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AN: sorry about the wait on this. Please forgive me, and instead of giving you a long excuse I will just give you the chapter to read. Let me know what you think.

Piper Weasley


Liquid Luck

April walked to potions class that night alone. When she reached the room she was the only one there. She entered the room quietly and placed her bag on a table near the right wall of the room. She walked to the front of the room, examining the jars and vials along the back wall. She had already finished the book for the fourth time, and she wanted to look around the new potions room.

She loved this class. It was the only class she took that she truly loved. And for the past five years she had been the top of her class, she even did better than Hermione in this class. She was able to make almost any potion she wanted, without the use of the directions. She had even been asked to help students much older than herself on occasion.

The bell rang out through the corridors, echoing through dark room. One by one, students slowly began to make their way into the class room. April took her seat, and Draco finally made his way into class, joining her just as Slughorn was exiting his office.

Slughorn wrote a few things on the board before turning to the class with a smile on his face. The smile faded when he looked around the room. He let out a sigh before saying, “Welcome to potions,” the class looked around wondering what to say, but Slughorn continued soon after, “I am glad you all have chosen to continue on to the N.E.W.T. level potion class. Now please take out your books and turn to page 62, there you will find-”

He was cut off mid sentence as the door opened.

“Harry, m’ boy!” Slughorn said cheerfully, a huge smile now plastered on his face, “how nice of you to join us, take out your book and come sit down.”

“We haven’t got books yet sir,” Harry told Slughorn.

“Well then, there should be some extra books in the cupboard over,” Slughorn said pointing to a wall near the door. Harry and Ron, who had been standing next to him, went to the cupboard as Slughorn continued with his lecture.

“On the table here,” he motioned his hand toward the tabled in the center of the room, “are three potions. By looking at the list in your book, can anyone tell me, what these are?”

Almost instantly, Hermione and April both threw their hands into the air. April could see Hermione frowning at her from the corner of her eyes, but she ignored it as Slughorn pointed to her.

“Yes, Miss…er…?”

“Jamison, sir,” April said, lowering her hand back to the table, “the first one is a love potion. Amortentia, as it is known.”

“Right you are,” Slughorn said.

“It is recognizable by the smoke patterns coming from the cauldron. And it smells differently to everyone,” she continued standing up and walking toward the cauldron, “I smell gardenias, chocolate, and Dr…er” she stopped and looked around the room before quickly walking back to her chair and taking her seat. Slughorn having not noticed that she didn’t finish her sentence continued to the next potion.

“Does anyone know what this potion is?”

Hermione’s hand shot up into the air and Slughorn pointed to her.

“Felix Felicis. Also known as liquid luck,” she said calmly.

“Very good,” he said, clearly impressed, “five points to…?”

“Granger,” she said quickly.

April could hear Draco scoffing next to her, she looked at him as he leaned on the table.

“This is what I will give to the student who can produce an acceptable Draught of Living Death, found on page ten of your text.”

Draco, who appeared to be bored with the conversation moments before, now turned quickly to April with a serious look on his face, “you have to help me win this.”

“What? Why?”

“I need that potion,” he told her.

“Why do you need it so badly?”

Draco glanced around the room to see if the students near them were listening before turning to her, “Look, I just need it, ok,” she had never seen him this close to begging while she had know him, “so are you going to help me or not?”

She sat in silence for a few seconds before saying, “Fine.”

April left the table to gather the ingredients they would need. She entered the small storage room, just as Ron was exiting it. Harry stood at the end of the small room, his back to her. After grabbing a few vials, she turned back to find that he was now facing her.

“If you don’t win that potion I’ll be surprised,” he said suddenly.

“Why do you say that?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Come on, April, you’ve been the best at this since our first year here,” he told her, “even better than Hermione,” he looked to the door before looking back at her, “but don’t tell her I said that.”

April smiled looking away from him uncomfortably. She didn’t quite know what was happening, but she knew that she didn’t like it.

“So has Malfoy said anything about Voldemort yet?” he asked, and one of the vials she had been holding slipped from her grip, crashing to the ground.

“What?” she stammered.

“Has he said anything?” Harry said more forcefully as he stepped toward her.

April regained her composure quickly, shaking her hair out of her face as she looked directly back at Harry. “I don’t know why you even bother with asking me something like that, when you should know by now what I am already going to say.” She turned to place the remaining vials on the shelf next to before continuing. “Draco is my best friend too, and I feel that he deserves just as much privacy from me as I would give to you. You wouldn’t like it if I started answering him each and every question that he’s ever asked me about you, now would you?”

“He’s been asking you about me?” Harry said, seeming to have only heard the last part of her rant.

April rolled her eyes. “You don’t get it, Harry!” she snapped. “The point I’m trying to make here, is that he deserves just as much secrecy from me as you do. I don’t go around telling him everything I that know about you and the Order, so I am not about to start telling you everything I may, or may not know, about him and his father and Lord Voldemort. So please, just stop asking me about it!”

Harry flinched as she wrenched her wand out of her pocket. But instead of aiming it at him, as he had thought, she pointed it at the ground, cleaning the mess the broken vial had made off the floor with a casual flick. She then grabbed the vials she needed back off the shelf and turned to him once more.

“And, for the record,” she went on, “the answer is no. Whenever I am with him, he never mentions you. It is only ever been you who always asks about him!” Then she swept from the room without another word, leaving Harry standing alone in the storage room

April quickly walked back to the table she and Draco were set up at. She hastily dropped the vials on table before turning to Draco. He looked down at her, ready for instruction. He seemed to be waiting for her to tell him exactly what to do.

