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 [I don't own anything apart from the plot and some original characters. Everything else is J.K Rowlings. Enjoy!]

My head was spinning as I thought about what Lucius was going to say next. I understood that he wasn’t going to say something, so I began to think about something I could say. What could I possibly have to say after he had said ‘it’s about Pansy’?

Sentence after sentence went through my mind, each making less sense than the first.

The only thing I managed to get out was a simple, “Oh, lovely.”

Lucius raised one of his dark-blonde eyebrows upon hearing my choice of word. Lovely was obviously not what he had expected. Nor did he seem to expect me to sound so calm about it. Lucius leaned back in his chair and placed his cane on the desk, I flinched. Not just because of the sudden movement but because I knew what he had done with that cane. It disgusted me and frightened me.

My reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Lucius whose eyebrows narrowed. I cleared my throat and tried to act as if nothing had happened. “What about Pansy?”

It was weird to see the pained expression that Draco usually got when he didn’t want to tell me something on Lucius face. The two of them were really similar but different as could be. I decided to quote Draco by saying, “It’ll only be worse if you let me jump to conclusions.”

“That sounds like something Draco would say,” said Lucius and chuckled a bit, his face softening a bit.

“He did…” I confessed bluntly before I looked at him sternly, demanding answers, “What about Pansy?”

He seemed to realize that he couldn’t avoid the question any longer and sighed. When he spoke, he sounded more serious than he has just five seconds ago. “There’s no need in telling you about how well known my family is in the wizarding world, you already know that. The fact that Draco is dating a Muggleborn is known all over the country by now,” Lucius smiled lazily.

“The two of you have really been making headlines with your relationship. Never before in history has a Malfoy been involved with someone who wasn’t from a Pureblood family. It’s been news about you in the Prophet, Witch Weekly and even Wizards Magazine. Well, now another piece of news is threatening to be released to the world. At least, that’s what Pansy Parkinson says. Of course, I’ll do everything I possibly can to prevent this from happening as it would cause some serious damage if this became public knowing. It is also lies.”

If my head had been spinning before, it was nothing compared to what was going on in my head at that moment. What the heck was he on about? What had Pansy come up with now? Was this the reason why Laura had been keeping her distance lately – because she knew about whatever-it-was?

“Hermione…” Lucius said softly as if preparing me for bad news, “Not only is Pansy claiming that you attempted to kill her during the New Years party, she is also claiming to be pregnant - with Draco’s child.”

I froze. Now, that was like being slapped across the face. She had attacked me during the party. Not the other way around. But that wasn’t what I was mostly shocked about – how dare she claim to be pregnant with Draco’s child? It was ridiculous – that’s what I told Lucius. That it was ridiculous. 
He agreed, but told me that if the story got leaked, then people would surely believe her. People believed what they read, after all.

“There’s also this thing that makes her all the more believable…”

“What is that?” I asked, dreading the answer.

“She is pregnant,” he said in the same calm voice. It was kind of scary, when he talked like that. I tried to keep as calm as he sounded but on the inside – I was boiling with anger. I tried to focus on not breaking any windows. Lucius seemed uncomfortable talking about pregnancies with me but didn't let it show all too much. “Of course it’s not with Draco. But well, with someone.”

Pansy was pregnant. I tried to think of someone she could possibly be pregnant with, since I knew it wasn’t Draco – there was no way it could be him. It wasn’t Raven, had been in Azkaban for too long, and I doubted that she had even tried to contact him while he’d been there. Was she pregnant with someone I knew? Someone who had gone to Hogwarts? A Pureblood? I shook my head. There was a million different possibilities – there was no way that I could figure out who it was.

“So…” I said, and sounded oddly normal, “What are we going to do about this?”

“We?” Lucius shook his head a little, “We aren’t going to do anything. I, however, will. Don’t you worry. You just have to trust me.”

Oddly enough, I found myself laughing at that. Not just a giggle or a chuckle, but a full on laughter. A kind of tears-falling-while-laughing laughter. I couldn’t stop once I’d started. All the emotions that I had been feeling during the past fifteen minutes all exploded in to a fit of laughter. It seemed to amuse Lucius, though. He obviously understood that me trusting him sounded ridiculous in my ears, perhaps even in his.

