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     Draco finds himself waiting on the rock cliff the next day. He picks up small rocks to throw at the girl as he walks up the thin trail. If magic is going to frighten her off, he’ll have to annoy her some other way. He spends the morning on the rock ledge, building a makeshift hideaway with leaves and tree bows. He sits cross legged to test it, making sure he is well hidden, but still in throwing range of where Granger’s clearing will appear. 

     Malfoy does not notice how late it is until the sun is high above his head. Granger has not shown up. He waits until the sun is far behind the mountain tops before giving up and going back to the hovel.
     Draco tromped around the forest for two more days. There was no sign of Hermione Granger. He would have given up, but each time he was about to head back into town, he would catch a whiff of the awful smog and hear the honking horns and the screeching tires from the bustling muggle streets. 

     On his fifth day in the forest, he gives up on Hermione. He is wondering through the woods, following a set of stag tracks when a twig cracked in the distance. He strains his ears to hear footsteps approaching. Draco runs sideways into the bush and jumps behind a large, bushy shrub. He peers out through the branches to see, only ten feet away, Hermione passing him. Her hiking boots step sturdily on the rocks as she passes Draco’s hiding place. She notices nothing. Draco notices the lack of length to her shorts. He snickered inside himself. Granger isn’t such a prude after all.
Hermione breaks off into the woods towards her regular spot, casting her usual protection spells. As she casts a circle of trees around her, Malfoy sneaks closer to get a better look. 

     Draco hides behind the second layer of Hermione’s trees. At this distance, he can hear the advanced spells Hermione is shooting out. Her curls bob up and down as she shoots beams of green and blue every which way. Draco shifts himself further into the trees, hiding himself in the shadows. 

     “Accio acromantula!” Hermione screams. 

     Draco throws himself behind the tree, clasping a hand over his mouth so not to scream. A huge, fifteen foot spider appears out of nowhere. It is stunned for a moment, then notices Hermione and begins to charge. 

     “Incarcerous!” Hermione screams. Ropes fly out of her wand and wrap around the large spider’s legs. It flexes it’s huge legs and snaps the weak strands easily. 

     “What the hell is she doing?” Draco mumbles, backing up slowly. 

     The spider begins to charge at Hermione, bearing its fangs. 

     “Locomotor mortis!” Hermione screams. 

     The spider falls to the ground, all eight legs useless. It is still snarling and bearing its fangs at Hermione.
     Hermione steps closer to the creature, “Avad-“ She stops half-way through and takes a breath in. The spider continues to thrash and bite at the air. Hermione steadies her shaking hand. 

     “Avada Kedavra!” A flash of green light spews from Hermiione’s wand. The acromantula lies lifeless on the ground. “Depulso.” Hermione says quietly. The giant, lifeless spider disappears. 

     Hermione takes in gulping breaths of air. She lowers her head a little and lifts the bottom of her shirt to wipe the sweat from her face. 

     Draco watches the mudblood facing him. Her shirt rises, exposing her milky white stomach. He holds in a breath. He can just see the bottom of her pink bra peeking out from her uplifted shirt. A stick cracks underneath the step he did not know he took.
Hermione drops her shirt and raises her wand in the blink of an eye. She spots Malfoy in the forest. He has stepped between the trees and is in plain view. Draco begins to turn and run. 

     “Sectumsepra! Petrificus totalus!” She runs to the Draco’s limp body lying on the forest floor. His leg has a huge gash in it. The blood is oozing through his grey slacks. 

     “Where are they?” Hermione screams, pointing her wand at his back. 

     “Where are who?” Draco struggles to say though his face is squished against the ground. 

     Hermione grabs his shoulder and turns him over quickly. She points her wand at his throat. “Where are the other death eaters?” 

     “What are you talking about?” 

     Hermione keeps her wand at Malfoy’s throat. She whirls her head around. Her curls bash against her face. She sees no one. 

     Hermione grabs Draco’s throat with her nimble fingers and apparates. 

     She pushes Draco’s head against the hardwood floor of her room, still gripping her nails into his throat. 

