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Beautiful Chapter Image by Mistletoe @ tda. 
Andrew Wood
This chapter is dedicated to all who cried at the last.



“Charisma!” Ellie was hovered, hanging upside down from her broom. “Are you in or out?”


Nodding furiously in agreement, I gave her the thumbs up and flew across the pitch to meet her.


I have been avoiding James like the plague. I sobbed, I cried and I embarrassed myself more than ever thought imaginable – and still there was no change. He was nicer; I’ll give him that, just back to how he was before. But still when I looked in to his eyes, I saw pain.


And it kills me because I don’t know why.


“Ok!” Fred shouted across his Europe-sized garden. “On the account that our Captain isn’t here, I am now in charge.”


“WHO SAYS?” Drew demanded. He happens to have a very loud yell. I know this as he just shouted in my ear. I am now half deaf.


“I DO!” Fred screamed, desperate for the position.


Dixie sat on the side lines and tried to make herself heard from the ground. “Guys, Fred can do it this time, Drew the next!” She always was a surprisingly good peace keeper for her persistently anger-filled little body. Dixie only was considerably smaller than the rest of us, something Drew found great pleasure in constantly pointing out.


Oh, and also because of his absence, Lily shall be taking his place as chaser and Rose as keeper, because Polly is staying in America with her Gran for Christmas!” Kyle announced and gestured to Lily who was helping herself to a broom from the trunk.


We had arrived at the Weasley’s an hour ago. Our first decision was simple, dump our belongings on Freddy’s bed and peg it in to the garden. We began by simply flying – something I needed to do. I needed to escape, to not return. A part of me wanted to fly towards the trees and to loose myself, to not come back.


The Ministry has allowed Teddy to return home to Victoire, and me to remain with the Potters. Teddy being more messed up than me was unable to face me before he left. I don’t believe for one moment that one of us did it. Not for a second.


Well, maybe a millisecond.


My friends are acting awkwardly. At first they didn’t know what to say to me, what to say at all, so they said nothing. But they soon lightened up – it was now mostly normal. My family was never mentioned before hand; so our topics of conversation aren’t all too different now.


Teddy hasn’t left the house; Victoire says it’s because of guilt. I went to their place yesterday morning, I stood outside the front gate and stared, I couldn’t seem to make myself push the latch and force it open. My body wouldn’t allow me. I wanted to see Teddy, but I couldn’t face it. I didn’t know, I just don’t know! James stood with me, watched me for a while before allowing me to turn around and just walk away.


“Come on Price; GET YOUR SEXY ARSE OVER HERE!” Drew called to me; bringing a lot of attention to the situation. He fiddled a little with his grey hat, the woollen t-cosy that he never removed.


I nodded slowly, still no sound able to make itself from my mouth. I swiftly flew over to where my friends were beginning to huddle.


“Charisma, forget my brother.” Lily said to me before I reached the group. I nodded and tightly gripped my broom. She knew it wasn’t the biggest reason for my depressive state, but it was the only one that she was willing to mention.


Fred whistled, sadly attempting to re-create the whistle that would have been blown by Madame Hooch, the decrepit Quidditch teacher. He waited for Dix to release the balls from the trunk; she stared at him a little confused. We followed suit and looked towards our friend.


Fred unnecessarily yelled towards Dixie. “Just fucking open the trunk!”


She stared back at him for a moment, her eyes looking like they were about to spit fire. Her arms folded and she was sat in a classic Dixie pose that simply read ‘excuse me?’.


Fred rolled his eyes. “Just fucking open the trunk … please?”


It still astounded me the way that Dixie reacted to him; he was the only one who ever dared speak to her in that manner; anyone else would have run for the hills. She unfolded her arms and flicked the lock on the trunk. The Quaffle, Bludgers and snitch flew out at their own accord and began do their jobs.


Lily played like never before, swerving and diving with such professionalism she could easily rival her brother. She flat out refused to try out for the team though, something about not wanting to be under James’s authority. Rose shuddered in the hoop, she attempted to avoid Quidditch if she could, Roxy, Fred’s baby sister, would have played, but as our resident Ravenclaw she decided to stay and watch from her room instead. She accused us of only wanting to steal her tricks.