Of all the things Pansy had done to us the past year, this was a new low for her. It seemed as if it was no longer her intentions to get Draco back, she just wanted revenge now. She could ruin everything by doing this. She had to be stopped, she couldn't give this information – as wrong as it may be – to the media. That was when I realized something that made me laugh even harder. 

“I realize that you must feel as if it's impossible, Miss Granger, but I need you to trust me on this...”

“That's not it,” I said and managed to calm down, “I'm now laughing because I actually do trust you, I just realized...” I stopped talking as I understood how stupid I sounded. One doesn't just ramble on when talking to Lucius.

“Splendid,” smiled Lucius. He looked quite terrifying even while smiling. Lucius stood up quickly and grabbed his cane, I stayed seated. “Miss Granger?”

I closed my eyes briefly before I stared straight a head, looking at the wall behind him rather than in to his eyes. “Now that I'm associated with the Malfoy's, I suppose there's a risk for kidnapping? Aren't you very well known for your wealth?”

Lucius narrowed his eyebrows, not understanding what I was about to bring up. “I suppose...”

“Isn't that something I should be careful about? Perhaps I shouldn't... I don't know, wander off alone somewhere, say Diagon Alley,” I still didn't look at him, I knew that my courage would disappear if I did so. “Draco told me that you found that a bit dangerous and risky.”

When he didn't say anything, I glanced at him to see how his eyes flashed with sudden anger but that was all the emotion he showed, he went back to looking calm after just a second. “Really, now? What else did Draco tell you?”

I met his eyes and dropped my voice to a whisper, “Everything.”

He looked sceptical and in deep thought – it was as if he tried to convince himself that I didn't really know everything. But I did. “Everything,” he repeated and walked over to my side of the desk, I swallowed hard. “How much is everything?”

“I know what you did,” I said and refrained from repeating to him what Draco had told me about the day that his father had hurt him. “Draco told me everything.”

“I see,” I heard disgust in Lucius voice, I also heard regret. Perhaps I shouldn't have brought this up... But I felt that I had to.

“Look,” I said after a moment of silence, “Draco asked me to look past what you had once done, not only to him but to me and Harry – and I have. I've really tried to have an open mind towards you and I rather like what I've seen so far. You seem different, and... The reason I brought this up is because I need to know why. Why did you do that to him – your own son? Why?”

Lucius stood completely still by my side, seemingly lost within his thoughts. It wasn't hard for me to guess what he was thinking about. I bit my lower lip hard as I thought about Draco; what would he say when he heard that I had brought this up with Lucius? I lowered my eyes to look at my hands and I think Lucius felt better when I broke eye contact. Guilt washed over me as I thought more about Draco, and I wondered if Lucius noticed the change in me. Still, I needed answers.

“That night,” began Lucius quietly, “I acted like every other Malfoy would've. It's not something I'm proud of, but it's the truth. It was all I knew and when Draco said what he said – I acted without thinking, without understanding how much I hurt him. I... In hindsight I realize how wrong my actions were, and Narcissa reminds me of that every single time we argue. As if I could forget. It took me a while to apologize for it, I'm sure he told you. I let my pride get in the way, but I've learned to forget about my pride when it comes to my family. To answer your question, Hermione, I lost it. There's really no other reason, I just couldn't deal with it and I acted the only way I knew.”

My eyes snapped up to look at him when he stopped talking and I didn't realize that I was close to crying until the tears blurred my vision, making me blink them away. It was a sensitive topic, and the tone that Lucius had made the whole thing ten times worse. I had never heard someone speak so honest and regretfully in the same time. No, I had – when Draco had told me about his memories. That had been even worse to hear, to be honest. A nod from me made Lucius release a breath I hadn't realized that he had been holding.

A silence fell up on us, and I wiped away the tears from my face. I understood that the conversation was over, but I didn't feel like leaving – I truly felt emotionally drained. Under such sort period of time, I had gone through so many emotions that I just wanted to sit in the comfortable, black chair for hours. A knock on the door made us both look at it, though, and Lucius seemed hesitant to open it, but after a moment he walked up to the door and opened it slowly. Narcissa smiled kindly at her husband as her face came to view. She peeked over his shoulder and our eyes met and her smile fell somewhat.


