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Bellatrix Black was one crazy bitch. Have I mentioned that? She’s been hunting me since the little brawl in the corridor. It was a week ago and the fucking hyena was still out for my blood. It’s a good thing the Marauders knew most of the passages in the castle, or my ass, and the rest of me, would have been broken by now. One little fight, and she’s all butt hurt. She did more damage to me than I did to her! Fucking CRAZY BITCH!

Okay, so I might be a little twitchy, and a little snappy; it was the paranoia of looking over my back every five minutes.

And yes, I will admit she kicked my ass. I, too, hurt her so it was kind of even. If she would stop hunting me down like a starving toddler who sees cake, I wouldn’t be so sour.

I jumped as a hand touched my shoulder on my way back to the Hufflepuff tower. Did I mention how inconveniently close it was to the dungeons, where the Slytherin lair is? Too frickin’ close!

“Didn’t mean to startle you,” Viper said lightly, her eyes dancing with amusement, “…okay, maybe I did. You just seemed too vulnerable. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

I glared at her, “You suck.”

“Pepper imp?”

“…Fine, you don’t suck.” I took a couple of pepper imps and put them in my pocket for later.

“Have you done your astronomy homework yet?”

“No,” I said looking at the ground, “I was just getting my things to do that. And get caffeine. Coffee was the best discovery ever!”

Have I ever mentioned my love for coffee? I loved it. The bittery bitterness of black coffee, the sweetness of flavored lattes, and the awesomeness of everything else just made me all jittery inside. And awake, allowing me to procrastinate until the night before the assignment was due. Coffee was the answer to school. Seriously, without it I would have failed so many classes.

After chatting about this and that, I soon found my star chart and other astronomized utensilish things and started the long journey across the castle to the Astronomy Tower, located all the way near the Gryffs. It was an irritatingly long walk sometimes. There were times when the walk was welcome; the castle was quiet, I was quiet, my mind wasn’t quiet but it tried to be. Other times, though, like right now, the distance was long. And no one was around to offer to walk me.

I’m jumpy right now, remember?

Man, Remus’s aunt was sick last night. Quite the shame that he had to go, he could’ve helped me on my astronomy homework, he was rather good at it.

So, merrily on my way I went; skipping and humming to go do homework, stay up until 3 a.m. with homework and have coffee as my buddy and mentor. God, school could be dreadful sometimes.

I’ll admit that there was no skipping and humming, or merriment. And coffee wasn’t my buddy or mentor. It was my savior. The 3 a.m. and dreadfulness of it all? That part was true. More true than I had known as I first non-skipped without merriment to the Astronomy Tower.

Really, I must have had the luck of a dust bunny in a house filled with people suffering from the severest OCD.

The way I usually would take required a password. The tapestry of an aardvark had a nasty habit of changing the password on whim, and it seemed only the Marauders knew when it changed the password. It made me a bit suspicious, but it wasn’t too surprising. They could get just about anywhere in the castle, no matter what precautions were in the way. Lucky bastards.

So, I had to take the forty-five minute way to do my homework. It was already ten at night, there was no way I was going to be in bed by midnight. My hope for sleep was once again banished from my mind.
On my way to the Astronomy tower I heard two people arguing from a corridor nearby. I would tell you that I wasn’t usually curious, but I would be lying horribly. I’ve always been quite the curious one, and it’s gotten me into trouble on a few occasions. So naturally, staying in the shadows, I got a closer look to see who was arguing and over what.

“You’re a fool to believe them,” a deep voice rumbled with unleashed anger laced with disappointment. It was a strange combination, but that’s what it seemed like; more disappointment than anger, but the anger was still there. Make sense at all?

“They have valid points, Sirius. Surely, you agree with them to some extent…” It was Regulus and Sirius, I realized. What were the both of them doing in the corridor this late at night? Surely it was not a coincidence.

“They’re stuck in their twisted ways of how the world should be. Their dreams are demented and fucked up, if you could call them dreams. Our parents are just proof that we’re in a shitty world filled with shitty people eating the shit that people feed them. Blind obedience will get you nowhere, dear brother.” Sirius’s sarcasm was thick enough to substitute syrup on my pancakes.

