a Weasley, GRYFFINDOR,” the hat announced loudly that I have to cover my ears. “Shut you yap, we’re all alone in an empty compartment,” I hissed. McGonagall took the hat off from me, thank you. “Now Mr. Weasley, do you want to take the role of leadership for the new club?” she was asking the same damn question. I folded my arms, show a mean looking face and shook my head. “What if I interest you in something about the club that will make you join?” she was being sneaky. “Like what?” I asked. “Do you want to know who’s joining the club?” she asked airily. “Like I know anyone from Hogwarts, other than my cousins, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter,” I said to her as of matter-of-factly. She gave a soft smile, now I’m wondering if she has triumphed over me. “How about…… Mr. Potter?” that freaked me out again, I fell off the stool again only to be helped up again by the professor. I sat on the chair. “He doesn’t have any special powers… other than the ones he got from his scar a. k. a I got it from a creep that kill my parents,” I said. “Well do you want to take the position, Mr. Weasley?” she asked again, now she won but I didn’t want to give in. I folded my arms back and thought for a second. The professor noticed my deep thought state. “I leave you here for now.” “Yeah, I need that,” “But you have to sit here until the sorting ceremony at Hogwarts finish,” she said. “What? But why?” I asked furiously, this was an outrage, I want to see my cousins, and I don’t want to be alone. “You have been sorted, Mr. Weasley, it’s a secrecy to be sorted early, whatever goes in Hogwarts must be kept in Hogwarts, in your case the sorting must be in Hogwarts but Dumbledore did a spell so that the sorting can take place outside of the school. Take this time to think through this position,” she explained in details and then went off, leaving me with thoughts of unheeding. Should I take it? For Harry’s sake… ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() ~ Ron’s P.O.V ~ Bloody hell, we were already here at Hogwarts. Rich wasn’t in sight where we were. I hoped his fine but his new here, he could be lost. Wait a minute, he was the bloody lover boy of Beauxbaton, the one who shagged the Deputy’s daughter, the one who threw a crisis like a muggle yoyo, or whatever that was. We rode to Hogwarts by the carriage carried by Threstals. Did I spell it right? I hoped Hermione didn’t notice. I shared the ride with Harry, Neville, Luna and Hermione. The argument between my two friends stop when we arrived but they kept giving each other scowls and glares. Not a pleasant ride I have, Harry and Luna kept looking at the Threstals, Hermione minded her own business and Neville and I talked about how terrible Snape would be this year. We arrived and found a bit of surprise for all of us. George was there for some reason, three guesses. “Hermione!” he greeted her first not his siblings. “George!” she ran and hugged him, I couldn’t help but smirk along with Gin, this two look remarkable. But as I watched them I took a glance at Harry, who was looking away sadly from the two. “Are you alright, Harry?” I asked, Neville, Luna and Gin turned to him, they too noticed his awkward behaviour. “It’s – it’s nothing, c’mon let’s go inside,” he said. “Okay, hey Hermione, Prefect’s duty,” I called her, and I went off to the Gryffindors that were lining up to get inside the castle. Hermione separated from George and somehow, I would be having dinner with him. He was here because of the list of restricted things to keep in Hogwarts by Filch. I along with the rest of the prefects guided the students to the Great Hall. I felt a lot responsible today, maybe a bit. The Great Hall was still the same, ceiling that resembled the outside sky, five tables, candles floating and bunch of others. I wished Rich was here, he still didn’t show up yet. Hermione began to worry about him, so did Harry. All of us sat and went through the ceremony of the Sorting Hat. I hate this time, no matter how good the Hat sang, I hate the wait, bring on the food. Finally, Gryffindors got twelve new students. Dumbledore gave his usual speech and warnings, and he made the food appeared and we ate. George joined us at the table, sitting beside Hermione, Harry who was a person away from them, ate sadly. “Where in the bloody hell is Rich?” I groaned. “McGonagall is here, but where is he?” “I hope nothing bad happened to him,” said Hermione vaguely, George looked a bit irritated by her comments. I noticed that Rich and George never talk to each other and don’t get along quite well back at home. The hall wore the usual noisy atmosphere that I fondly familiar with. I looked around the hall for other students. Ernie was boasting about something to the first years, probably about lessons. The git Zacharias Smith joked around with a mouth full. Cho Chang, Harry’s crush, giggled with her friends, I noticed the sneak Marietta had cured the hex that Hermione cast upon the D.A members. Luna was dreamily looking away at something, creepy. I bravely look at the Slytherin table, same dungbrains they were. As we were eating, Malfoy and his goonies came again at us. He wanted a payback for the train