“Why is Hermione crying?” said Narcissa sternly to her husband and took a step towards him, and I could hear him sigh. I couldn't make out all the words he said, but it was something about me being an 'emotional teenager' or something along those lines. I fought the urge to snort. Narcissa looked at him doubtingly before settling for that answer. Her blue eyes caught mine then, “Draco wishes for you to go up to his room once you're done here. And then I wonder if I may borrow you for a while? You need a dress for later, dear... But don't worry, it wont take hours. I've actually already picked out a dress for you to wear.”

I gave a small nod and offered a smile as well, not really sure if I should just stand up and say 'oh, I was just leaving' or if Lucius wanted to say something else. So I just sat there, and waited for her to leave again. With another look at her husband,she gave him another smile before walking away, letting Lucius close the door again. He stood there for a while, just... stood there, silently. But then he turned around and looked at me.

“I think it's better if we don't mention this conversation to Draco,” he said smoothly and raised one of his eyebrows as he waited for me to agree with him. I nodded. “Splendid. Now, you should, you know, go to Draco. Wouldn't want to keep Narcissa waiting, would we?”

“Certainly not,” I said quickly and stood up. He opened the door for me and as I walked past him,I looked at him. “Thank you.”

I wasn't thanking him for opening the door, and he knew that. Nonetheless, he just nodded as if I had been thanking him for something as casual as that.

I hurried up the stairs that would lead me to Draco's room, he was probably nervous to see how I had reacted, and to be honest, I had no idea what I was feeling about the whole thing. I just knew that I was confused and nothing seemed to make sense. But I did trust Lucius to take care of this, it was about his family after all. Everyone knew that Lucius was very protective of his family. This didn't mean that I wouldn't think about it, or ignore it. It was too big of a thing to ignore, that much was obvious to me. A trip to France would be just what I needed with all this drama in England.

I reached the door and decided that it was better to just get it over with, so I gave one light knock before opening the big wooden door and stepping inside. Draco had his back against me as I closed the door behind me, but then he turned around to look at me. His eyes big and he licked his lips nervously as he scanned my face trying to figure out if I was upset with him, or if I were about to throw something at him. He looked down at his feet and put his hands in his pockets before he glanced up at me. He looked as if he was silently asking “How much trouble am I in?”

“I'm not mad at you,” I sighed. Draco seemed genuinely surprised at that and he straightened up and looked at me curiously. “I'm just disappointed that you didn't tell me yourself.”

“I know, and I really am sorry, but I really couldn't stand seeing your face when you... No one wants to tell someone that, you know? I just couldn't...”

“It would've been better if you had done it, rather than having Lucius do your dirty work, Draco,” I said with a bit of a colder tone, but then I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, “I'm not mad, okay? I just think you could've handled it all in a better way, but what's done is done. We can't let this come in between us, it's exactly what she wants.”

His eyes traced my face again, looking for something that I was hiding, or maybe that was just how it felt since I was hiding something from him? I could feel my face becoming more and more red by the second and I walked further in to the room, to avoid him looking at me. I pretended to search for something, a shirt, my wand, anything. However, just as I passed Draco, his hand grabbed my upper arm softly and I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked innocently up at him, and he looked down at me suspiciously.

“There's something you're not telling me,” he said slowly and raised one of his eyebrows, “Am I right?”

“No,” I said, too quickly, and the blush on my face became a darker shade of red. “Look, your mum wants to see me, so I should hurry...”

Draco kept his hold of my arm for a while longer, then he released me and gave a small shrug. I knew that he knew that I was keeping something from him. I just didn't want to tell him, because I didn't want him to yell at me. Which I believed that he would if he knew that I had brought that up with Lucius.

I walked over to the other side of Draco's bed and grabbed some warm socks from my trunk and put them up quickly. Mostly because I didn't want Draco to figure out that I hadn't actually been searching for something, but also because the floor in the Manor was freaking cold. I cleared my throat.

“When is your aunt coming?” I asked and managed to sound very causal about it. I stood up straight and looked at him. He shrugged, and scratched the back of his head.

