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It was the first day back to Hogwarts and it was the last day back to Hogwarts at the same time. I was just about to start my sixth year of school, and I was ready to do the task that Voldemort had planned for me to do. Yes I had become a Death Eater, and it freaked the hell out of me, but clearly I was not going to go around and blab my mouth off about that. Plus, this whole "Death Eater" business was to be kept to myself. Not even Blaise or Pansy was allowed to know. Or Crabbe and Goyle, and their fathers were Death Eaters as well.

I had a small feeling that Potter had seen me in Diagon Alley earlier that week, and that was probably why he was hiding in my compartment under the "protection" of his invisibility cloak. Breaking his nose was something of a delight for me. I had always wanted to cause physical pain to that Scar-faced prat for awhile now and hearing and feeling that crunch of his breaking nose was like music to my ears. I was just pissed to see him back in the Great Hall after that although. I still wonder how somebody had found him, and who had this person been?

The first day of term is when things seemed to have taken an unpleasant turn. As I walked into the Great Hall for breakfast, Dumbledore was standing at his podium and he was waiting for everybody to fall silent. Myself, Pansy and Blaise took our usual seats at the Slytherin table, and I caught Granger giving me the stink eye from her own table. I glared right back and we held each other's gazes until she finally looked away. Of course she'd be the first to remove those filthy eyes from my face; I practiced this face in the mirror. Plus, I wore the expression every time I saw a stupid Gryffindor. This was quite often. I wondered why she was even glaring at me in the first place. Perhaps Potter had whined about me breaking his nose last night. What a baby.

Everybody eventually fell silent and Dumbledore seemed to make that his cue, so he opened his mouth and his loud voice filled the empty silence. "Good morning everybody, I hope you all slept well." I know I didn't. The stress was already started to come into effect for me. "Today we're going to be having a few of our Ministry friends poking in and out of classes to take a blood sample from each of you." A few people started to chat quietly, asking each other why they would be doing such a thing. I rolled my eyes as Pansy asked me. "How should I know? I know about as much as you do."

Dumbledore smiled politely and waited patiently for everybody to settle down before continuing to speak. "There is something of a virus going around and the Ministry is trying to prevent it from spreading. So they are going to have to check everybody's blood to see if anyone has this virus." His blue eyes landed on me in particularly before he looked over at Potter and his pals. "I would rather you all cooperated nicely with the people taking your sample, if you do not like needles, they can place a charm on you to make sure you do not feel a thing."

Dumbledore stopped it at that and everybody broke out into chatter once more. Pansy seemed utterly disgusted and a tad nervous. I felt fine as I ate my bacon and scrambled eggs. Even Blaise looked a little disgruntled as he slipped a piece of toast between his teeth. "Draco, how can you sit there and act all fine? I thought you didn't like needles." I shrugged. Of course I didn't. "If they have that charm thing going on, it's fine."

Slughorn came around and handed us our timetables. I saw that we had potions first with the Gryffindors. Perfect. To start off the year, we had class with Potter. With a groan of indulgence, I got to my feet and we started to head off to our first class back down in the dungeons. I sat down at my desk, next to Blaise. Pansy seemed a bit annoyed that I was not sitting beside her. I leaned my head against my hand as I put my elbow propped up onto the desk in front of me, and as everybody started to pile into the room, Slughorn began the class.

He was just about to start us off to make our first potion of the year, but before the name of the potion could escape through his pink lips, a knock emerged from the wooden door, and then two Ministry workers stepped over the threshold. One was a short female with blonde hair and green eyes. Her face was round, and her hair was cut short into a bob. She was wearing way too much make-up and it just did not compliment her features at all. The other was a tall chubby man with shaggy brown hair and a scruffy brown beard. He had brown eyes and a very rounded nose which looked too round for his fat face. My lips immediately quivered into something of a grimace as I stared down the two. They weren’t serious. These two greasy people were going to take our blood samples?

I gave a small huff as Professor Slughorn welcomed the two Ministry people into the class. They marched up to the front of the class acting like professionals like they were supposed to appear to be. I examined the small witch’s robes and I felt my lips twitch into a sneer once I saw that they looked like something that had been pulled out of a rubbish bin. She was fairly short and the robes looked much too large to fit her small frame. And then when you looked at the chubby male, it was another story. He was dressed rather nicely. The robes fit his “frame” and even complimented his features. It was a rather odd pair to stare at. I looked sideways at Blaise who was looking rather bored and his hand was taping impatiently on our desk.

“Class this is Madame Forester and Mister Secsmirth and they are here to take your blood samples. I know most of you are not all for the fact of having a needle stuck into your arm, but there is a charm that we can use that will make you feel no pain.”

I rolled my eyes for about the millionth time. Had we not just discussed this in the Great Hall a few minutes ago? Really… I hated it when people decided to repeat themselves over and over. “Alright everybody, I am going to start in alphabetical order. When I call your name I would like you to step outside with Mister Secsmirth and myself and we will proceed to taking your blood sample.” The female spoke and her voice reminded me of a frog. She sounded sick or something which was positively disgusting. They were going to let a sick person tend to us? Really? How professional.