     “Let me go, I’ve done nothing!” Draco screams. 

     Hermione quickly performs a silencing spell around her room, then walks to her dresser in the corner of her room. She pulls out a small vial of varitaserum. She walks back to Draco’s limp body lying in the middle of her floor. 

     He tries to lock his jaw, but Hermione points her wand at his throat again and he gives in. She drops three drops onto his tongue. He swallows, watching the anger and hatred in Granger’s brown eyes. 

     “Who sent you?” 

     “No one.” Draco says, still trying to move his arms and legs. It is no use. 

     Hermione steps back and sits on her queen bed. A deep red comforter covers it. “Where are the other death eaters?” 

     “There aren’t any death eaters here, you dimwitted mudblood. There’s only me and Snape.” Draco’s eyes widen and he tries to clamp his mouth shut.
     Hermione looks curiously at him. “Did Snape send you to kill me?” 

     “I wasn’t trying to kill you.” 

     “Why are you and Snape here?” 


     “Malfoy,” Hermione laughs, “Even you can’t stop veritaserum.” 

     “We’re hiding.” 

     “From what?” 

     “Everything.” Draco says, his head falling back on the hardwood. “The wizarding world wants us dead. The ministry will put us in Azkaban. I don’t know what the dark lord will do with me.” 

     “Why would Voldemort hurt you, you’re bloody well one of them.” 

     “I’m not.” Draco says matter of factly, “I was supposed to receive the dark mark after killing Dumbledore. I didn’t do it, Snape did.” 

     “But you let the death eaters into the school.” 

     “I don’t know if that’s enough for him.” Fear flickers in Draco Malfoy’s grey eyes, if only for an instant. 

     “Why did you and Snape come to the muggle world?” Granger says. 

     “The whole god damned wizarding world is after us, Hermione! Where else would we go?” 

     Hermione shivers at her name leaving Draco’s lips. She sits in silence for a moment. “But why here? Did you know I lived here?” 

     “No. This is Snape’s home town. It’s the first place he could think of.” 

     Her eyebrows rise with curiosity, but she pushes on. “Why were you spying on me in the forest?” 

     “I was bored.” 

     Hermione blinks. “You weren’t going to hex me, jinx me, mock and ridicule me?” 

     “I was going to throw rocks.” 

     “Why didn’t you?” Hermione keeps her wand trained on Malfoy’s neck. 

     “Well, I was a little distracted by the fifteen foot spider! What the hell were you thinking?” 

     Granger does not answer him. “You were the one doing magic before. Have you been watching me since then?” 

     “You didn’t show up for three days.” Draco tries to shrug but can’t. 

     “How did you know it was me?” 

     “I didn’t.” 


     “I cast a magnifying spell to see you. That’s what you felt.” Draco says without a hint of emotion. 

     Hermione sits still for a moment thinking. “Why were you watching me in the first place, if you didn’t know it was me?” 

     Draco’s eyes widen. He looks frightened for the first time all afternoon. His eyes dart around the room. His lips wrench themselves open against his control and he mutters out something, too quiet to hear. 

     “Oh, spit it out, you ferret.” Hermione says angrily. 

     Draco closes his eyes and winces, “Your breasts.” 

     Hermione’s eyes widen. She stares blankly at Draco’s thin form lying still on her floor. Draco keeps his eyes closed, refusing to make eye contact. 

     Hermione stands from her bed and walks to Draco’s body. She grabs hold of his shoulder as he twitches from her touch. She apparates to a deserted park in the middle of town. 

     She bends down to his left foot and pushes his slacks up to his knee. 

     “What do you think you’re doing, Granger?” Draco stutters. 

     She looks around quickly check that the coast is clear. Hermione points her want and mutters something quietly and the large gash on Draco’s leg clots and heals. She pulls his pant leg back down. 

     She stands and points her wand at Draco again. 

     “Stay away from me, Malfoy,” She says with force. 

     She undoes her body bind spell and disapparates home, leaving Draco alone in the park.

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