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Hermione lay in her bed, staring up at the ceiling. It was 4:30 in the morning and she wished she hadn't woken up. Now she was having doubts about what she had planned to do that day. She had been going to tell Harry how she felt. "But what if he laughs at you?" He won't she thought. He's too nice. "What if he asks you out?" Whats wrong with that? "Nothing, but what about Ron?" What about Ron? "Well, if you and Harry start going out won't he feel like a third wheel?" No "Are you sure?" Oh shut up already! But her concience had filled her with doubt. She cared about Ron as a friend and she didn't want him to get hurt. Well, if she and Harry did start going out then she'd talk to Harry about it. But what if they didn't. And they stopped being friends. Losing Harry was too much to think about. She loved him more than anything in the world. She couldn't lose him. She didn't know what would happen. But, she thought to herself, life is full of risks and if she didn't take this one she might miss out on the man of her dreams. These thoughts were to painful for her fragile spirit to bear. Unshed tears blurred her vision. Whatever happens, she promised herself, at least I told him. At least he'll know. That'll be one worry lifted lifted from my shoulders. She rolled over and tried to go to sleep. But sleep was busy elsewhere.... like it? please please review. the 3rd chapter will be her soon! if u want me to write it e-mail me at toodles!

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