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Just Like A Rose by xLoversxKissx
Chapter 1 : Rush Hour
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Well hello there peoples! :)
So, here is the story i promised i was going to post after christmas. It's nothing major, just a bit of fun as i was getting just a TAD bored of writing my maurader story (though i have a sneaky suspicion i'll be back writing it again in the not too distant future).
Being just a bit of fun, the chapters won't be out like lightening but i'll try to make them worth a little wait.
Lastly, if anyone has any banner making skills whatsoever and has a few spare moments on their hands, i'd be most grateful for one :D as the one i currently have was shabbily knocked up in 5mins on paint lol.

Other than that, i hope you like my new little project! :)


“So that’s little Scorpius,” said Ron under his breath. “Make sure you beat him in every test, Rosie. Thank God you inherited your mother’s brains.”

“Ron, for heaven’s sake,” said Hermione, half stern, half amused. “Don’t try to turn them against each other before they’ve even started school!”

“You’re right, sorry,” said Ron, but unable to help himself, he added, “don’t get too friendly with him though, Rosie. Granddad Weasley would never forgive you if you married a pure-blood.”

Like that would ever happen!

Malfoy and I get on about as well as oil and water. It just doesn’t work. They can’t mix with each other no matter how much they try.

Now I’ll admit, when Albus and I stood side by side on platform 9 ¾ with our parents, about to get on the Hogwarts Express that would take us to ‘the best years we would ever have’ as dad so fondly put it, he did intrigue me.

Standing there in his brand new robes, allowing his mother to kiss him fondly on the cheek as his dad looked over in our direction. His white blond hair shining in the morning sun, highlighting his pale complexion. He was very striking, even if he was only eleven, and at that point, I couldn’t see why dad didn’t like him. He looked fine to me.

That was until I met him.

When Al was placed in Slytherin with him, the two became fast friends, which meant that Scorpius Malfoy’s company was practically forced upon me whenever I wanted to talk to Al.

He didn’t do anything specific to me, he was just one of those people who when you meet, you instantly cannot stand with every inch of your being. Every time I looked at him, his eyes seemed to be mocking me. Every time I spoke to Al, a smirk would find its way onto his lips, taunting me - and that was when I’d just met him!

As the year wore on we became somewhat enemies, for lack of a better term.

We got into arguments every time I spoke into Al, we would end up cursing each other every time we ran into each other in the halls and we were constantly at each others throats in class. No one seemed to understand why we didn’t get on.

Every time I tried to explain exactly why I loathed him so, people would look at me like I had three heads. They loved him, which frustrated me even more. The teachers had quick tempers where we were concerned, every time they caught us arguing it was an instant detention. I think they were subtly trying to keep us together as much as possible so we would learn to get along with each other.

It wasn’t happening at all to be honest.

In the end McGonagal completely gave up, muttering something about our parents and left us to it. Which wasn’t the wisest decision she’s ever made as we were sat in the hospital wing with four detentions looming over our heads an hour later.

But finally, the end of our first year had arrived, and I’d racked up enough detentions to give James and Fred a run for their money. I was positively gleeful the entire train ride back to London. I didn’t even mind sitting in the same compartment as him!

I stepped off the train without so much as a second glance in his direction and promptly led Al off towards our parents. If I’d have known that was the last time I was going to see him, I would have given him a curse goodbye for old times sake.

Judging by the letter that Al received at the end of that summer, he would not be returning to Hogwarts as his fathers job was requiring him to move abroad, to Romania I think. I didn’t care, it was far enough for me.

And so, I was finally able to enjoy myself at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I was able to finally buckle down and get good marks in class instead of spending all my time and energy plotting Malfoy’s demise, and I’m now going into my final year with a much smaller detention record than I thought I would have back in my first year.

All is well.


“Mum! Come on! We’re going to miss the bloody train at this rate!”

“Rose don’t swear. We wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for your fathers brilliant idea to take a short cut at rush hour!” my mum said angrily, glaring at dad out of the corner of her eye as she ushered Hugo and I forwards towards the barrier.

“Oi!” dad said indignantly, “Every other time I’ve gone that way it’s been open! How was I supposed to know they were doing road works?”

“So swerving onto the pavement to try and get here quicker helps does it?” my mum retorted as we ran through the barrier.

A smiled tugged at my lips as I spotted the great red steam train on the platform waiting for us, surrounded by a large cloud of smoke. Seriously, if I could frame this moment, I would. But of course, we did not have the time for that right now.

I turned to say goodbye to my oh so happy parents but when I saw they were still bickering, I rolled my eyes, giving Hugo an exasperated look.

“They should have let me past then! They need to learn how to drive. It was quite clearly a 30mph zone.”

My mum threw her hands up in the air saying “Oh give it up Ronald! I know you confunded the examiner when you took your driving test!”

Dads ears went red and for a minute, he was speechless, so I took this moment to quickly butt in. They could quite happily continue bickering like this for years, should people let them. In fact, they have been bickering for years.

“Right mum, we’re off” I said hoisting my cats cage further up my arm.

