She awoke the next morning before any of the other girls. She was glad they would be leaving her alone she was more independent anyway. She would also be able to spend more time with her brother and cousin. She had missed Albus the past few years. They had been so close for their first four years of school, but their new friends had pulled them apart. She felt she had made some very serious mistakes in choosing friends.
When she entered the common room, Lilly was sitting in the best squashy armchair by the fireplace. She was staring into the empty fireplace with a glossy look over her eyes.

“Hey Rose,” she muttered when Rose walked up behind her.

“How did you know it was me?” she asked gently not wanting to push her luck.

“You walk differently than anyone else,” she replied. Rose smiled and said, “You haven’t changed much you know, only when you with him.” She went out on a ledge saying this, but she knew it had to be said.

“I don’t think you have to approve my choices Rosie,” she replied. Her voice had turned steely again. She stood and left the common room. Rose sat where she had been and sighed, thinking deeply.

Her stomach gave a vicious growl, distracting her. She stood and left the common room. Rose wandered down to the Great Hall where a few people were huddled with their friends. She sat over by Maya who always woke earlier than all the other girls in their dormitory.

“Hello, Maya,” Rose said happily.

“Good morning Rose!” Maya replied cheerfully. They became quiet as they ate. Rose had a light breakfast and found their head of house and her family’s close friend, Professor Neville Longbottom. He was enjoying a breakfast up at the staff table with Hagrid whose thick beard and hair were streaked with grey in places.

“Hello Rose how’s everyone? Is James staying out of trouble now that he’s out of Hogwarts?” Professor Neville asked her, though she was sure he knew the answer.
“I suspect not although, I haven’t gotten any mail yet. The others are doing well from what I understand,” she replied then remembered her reason for finding him in the first place and added, “are the new schedules in yet?”

“Yes I have – had – them right here,” he answered digging deeply into his robes. Hagrid lifted them from the table and gave them to Professor Neville who nodded his appreciation and began to shuffle through the stack of them. He finally pulled one out for her and handed to her with a smile. She gave it a cursory examination before smiling up at her two favourite teachers and walking back to Maya.

“We have double Defense Against the Dark Arts this morning that should be interesting. I wonder what we’ll be doing this year,” Rose said.

“I’ve always liked that class significantly better than the rest of them. I think I got enough O.W.L.s to be an Auror, do you know how many you need?” Maya responded.
“I’m not sure, but my uncle is the head of that office in the ministry I can write him if you want to know.”

“No, no it’s not a big deal.”

“Oh, its fine I should write them soon anyway they wanted to know my schedule and things like that,” Rose told her as Albus and Hugo entered the Hall with their heads close together whispering about something, Rose easily guessed what.
“Hey Rose we heard them talking in the common room, he said she was being a push over or something,” Albus whispered in her ear before walking over to his friends with Hugo who kept walking right up to the staff table where he spoke with Professor Neville then went to his friends and sat down staring down at his plate.

She finished her breakfast and went with Maya to their first class where they waited outside as other students drifted into line. She was watching as everyone began to line up outside the classroom when she saw him again. Scorpius met her eyes for a moment before leaning against the wall nearest the classroom.

“Come in class,” Professor Bones’s voice drifted into the hallway as the door to the classroom opened. The warm smell of cinnamon greeted the students as they made their ways into the room.

“I hope you all had a nice holiday! Now that you are a smaller class and we all have the necessary skill, we can start delving into more complicated defensive spells, counter jinxes and those sorts of things. Come now sit down,” she announced as the last two people meandered in. Rose watched from her seat beside Maya.
“I can’t believe there’s only this many students who passed this O.W.L.” Rose whispered into Maya’s ear.

“To each their own,” she responded as Professor Bones began telling them about nonverbal spells. Rose began writing organized notes on everything mentioned. The steady sound of Professor Bones’s familiar voice combined with the scratching of her quill relaxed her to the point where she was taking notes without giving them much thought. Her main focus was the blonde boy now sitting in the last row of the classroom.


Scorpius stared intently at the back of her head. He watched her read hair hover slightly in the breeze that rolled easily through the classroom. He saw her quill moving from side to side rapidly across her parchment. He looked down at his blank sheet and began to draw the face he was picturing in his mind. He examined his work then flipped the parchment over as he realized he had shamed her beauty. He scribbled a few useless lines about nonverbal spells and spent the rest of the class cursing at himself in his mind for letting her occupy it.

The bell rang shrilly and he hurried to be first out of the class. Through his next few classes, all of which included the girl he had been trying to force out of his head since the previous night. Every half hour he couldn’t help but try to meet her eye. He succeeded every other attempt. Her brown eyes would widen in surprise and she would look back to her work. He would throw a smirk onto his face trying not to let a different emotion show on his carefully monitored face.

A fit of giggling erupted in the far corner of their History of Magic class when he passed by two Slytherin girls who he distinctly heard whisper, “That Malfoy boy’s coming.” He looked at them and turned around to sit on the other side of the classroom. From this position he could had a three-quarter view of her face as she wrote more diligent notes. He knew he would have to actually write notes in this class so he pulled out a quill and turned his focus to Professor Binns.

During dinner he tried not to watch her eat, but couldn’t help it. Her face lit up when she smiled at her friend and she had dimples in her cheeks that only showed when she was truly smiling. At one point, she looked down the table and the smile was wiped clean off her face: she was looking at her cousin who was snogging some random sixth year whom he hadn’t seen in any of their classes so Scorpius assumed he wasn’t the brightest. When he looked back, the girl on the platform was pushed back to the front of his mind. He knew this was the same girl, but he didn’t want to make the sad conclusion.

As he wandered to bed, he took a few detours on his way to the common room. He lit his wand as darkness fell over the grounds. He found the common room again and made his way to his dormitory where he pulled the ugly curtains around his bed so nobody could see him. He changed and lay down on his four-poster bed. Rose danced through his thoughts as he tried to sleep.

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