“Don't know, I'll go ask father while you're off doing whatever you're going to do,” he said and shrugged again.

“I'm going to try on a dress with your mum,” I said with a small smile and hoped that he would snap out of the suspicious and strange mood he was in.

“Ah, want me to come?” his face softened at the sight of my smile and he even offered one of his special crooked smile himself. He strode over to me and I smiled even wider as he put his hands around my waist and pressed his lips softly to mine. To anyone else, it would've just been a normal kiss, an every-day-kind-of-kiss. But to me, it was so much more. Because every time he kissed me, it was different. Everytime it surprised me, and every single time it made my head spin – even if the kiss only lasted for two seconds. His lips left mine far too soon, and I stared in to the depth of his grey eyes.

“No, I'm fine. You'd be bored anyway, I'm sure. You should talk to your father, like you said,” I stopped talking for a second and then I took a deep breath and gritted my teeth. “You told my father about Pansy being pregnant, didn't you?”

Draco froze and groaned silently. “I might've...”

I huffed and untangled myself from his arms and headed towards the door, seemingly ignoring how he called my name. When I reached the door, I turned around and looked at him, I couldn't think of anything to say that would sound even slightly mature, so I ended up with; “Your mum is waiting, but don't worry, I wont break any windows.” 

And then I walked out and slammed the door. Something I regretted doing the moment I had done it. He'd been keeping that from me, true, but I was keeping my conversation with Lucius from him, too. I wasn't being fair, at all. I turned around and I was just about to open the door to apologize for my childish behaviour when Narcissa called my name and motioned for me to come to her.

I glanced at the door before sighing and walking over to Narcissa, who held the door open to her and Lucius bedroom. I walked in and gave her a small smile while silently wishing that I had gotten the chance to talk to Draco before being forced to go through dress-hell again.



It didn't take as long as I had thought to get my dress, seeing as Narcissa had been very clear on what she wanted me to wear. And as I stood in front of the mirror in Draco's room, I had to agree with her; the dress looked pretty stunning on me. Yet, it felt wrong wearing it. It was a beautiful dress, a soft pink colour, it was very simple and reached just to my knees. Looked like something one would wear in the summer, but Narcissa had insisted that I'd wear it to the dinner later. What made me feel uncomfortable about it was the fact that it was Narcissas dress. She'd worn it when she was my age, which had apparently been the same year that she'd gotten engaged with Lucius. Narcissa had been very sentimental today, and told me all about the good times of her childhood. I'm sure she left out the bad parts on purpose. Not that I minded, good was always better to hear about than bad.

However, as I stood in front of the mirror wearing Narcissas dress, I felt weird. Out of place, I guess. But I did feel honoured that Narcissa found me important enough to be allowed to wear one of her dresses.

I was putting a stray of hair behind my ear as the door opened to Draco's room and he walked in, no, more like stormed in but he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw me. His eyes roamed my body and I could tell that he was speechless for a while, before he swallowed. I only saw him in the mirror, so I was fairly sure that he didn't see me watching him. I turned around to apologize just as he began to speak.

“I'm so sor-”

“What the hell were you thinking?!”

I admit – it wasn't what I had expected him to say, or yell for that matter. I stood completely still while staring at him, was he talking about what I thought he was talking about? I shook my head almost unnoticeable to gather my thoughts. Lucius couldn't have been that stupid, he couldn't have told him... He had been the one to tell me not to say anything for crying out loud! 

“I...” I didn't know what to say. How had it gone from me being mad at him for talking to my father behind my back, to him being mad at me for talking to his father behind his back? 
“I can't believe that you'd bring that up with him! I trusted you not to say anything about that to anyone, including him, damn it!” He kicked his trunk which stood innocently by the wall and I flinched at the sound.

“Don't...” I said in a whisper and his quick breaths slowed down as he seemed to calm down a bit. “Please, don't yell at me, don't do this.”

Apparently it wasn't the right thing to say, as Draco threw his arms up in the air, “What? You can be pissed at me for talking to your dad, but I can't be pissed at you for talking to mine?”