I caught the Quaffle with great persistence Lily she threw it in my direction, diving and ducking. I flew towards the circles that George had conjured up when he and Angelina first bought this house 20 years ago. They insist that we all call them Aunt and Uncle, due to the fact that I am an honouree family member. I love the Weasley and Potters; they are more of a family than I have. The only family I have.  


“Better luck next time!” someone called to Rosie as the Quaffle flew straight past her and through the ring on her right.


She glared in response, pulling a little on her jeans with a tight expression. I knew it well; she was trying incredibly hard not to fall from her broom. It wore itself out on my face for many years.


“Come on, people!” Fred groaned, stopping and waving his hands around animatedly. “PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER, YOU’RE PLAYING LIKE GIRLS!”


Excuse me?” Elle screeched from the other side of the pitch; release the wrath of Ellie, congrats Fred.


Fred snorted and held out his beaters bat, trying to keep her at least that length away. “I just mean that you can play better, alright?”


“Right then,” Kyle agreed dryly, flying up behind me and knocking the Quaffle from my grasp upwards with his fist and catching it easily with a subtle wink and a kiss to my cheek.


“In that case, come on women!” Drew encouraged, knocking Kyle’s shoulder with his bat. “Let’s do this!” He just upped the game.


It was incredibly intense for a back garden game of Quidditch. Play fights turned in to mock punch ups and for some reason Drew’s bat ended up down the back of Fred’s T-shirt and Kyle was wrapped around the trunk of a tree. The weather steadied, the snow storm drifted a little, meaning the once teeth-grinding wind became slow and small light snowflakes fell gently from the sky.


Drew stood up on his broom, showing off a rather spectacular amount of balance. He removed his shirt and threw it at me with a bow. Elle’s face glowed as Kyle joined Drew and let his shirt fall to the ground.


Boys are stupid.


“Fucking hell, Ellie. What are you doing?” Fred shouted at our seeker who was coincidently watching Kyle instead of the snitch that had just flown past her face. “Keep your eyes on the balls in this game, not the ones that belong to your boyfriend.”


Drew frowned and came to fly next to me. He balanced his bat in his grip. “You know, I’ve always hated James as a captain, but now … I love him.”


I rubbed my arms to warmth and blew hot air on to my fingers. I decided to rectify this problem by placing Andrew’s long-sleeved-shirt over my head and cuddled in to its long sleeves that I was forced to push back so the smallest amount of my fingers could be seen.


Its smell was intoxicating, in a good way. Drew always smelt nice; he only bought the best aftershave, making sure that he always wore it. I knew that I would smell like Drew for a week now.


Oh, look!” he taunted, pointing at me with a cheeky grin. “Look! Charisma is mine! She is wearing my clothes! Up yours, Harper!”


Dixie laughed; I could hear it from 20 feet in to the sky. Ellie joined her, flying to the ground for a moment. “Calm down Drew; she was probably just cold!”


They both looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer, each wanting a different one. I shrugged and smiled, obviously I wasn’t believable. Drew placed a hand on my shoulder.


“Are you alright, Charisma?” he asked, he used his real voice. Not the once that he put’s on for the ladies; the real voice that belonged to Andrew Wood.


I nodded a sniffed a little because of the cold.


“No you’re not.” He argued, refusing to take my nod as a proper answer. “You haven’t spoken since you got here. You haven’t spoken for days.”


I looked down towards the floor. “I have nothing to say.” I voice came out a choked whisper, it was unused, it sounded strangely rusty, as if the words didn’t come from me.


Drew shockingly lifted me from my broom and placed me on to his. He held mine in his left hand and wrapped his right arm around me. “Yes, you do. You’re like Fred; you always have a comment about something, even if it makes no sense.” I laughed, for the first time is a few days I generally laughed. I knew he was being careful not to mention James, Drew is no fool, he knew something was wrong between us.


“That’s it!” he stated, using his ‘player’ voice. “Laugh at the Drew-my-ster!” I shook my head in disbelief and sat around on his broom so I could lean back in to his chest. He wrapped his arm around me tightly so that I would not fall.


“Drew, Charisma,” Fred shouted from a few feet away. “I seriously doubt that the Quidditch Handbook includes broom sex, you can check if you wish.”


“Fred?” Lily questioned from behind us both. “You look as disappointed and angry as you did when we told you that it is impossible to have a Dalek as a Patronus.”