“What?” she asked loudly, throwing her hands into the air.

A few students around them turned to look. She looked down at the table in embarrassment as she took her seat. She pressed her fingers to her temples, thinking quietly to herself, why does Harry always have to be like that? After a few more seconds of silence she looked up and turned to Draco. He sat quietly, staring at her with a slightly confused look on his face

“Are you ok?” he whispered to her.

“I’m fine,” she answered stiffly, though she knew he wouldn’t believe her, “let’s just get this potion started, because it’s going to take the rest of the period.”

April spent the remainder of the period telling Draco all of the changes she had made to the recipe. By the end of the class, he had made a passable potion. Slughorn went around the room, examining the potions everyone had made.

When he reached Draco’s, he smiled a little, “Very well done, Mr…er…?”

“Malfoy,” he told the professor, then added a short, “sir.”

“And Miss Jamison,” Slughorn said as he looked into her cauldron, “Very, very nice indeed. And I noticed that you barely looked at you book the entire period.”

“Yes sir,” she replied smoothly, “I’ve memorized most of the recipes in the book.”

“Impressive!” he looked down at her with interest.

Slughorn proceeded around the room, looking into each cauldron with a less than pleasant expression, until he stood in front of-

“Harry m’ boy!” he exclaimed, looking down into Harry’s cauldron, “it’s perfect! I think we’ve found our winner.”

Draco slammed his fist hard on the table making April jump in surprise. Slughorn pulled the tiny vial of liquid luck out of a pocket in his robes, and handed it to Harry.

“Use it well,” he told Harry, a huge smile plastered on his face once again.

“Stupid Potter!” Draco spat loudly after exiting the Potions classroom with April, “what made his potion better than mine? They both looked exactly the same.”

“Draco,” she said firmly, stepping in front of him and forcing him to stop, “you need to calm down, it was just one little vial of liquid luck. Besides, one of the only reasons that it works so well is because people think that it does. It’s one of the few potions that are like that. It’s all in your head.”

“It still would have helped,” he sneered as he stepped around her.

“What did you need it for anyway?”

“I have to go,” he said, not making eye contact with her, “See you tomorrow, April.”

He then turned and walked quickly down the corridor before April could say anything else to him. She took a deep breath before turning to leave.

She gave up on schoolwork hours ago before turning in for the night. However, she still lay awake for a few hours, the curtains pulled shut on her four-poster bed.

She finally gave up on sleep, and returned to the common room to sit by the dying fire in the common room. She began to think of reasons why Draco could possibly need liquid luck, but each reason she came up with seemed more probable than the last. Of course, that could also be because she just wanted a reason, and anything sounded possible at the moment.

April was staring mindlessly into the fire when she heard footsteps from the boys’ dorms. She sat very still on the edge of the armchair as the footsteps slowly grew closer. She quickly turned around to see Ron standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing up?” April asked to break the silence that had nestled itself between them.

“I could be asking you the same question,” he said with narrowed eyes.

“And what is that suppose to mean?” she snapped.

“You were probably sneaking around the castle with Malfoy,” he said, “telling him everything you know about the Order.”

“I would never tell him anything about the Order, Ron,” she yelled as she threw herself out of the chair, “how dare you think that I would sink that low!”

Ron said nothing as he ran his hand through his disheveled hair.

“Do you not realize that I care as much about your selfish arse as I do about Draco?” she continued yelling as she diminished the space between them, “I know you don’t trust me, but as Harry’s best friend you owe it to him to stop accusing me of such things!”

Then, without giving Ron any time to comment, she stormed off towards the girl’s dorms and left him standing alone in the common room. She threw herself down on the bed, taking care not to wake anyone, and pulled the curtains closed on her four-poster once more. This time, however, she fell asleep rather quickly considering she was still worked up about what Ron had just said.

“Harry!” she yelled as she watched the darkness close in around him.

She began to run after him, but never got any closer. At this point she began to panic, stopping in her tracks. She looked around, but she did not recognize the trees or the grass around her. The trees seemed to be reaching out for her, attempting to grab her. She turned around but the trees had blocked her only way out.

“Harry!” she yelled again, there was still no response.

The trees finally pulled apart in front of her, and she began to run as fast as she could. There was a light in the distance. She pushed herself to run faster. The light was upon her. She looked around. Draco was sitting on a green grass hill. She walked up to him, a smile on her face. He was calm. But when she blinked everything disappeared.

She now stood in a black room full of snakes. She could feel them slithering over her bare feet. And just as quickly as they had appeared, they vanished along with the walls. The floor disappeared as well, and she began to fall. She let out a scream, but her voice was muffled. She gasped for air, but there seemed to be none around her. She was suffocating, and she couldn’t do anything about it. She continued to fall, and when she felt her body letting go of her life she let out a terrible scream.

April quickly sat up, looking around. She was sitting in her four-poster, the curtains still pulled tightly shut around her. She pulled the curtains back and the sun’s vibrant orange rays immediately flooded her vision. She blinked while her eyes adjusted to the light. She looked around the room and saw that everyone was still sleeping. It was still early in the morning.

She stood up and walked over to the tall window, looking out. The sun was just peaking over the mountains in the distance. She let out the breath she had been holding when she realized that it had all been just a very bizarre dream.

April quickly walked back to her bed and pulled her robes on. She left the dorm room to go sit in the common room alone for a while before heading down to have breakfast in the Great Hall.

AN: Please let me know what you think. And if there is anthing that anyone needs clairification on let me know so i can add it into the story to clear anything up.

Piper Weasley

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