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GravityChapter One: Prologue

May, one year later

It was almost cruel how sunny and perfect the weather was on this day. The bright rays of golden sun shown down upon the grassy field. But no one was comforted by the weather. In fact, most would have preferred the rainy thunderstorm instead of this bright day. This way their tears would be masked by the heavy raindrops. But of course in an ideal world that would have happened. Now it was nothing but brightness. It was a haunting sight. There were birds chirping around with the loudest sounds of spring. Yet all around, everyone was eerily silent. Not one single tear drop could be heard falling to the ground, not one single sob was ensued.

The mourners were beyond distraught. It was as Hamlet once said, “I have within me which passeth show, these but the trappings and the suits of woe.” No one dared speak his name. Not even his own mother, who was dressed in the finest black silk that money could buy. She sat straight and upright looking down at the coffin that held her only son. Everyone she knew came out to pay their respects but it was hardly a comfort to her. Never would she see his smiling face. Never would she hear his childish laugh. Never again would she be able to hold him, hug him as a mother should. A single teardrop escaped her. She quickly wiped it away before travesty would take a hold of her. She would not cry.

Everyone around her was silent. Never would they have thought that this poor young man’s life could have been cut so shortly. They came flooding in from all corners of the world to pay their final respects to such a handsome boy. They had not seen him being put inside the coffin but naturally did not speak of this. They knew that the mother was beyond grieved. Therefore, they understood perfectly well why she would not want to see his face as he was lowered into the ground. It would be too life-shattering for her to witness, as any mother would have felt. Yet still they were curious as to how the handsome boy must have looked behind his wooden bed. No one had seen his body put inside so naturally it raised a few questions but no one dared speak these thoughts.

It was nearly time.

The sun was just about to dip below the horizon. What a tragically beautiful sight. The blazing red and orange sky illuminated everything. The last few drops of sun were just beginning to escape. It was then that the glossy wooden coffin began descending slowly into the ground. The first outcry of pain was heard from the back by a dark haired woman. She was pale white with jet black hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her name was as sweet as the flower she was named after. She was blowing into a small white handkerchief. The thick mascara stains leaked themselves onto the white. It was a bright contrast, much like this day. The man beside tried to console her but it was no use. She was in hysterics calling out his name. Somehow it wasn’t true that this was his body being lowered into the ground. It wasn’t a final goodbye. It wasn’t over.

Then as reality’s cold and harsh waves washed themselves over everyone, there was nothing left to do but mourn. The end had come for him, much too early. His mother sat completely still as the final part of the coffin dipped in lower. The only thing visible now were the flowers placed on top. Funny how people spent hours perfecting these flowers which would soon be rotting in the ground, like her son’s body. She closed her eyes shut. The last few rays of daylight were sucked into the horizon. Another part of the world needed them more than England. As the ceremony concluded everyone stood up to pay their final respects to the mother who had lost so much already.

Without particularly listening, Narcissa Malfoy stood above the ground where a fresh pile of dirt now lay. She looked down at the grave. Slowly bending down, she ran her fingers through the cool, moist earth. Letting the second tear fall from her eyes, she saw it seep quickly into the earth. It would reach him, she knew.

“Lady Malfoy, I think it is best if you were to return home. Some supper and rest will do good for you.” A man in a top hat and large black robes said softly as he approached Narcissa.

She did not respond right away. She wanted to stay here for one final moment. She knew this would be the last time she would ever visit. It would be too painful to come back.

“I suppose.” Narcissa replied to the man without looking at him. As he turned around, Narcissa gave one last tear stained look at the tombstone above the ground and whispered, “goodbye, my Draco.”

A/N: HELLO DARLINGS! I have missed you all so much! Never thought you would see the sequel did you? Well I am a girl of her word and here it is! I hope chapter one has already got you interested! Oh and another quick note; if you guys have any questions, comments, concerns, please go visit my Meet the Author page! I set one up just for you! :)

Just follow the link! I will see you lovelies next chapter! 
xo, J

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