incident. “Well, well, I never thought of mudblood being with her friend’s older brother, what a freak combination,” he sneered, his goons laughed. “Sod off Malfoy,” Hermione scowled. “You got no business here,” said George angrily. “Whatever,” he said and looked at the rest of us. “Where’s your precious cousin of yours, I haven’t seen another stupid red head around here, or you all just making an imaginary friend?” “He’s here Malfoy and watched your mouth!” Gin scowled, Neville who was beside her, couldn’t do anything. “My mouth? How about all of your mouths, a bit twisted, aren’t they?” “And what do you mean by that?” George asked. “Well… the words you all said are kind of a disease,” he said smugly. “You’re the disease around here Malfoy,” said Hermione. “Yeah, go find your daddy or something and live us alone,” I mocked, the whole table laughed. “It’s that what you got Weasley, you’re the stupidest Wesley of all,” he said, his lop-sided grinned made want to puke. My face was red with fury, I’m not stupid. “In fact all Weasleys are pure stupidity to the Wizarding World.” That did it, George and I stood up, and we want to beat the hell out of Malfoy. We didn’t care if the teacher saw us, we didn’t care if his goonies were on our way and we certainly didn’t care what happened to us. The teachers saw us and were ready to react if anything would happen. They don’t want anything stupid to happen and they were ready to prevent it. But before one of us could do a thing, the double door of the Great Hall opened loudly. Everyone in the Great Hall looked at the entrance and saw a boy or better yet… Richard Weasley. He entered the hall, in his school robe. He wore a sly grin, he was utterly happy about something, scanning the whole hall that was staring confusingly at him. He saw us and walked to us in a calm and cool way. The sound of his shoe tapping was heard in the sudden silent hall. He sure had a way of doing an entrance. I noticed he wore some gold and scarlet patterns on his robe. HE WAS A GRYFFINDOR! He walked between the Hufflepuff table and our table. Girls were gawking at him, dazed by his smashing good looks, I envy that, Hermione and Gin were delighted to see him, Harry smiled, I was grinning widely, and George wasn’t happy though. Malfoy was going to get a taste of what Beauxbaton loverboy could do. Everyone stared at him including Dumbledore and a disgusted looking Snape. He was like someone very special. He stopped his fashion walk and looked at Hermione, then Harry, then Gin and I, giving each of us a welcoming smile. He turned to the unhappy George, he muttered sit to him and my brother hesitantly sat back beside Hermione. Now he turned to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. He didn’t show any sign of irritate or anger. He was cool and calm like he was always and has been, one pair of daring eyes against six cautious evil eyes. Rich dangerous gazed was piercing into Crabbe and Goyle’s faces, Malfoy was worried. He took the first move. “Who…” he was instantly cut off by Rich’s hand, he raised hit straight to his face. Malfoy was annoyed by my cousin’s action. Rich drew back his hand. “Listen, I do the talking here,” he said, sounding more of ordering than demanding, Malfoy obeyed, no one other than his parents did that to him, Rich was great. “The name’s Richard Weasley,” he introduced first, a few whispers around the hall were heard, and I knew what they were saying. ‘A black haired Weasley,’ that what would they say. Even the teachers were shocked, especially Hagrid, Snape, Flitwick and Sprout. Malfoy was shocked to hear the name Weasley. I eagerly wanted to know what he was thinking about. He sure didn’t expect a black-haired Weasley. The hall was quiet again, it was like a show, and all of us were waiting patiently for Rich’s next sentence. He walked a bit further to Malfoy, he grinned at a frowned Malfoy. The suspense was killing me. “What’s your name?” he asked in a rude tone, that was his words, and I expected a sod off. “Dra-“ “IT DIDN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS??!!” The whole hall erupted in a chorus of cheers except the Slytherins. The teachers were smiling. Malfoy was furious; he was taken aback by Rich’s comment. He back away a bit, pacing around uncontrollably, running his hand through his hair a few times, his goonies tried to calm him down but he shrugged them off. Rich paced around too but grinning widely, keeping his gaze at Malfoy, Harry and Hermione laughed loudly and so did a few people around the hall. George grumbled something but I couldn’t hear him. Malfoy looked back at Rich, his pale face turned red, redder than my hair. “What rights… do you have… to say that my name doesn’t matter, Weasley?” he said through his gritted teeth. “Weasley!” Rich said surprised, raising his right brow, but to him our last name was a pleasant surprise to be heard from Malfoy. Rich grinned at Gin and she gave back a giggle. Something great was going to happen, I could feel it in my tummy, or was it the foods. “Your name doesn’t matter because I’m going to give you one,” said Rich in a cool and sly way. “I have already a name and it’s-“ he got cut off again. “Pussyface,” Rich