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"WHAT THE HELL??" I said. I walked into the common room to see Harry and Hermione kissing! They were best friends in the world! How could she do this to me?! I LOVED HER!!! "Ron?!" said Hermione. "What's wrong?" "Everything!" I nearly roared, my limbs shaking with unshed tears. Scratch that, I was crying. "I love you Hermione and I have for years. I was too afraid to tell. I didn't know that you felt THAT WAY about Harry! I cry my tortured heart out for you everynight and then I walk in and see you kissing HIM! I love you......" Unashamed, I cry with all the abandonment I could. I felt her hand on my shoulder. I waited so long for that touch but I couldn't take it. I wrenched my shoulder away. I ran up to my dorm and flung myself on the bed. Had that just happened? Was I dreaming? The girl who I had loved since before I liked girls liked my best friend? And he liked her? I had always known I wouldn't be good enough for her. She was so smart, so beautiful, so perfect. I had always known she could never love me. Then why did this hurt so much?! Why was my heart breaking?! "Ron" Harry sat down next to me. "Ron, if I had known I wouldn't have...." "No!" I said, nearly choking on my tears. "Do you love her?" "Yes." He said eyes shining. "Then be happy." I said. "You love her and she loves you. I'll be ok." "Ron, your my best friend. If it hurts you, I won't go out with her. I can't stand to see you suffer." He looked close to tears. It was usually he and Hermione that cried together. We were supposed to laugh together. Well, a broken heart changes alot. "No." I said, sitting up. "My one wish in life is to see her happy. If she's happy with you then I'm content." Things would never be the same. I might hurt but it'll get better. I had to hope. Hope was all I had left. should i add more??? plz review and tell me or e-mail at!!!

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