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a/n: Ok so it's been a very long time since i've updated this story but i just read it and thought that it was worth completing!! hope you enjoy this next chapter!

My vision was blurred as my body felt a numbing pain flow through it.

'I said you just can't leave him alone' the voice cried out as the figure stood over me.

Disorientated I tried my best to slowly stand up, muttering words of confusion my mind went foggy as if a dark cloud had formed in my head.
Suddenly another flash of light struck me sending me into shock as I hit the gorund once again. Screaming out in pain I couldn't find the strength to reach for my wand.

'I told you that I loved him, I confided in you and you didn't give a damn' the voice was now becoming clearer as the pain was subsiding.

'Pansy!' I heard being called 'Leave her alone!'

It all happened so fast but as my vision was restored colours flew past my eyes. Standing straight I found an unconcious Pansy Parkinson at my feet. My head was pounding as I felt something warm and sticky run down my face. Placing my hand up to touch my cheek scarlet drops of blood smudged onto my finger tips. In a blind panic I moved my hand further up my face to discover a deep cut tracing my hair line. A feeling of nausea sank in as I slumped to the ground.

'Anna' cried that familiar voice.

Where was that coming from? I thought to myself as my eyes became heavier with every blink.

'Anna Banana, please talk to me'

The peircing eyes looking down on me made me sit up slighting in suprise.

'Auria, help me' I cried trying to keep myself from falling into a deep sleep.

'Oh Anna, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said those things to you, these past few weeks have been complete hell without you' Auria sobbed as she watched over me.

I could just make out the terror in her eyes as the blood that flowed down my head was reflected in her large pupils.

'I love you' I sighed as my pulse began to weaken under my chest.

'Now don't you dare speak like that!' Auria sobbed 'I'm going to get you some help!'

Suddenly everything went hazy and I was swallowed up into complete darkness.

When you are unconcious there is no awareness of time or actions. My body felt as if I was floating upon a cloud and in my dreams I wondered if I was alive or dead. A serenity was the first feeling that rushed through me. A soft sort of peace and whilst I was gone to the world I was in my own perfect universe. Those memories of walking through the grounds of Hogwarts where nature was my only company flooded past my eyes. If I had died then let this be my heaven. It was beautiful beyond words.

'Marianna' came a whisper through the trees.

I ignored it hoping that it would leave me alone.

'Marianna' it came again.

'No' I muttered.

I did not want to leave this place, these feelings and the happiness of peace.

'Marianna please come back' the voice pleaded.

'No' I protested shouting my reply at the top of my lungs.

'Please' the voice begged.

Suddenly the winds kicked in, all the visions of nature were being blown away around me as gail force powers ripped mighty oaks from their roots and water from its strong foundations. A black hole appeared before me sucking everything I loved into it. The grass under feet started to shift forward bringing me with it. I fought with all my might as I was being pulled out of my own peice of heaven.

My eyes opened instantly and I was back on earth.

I was alive after all, but did I really want to be?




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