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Chapter 20: 
Crossing the Line

She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne
she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the hallelujah
Hallelujah- Rufus Wainright

Sirius Black
The common room had finally emptied and Cassie was taking a walk. I surveyed the chessboard in front of me with a grimace. “Remus, don’t look now, but Alexie has been staring at you for fifteen minutes.’’

Of course he looked and I switched his knight to a slightly more preferable position and took the castle that he’d left to irk me off the board completely.

When he realized that Alexie had gone to bed, he looked at me, then the board.

“You know, James’s mum always tells us that if someone will cheat you at a silly board game, they won’t hesitate to cheat you at life.’’ He told me, holding his hand out for the castle but not noticing the slightly different position of the knight due to some preoccupation that I was happy to take advantage of.

“She’s a good judge of character, mum is.’’ I replied with a smirk.

James and Peter exchanged smiles, but said nothing.

It was a perfectly peaceful night. Of course, it had to end.

The portrait hole opened and Cassie strode in with a content look on her face that evaporated as soon as she saw that the room was empty.

“What’s wrong?’’ I asked, worried by the dangerous look in her eyes.

“I just…kidnapped your brother from the corridor. We...have a problem.’’ She closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair.

“You kidnapped Regulus?’’ I clarified unhapplily, standing.

“Why?’’ James asked in clear disgust.

Cassie took a deep breath, “It’s over.’’

“What’s over?’’ I asked, feeling on edge.

“They know. Your family…maybe the ministry.’’ She sank into a nearby chair and a distant part of me wondered if she would have sat on the floor if the chair had been less conveniently placed.

The greater part of my mind was in a panic. This couldn’t happen. I had torn myself apart trying to help her keep this secret. And her father just walked up and handed them the information that they needed to destroy her.

“Why aren’t you panicking then?’’ Remus asked, already hoping that she had a solution.

She took a deep breath. ‘’Blackmail.’’

“You don’t have anything on my family. I don’t even have anything on my family. Except Regulus. But he hardly counts.” I protested, wondering if I could make them leave her alone if I went to them and promised to start behaving myself. Or worse.

Cassie shook her head, “I don’t have anything. But my family does.”

“Your famliy’s dead.” James pointed out, still staring at her in shock.

A grim smile appeared on her lips, ‘’Yes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get what I need from them. Purebloods tend to develop a lot of dirt on each other. It was impossible to keep track of everything, so they started writing tales of their conquests and all the information they had gathered in their journals.”

I choked, “You can’t do that. It’d be almost as bad as joining the Death Eaters.”

“I have three really crappy choices now, Sirius. I can join the Death Eaters, I can use my father’s book, or I can die-for real this time.’’

I closed my eyes, then opened them as if I were afraid she would disappear if I wasn’t looking at her.

“Or you can tell my parents and get protection.” James offered.

“That won’t work.’’ Remus objected, causing Cassie to nod at him in approval. “Imagine that you are trying to take over the government for a second. Your most useful tool would be someone smart, sneaky, innocent looking, and capable of murder. How many people do you know that fit that description? They’ll do anything to get her now that they know.”

“Why can’t they just get some other vampire?“ Peter asked.

Cassie pounded her fist on the arm of the chair and it made an ominous cracking noise, “Any other vampire would laugh at them, snap their wands in half and kill them. They can use magic on me if it’s powerful enough and I’m not strong enough to resist Voldemort by myself. Besides, I’m probably the only one of my kind capable of enough restraint to be an efficient assassin.”

“Where’s Regulus?” I asked, hoping it was somewhere cold and uncomfortable. He would pay for this. Even though he couldn’t be blamed, I would make him pay. He was choosing the life that I had given everything to stay away from.

And she still wasn’t safe.

“I did a body bind on him and put him in the room where I interrogated Lily last month.” She said casually.

“Well then. I guess we can go get some answers.” I said, standing.

“No teachers?” Peter surmised, looking worried.

“They’d just mess everything up. Besides, they’ve never gotten me to spill my guts about anything.” Cassie told him, leading us out of the common room. 

The moment the portrait hole swung shut, Lily materialized in front of us.

“Why are you four out of bed?” She asked, making me jump.

Had she been waiting by the portrait hole for someone? Us?

Remus drew his wand and pointed it at her, “This is a life and death situation, Lily. Come with us or go to bed.’’

Lily rolled her eyes at our somber expressions and followed us down the hall without question.