Did I mention I had a cat which is literally the spawn of Satan? Honestly, all the thing does is hiss, spit, bite and eat. Not sleep. I haven’t once seen the thing sleep in all the years I’ve had him. It’s actually an insomniac. Though, it was a present from James on my thirteenth birthday, so I suppose spending time with him before it was actually given to me is bound to have a lasting negative effect.

Thing is, I begged my mum to let me keep him at home where I’d hardly see him and get an owl, which would be a much more appropriate pet to have at Hogwarts. But dad wouldn’t let me, claiming it would mess up the house. We all knew he was scared of the thing, ever since it crept up on him in the dark one night and clawed his slippers and feet to shreds.

I always said we should have given him away, but mum insisted it would hurt James’s feelings.

Like I really care!

Hugo got an owl, I should too!

Mum instantly turned away from dad and frowned as her eyes scanned the crowd “Have you spotted Albus and Lily yet?”

Hugo took his owl cage from dad, who was looking thoroughly relieved that the attention was no longer on him, saying with a roll of his dark brown eyes “It’s nearly eleven mum, they’ll already be on the train. I think we can handle getting on the train on our own, just this once” he added rather hastily at seeing mum narrow her eyes.

“Yeah look. Harry and Gin are there” dad said pointing ahead where two people were heading our way.

Now I’ve always thought I looked more like my Auntie Ginny than my mum. I know that sounds impossible but I have long straight red hair like her, light blue eyes courtesy of dad, and pale freckled skin, whereas my mum has bushy shoulder length brown hair, dark brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. The sort that instantly goes brown in the sun. Hugo is the spitting image of her.

I was basically a female version of my dad, which is why I prefer to say I look more like Auntie Ginny who’s actually very pretty and had many boyfriends at school according to uncle George. Doesn’t really reflect well on me if I compare myself to a man who‘s favourite hobby is eating, does it?

Now I’m not trying to say I’m gorgeous or anything, I look like a hag standing next Dom and the rest of Uncle Bill’s kids, but I’m a far cry from the gangly, clumsy girl I was in our first year.

“Alright Rosie?” Uncle Harry asked as he gave Hugo a one armed hug.

I nodded with a grin saying as Auntie Ginny gave me a hug “I’d be better if I could get on the train”.

Auntie Ginny quickly let go of me and said pushing me towards the train with an anxious expression, “Go on, hurry up! Albus has already got a compartment”.

I nodded and after giving mum and dad a quick hug, Hugo and I sprinted towards the train doors with mums voice drifting along the platform behind us “Don’t forget to write! And Hugo, if the works too easy for you, make sure you tell the professors! I can write to them if you want me to?!”

We barely made it onto the train before the whistle was blown and the doors closed swiftly behind us. It would have been a hell of a lot easier if all the parents milling around would have moved out of the ruddy way. I mean really, you’d think they’d have some brains. We quite obviously don’t resemble parents trying to push to the front to see our kids off.

Hugo shook his head, blowing the hair from his eyes and muttered “She’s always bloody embarrassing me” as a couple of fifth year girls walked past giggling. I raised an eyebrow slightly.

It really did seem completely odd and rather sickening how girls seemed to flock around Hugo, he was never seen without a giggling horde - not that he takes any notice of them. They don‘t exist in his deranged world. It was just down right confusing! He is, essentially, an odd boy.

He willingly spends every waking moment he can, studying. He’s got to be the smartest person I know, even I’ve asked him to help me with some of my N.E.W.T essays, and I’m not exactly unintelligent. He’s brilliant at Quidditch, honestly, he would be put on the Gryffindor team no questions asked, but he says he’s not interested in it, he’d rather go and try and invent a spell, or fiddle around with some lab kit Granddad Weasley got him for Christmas.

As if that wasn’t enough, they apparently find him attractive too! Well, that’s what I’ve been told. He’s supposedly got an intense mysterious look about him.

Personally, I think it’s a load of twoddle. He’s a scruffy haired bookworm.

“Well what do you expect?” I huffed as we started to drag our trunks down the narrow isle of the train, the parents faces outside starting to whiz past, “You’re her little genius child” I said, smirking at him over my shoulder.

Hugo, who was already taller than me, shoved me with a glare as he moodily started to pull his trunk along, “Shut up and move”.

I scoffed and trudged onwards. Like I say, nothing remotely likeable.

“Oi Weasley! Get in here!”

I stopped and turned around in time to see Hugo being pulled into a compartment by a group of his friends who all seem to be sporting the same hair cut these days. Honestly, they look like some sort of cult! I suppose I should be thankful he’s not bothered about other people, and isn’t one of those that’s completely full of themselves.

Like James for instance…

I rolled my eyes and turned back around only to shout out in surprise and go stumbling backwards onto my trunk with a very charming squawk sound. I seriously could not look more attractive right now, what with my legs at odd angels and my clothes all ruffled and askew.

“Easy there Rosie. What have I told you about hitting the Firewhiskey during the day?”

“I’m not drunk,” I grumbled getting to my feet and carrying on with a distinct defensive tone, “and that only happened once! I only fell because you were doing your stupid sneaking about act again!”

