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Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize. To make it even more clear, If you recognize it, I don't own it. The only things I own are Pheobe, Rachel, Maegan and Cassandra. Everything else belongs to J.K. Rowling, so don't sue me. Now, on with my story. Its my first one, so be sure to tell me what you think . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It had been a few minutes since the hall incident, and Lily and Pheobe were sitting at a table in the common room trying to finish some homework. Neither was having much succes as Pheobe was surrounded by little paper balls and Lily had her head in her hands. Lily sighed loudly, she was lost in thought. Pheobe stopped contemplating banging her head on the table and looked up at her friend. "What is it?" She asked Lily, pushing a random paper ball onto the floor. "I am just not going to get anymore of this done." Lily replied, stuffing her unfished runes homework into her bag. "Me either. I can't believe the proffesor, giving us two whole rolls of parchment! And due next monday!" "Could you help me?" A pretty girl asked, coming up behind them. It was one of their friends, Cassandra. Cassandra was tall and tanned. She had beautiful chocolate brown eyes and a winner smile. Her hair was down to her shoulders and it was black, the ends dyed cherry red. She was looking at Lily and Pheobe hopefully and held out her arithmancy paper. Pheobe took it and frowned. "Divide, add and then um....multiply." She said, pointing to various points on the paper. "Thanks. Hey, guys, are you coming to the quidditch match tommarow?" "Yeah," Said Lily smiling. She was picturing the Gryffindor team, flying around the pitch, victorious. Then, she saw a single face. It belonged to James Potter. She was thinking how cute he was when he caught the snitch, that funny little grin plastered to his face.....then she caught herself. She shook her head in disgust. She looked quickly at her friends and was thankful they hadn't noticed her little episode. No, Pheobe and Cassandra were deeply immersed in an argument over quidditch. Lily took hold over her bag and rose from her seat. She heard the portrait door open and looked up. A mistake. She saw that James and his friends were walking through the door. Her hand jerked for some reason and she dropped her bag. This, her friends noticed, partly, because Lily was always so careful, and partly because her books were was her ink. "Oy! Watch it!" "Sorry!" Lily said, picking up her things, she hurried up to the dormitory. Pheobe came into the dormitory a few minutes later to find Lily staring out the window. She smirked. Pheobe and Lily had been friends since they came to Hogwarts. She could practically read Lily's mind. "Not dreaming about a certain trouble maker with messy hair I hope?" Pheobe asked trying to keep from saying anything else. "No." Lily said quietly, then she got what her friend meant, or rather, who. "No!" "Uh huh." Pheobe replied, smiling. "I wasn't!" Lily insisted. "Didn't say you were." "Youre smiling." Lily said turning around. "Is that a crime?" "It is when youre planning something." Lily said, narrowing her eyes, but smiling as well. "Me? Planning something?" Pheobe said innocently. Lily snorted. She doubted that Pheobe could be innocent if she tried. "Alright, what? What is the mastermind planning?" Lily asked, grabbing a pillow. "To get you to go out with James. You know you like him. Your in denial, thats what I think..." But Pheobe was cut off because a flying pillow hit her in the face. "Ok, thats it, this is war!" She cried, grabbing another pillow. The next few minutes were occupied by flying pillows, feathers, and laughing girls. Cassandra came in the room. She was immediatly bombarded with a pillow. "Hey!" Then she saw the mess that had settled over the usually neat room. Pillows were everywhere and feathers were strewn over the six beds belonging to the seventh year girls of Gryffindor. She smiled. "Guys." But they didn't hear. "Guys!" She raised her wand and yelled, "Immobulus!" The fight immediatly slowed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go on, next chapter.

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