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“Welcome too Potter Castle!” Al said jokingly to me as we walked out of the trees towards his house.

I, Scorpius Malfoy, must admit that the huge house in front of me was the grandest I’d ever seen.

I simply stared at the four stories tall house. The outside was painted a nice, soft tan color. The windows were huge and it seamed too tower above everything.

I turned too Al in shock “Why haven’t you ever brought me here before! It’s amazing!” I said, my grey eyes wide with shock.

I heard James humph behind me “We don’t usually invite slime too our home, Malfoy” he said before pushing past us.

Al looked like he was about too tackle him but I grabbed his arm. My friend turned too stare at me “Let go!” he growled in annoyance but I just ignored him and pulled him back to my side.

“Do you WANT Lily too chew you out?!?” I hissed. He looked abashed and ran a hand through his black hair.

“Sorry” he muttered “But James is starting too annoy the heck out of me!”

“STARTING!” I growled back “James has been annoying me since year one, Al!”

Al looked hurt and I immediately groaned “Sorry, Al. I didn’t mean that and it was wrong for me too snap at you, your brother just annoys me.” I said, quieter than before.

“Ya, Scorp. I understand. Sorry for nearly losing my temper. I would have regretted it…later. He’s just really wearing on my nerves and I’ve had just about enough.” Al said before he spotted his parents at the front door too the huge house.

“MOM! DAD!” Al yelled. He ran towards them and hugged them both. I stood back and watched with a half smile on my face. I knew I’d never hug my parents like that. Yes, they were my parents but they were always reserved and often punished me for small things. It never was for plain maliciousness though, thankfully.

I watched as Lily and Hugo hugged Ginny and Harry Potter also. James walked up to them and hugged them lightly before heading into the house. My guess is he was heading for his room.

I walked slowly up to Al’s parents and shook their hands politely. I kept an empty, un-emotional mask over my features so they couldn’t see my shock at their appearances.

Ginny Potter was thin with shoulder-length brilliant red hair and kind brown eyes. There were worry line around her eyes and mouth but other than that the woman had a natural beauty around her I found comforting. It was so different from my mother, Pansy Malfoy, with sleek, seal-brown hair and haughty black eyes. My mother always has a cold air around her and will only talk to me if I’m dressed in pristine, perfect formal pants and shirts. She was more like the Queen than a mother too me…

Harry Potter was handsome with messy, raven black hair and sparkling emerald green eyes. His build was wiry muscle from Quiditch and his Aurora duties. He was dressed in relaxed slacks and a t-shirt and didn’t have the cold, upright manner of my father.

***** Harry Potter’s POV

I looked down on the slim but muscular boy in front of me with raised eyebrows. He was so different from his father it was shocking. White-blonde hair fell in front of his eyes and it looked as if he didn’t really bother with it much. Pitch black eyes showed up startling well against the pale skin and long, delicate hands looked as if it would be simply for him to be ready for any fight.

Taking a further look at him, I concluded that even though I was a head taller than him I had a feeling he could beat me in a fight.

“What activities do you participate in?” I asked the slim Slytherin boy.

***** Albus Potter’s POV

I watched dad look Scorpius up and done and let out a sigh of relief when I realized Scorp had just passed Dad’s first test.

“I play Keeper for Quiditch, several hand-to-hand fighting styles, and I dance.” Scorpius said steadily too his friend’s dad.

I watched Dad’s eyebrows rise in shock and nearly laughed. Dad obviously didn’t expect Scorpius to be a dancer.

I knew better because I’d SEEN him dance before, and don’t let me give you the wrong idea, Scorpius is an AMAZING dancer.

***** Harry Potter’s POV

“What styles of dance?” I asked in shock.

I’d never thought I’d see the day Draco’s son became a dancer. I didn’t even want to think of what had happened to allow this.

“I dance ballet, ball room, waltz, tango, jazz, and a few more separate styles” Scorpius said nonchalantly.