He coughed and denied it completely. It was a known fact between us that Fred had a thing for this Muggle Show Doctor Who, whereas when I went around Ellie’s we basically lived off of a show called Friends. “KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME PEOPLE, HEAD IN THE GA- oomph!” Fred was cut off by begin smacked in the back of the head, full pelt by a bludger.


“Oops … sorry.” Kyle announced, obviously, the abuse of sarcasm in that sentence should be made illegal. He handed Drew back his beaters bat.


“I’ll give you sorry!” Fred retorted flying forward on his broom towards Kyle who had just sped off in the other direction.


“Guys,” Dixie called up from 20 feet below us. “Do you think he could have a concussion? Kyle hit that kind of hard!”


“Nope; this is Fred were talking about.” Drew joked.


Ellie screwed up her pretty face. “Yeah, he’s probably had more Bludgers to the head than any other player in history.”


“Is that what’s wrong with him? I always thought that it was a birth deficiency.” Rosie said, flying over to us as we landed on the ground.


“Or his parents dropped him on his head a lot when he was a baby.” Lily added shrugging.


“Hey!” Uncle George shouted, jogging out of the house. “Do not question my parenting skills, woman!”


Lily shrugged and laughed, causing others to join in. She always had that ability, the contagious laugh. It was rare, and helpful in a traumatic or sad situation.


“Oi, Dad!” Roxy called from her bedroom window three floors up, the curtains blew out of the frame.


“What?” Uncle George replied.


She pulled her hair over her shoulder and pointed out in to the trees. “Fred just fell from his broom and Kyle’s trying to pick him up.”


“He what?” George’s voice suddenly hired an octave or two.


“Yeah they’re in the kitchen now, just thought …. that I’d mention it.” Roxy said as her Dad began walking back in towards the house. Immediately, we all dropped our belongings and ran in to the kitchen, pushing Uncle George out of the way as we went.


There was a moment where everyone spoke over the other, asking if he were okay. It was consideration mixed with curse words. A mixture of sound and voice could be heard as we all ran in to the warm kitchen from the freezing snow.


Then everything went silent.




Everyone turned to stare at Kyle. “I didn’t mean to hit him that hard.” Everyone stared at him in disbelief. “Okay, well I did but I didn’t think he would react like this, his head is as hard as rock! He’s got a bloody concrete skull!”


Uncle George pushed through the crowd. “Just be glad that his mother isn’t home.”


“Yeah, she’d replace you with the chicken in the Sunday roast.” Lily added. I walked over to the countertop where my wand was. I could have used that bandage spell that I nicked from Scorp, but there were no cuts.


“Try the freezer love.” Drew shouted from across the room.


Fred moaned from the sofa. “Not so loud, wanker.”


I reached in to the freezer and get out an ice-pack that is always placed at the front. We would usually use magic, but due to the fact that none of us were trained nor did we trust ourselves enough to charm his head, an ice pack would do.


It usually worked too, the amount of injuries that we have hidden from Aunt Angelina with the help of a good old muggle ice-pack. It saves a lot of trips to St Mungo’s too.


I handed the pack to Rose. “There you go, Captain.” She said, placing the pack on the back of his head. “Still feel in charge now?”


“I may be concussed, but I am still your honouree captain, now go clean up the back garden.” He said pointing outside. Uncle George’s laughter really complemented the groans from anyone under the age of eighteen.


He muttered in my ear, “He’s defiantly my son.”


Drew threw his arm over my shoulder and nestled his cheek in to my wild hair. “What are you going to do, George?”


Dixie rolled her eyes and continued to play nurse over Freddy, it was beginning to be one of those rare times where you witness a true budding romance coming together – okay, scrap that, he made a comment about her bum and she slapped him.


“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do!” Fred retaliated, doing a pathetic attempted to kick Kyle in the shin. “When I no longer see two of you Kyle, I will eat you.”


“And on the note.” I muttered turning around. “I’m gunna go clean up the back garden, Captain!” I added saluting to Drew who followed me loyally, still his hand in my pocket.


Fred raised his arm and pointed to me with a smile, “my favourite player.”


I walked outside and begun summoning the brooms around me. Drew let me go and I tossed him a broom. He went up to catch the Quaffle. I’m sure that Lily had the snitch in her pocket and the Bludgers flew freely around the pitch. I ducked one that came flying rather close to my feet.