Amelia Heathcourt, or Mel as she’s usually known, is my best friend here at Hogwarts and has made it her mission in life to scare me daily. She’s never actually voiced this, but the amount of times she pops up out of nowhere nearly giving me a heart attack must make it true.

She blinked her innocent pale green eyes at me as she put on an angelic expression and said tucking a light brown curl behind her ear “I don’t know what you’re on about Rosie”.

I rolled my eyes with a grin tugging at the corners of my lips and shoved my cats cage at her as we started walking.

“There’s a new person starting” she said casually, weaving in and out of a group of third years.

“Yeah, they’re called the first years” I grinned, giving my trunk a hard tug as it got caught on the edge of a side panel.

Mel shook her head with an exasperated expression “No, in our year!”

I frowned as I dodged a second year who came stumbling out of his compartment, “Isn’t it a little late for someone to be starting in our year? We’ve already done a year of the N.E.W.T course”.

She shrugged “Those exams are the same in any Wizarding school. Anyway, McGonagal obviously thought they’d be alright or else they wouldn’t be on the train would they? I hope it’s a boy” she finished with a longing expression.

I raised an eyebrow.

Mel is one of those girls who has a new crush every week. She claims it’s because she’s seen some far more attractive quality (or arse) in someone else. Personally, I don’t believe she likes a single one of them.

I think she likes my cousin, Albus Potter.

She thinks she’s been very clever in hiding it all these years, but he’s the only one she’s never said she’s liked. Now normally, that would seem totally backwards, and it is I’ll admit. But Mel doesn’t work the same way as other people do. She’s got a slightly eccentric streak. I suppose that’s what you get when you spend the majority of your childhood growing up seeing your grandfather camping in a forest because he refused to live out in the open as he believed the ministry was conspiring against him after all his years of working for them and the knowledge he‘d accumulated.

Clearly he’s had quite a big influence on her. Though she is good at reigning in the madness. Thankfully.

“I thought you liked that Hufflepuff?” I asked.

“Derrick? Oh Merlin no!” she exclaimed horrified, “haven’t you heard? He’s gay.”

My eyes widened, “Since when?!”

Mel shook her head in disappointment “You really should make an effort to keep in touch with people over the holidays”.

I frowned waving her comment away “I’m too busy for that. Now come on, share with the group…”

“Apparently, someone found a notebook on top of his things and it had his name and some other lads in love hearts” she grinned.

I scoffed shaking my head, “No, sorry, I don’t believe that one.”

“It’s true!” she shouted in defence.

“Has anyone actually asked him if that was his notebook?” I questioned.

She hesitated for a moment before saying as we came to the compartment Al was in “I’m not sure…”

I grasped the door handle and I could clearly see Al, Lily and Dom already lounging comfortably against the plush red seats, and the compartment was still tidy, so the good news was the trolley hadn’t been past yet.


I looked up at my name and saw an attractive dark haired boy heading my way.

Mel’s head appeared on my shoulder as she said in a sing-song whisper, “Jasper’s been looking for you”.

“Shut up!” I hissed discreetly, and put on a warm smile as he approached.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you Rose, I couldn’t see you on the platform?” he asked confused.

“Oh yeah, sorry about that Jasper” I said scratching my neck nervously. Did Mel have to stand there with that sly grin completely evident on her face? “I was late. My dad took a different route…”

Jasper Smith is a seventh year Ravenclaw, and arguably one of the most good looking people in our year. What with his short spiky black hair, piercing blue eyes and cute little dimples when he smiled, he was quite an eye-catcher. That coupled with the fact that he had to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He’s sweet, polite and friendly. He’s quite possibly…perfect.

Jasper grinned at me and I heard Mel squeak slightly in delight behind me. My pale cheeks instantly took on a very rosy look.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve got a heads meeting with McGonagal and the rest of the prefects in an hour” he said smiling at Mel politely over my shoulder.

I nodded giving him a grin in return and he headed back to his compartment.

My attention was drawn from the spot where he once stood when I felt a sharp swat on my arm.

“Ouch!” I moaned rubbing my arm, and glaring at Mel slightly.

“You never told me you were head girl!” she screeched accusingly.

“I’m sorry!” I said opening the compartment door, “I must have forgotten…”


My cats cage was suddenly snatched from Mel’s arm and she cried out in protest “Hey! My arm is attached you know!”

But Al ignored her and got my cat out of his cage and proceeded to stroke him fondly.

Yes, my black cat is called Milky. James obviously did the naming. He seems to find it amusing to name things according to their opposites, which is why he has a fish in his room called ‘Fluffy’.

He’s actually got problems.

I rolled my eyes and after putting my trunk on the rack I sat down next to Dom with a sigh, watching as Al stroked Milky, completely oblivious to the sideways looks Mel was casting him.

Dom and I glanced at each other, and she grinned in response and turned to look out the window, subtly letting her long, perfectly smooth red locks conceal her perfect face as she muffled her laughter.

One day, Mel will actually stop trying to hide the fact she likes Al, and he’ll actually take a bit of notice of her.

Hopefully that‘ll be soon, I thought as I sat back in my seat and got comfortable, preparing for the long ride ahead.

But I doubt it…

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