I was still slightly shocked that Draco had let his only son learn dance but I shook it off. If the boy liked to dance then it was his choice. I wasn’t going to fuss.

“How long you been dancing?” I asked curiously.

“I’ve been dancing for nearly nine years, sir” Scorpius said, he sounded very polite and kind but I wasn’t going to jump to conclusion. I’d wait to see how this plays out.

“Wow. How did you convince your dad?” I asked, pretty surprised.

Scorpius’ eyes narrowed a bit but he said steadily “Actually sir, it was his idea. He was a dancer at my age also, though it may be hard to believe. He is very good.”

I flinched a little “I’m sorry Scorpius” I said “I hadn’t meant it to come out like that, I just never knew and it was kind off surprising. How about we head on inside now. Al, show Scorpius to his room. It’s the green one right next to yours.”

I ushered them inside and once I was alone my wife smiled kindly at me and I smiled back half-heartedly. Over the break we’d get to see clearly just what kind of person Al’s friend was… We just needed to settle down and wait.

***** Scorpius’ POV

I looked around the big, green painted room.

“It’s nice” I commented to Al, who was standing in the doorway.

“Ya, I hope you like it. Hey you want to go downstairs and find one of the empty rooms that has mirrors in it and practice dancing some more?” Al asked me excitedly and I smiled kindly and nodded.

“Ya, that or find the biggest one and get your dad to conjure mirrors for us” I said.

Together Al and I jogged downstairs and convinced Mr. Potter to change one of the huge empty rooms into a dance studio so we could practice.

***** Ginny Potter

My husband and I looked in the room that was now decked out as a dance studio. We were pretty surprised at what we saw.

Al was doing basic ball room dance steps and was practicing them over and over while occasionally Scorpius gave him pointers and tips.

Meanwhile Scorpius was somehow dancing complex ballet to soft music while also keeping an eye on Al. Scorpius truly was a great dancer and he seamed to skim across the floor as he picked up his pace to a much faster tempo.

***** Scorpius’ POV

I kept an eye on Al from the corner of my eye as I spun and whirled easily in simply ballet steps that looked deceptively complex. That was just my warm up. I drifted to a stop perfectly poised in the center of the room just as the music ended.

I turned towards the door “Did you enjoy the dance?” I said with a slight smile as an embarrassed looking Mrs. And Mr. Potter.

“It’s ok. Now come over here and I can teach you some of the basic moves.” I said, my voice light.

***** Al’s POV

I nearly laughed as Scorpius caught Mom and Dad watching us.

I continued working on the basics as Scorpius explained to mom and dad the warm up exercises. I peeked at them though from under my long black lashes. Even then though I continued working.

I smiled slightly as Mom and Dad started to struggle through warm ups. I smiled wider at Mom and Dad’s shocked looks as Lily walked in the door carrying her ballet shoes.

Their eyes got even wider as Lily laced on the Pointe shoes easily and then ran through the same warm ups they were struggling through easily before joining Scorpius. Together the two of them started working on more advanced moves as Scorpius carefully taught Lily a few new moves and practiced them for a time before the two started doing different partner dances.

I must say, Mom and Dad’s faces as their daughter danced gracefully across the floor in ballet shoes with a boy 2 and ½ years older than her, were hilarious!!

I saw Scorpius notice Mom and Dad had stopped with the warm ups and walked over.

“Mr. and Mrs. Potter, you won’t get better unless you practice.” He said gently and after my parents started back up again he went back out to Lily and together they took off the ballet shoes and put on more comfortable ones. They started working on Lifts and Jumps together. I was startled at how long my friend could hold my little sister in the air, at chest height, without seaming to be uncomfortable or even strained before he set her down and he worked with her on how too land and other things.

I nearly laughed as I turned back to one of the mirrors and kept practicing. This was altogether a good day and I think my best friend has a crush on my little sister… oh, this will be fun!!!

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