“If you wouldn't have yelled at me the first thing you did when you walked in to this bloody room, then you would've heard that I was in the middle of apologizing for that,” I snapped. The stray of hair that I had tucked behind my ear fell in front of my eyes as I advanced him. “I know I should've told you, but Lucius asked me not to. And I'm sorry for being angry at you before, it was completely childish and immature and I shouldn't have slammed the door. I don't like what you did, but then again I did it myself so that makes me the biggest hypocrite in this house, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for that, and I'm sorry for abusing your trust. Go ahead and yell and destroy your belongings, at least now you know that I'm sorry.”

For a very long moment, we stood there and looked at each other. Draco was dressed up, not bow-tie dressed up, but he did have a tie – which hung loosely around his neck. His hair had become too long to style in to perfection, so he had just messed it up and it looked a lot as if he'd just woken up. I'm sure that the Tonks wouldn't mind. Draco didn't say anything, so I turned around to look in the mirror again. I wasn't really getting ready, but at least when I looked in the mirror I didn't have to see the anger in his eyes.

Before I even saw him, he had his arms around me from behind and I was being crushed. “I'm sorry, too.”

He buried his face in my neck as he repeated those words, while hugging me. I blinked a couple of times to get over the initial shock, but then I managed to turn around and I placed my arms around him and hugged him. “I shouldn't have brought it up with him, Draco. You're right, it wasn't my place at all. I just needed to know, you know... why.”

He whispered that he understood, and that it was okay. He had acted stupid, too, after all, he said. He looked deep in to my eyes as he spoke and I was so relieved to hear the softness in his voice again after the small, uh, argument. I was also glad to see that his eyes had lost their anger.

“Did he tell you why?” he mumbled and I nodded. He stiffened a bit. “Really? He actually... told you?”

I nodded again, “I've never heard that much emotion in his voice, ever. It was... interesting.”

“I can't believe you got him to talk about it, he usually shuts down if someone tries to bring it up. I don't think he's even talked to mother about it. Not really, at least.”

I let out a small 'hm', but didn't say anything else. Instead I reached up and gave him a kiss, and the previous tension vanished. All that was left was him and I – us. I could feel his smile beneath my lips and I couldn't help but to smile myself.

“We really should fight more often,” Draco joked when we broke apart, “We always make up in such lovely ways...”

“Need I remind you of the last time?” I raised an eyebrow and he thought back to the day I'd ended up in the Hospital Wing and he grimaced, “Exactly. We fight just about the perfect amount. It's not a constant bickering, and it's not like we keep our feelings bottled up waiting to explode. It's perfect.”

“We're perfect,” Draco said cockily, and I rolled my eyes. “Anyway, we should probably hurry up, Andromeda and her family should be arriving fairly soon.”

“Teddy is coming, too?” I asked surprised and thought about the wonderful little baby who looked so much like his parents already, at least he had the last time I had seen him. Which had really been too long ago.

“The kid? Yeah, his father is, uh, was Lupin, right? Professor Lupin? The... Werewolf?” Draco asked nervously and I had to swallow hard before I could answer.

“Yes, that's correct. But Teddy isn't a werewolf, so he's not dangerous in any way. He is an Metamorphagus, though. He got that from Tonks,” I said softly, trying hard not to think about Remus and Tonks, though it was hard. I thought back to the times we'd all laughed together, and then I thought back to the war, and how I had seen their bodies lying on the floor. Innocent lives that had been stolen, and a toddler had lost both of his parents. “He's adorable, Teddy is. You'll love him.”

“I'm not good with children,” muttered Draco silently, oblivious to the sadness I was feeling at the thought of Tonks and Remus. I nodded and forced a smile on my lips.

“Nonsense,” I said in a hurry, and all I wanted was to get out of there, to be alone for just a moment. “I thought I'd head downstairs now,” I mumbled and began to walk towards the door, I hoped he didn't notice how my voice shook as I spoke. Draco began to tell me that he wasn't ready yet, but I waved it off, “I'll wait for you downstairs, okay? See you in a bit.”

“Hermione,” Draco called out just as I opened the door. I turned around to look at him. “You look beautiful.”

I smiled at him, and mouthed 'thank you.'