“Anyone care to fill me in?” She asked, sounding like she’d rather not know.

I just kept walking, intent on finding out how I could make this stop.

Peter sighed and started explaining the situation, finishing when we reached the dungeons.

I heard nothing, but Remus and Cassie both stiffened and pulled us into hiding places on two different occasions.

“How did you get a body through this?” Lily asked as we crammed in a nook behind a statue.

“I levitated him. I’m a prefect, remember? I only had to hide his stupid body.” Cassie’s voice was completely flat as she pulled me from our hiding spot.

When we reached the dungeon Cassie eyed us critically. “I need to make him talk. Remus and Sirius come with me. The rest of you, hide. We might need you.”

James and Peter melted into the shadows, pulling Lily with them.
Cassie opened the door and we entered.

Remus conjured three chairs and Cassie released Regulus from his body bind while I put complex locking charm on the door.

“Crescent, you did not just attack me and lock me in a dungeon.” Regulus protested airily.

“Black, if I’d attacked you, you’d be dead. And If I was going to lock you anywhere it would be a place much worse than this. You are going to tell me everything that you know in the next ten minutes or we’ll leave you here till tomorrow night.“ Cassie was using her scary voice now and I had to admit, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing.

Regulus stared at her for a moment before starting, “They came to me and-”

“Lie.” Cassie interrupted impatiently.

He started again, “I was invited-”

“Lie.” Remus announced slamming into his chair.

Regulus looked at the two of them, then at me in fear. I was only here to help loosen him up psychologically. All I had to do was stare accusingly.

“Alright. I listened in when I went home for Bella’s wedding. They captured-”

“Liar.” I interrupted before Remus or Cassie could. My brother shared my old tells. His nostrils still flared when he lied.

Cassie’s tone grew bored. “Let’s play a game. Every time you lie, I’m going to give myself a point. And every time you tell the truth, I’ll give you a point. If you get to ten first, I’ll leave you here all night and if I’m feeling generous I’ll let you out after my breakfast.’’ The way she said breakfast made Regulus shiver.

“And if you get to ten first?” Remus asked, sounding interested in a rather morbid way.

She let out a blood curling laugh, “Then I’ll have him join me for breakfast.”

Her tone left little room for interpretation. And somehow Remus and I managed to let out laughs that was nearly as menacing as hers.

Regulus paled considerably, “I thought you were tame.”

Cassie rolled her eyes, “Tame?”

Remus chuckled darkly, “Now that you understand our little game, lets get started. Speak.”

“I was visiting the mansion for the wedding and he came in during the reception. Everyone was sent out...I-I stayed behind to listen…” He trailed off for a moment and looked at Cassie and Remus who were playing rock, paper, scissors.

“I think we each get a point.” Cassie announced, looking at him in a disturbingly friendly manor.

“How’s that fair?” I asked in mock indignation. Regulus was starting to look at me like a lifeline. He couldn’t be allowed to hope.

Cassie smiled at me seductively and leaned over to kiss me on the lips, making our bond clear so that Regulus wouldn’t underestimate it. “Well, I won the rock, paper, scissors. And he’s talking too slow. So I guess I have two points and he has one.”

“Tough luck, mate.” I said, smiling with ease at my horrified brother and stealing another kiss from Cassie, wishing that he’d let me protect him before.

He started talking in haste, realizing that I wasn’t there to help him. “I listened in. He said his name was Demitri Crescent. Something was wrong with him. He was so...strong. And they couldn’t do magic on him. He made them do things...And then he started talking. He said that you were a vampire and your real name was Rosaline. He told them that you were using compulsion on people and that you were going to come and make them all their slaves. It sounds stupid...but they’re worried.”

“Then-” He made to continue, but Cassie interrupted him.

“What do you think, Remus, Sirius? Two points for him, three for me?” she asked with a smile.

Remus leaned his head around Cassie for my assessment. “I don’t know. He’s being pretty vague and he thought about lying for a moment there. Five to two?” Remus’s voice was hard and cynically amused.

I tilted my head to the side and started playing with Cassie’s hair, “Oh, I think that you should at least give him a fighting chance. But I’m getting rather bored. Four to one?”

Regulus looked at me in shock, “I didn’t lie!”

I stared back at him, forcing my eyes to harden, “I’m not trying to be fair. I’m only here because I’m sick of seeing you act like a pompous moron.”

“Five to three.” Cassie told him with smile. “Just because I like high stakes.”