chided, everyone in the hall burst into fits of mixtures of giggles, chuckles and laughter even the Slytherins. I laughed, tears in my eyes, and so were Harry, Gin and Hermione. Dumbledore and the teachers chuckled and laughed even Snape. One word could affect the whole school. That was Rich for you. “Shut up!” Malfoy yelled, nobody obeyed him and continued laughing. He was redder than anyone had ever seen him, come to think of it, he never showed his anger flared other than our Quidditch match with him. “The name is not pu-p-pu-pussyface,” he said it, that was funny, “Its Draco Malfoy!” “Whatever, pussyface,” said Rich, folding his arms whilst grinning; he was the only one who wasn’t laughing. Gin whispered to me about something. Apparently, Gin had told Rich about Malfoy in their frequent letter sending to each other and Rich gave a name for Malfoy. “You insolent fool, mudblood names never spill the purebloods nobility,” Malfoy exclaimed, stupid righteousness, I beginning to see Dad’s vision somehow. “Oh! Whatever made you say that pussyface,” said Rich as he took a step towards Malfoy but was blocked by goonies. “Ho, ho, ho, who are you guys?” said rich, backing away whilst examining Crabbe and Goyle, not worried that they might hurt him. “Oh wait, wait, wait – don’t answer,” he held up his hand, pacing around, and his other hand was on his head like he was doing some mind reading. Then he put his hands down and looked back at the three Slytherins. He pointed his index finger at Crabbe. “You’re pussyface’s left butt cheek,” the hall erupted again in laughter, Rich pointed at Goyle now. “You’re his right butt cheek,” the two goonies were furious as their master, they wanted to punch Rich but Malfoy halted them before any points were taken away. Some of the students were laughing uncontrollably. They put their head down and banged the table with their hands. Some cheered others hid their faces with their hands. Harry and Hermione did such things but I let it all out, hoping to let Malfoy heard me. Malfoy stood between his goonies, his red face turned back to ghostly white. “They’re not my butt cheeks, you fowl bloody clown, their bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle,” he informed Rich in his usual way. Rich was grinning more widely that it could go off his face. He muttered something under his breath. “Let me get this straight,” he started pacing around again and stopped. “Your left butt cheek has the case of the Crabbes,” he said humorously, the hall was officially turned into a show as all of the students laughing and cheering. “Your right butt cheek has the case of the Goyles,” that put me out as I dropped to the floor and held my stomach to halt the laughter but it was too much. The goonies approached Rich. “Oh! Want a fight, c’mon, I’m ready,” said Rich with no fear. He raised his fists, welcoming them to a fight. Malfoy pushed them back but turning his back to Rich in the process. “Argh, that was one nasty ugly arse to see, Wuh, go see a Healer will you,” said Rich, playfully backing away whilst waved a hand across his face showing disgust. Malfoy covered his backside and turned around, his red face was back. His anger couldn’t contain any more but he couldn’t risk of getting in trouble so he ran off of the hall followed by his goonies. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Everyone stood up and gave Rich a round of applause; I went to him and put an arm over his shoulder. “Good job, cousin,” I praised, he shrugged off my shoulder and turned to our other friends who were still applausing, Harry and Hermione looked at each other and smiled, that was odd and somehow cute. They blushed and looked back at Rich. Dumbledore began to speak, “May I present to you all, member and leader of our new club, Student with Specialty, Richard Marvel Weasley.” A few collection of loud gasped were heard, the hall was dead silent afterwards. I gaped and looked shockingly at Rich who was still grinning. He sat beside Harry as Dumbledore instructed us to continue our feast. Snape went off, probably to console his precious. “Sorry to keep you waiting guys,” he said, no greetings were needed. He put some food in his plate. “I’ll tell you guys about it later, but now my tummy is aching for some grub,” he croaked, a few collections of giggles were heard. Hermione and Gin were recognisable but there were few unfamiliar sounds namely, Parvati and Lavender. “Hey Ron, you’re cousin is so cute,” said Lavender sheepishly. Ha, can’t blame him for his good looks, can’t be jealous of him but fortunate for me to have another bloke to talk to in Gryffindor. We talked for a lot, George and Hermione chat, I don’t know what they were talking, Harry and Rich had some good chat with Dean and Seamus, Gin talked to her friends, as for me, life was good and normal until… A crusty pie flew to our table and hit one of us… and that one of us was… Rich. Cream apple fillings was all over Rich’s hair, he stopped eating and rolled his eyes. Laughter were heard, I bet I was those damn Slytherins. We all turned to the source of laughing and to our shock and disappointment, it was the Hufflepuffs. “You deserve that, you bloody freak,” yelled