I closed the door quickly behind me and leaned against it. I just wanted all the pain to be over, I didn't want to have to feel like this every time I thought about the past. But I did. I had the urge to slide down the door and bawl, but I wouldn't do that. Instead I just let out a frustrated cry and ran my fingers through my hair and told myself to get a grip. My eyes fluttered closed for a few seconds and I enjoyed the calm that came with the darkness. I opened my eyes to stare in to the mirror that hung on the wall across from me. To my surprise – I didn't look as sad as I felt. Perhaps that was because I was truly happy deep down, I had it all now, didn't I? Friends, love... life. Still, there was no way to ignore the pain that was there. I figured that it would always be there, and I'd have good days and bad days. This was not a good day, I thought with a sigh.

My head snapped to the side at the sound of a door opening. Blaise stepped outside and softly closed the door behind him and looked up – that's when he saw me. His grin was in place, but as he walked over to me, his face became more and more serious. As he reached me, he put his hand on my shoulder and I sighed and leaned towards him. His arms came around me in a light hug.

“Are you okay?” he mumbled, not all that comfortable in situations like these. I had no idea how he'd been able to tell that something was wrong, I had thought that I'd looked perfectly fine in the mirror. Blaise bit his lower lip before continuing, “Is it the Pansy thing?”

“You knew?” I hissed and wiggled out of his embrace to glare at him, “You knew and you didn't tell me?”

“You know it wasn't my place to tell you, H...”

I snorted. “That's never stopped you before.”

Blaise opened his mouth to object to my words but closed it again. He knew I was right. Blaise looked at me pleadingly, looking more like a puppy than ever and I rolled my eyes.

“But no,” I continued, “That's not why I'm, eh... upset.” Blaise put his hand back on my shoulder and gave a little squeeze, as if silently urging me on, but yet telling me that I didn't have to tell him if I didn't want to. No pressure. “It's nothing, really. Draco just brought up a sensitive topic, is all.”

Blaise grimaced – he seemed to know exactly what I meant. “I see,” he said, “Are you okay, though? Do you need something, say... a hug?”

I smiled at his words, and that was all I had time to do before he basically attacked me by throwing his arms around me and pulling me really close to him. I could hardly breathe as he hugged me, but nonetheless I hugged back. His warm body felt good against my colder one.

“Girl, you're freezing. It's a cute dress and all, but isn't a bit too chilly to wear that today?” he said as he broke the hug and upon seeing my facial expression, he broke out in laughter. “Lemme guess, Narcissa?”

“Yes,” I muttered, “She put this on me and told me that it was her old dress... I couldn't exactly tell her that I just couldn't wear it because it's a bit cold. I mean, it's her old dress. Isn't that like... I don't know, kind of a big deal?”

Blaise nodded and raised one of his eyebrows. Then he took out his wand and I looked at him sceptically, I didn't really trust him with his magic. I closed my eyes as he said something under his breath and I became comfortably warm. I broke out in a big smile and opened my eyes again. “Thanks.”



Blaise and I decided to walk downstairs together as we waited on our two blondes, and as we had nothing better to do, we went to look for Narcissa and Lucius. Blaise was very eager to see Lucius face when he saw me in the dress I was wearing, and I couldn't say that I wasn't curious about that as well. Blaise led me in to the kitchen, where we found Narcissa and Lucius sitting by the rather small table that was placed in the middle of the room. Narcissa had her back turned against us, so she had to turn around to greet us, and she gave me a very big smile and said that I looked lovely. I glanced over at Lucius who were staring at me, his face expressionless. I was a bit upset with him because he'd told Draco, but I decided that it wasn't worth bringing it up again.

I swallowed hard and felt a bit awkward as he took in the sight of me without a word. I glanced to my side to see Blaise's grin. My eyes flickered back to meet Lucius' and his lips curved up in to a small smile. I couldn't keep from smiling myself, and I blushed furiously – something that made Narcissa laugh softly, and Blaise joined in.

“Doesn't she look stunning, Lucy-ius...?” asked Blaise, and smoothly covered up his almost slip-up. I could've hit him. Lucius raised an eyebrow up on hearing his question, and he looked fairly amused. However, when he looked at me again, that amusement vanished.