“Adrienne Alcott and Marie Anderson.”

Two girls, one from Gryffindor and the other from Slytherin, stood up from opposite ends of the room and followed the two Ministry workers outside. I was a little annoyed. So were we still going to work? Or were we going to just sit here and wait for the class to get their blood drained from their veins? I looked up and waited intently for Slughorn to speak. “Alright class, I guess I will let you talk amongst yourselves for today. There’s no point in starting a new lesson if most of you might be passing out on me.” Damn. I had forgotten about that part. But didn’t they have potions to fix that kind of dilemma?

I looked over at Blaise again and as I did so, Pansy, my little lost annoying puppy, came from her desk, which was directly behind ours, holding her own stool and placed it directly in-between myself and Blaise. I was seriously starting to get very annoyed with this over-obsessed girl. She looked side-ways at me as if expecting me to say or do something interesting. I pretended as if she had not existed and kept my head pointed in the opposite direction.

Madame Forester and Mister Secsmirth, or the Oaf and the Oafette, re-entered the classroom with the two girls, both of whom were sucking on lollipops. They looked fine… they walked fine… They seemed rather un-touched. They both bounced back into their seats and then the Oafette took out her parchment and called two more kids back out into the hall. After seeing the two girls and their results of giving the blood sample, these two, this time it was two Gryffindor’s a boy and a girl, both looked fine and un-troubled as they marched out the door after the two Ministry workers.

After awhile of sitting there in my own sheer boredom, hearing more and more kids’ names meant that my name was getting closer within each call. And my last name started with an “M”, which came before a “P” and a “Z”. So that meant that I would be giving the sample before either Pansy or Blaise. But that didn’t mean that Granger had to take it after me as well. As soon as I heard her name, a smirk came across my face. She looked a tad nervous, but she still exited the room with her bushy head held high; there was even a slight bounce in her step. I sighed.

Each time two kids left, they would come back with a lollipop. Was it mandatory to take one? I mean, I wouldn’t mind one or anything. But I was just curious if we didn’t take one then would we have some kind of reaction or something? The questions kept coming more frequently after that. What if they stuck the needle in the wrong part of my arm? What if they used a dirty needle? What if they forgot to put the charm on so that I couldn’t feel a thing and I felt everything? But they were professionals. If they screwed up, then my father would have their heads hanging on our wall. Although I don’t know if I’d get to see them hanging up there… I might’ve died if that was what their only option came down to.

Finally, they walked back into the room with two Slytherin boys; both of them were sucking on lollipops. The female pulled out the parchment and I knew what was coming up next. “Draco Malfoy and Stephanie Manchester.” Luckily this girl was also in Slytherin because having a Gryffindor walk out there with me would’ve been just humiliating. I slowly got to my feet; Pansy patted my back and whispered good luck. I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t going out for my death sentence; I was going to give a blood sample. I was not going to die.

Stephanie was a cute brunette. She had a small round face, rosy cheeks and a small button nose with the greenest eyes next to Potter’s. She was small and petite. She could’ve passed off as some sweet innocent child when I knew that she was not. We walked out of the classroom together, neither of us looked back. I didn’t even bother to try and shoot Potter a smirk. When we entered the hallway, I saw two chairs, both spread a bit apart, and both had two similar small round tables next to them with needles and bandages and other equipment needed for the test. Attached to the two metal chairs were empty bags, the kind you’d see in a hospital with a few galleons of blood in. So that was obviously where our blood was going to be transported to. There was a plastic wiry looking thing and it was attached to each of the two needles. Yep… it was pretty obvious what the on-coming events were going to be and when they were going to start.

“Alright, Mister… Malfoy, could you please sit in that seat, and Miss Manchester, could you sit in the opposite one.” The female spoke, and gestured to the two chairs after looking back down at the parchment to re-check for our last names. I felt a little revolted as I clambered up onto the metal chair; it felt like they were going to snap their fingers and then I would be automatically chained to the chair and taken in for questioning or to be held captive or something strange like that. Stephanie looked a tad nervous and a bit disgusted to sit in the chair as well and I was glad I was not the only one.

“Okay, I am going to need you both to take off your robes and lift up one of your sleeves.” Mister Secsmirth said. As I pulled off my Slytherin robe, both of the ministry workers went to adjust the needles. The male pulled up a stool beside me and I just felt so lucky to know that my pure-blood was in his disgusting hands. I raised my left sleeve, since that was the arm closest to him, and he pulled out his wand. “So you won’t feel a thing.” He said before flicking his wand, causing my entire arm to go numb. “This might take a minute or so.” He said and I looked over at Stephanie to see how she was holding up. As I was watching her I realized that the needle had been inserted into my skin. I shivered uncomfortably as the metal poked into my vein and started to inhale my blood. I watched the milky redness glide through the plastic tube and start to fill up the bag at the end of the tunnel.

My pure-blood was going to waste.

