If little was said about the Lily potter birthday bash the next day it would be that the guest of honer had not wanted to be there. She had avoided most contact with her guests. All contact except with her family and close friends. It had been her decsion to ignore them. Scorpious snorted as his friends relayed the juicy gossip to the eager lot of girls sitting across from them in the Slytherin compartment. Tanis crabbe had never been one to keep his mouth shut. Expecially when he thought he would get a good lay out of it. 

"They say it's becuase she has some strange curse that causes her to go beserk in crowds," He told his strange followers. 

They had been following him all day. Their blank eyes seemed to be filling up with the nonsense that his mother had told him the night before. Lily had avoided contact with most of the patrons of the party, but to Scorpious' understanding she had never wanted the party in the first place. He chuckled. Mrs. Crabbe, what a delightful yet hateful woman. She was much like her husband that way. Enjoying in the torment of others. Even if she never witnessed the event of the torture, she would somehow try to procure it. He heard a simplistic sigh at the doorway. He closed his eyes holding in the chuckle as he faced his ex Rose Weasly. She was looking dangerously at Tanis. A look that Scorpious had only avoided throughout their entire relationship with much cause. She was a dangerous woman, the weasly daughter. She leaned against the doorway, her slender body coiling like a cat. Her green eyes watching Tanis, judging him as he went on with his bull shit. Scorpious nudged him, making Tanis grunt loudly in anger.

"What's you want Malfoy," Tanis said angerly. Scorpious was now in dangerous waters with Tanis. He was inturupting his game plan for a screw. 

All Scorpious did was point to the doorway where Rose stood. Her rose lips turning into a depply wicked grin. The grin she always put on before she attacked. Tanis smiled and patted Scorpious on the back, thinking that he had somehow gotten Rose back with him. Scorpious shook his head and removed Tanis' hand from his back. The clear gesture meant the obvious. Rose was not here for Scorpious, she was here to practically rip out Tanis' vocal chords. Tanis glared back up at Rose. HIs milky brown eyes trying to defeat her wild green ones. 

"What's it you want mudblood," Tanis spat.

"Funny Tanis you never called me that when I was dating Malfoy," She hissed back. The term mudblood had never been used with Rose. She had never allowed it to be used. "I suppose though your foul mouthed father uses it around you, whenever he talks about my family. No surprise there as it is my uncle who had put him in azkaban for so many years." 

"Fuck you Weasly," 

"If only you had the right size Tanis," She smiled wickedly. "I came here after hearing throughout the train that you are saying that my cousin has some curse set upon her. I guess that was your mother's words werent they. That sorry toad for a woman has no other life then to fatten her waistline and to spread rumors around the wizarding world." 

Tanis had turned into a deep purple from the lack of air he was not taking in. He was angry, more furious at what Rose was saying than anything else. He knew she was right, but he wasn't going to say it. Scorpious had tried to stop what was going to happen next, but he had been to slow. Tanis had gotten from his seat and charged towards Rose. His hand closing around her neck as he threw her into the compartment. She hit the far wall with a sickening thud and Tanis went after her again. His eyes wild with rage, his thoughts wild with angry lust.  Scorpious stood, placing himself between the two. He knew what was going to happen and he was going to stop it, even if Tanis was his best friend.

"Out of me way Scorp. The little bitch needs to be taught a lesson," Tanis snarled.

"I"ll hex you if you even think of touching her ever again. Do you hear me Tanis? You will not harm her in any way," Scorpious snarled back.

Tanis glared at Scorpious for a long time. His eyes flickering between Rose and his best friend. Scorpious pulled out his wand only to hear a gasp come from behind Tanis' back. He expected the worse. A prefect, or worse maybe a teacher, had stumbled upon their little fight. This would be the end to his seventh year at hogwarts. 

"What the hell did you do to Rose you demonic creatures," her voice resignated throughout the small compartment. 

Scorpious sighed, knowing full well who had stumbled upon them. Tanis turned to face her. Her brown hair hung limply in her face and her bright blue eyes stared him down with such vengence that Scorpious shuddered from it. Tanis straightened up thinking that his six inch growth spurt over the summer would intimidate Lily if it was at its fullest. She only smiled and grabbed him by the wrist. With a simple push she had snapped his wrist and had him begging at her feet to let him go. Her eyes burning as if she were reading his mind. Scorpious felt rose stir behind him as she pulled herself up but the back of his slytherin cloak. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He still loved Rose, even if it was only a simple love. He pulled her into a short hug and went back to the scene with Lily. She still had Tanis by the wrist, tears streaming down his face from the mere pain of if. Rose pushed away from Scorpious and ran to her cousin. 

"Lilly stop. I'm okay," Rose said calmly to her cousin. 

The strange brightness to Lily's eyes seemed to dull as she came back to her senses. She let go of Tanis' wrist and seemed to blink back into reality. She stared at Rose for a long time. Her eyes blank of any recognition. Her lips slowly forming a wicked smile. Rose backed away from her slightly before the words had spilled from Lily's mouth. 

"You will all die if she chooses this life," 

Rose hissed went back up to her cousin. It was strange. Scorpious knew this, but he still watched them as if it were a muggle sitcom show. Rose frowned deeply at her cousin before bringing her hand sharply and roughly across her cousin's cheek. The slap sounded through the entire slytherin train car and Scorpious swore he heard murmers. Lily's eyes came back into focus and she brought her hand up to her cheek. She was just feeling the sting in her cheek. She looked down at Tanis, who was still writhering in pain. Her eyes seemed to not know what had taken place. 

"What the hell happened to you Tanis?" She asked, completely oblivious to what she had done just a few minutes ago.

Tanis looked up at her with a horrified expression. The anger returning to his eyes.

"Are you fucking mentle Potter. You fucking broke my wrist is what you did. How the hell did you fucking break my wrist?" He was spatting off.

Lily's expression went bleak. The realization returning to her features. She faced Rose and only laid her head on her chest. He coud hear her whispering something to Rose.

"I'm so sorry. He knows when I haven't fed. I'm weaker then. Please Rose. You know I would never try to hurt anyone if i was in a concious state," She was pleading. Her whole body shook at the last words. 

"You might want to leave soon. I'm not trying to be pushy, but you know how Angela and Persy are when other house memebers are in the Slytherin train car," Scorpious said. "I'll make sure that Tanis doesn't say a word of what happened." 

He tried smiling at Lily, but she merely looked away from him. He frowned and turned to Tanis as the two left the compartment. Tanis growled as he tried to push up on his broken wrist, but with no wits about him he fell hard onto his ass. Scorpious chuckled. He had blunderheads for friends just like his father had had at his age. 

"I could've taken her on," Tanis said "I was just caught off guard."

"Mhmm," Scoripus mumbled as he sat back down. "Don't say anything to anyone about what Lily did until I figure out how she did it. Got it Tanis."

"So what if I do,"

"I'll make sure every girl in this school knows how much of an ass you can really be. Got it?"

Tanis only grunted as he went back to finding a girl to listen to his rumors. Scorpious chuckled and looked out the window. The scenery had changed vastly while the strange events had taken place in his compartment. He knew they had gotten closer to arriving to the one place he could talk to Lily potter alone. The one place that he could figure out what her eyes had done. He smiled as he waited for the train to arrive to Hogwarts. He smiled at the plans he had to figure out Lily Potter.

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