Regulus swallowed, “He told them that you and him were going to go to the Dark Lord and were going to become his most valued servants.”

“Lie.” Cassie breathed. “Six to three, Regulus.”

Regulus looked like he was about to have a heart attack, “Fine. He said that he was going to overthrow the dark lord and that you were going to help him. Then a girl came. She looked like you. But younger. She called him father. Her name was-”

“Kaelyn.” Cassie interrupted, looking lost for a moment.

“Six to four. Keep talking Regulus.” Remus ordered in a hard voice.

“Kaelyn. And when she talked, she sounded like you. She called him father.“ Regulus was starting to repeat himself.

“And she looked just like me, but with green eyes.’’ Cassie continued for him.

I stared at her. What did this mean?

“Yes! And she looked right at the keyhole I was peeping through! She told me to come out, so I did. And she is…” Regulus trailed off, looking at Cassie like she was an angel.

“You remind me of her.”

“She’s addled his brain.” Remus whispered

Cassie sighed, “Eight to four Regulus.’’

His eyes cleared and I had to resist the urge to smack him upside the head.

“Right...and I was so confused and I can’t really remember things very well from there. But they left-nobody liked that. And then after a while everyone went back to normal and they decided that the only way to stop it from happening again was to get you on our side.”

Cassie stared at Regulus, “What is their plan?”

“When you come to the ball, they’re going to ask you nicely. And if you don’t agree...they’ll make you.”

Cassie stared at Regulus, “Final score. Nine to six. You’re very lucky. Can you remember anything else?”

Regulus blinked, “Kaelyn. She likes you. She said…she missed you. Demetri was amused by it.”

Whenever Regulus talked about Kaelyn his whole face lit up and when he looked at Cassie, he looked like he was seeing greatness personified. He even glared at my hand in her hair.

“It’s the compulsion that vampires use. It’s the…heavy version of my eye thing. She’s done something to his mind, addled it, maybe.’’ Cassie whispered, turning to look at me. “What I don’t understand is why Kaelyn seems loyal to me. And why your brother is such a spineless fool.”

She added the last in an attempt to pull Regulus from his stupor.

Regulus just turned to look at me, “Does she have you under too?” He asked, looking at me in consternation.

“I haven’t the dizziest idea what you’re talking about.” I told him tiredly.

Remus looked at us, “Memory charm?”

Cassie stared at Regulus for a moment, “Memory charms can be broken.”

“Then what?” I asked, knowing what the only other option was.

Remus sighed, “Do the eye thing on him. He’s already out of his mind from it. Nobody will notice.’’

Cassie squeezed her eyes shut, “I don’t like it.’’

“There’s no other choice.’’ I told her honestly.

“No. It isn’t…it isn’t right. Nobody should be able to make someone else do whatever they want just by looking at them. I come close enough to that already. I can’t do it. There are still a few lines that I will not cross. Not yet, anyway.”

“I’m not sure if your new code of ethics has me impressed, scared, or exasperated.” Remus told her, pulling his wand again.

“You’re willing to put a guy in a bodybind, lock him up, threaten him, let him think that you’re going to kill him and you’re worried about erasing it all and telling him to go to bed?” I added, hoping to make more of an impression.

“That about sums it up. It’s okay to erase his memory, but at least when I manually manipulate people they have a chance to outsmart me. They at least have a chance to say no. When I use the ‘compulsion’…they don’t get that chance. I can’t do it anymore.”

“Yep. I’m impressed and exasperated.” Remus replied, pointing his wand at Remus and doing a complicated memory charm in hopes of it being harder to remove.

But she was right. I felt something vaguely familiar as I looked at the broken form of Regulus Black staring at Cassie.

We had crossed a line. And even in our loose interpretation of the term ‘right’ there were rules. There were indicators of right and wrong.

What we had done here was necessary. A teacher would have kept the truth from us, believing that aurors and the ministry could protect us when they really couldn’t. If we’d left Regulus alone we’d have never known what had happened at Bella’s.

But we weren’t better for it. We were a little darker, now. Smiles came with slightly more difficulty, deceit a little less.

It was only then that I realized we’d been conditioning ourselves in this way for years.

What happened when we forgot to draw a line all together?

It was Cassie of all people that had remembered this time. Who would do it next? What if nobody did?

“Okay, take him out in the corridor. He can just remember waking up there. With a splitting headache.” Remus instructed. I think he realized it too. Despite his hard smile.