Justin Flinch-Fletchley. He was the one who threw the pie; he was amused and enjoyed it along with his friends. I was utterly mad at what he did, looking at Rich, he was calm and cool, and that pie never hit his nerves one bit. He was going to let it go. George was chuckling slightly but stopped after Hermione glared at him, good going girl. If Rich wasn’t going to do anything, I would. I stood up along with Harry. “He’s not a freak, why are you calling him one,” I yelled at him, and I wanted to add some more but Rich tugged me and Harry down to sit back. I looked crossly at him, what was he doing? He was being taunted. “Let it go,” he said nonchalantly, I protested but he cut me off. “You are going to get into trouble. Trust me.” He was right, Prof. Sprout came to us. She deducted ten points from Hufflepuff, Justin got a couple of scowling from his table. Hermione did a simple Cleaning Charm on Rich and I swore I heard a grumble from George. The night ended as I along with the other prefects guided the Gryffindors to our tower. George went off to his home after we bid farewell, he seemed to be feeling not relax, maybe the food or Rich. _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ ~ Rich’s P.O.V ~ What the? How? Why? “Sorry Mr. Weasley, there’s no space for a bed for you,” said that blatant McGonagall. She was trying to get on my nerves. “You have to settle for a bed on the floor without a curtain for tonight,” she informed, oh jolly, my first day has its up and downs. I showed my exasperated face. “Mr. Weasley, be have yourself, points are taken for incoherent act and behaviour,” she said sternly, the other boys just remained quiet, no help from them. “Goodnight boys,” she bid and left good riddance. “It’s alright Rich,” said my cousin, aware of my frustration. “At least your bed is between Harry’s and mine. “We better go to bed guys,” said a black boy named Dean who loved football and West Ham United. “Yeah, it’s getting late, goodnight guys,” said an Irish lad name Seamus. “See ya,” said a round face boy went by the name of Neville. The other three boys slept as soon as they tuck in. I looked at the tired face of Harry and Ronnie. We bid goodnight and went to sleep. Harry had a hard time to swallow the fact that he was in the new club. Ron was pondering why I was called freak. I thought that I better tell him and Gin. Later that night… Argh! Damn snoring bastards, why do I have to sleep on the floor and hearing a boyband singing to a song of snooze, at least Harry don’t snore. I want my own four poster bed with curtains, damn this vehement school. I took some sheets and pillows and went down to the common room. I jumped on the couch in front of the fireplace and place the pillows and sheets to make myself comfortable. Then I went to sleep to the sound of fires crackling and quiet night voice. (*_^)(^_*) “Wake up, Rich,” the voice of a timid girl was heard in my beauty sleep. “Wake up,” the voice belong to… “Okay, Hermione, I’m awake now,” I grumbled, rubbing my eyes. I looked at the early bright-and-shine Hermione, she looked nice, considering it was still dark outside. “What time is it?” “Four thirty,” she answered, that didn’t surprise me because she already told me she always wake up early during school. I sat up straight. “Why are you sleeping on the couch?” “McGonagall didn’t give me a four poster bed like the others, she gave me to settle with a bed on the floor,” I explained to her and she was bewildered. “That’s awful, but why are you here?” “Couldn’t stand the church choir of snores,” I joked and she stifled a giggle. “That’s mighty awful of you,” she beamed, if she showed this to Harry every time, he would melt like an ice on a sunny day. “It’s the truth,” I said, creasing my brows. “Like you never snore,” she teased. “Like I want to join them,” we laughed. “Yeah, you, your prick cousin, Neville, Dean, Seamus and……” she was dreadfully silent for a moment. I knew she wanted to say ‘Harry’ so I help her. “Harry doesn’t snore,” I said, she was out of her thoughts ad looked confusingly at me. “Oh! What? Yeah, he doesn’t, I knew that,” she said, covering her embarrassment, I think Ms. Pretty here was thinking of naughty thoughts about Boy Who Lived. She looked sheepishly at me, I was right. “Does Harry talk about me?” “Talk? – He wank his little soldier thinking about you,” I replied directly, she was confused at first but then she got it. She blushed furiously and smiled to herself. This two had a weird relationship, I don’t know what that made them special or experiencing with them in the past, but I do know was the fact that they silently knew the other better. I can’t wait for the best damn year in Hogwarts with this two and my cousins. End… Next chapter: The club… the twins yet again… and the quarrel gets hotter. A/N: It was hard to finish this chapter be cause of POA, got a hard time of doing phone booking. I’m proposing an H/Hr smut place where all R/NC-17/NC-21 fics could be found. I going to get a new job so all my readers out there, I better start thanking you guys, my fics will be late for the next couple of months but I won’t abandoned them.

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