I faced forward again and gripped the arms of the chair rather tightly; veins were starting to pop out under my skin. I felt violated and it wasn’t making me want to give them a nice tip or something.

And then the needle was gone. Just like that. Mister I-don’t-give-a-crap-about was then shoving a green lollipop in my face. Oh how nice of them to come with different lollipop colours. I saw the bag of candies on a stick at his feet and there were red ones, green ones, golden ones, and dark-blue ones. How tacky.

I took the lollipop with haste and jumped down from the chair. “The lollipop should take any nausea or pain or discomfort away from you, so be sure to start sucking on that soon. And don’t chow down on it too fast either.” Stephanie jumped down from her chair and she already had her sucker unwrapped and the stick was hanging limply from in-between her lips. I walked back into the classroom with her following closely behind me. I replaced my empty chair with myself and tucked my legs under the desk. Pansy looked sideways at me. “So how was it?” I simply shrugged and as I did so, I suddenly felt light-headed and a tad woozy. And that is when I remembered my lollipop. Although I really despised that Mister Sec-something, I guess I had no choice but to push my stubbornness aside and eat my stupid sucker.

So I started to pick and tear at the plastic wrap until the sucker broke free. I tossed the rubbish aside and placed the green candy in-between my lips. As soon as my tongue came into contact with the lollipop, I suddenly felt better, and a strange taste of banana’s came from nowhere. A green sucker that tasted like a banana. Beautiful.

The hour dragged on at it’s own pace, and as it did so, more and more kids were called out of the classroom, and then returned with lollipops just like my own. I wondered if every lollipop tasted the same, or tasted different, but when Pansy came back with her own green sucker, I didn’t care enough to ask.

When Blaise’s name was called out, I sighed a sigh of relief because I knew that he would be the last one on the list. He was the only kid in our year that had a last name that started with a “Z”. The boy trudged out the door only to return five minutes later, again with a lollipop. Behind him, the two Ministry workers followed his steps back into the classroom once more.

“I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your patience and cooperation with this ministry approved experiment.” The female was speaking with a voice that seemed much too happy for this particular moment. “Everything has been registered nicely and we plan to get back to everyone by the end of today or the end of tomorrow at the latest.” With that being said, the two made an orderly exit out of the classroom. We waited until the classroom door had officially closed before the entire population of the classroom broke out into discussion about the entire situation.

“Did you see how much make-up that lady was wearing? It made her look greasy!” Pansy was already complaining about her appearance… I wasn’t surprised but I thought she’d start off with how poorly the needle had been inserted into her arm or something else that would stretch the truth. “Did you feel how cold her hands were too? I nearly slapped her hand away as she was pulling the needle out of my arm! Did you feel her hands too Draco?”

“No.” I replied curtly. “I had the oaf.” Pansy smirked and Blaise bowed his head. “Me too.”

“Okay class, settle down, and settle down.” Professor Slughorn spoke up while raising his hands as if praising to the gods or something. “Class is about to end, I would very much like it if you could all quiet down a bit, and since we got no work done today, I would like you to read over pages five to eight, which are the pages we will be using for our potion tomorrow.”

Granger’s hand shot up. “I already read them!”

I rolled my eyes as Pansy “sneezed” into her hands while saying “teachers pet” at the same time. A few kids laughed into their sleeves and Slughorn either didn’t actually hear Pansy say that, or he chose to ignore it. “Very well, then I guess you have no homework. Okay, you’re all dismissed.”

I picked up my book-bag and exited the classroom with Pansy and Blaise. “She’ll probably read it over a hundred times more just to be the perfect little mudblood. She’s just trying too hard because she’s jealous that she’s not really one of us.” Granger, Potter, and the Weasel walked by just as Pansy was saying that. The ginger stopped dead in his tracks and stood in front of Pansy with his ears glowing red.

“Take that back you stupid --”

“—Stupid what?” I asked, and stepped in front of Pansy as if acting all protective. Pansy adored it when I did that kind of thing. Although I knew it meant something to her, when it meant nothing to me. I could feel her beaming behind me.

“Shove off, Malfoy, this isn’t about you.” The ginger said, and Granger sighed and grabbed his sleeve. “Ron, it’s okay, I don’t care.” She whispered quickly. I chose to ignore her.

“Of course it’s about me. Yelling at my friends, eavesdropping on our conversation. Whatever happened to a little privacy? Some manners would be very nice, but that’s right, living in a dump of a house must mean that you don’t learn very many.”

He was shaking now. I saw Potter tense up as well, as if ready to pounce on Weasel if he was about to attack me. Granger tugged on his sleeve a little more fiercely. “Come on Ron; don’t let pathetic little ferrets like him intimidate you.” Okay, now my attention was on her.

“Close your trap you filthy mud-blood! Nobody ever asked you to be apart of this conversation. Run along now, and mind your own business.” And with that, I shoved on passed the Weasel, being sure to slam my shoulder into Potter’s along the way. Since he was nice enough to keep his trap shut, I thought I should return the favor.

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