I picked my little brother up and threw him over my shoulder. When had it come to this?

I could remember him being on my side. I could remember taking the blame for things to save him from punishment.

I could remember believing that Regulus would be sorted into Gryffindor with me and my disbelief when he became a Slytherin.

Regulus grunted slightly when I set him-none too gently-on the cold stone floor.

Those days were gone now. He’d chosen his side and I mine. We weren’t brothers anymore. I’d said as much before.

How could I call him my brother when he was so willing to embrace the foolish ideals that we were raised on? Even though I had believed them for a long time, I broke free. Why couldn’t he do the same?

“He’s not as strong as you, Sirius.” Remus told me quietly. “He’s like a diet version of you. It was never enough to stand up in that place.”

I nodded unhappily and brushed past him to where Cassie still sat inside the room.

“Let’s go get the others from the kitchen.” I suggested, retaking Cassie’s hand and pulling her away from where she stood quietly by Regulus’s old chair.

“They were supposed to wait close by.” Cassie grumbled, not really caring. I knew that she just didn’t like the strange new vampiric abilities that she was developing.

“We make quite the team.” Remus teased in an attempt to cheer her up.

“The sadistic vampire, the menacingly tall and frightening werewolf and the overly jaded Sirius. Oh, yes. We’ll have the world at our feet on no time.’’ Cassie teased back with little spirit.

He ignored her jab at herself and continued, “I don’t really want to take over the world. Too much paperwork. A tropical island somewhere wouldn’t be too bad though.”

Cassie smiled slightly. “Well, when I take over the world, you will receive a fruit basket on your wimpy island. That way you can prevent scurvy. All that chocolate will be the death of you.”

“Chocolate is the reason for my existence.” Remus replied with no trace of amusement in his voice.

“Alexie?” She asked him suddenly, obviously trying to catch him off guard.

“It isn’t going to happen. Stick with the James and Lily plotting.” Remus told her with a very big and very fake smile.

“Why do you even bother?” Cassie asked, referring to the mask of joy on his face.

“Because it’s good practice for people who aren’t walking lie-detectors.”

“What is a lie detector anyway?“ I asked, squeezing Cassie’s hand.

“A muggle device...that detects lies. You see, there are some people-none of them in this room-who can’t tell when they are being lied to. I know it must be difficult for you to comprehend… ’’ Lily replied as we entered the kitchen.

“Makes sense.” I told her, sitting on a couch that the elves kept for visitors and pulling Cassie onto my lap.

She was still moping.

“Cheer up. You have a plan. Everything is going to work out.” I whispered in her ear as Remus told the others what we’d found out.

I wasn’t entirely happy with what I knew of this plan, but it had to work.

It had to.

She didn’t respond, other than to lean her head against my neck and sigh.

It was odd, considering recent events. I could feel her lips resting on my neck, but I had absolutely no fear of being bitten.

Maybe I just thrived on danger.

‘’So you have...a sister?’’ James asked quietly, breaking the silence.

Cassie didn’t move and for a moment I thought she wouldn’t respond. ‘’I’ve had weird dreams about pretending to be a woman called Kaelyn. And lately, I’ve remembered her sister. But it doesn’t make sense. I know I don’t have a sister. I didn’t grow up with one. But I remember a completely different childhood with her, my father and my mother.’’

The larger part of me was trying to calculate what her words meant for us. But even in this situation I couldn’t help but tighten my arms around her as her lips brushed against my neck when she spoke.

“So maybe the healers tampered with your memory?” Remus asked, obviously fishing for conclusions. But...he also looked like he was hiding something.

Cassie shivered, “There’s a problem with that theory.’’

Remus raised an eyebrow and even though Cassie didn’t see it, she reacted to it. “All of my memories where I have a sister take place in...well a long, long time ago. It doesn’t add up. I think I might be losing my mind.”

There was a silence and I pulled Cassie as tightly against me as I could. This was bad.

Remus let out a sigh, “That makes sense.”

Cassie’s head jerked up, “Me losing my mind? Why do you say that?”

“Remember how I promised that I’d lie to you to keep you happy?” Remus asked tiredly.

She just stared at him.

Remus stared at her for a moment, then shook his head in defeat, “If you want to know, I’ll tell you. But I had a good reason forkeeping this to myself.”

“I won’t live in ignorance, Moony.” She whispered boldly.

The room hung in silence.