“Stunning, indeed,” he said softly and very polite and looked at his wife, and I felt as if I was watching something way too private. The look he gave her... it was so much alike how Draco looked at me sometimes, and just as I thought about Draco – he walked in to the kitchen, Amber following right behind him. She'd been lucky enough to choose her own clothes, so her dress was a bit longer and a bit warmer. It was a beautiful blue colour and it fitted her perfectly. If anyone looked stunning, it was her.

Draco took my hand when he was close enough and I turned my head to the side to look at him and he winked. His eyes twinkled mischievously and I raised my eyebrows at his smug expression. I looked away from him as his mother stood up and I almost backed up as she walked closer to us. I had never seen her looking so serious before.

“Draco Malfoy, if you don't behave this evening, I swear to Merlin...” she threatened in a low voice and poked his chest with her finger and he nodded once and then she walked past him. He turned his head to look down at me and rolled his eyes.

“If you don't behave...” he repeated with a girly voice and I shook my head, amused. “Anyway, should we follow my dear mother? I think she expects us to greet the Tonks as they arrive.”

I nodded once and then we walked towards the entrance to the Manor, all of us. I could barely keep from giggling as we stood there, and waited. Who did that? And that's not the worst thing, we also stood in pairs. Narcissa and Lucius, Draco and I, Blaise and Amber. It was as if we were expecting royalties to come walking through the door, when in fact it was just Narcissa's sister. I assumed that it was just me that thought that they were exaggerating this whole thing. Because everyone around me looked more serious than I had ever seen them – well, not really, but almost.

And the silence, it was torturing. I had to bite my lip not to laugh. I almost jumped as Blaise cleared his throat, making me look at him. When he had made sure that I was the only one that was looking at him, he began to make funny faces – he had apparently seen how close I was to laughing and was determined to push me over that edge. Thankfully to me, he was standing really close to me, so I elbowed him in the ribs. Hard. He let out a way too loud groan and that seemed to be the trigger. Narcissa sighed, Lucius took a very deep breath, Amber giggled, Draco couldn't help but to chuckle and I looked between them all before I let out a soft laugh. Before I new it, all of us 'kids' were laughing, while Narcissa tried to calm us down. She wasn't succeeding, at all. Even Lucius seemed far too amused for her liking, and she ended up throwing her arms up in the air.

“Get a grip, people!” she shouted over us, and at that even Lucius couldn't keep from chuckling, “You think this is funny?”

Lucius shook his head. “Not even a little bit. It's very... dull.”

Narcissa studied his face, while the rest of us tried to keep silent while we waited for her to say something. “Oh, to hell with it,” she muttered and that was it – a hysterical laughter broke out from Blaise, and we all joined in, and within seconds, Narcissa was laughing, too. That's when a POP was heard and Dinky, the Malfoys house elf, appeared in front of us.

“Your guests are here, Master Malfoy,” he said with a low bow, and then he glanced up at Lucius to be given instructions on what to do. Lucius nodded towards the door, and Dinky hurried towards it and then he opened it, as gracefully as he could and welcomed Andromeda, Ted and little Teddy in to the Manor.

Blaise hadn't quite calmed down when they walked inside, and the light atmosphere in the Manor didn't go unnoticed by Andromeda, who smiled upon seeing us. Narcissa hurried up to greet her sister, and the two hugged each other lightly. Ted, who had been holding Teddy in his arms, put the little two year old down on the floor to greet Narcissa, and Teddy instantly hid behind Andromeda's leg, while staring wide eyed at all of us.

His hair was slowly turning from dark brown to a bright orange, and I smiled at him. His eyes widened even more when I did that, but then he slowly seemed to relax a little bit, even though all of us standing there had been a bit overwhelming for him. He took a small step away from Andromeda and the slight confusion in his eyes turned in to curiosity instead and he took another step, this time towards me.

I bent down so that I'd be on the same level as he was, that way I assumed that he would be more comfortable coming up to me. I was right, he sped up and almost fell over as he made his way towards me and I had to reach out and take a hold of him so that he wouldn't fall on his butt. Somehow, that amused him and he let out a giggle that made me smile even wider.