It was a moment before Regulus spoke again. “You left me with them,” he said in a quiet voice, looking at the ground.

I knew I should’ve left at that point, but I couldn’t. It was like a sick part of me wanted to stay and watch these broken brothers feud. Kind of like watching someone falling out of a wheelchair, it wasn’t meant to be amusing and you shouldn’t be watching, but staring was the only thing you could seem to do this. Don’t get me wrong, though, I found no humor. Just the inability to look away.

“Dammit, Reg!” The sound of flesh making contact with a wall resounded. “You don’t have to fucking do this! You need to stand up for yourself, grow a fucking backbone!”

“I’m not you!” Regulus’s voice was loud enough to match his brother’s.

“I can’t be so heartless and cruel! I can’t leave my family! I couldn’t stand the disappointment. You don’t know what they’ve been doing since you left, Sirius.”

Sirius adopted a menacing look, his face red as Lily’s hair. “The same thing they’ve done to me the past damned ten years, when I started getting my own opinions. The same thing that made me run away.”

“They burned you off the family tree, Sirius! This isn’t all fun and games as you seem to think it is!”

“You fucking think the scars on my arms are fun and fucking games to me? Well, whoop-id-dee-fucking-do! I had one hell of a fucking blast at home!”

Regulus glared at his brother. “In your way of trying to break away from your family, you’ve lived up to the family name. Black. You’re just as horrible as the rest of us, despite opposing our cause. You’ll never escape your blood.”

“Get the fuck away from me, Regulus, before I bash your pathetic head in.” Sirius watched as his brother took his advice and walked down the corridor. “FUCK!” he screamed, his fist wailing against the stone wall repetitively as he tried to get his aggression out. It was strange to see. I was almost tempted to stop him, but in his rage it probably wasn’t best to cross his path.

One hour later, after watching out for Bellie-boops, I was in the Astronomy Tower looking at my star chart frowningly. I’ve always wanted to be an astronomer, the stars have beautiful myths and I was pretty good at Astronomy. Remus was better, though, which is why I liked studying with him. His eyes were as deep as constellations. I suppose they still are, but the war has taken its toll on him. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Halfway through my chart I got distracted by the moon. It was so pretty and bright. I loved the full moon. It had an angelic feel to it. The way it lit up the world in a discreet way was very….intriguing…

Wait a minute.

Holy fuck!

The full moon….not someone’s ass, but the full moon.

Remus goes away every about every full moon.

That’s because he’s a werewolf!

Well, duh! It only took me about six years to realize this out. Wow, my blonde’s showing. SIX years! Count ‘em, six! Now count the days! I don’t wanna.

That’s a little bit weird…okay, really weird. It’s the weirdest thing ever. Anyone but Remus and it wouldn’t have been too weird. But it was Remus. That was just weird.

I suppose I should be at the freaking out stage, but I have an uncle who’s a werewolf. I don’t see him much, though. My mom was really a squib, not that anybody knows that (not that it mattered), but her brother was considered a “closet relative.” He was also a werewolf. The two were actually unrelated. He turned into a tap-dancing transvestite who sold his body for candy. He was amusing, though. And a good dance partner. He got killed by a kangaroo, bless his soul. Apparently, too much firewhiskey is a bad thing.

So, I’m not prejudice against werewolves. It’s just weird that it was Remus. Kind of hot, though.

Oh look, there’s weed in my pocket!

A/N: I know you love these end of the chapter readings. Sorry it took so long to get this one out. I was going to try to make the argument longer, but I couldn't brain enough, so I figured a page of arguing would be alright. It took a while to write because I wasn't sure if I should write this one or not; it's original service isn't going to happen (thank you, Deathly Hallows). It was going to play part in the whomping willow/ snape thing, but that didn't happen in seventh year, and I'm a nazi when it comes to timelines. JK's word is boss and I will not alter it. Thank you, and goodnight!

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