Remus grimaced, “Your real mother was named Elain Elizabeth Crescent. Your....your real name is Rosaline Cassandra Crescent. And you’re 476 years old.”

* * *

“Rosaline!” Kaelyn all but squealed, bursting through my door-which I could have sworn I’d locked- and running to take my hand from where it held the book that I was trying to read.

“Kaelyn, I do not understand your excitement over the pregnancies and sicknesses of townsfolk. You need a more ladylike hobby” I said flatly, trying to return to my book before she could pull me out of it’s grip entirely.

“Ladylike?” Kaelyn snorted. “That‘s a bit rich, coming from you. Besides, mother-”

I shushed her as soon as the word ‘mother’ left her lips- a reflex.

“If father finds out…” I threatened quietly, trying to stymie her excitement with nothing but my own willpower.

Kaelyn didn’t understand the complexities of her situation.

“He’s not even home. Besides, you told him that-” She cut that sentence off at the dangerous look I gave her. “Okay! Well we all know that you’re the favorite. He dotes upon you as if you were the sun.”

I sighed and closed my book reluctantly.

Two years younger, Kaelyn and I looked strikingly similar.. We both looked almost like mother, except for a difference that had greatly disturbed me over the years.

Her eyes. Kaelyn had bright green eyes that flaunted her youth-our age gap seemed much greater than it was. Father’s eye were the same sky blue as mine. Mother’s eyes were brown.

It wasn’t something we discussed. Everyone in the house knew that Kaelyn didn’t belong to my father-except Kaelyn herself. She was vastly ignorant of most of the goings on in the Crescent household.

“What are you reading now?” Kaelyn whispered conspiratorially, seeing the sadness in my eyes and trying to banish it.

Kaelyn was fascinated by magic, but father had decided that her constitution was too weak to handle such power.

Mother and I knew that it was not his place to keep Kaelyn from going to Hogwarts, but Kaelyn didn’t. And we couldn’t tell her. Father was not someone to argue with.

Especially when his decision to hide Kaelyn away was based on embarrassment rather than her ability.

“Nothing…just some latin spell work. Kaelyn….I think there is something wrong with father. I know that he is always…distant, but there is something else. I think he may know about you and mother’s…escapades.” I was hesitant in sharing this.

I was decidedly against mother’s decision to use her magic-magic that father had taught her, no less- to help muggles. If we were found out, we would lose everything. Our titles, our land, and our beautiful manor.

“We never go out when he is home! The thought of him catching us-it’s inconceivable!” Kaelyn scoffed, sitting next to me on my bed.

“Just have a care. I looked at you and mother at dinner and I felt a chill. As if I were looking into my own grave. Give me your word.” I whispered vehemently, glancing at the door.

“My word.” She repeated sardonically. “Well it’s yours if you want it. I do not think that you should speak of such things so lightly, though. I feel a chill now. Roz, you have an uncanny ability to make lore into into truth. You could convince a fish that it had wings.”

“I am not trying to frighten you, Lyn. But to warn you. Please, take me seriously.” I took her hands and stared into her eyes, unsure even now if it was right to betray father like this.

“You take everything too seriously, Roz.” She complained, but a second look at my torn face decided her, “Oh, alright! I’ll take a care. But I will not walk about, jumping at my own shadow.”

“You are too brave for your own good, Lynn. I envy you for that, sometimes.” I told her quietly, touching her cheek. “A bit too foolish for your own health as well…but some things cannot be remedied.”

She smiled at my jibe, “Well one of us has to be brave.”

I just laughed, “Sometimes I think we are identical in every way except in personality, sister.”

I never got to hear her reply.

My door flew open for the second time.

“Rosaline? Have you seen-” My mother paused in the doorway, smiling at us. A fake smile. “There you are Kaelyn.”

“Hello, mother.” I said gravely. Kaelyn just smiled at her.

She glanced at me and gave me a wink, she couldn’t reassure me in front of Kaelyn, who believed in mother’s fake smiles. At least they protected her.

“Are we going to go out?” Kaelyn asked, obviously believing that she was being very cryptic.

“Kaelyn…” I groaned, hoping against hope that father didn’t have a way of listening to us all. It would be her downfall. And mother’s.

“Relax, for once, Rosaline.” Kaelyn whispered, kissing my cheek and standing.

“Go and get your things, darling.” Mother said, giving her a fond smile.

Kaelyn smiled and left, without a clue.

“What is wrong?” I asked carefully.