“Remember me?” I asked him, and he tilted his head to the left before he gave a small shrug. I wasn't really sure if that was a yes or a no, but I smiled anyway. Then I noticed that a lightning scar appeared on his forehead and his hair turned black and he smiled. I kind of understood what he meant. “I'm Harry's friend, yes.”

“'Mione,” he said proudly and grinned, and I heard Andromeda laugh somewhere above me. Slowly, Teddy allowed himself to look like himself again, though he kept the dark hair.

“He's been practising on pronouncing your name for hours,” she said softly and I stood up to greet her, “I keep showing him pictures of you and Harry and Ron so that he wont forget about you guys in between your visits,” she smiled and we hugged each other quickly. “How've you been? It's been so long!” 
“I've been good, a lot better than I was the last time I saw you. You?” I asked politely and then Teddy poked my knee, making me look down. He grinned and lifted his arms up, wanting to be picked up – that much I understood. I picked him up easily, and placed him on my him.

“Oh, Hermione, you don't have to!” Andromeda hurried to say, but I just waved it off. “Sure? I can take him...”

“It's fine, honestly. I haven't met him in a long time so I'm more than happy to spend time with him.” 
Andromeda smiled, before she had to turn around to greet Lucius, and I could tell that there was some tension between them, so I moved out of the way a bit. I walked closer to Blaise, who was looking at Teddy with a very wide grin on his face.

“Hello, little one,” said Blaise and poked Teddy below his ribs, making Teddy laugh despite being slightly scared of Blaise. “Is it true that you can change your hair colour?”

Teddy beamed up at Blaise, and nodded as fast as his little head allowed him. “Mwanna see?”

Blaise nodded and glanced between me and Teddy as Teddy furrowed his eyebrows and focused on the task at hand. Blaise had asked him to turn his hair purple. It started in the roots, but in a matter of seconds, his whole hair had turned a bright purple colour and Blaise and Teddy grinned at each other.

“You're living amusement, kiddo!” Blaise laughed and ruffled Teddy's hair before he asked him to do some other cool things. When Teddy looked at him questioningly, Blaise asked him if he could morph in to Blaise. “Wouldn't that be cool? A mini-version of me!”

Teddy closed his eyes and focused so hard that his face became red, before letting out a frustrated sigh. “I'm too youwng fwor that...”

“It's okay, buddy,” said Blaise and patted Teddy's back in a very manly way, and I laughed, “Why don't you show me some of the coolest things you can do, then?”

Teddy's little head nodded all too quickly again, and he let go of me and held his arms out for Blaise, and Blaise stared at him wide eyed. I sighed, “Blaise, he wants to go to you.”

As soon as Blaise had taken Teddy and begun to walk with him towards the table where dinner was being served, I heard a small chuckle just by my ear and spun around quickly and bumped in to Draco who was smiling at me. “Having fun?” 
“He weighs a ton for being so small,” I said and stretched my back.

“I can give you a massage later,” said Draco with a shrug and took my hand and we began to walk in the same direction as Blaise and Teddy(who had now been joined by Amber). I told him that I'd hold him to that, and he just smiled at me and leaned in to steal a small kiss before we reached the table.

Then I sat down between Draco and Blaise, who had Teddy in his lap, and I had one of the funniest, craziest, greatest dinners I've ever had. 

But the highlight of the evening was without a doubt when Blaise and I played with Teddy after dinner, and Teddy knocked over his pumpkin-juice and managed to ruin Lucius' expensive robes. I don't think I've ever heard Draco laugh that much – ever. It wasn't until after that scenario that Draco decided to give the toddler a benefit of a doubt, and sat down on the floor next to me and Blaise, and introduced himself to the little gentleman on the floor.

It was pretty clear that Teddy liked his relative, because he spent the following hours with blonde hair. 

I looked between Teddy and Draco and smiled. I inched closer to Draco and he turned his head to the side to look at me. I leaned in and pressed my lips to his. It would've been so romantic, if Teddy hadn't interrupted us by walking up to us and pushing us apart. Then he grinned gave us both a kiss on the cheek. I laughed and Draco joined in, while ruffling Teddy's hair. I leaned against Draco's shoulder and took a deep breath. The day might have started out horribly, but it sure did end in the best possible way. 

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