“You are your fathers daughter, Rosaline.” She replied, sitting on the fainting couch that I’d pressed against the wall in contempt.

Unsure as to whether I should take that as a compliment or an insult, I looked at her carefully. “Does he know? I have tried to still Kaelyn’s tongue…but I do not think I succeeded.”

“Demetri knows what he knows.” Mother said with a small smile, “Enjoy your youth, Rosaline, especially since you seem bent on spending it all before you turn twenty.”

“Why must you always speak in riddles with me? Around everyone else you act as simple as a pigeon! You are a thousand times the woman you pretend to be.” I grumbled.

Disrespect was not a mild offense, but she knew that I respected her. I just refused to show it when she acted the simpleton while I was the only one who knew.

“My tongue grows as tangled as the roots of a fir tree around you, daughter, because you do not listen to me unless you have to decipher my ever word and read into my ever movement. And I am who I have to be. Some day, you will understand. It is better to be thought a fool and surprise everyone with your brilliance than it is to be thought a genius and to prove everyone wrong.”

That was another subtle warning. I was her child too, by Merlin. It was a wonder I had not gone mad in this place.

“I am worried.” I breathed, trying to change the subject.

“Rough times are ahead, Rosaline. Take care of Kaelyn.” She stood.

“Mother. Do not go tonight. I feel…cold.” I was disgusted with the near begging tone my voice took.

“Then get a blanket.” She replied with a smile, knowing full well that she wasn’t being helpful. 

She stood.

“Mother, I fear that there will be consequences tonight. Something befouls the air.” My dignity was gone. This was all wrong.

“I think that you are ready to hear the wisest thing your grandmother ever said to me. ‘Take what you want and pay for it.’”

And with that, she was gone.

* * *

I jumped, dropping my book on the floor and looked around.

The library was as silent as usual, Kaelyn had little interest in books.

Instinctively, I put my back to the bookcase and peered around, trying to understand where the noise had come from. No servant would have dared to address me so familiar, Kaelyn was in her room and mother was…gone.

I shivered, thinking back to the night when mother had left with Kaelyn. Father had returned and I had found myself unable to lie to him.

He had been different. His eyes had turned to ice and his face had changed into something both inhuman and beautiful.

Something deep within me had known what he was. He had spoken of making himself more powerful, but I had underestimated him in his ambition.

We did not speak of it, but he did allay my fear by telling me that he had already eaten.

We were the Crescents. Domus Specialis. House of Secrets. It was a fitting name.

Mother had been acting odd lately, forgetting to speak to me in nothing but vague riddles, losing things, jumping at small noises.

I had no desire to investigate.

And poor Kaelyn was mostly oblivious.

I turned back to the bookcase, trying to find something worth reading. Of course, she knew something was wrong. But she had no idea that she was living with one of the undead.

How long could this last?

“Rosaline?” I turned, my hand gripping my short black wand this time, but Kaelyn didn’t seem to notice. “Father would like to see us in the drawing room.”

I held back a shudder and all of the ways that I could get out of this ran through my head. Fainting: I was too proud ton pretend weakness. Running: He would inevitably catch me. Hiding: Childish.

“Of course.” I whispered, trying not to shake.

The drawing room was dark. Mother sat quietly in her chair and Kaelyn joined her.

I stared at the threshold, somehow knowing that everything would change once I entered. There was no afterward.

My options ran through my head again. I could walk in with my head held high, or be dragged to this unknown ending, all dignity gone.

I always called it pride-with a touch of stupidity, but Kaelyn insisted that it was bravery. She had not walked into that room knowing what was going to happen. I had.

I never told her that if I’d known the exact events that were to take place I would have run. Not in hopes of getting away, of course, but in hopes of being able to say that I tried. To say that I went down fighting.

Speculation was pointless, though. I walked through that door, looking my father straight in the eye, knowing that we were all going to die.

The world was falling apart. Little did I know that I was playing through a recurring theme.

And oddly enough, I managed to smile. As long as I had my stupid pride, why couldn’t I be happy about it?

Take what you want and pay for it.

It was the last thing I ever did.

A/N Wow! twenty chapters! and over a HUDRED FAVORITES-WOW! *confetti falls everywhere* And yes, I know that ending the chapter with a cliffy and then throwing in a memory/scene/...thingy from another century that only makes it weirder is  so not nice. But it's the only joy I get in life. *muahahaha* 
So let me know what you're thinking-or throw rotten tomatoes at me for this ending. hehe.  :)

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