Drew landed closely to me and strapped the biggest ball in to the biggest dip in the box. He grinned at me while picking up his bat and tapped the box tauntingly. I smiled, knowing this procedure already. James would never allow me to help with it, he always said that it was too dangerous. Drew tapped the trunk again loudly as the two Bludgers quickly flew towards the two of us. I held on to the lid of the trunk as drew dropped his bat and lifted it to his chest, helping me slam down the lid and capture the balls.


We rolled back on to the floor in defeat and allowed the trunk to jump up and down in annoyance. My eyes drifted to the aforementioned hat. “Charisma,” Drew asked. “Do you think that Fred’s going to be fine?” 


“Drew, sweetie, he’s going to be fine. It’s Fred were talking about.” I reassured, placing my hand on his shoulder. I began to crunch the snow with my other, I sat up straight and he followed suit.


He chucked. “You know, I don’t ever think that he matured from that boy in third year that decided that the rule of gravity was above him and jumped off the top of Hagrid’s cabin and landed face first in the Pumpkin Patch.”


“That was so worth the injuries he obtained.” I teased, flicking the side of his face with some wet snow.


The front door swung open and Kyle strolled out. “You guys alright?” He called, walking over.


I nodded while Drew smiled. Once again it was a natural smile, not the fake one. He was really showing himself today. I liked it, this was Drew, I missed him. He disappeared one day in forth year, around the same time that James realized that girls did indeed have breasts.


He sat down with us. Kyle looked up towards the door. “So look who finally decided to join.”




There was no girlfriend in sight as he strolled over towards us. He was in desperate need of a haircut, and his eyes were tired. I tugged nervously at the hem of Drew’s shirt and wished for nothing more than to simply disappear.


“Hi.” James said.


Kyle stepped forward, cherily jogging over to man-punch James. The others had no idea of the non-really-speaking-terms between James and me at the moment, for some reason only Drew had managed to sense it. I turned around and casually strolled back in to the house, ignoring the look I received from both the lads. Drew caught up with me quickly; I guess he had taken on the role of my protector, one that James should have had from the beginning.  


Drew put his arms over my shoulder while standing behind me, and rubbed his nose playfully in to the back of my head. Dixie and Fred had moved to the sofa in the attached living room, she held the ice-pack to his head.


“What’s up, Chic?” Rosie asked me cheerily as I entered the kitchen, a slight look of suspicion appearing on her face as her eyes wandered to Drew.


Lamely I let my lips pout. “James is here.”


“And why are you not jumping for joy, you always jump for joy when Jamesy-poo arrives.” Fred called from the sofa in the living room.


Lily jumped down from the kitchen counter. “They’re not really on talking terms right now.”


“But I thought that you lov-“ Rose began.


“I do.” I said quickly.


Ellie shrugged and helped herself to a crisp from the packet that Drew had gotten from the kitchen cupboard. “I don’t understand why you guys aren’t talking.”


“There’s nothing to say.” I breathed.


“He has been a bit off lately.” Rose admitted, a little too loudly. I’m pretty sure that it was intentional.


“Yeah, he was off that day he came here.” Drew announced. “You remember that time he came for dinner and was really annoyed about that fact that he was eavesdropping.”


“WHAT?” Lily, Rose and I screamed in unison.


Drew looked taken back. “Well he was eavesdropping on you and Teddy in the kitchen-“


“Oh, fuck!” I screamed, the loudest I had for days.


Ellie dropped her crisp. “You just swore.”


“I believe that it’s an appropriate time,” Lily deadpanned. “Right, so what you said to Teddy couldn’t have been that literal. He probably misheard.”


“She announced her undying love for him.” Fred called from the sofa.


Rosie looked shocked. “I doubt that she would do that.”


“No, that’s pretty much what happened.” I was rooted to the spot as I tried to control my breathing; there was none.


“Okay, I can now see a reason to panic.” Lily said. “But on the upside we at least know where he went now.”


Questions flooded in to my mind, erasing any rational thought that I once had. How could he eavesdrop? How could he do that to me, why would he do that to me? He’s my best friend, doesn’t he trust me? But why didn’t he just ask me about it? Is that why he went AWOL? Is that why he was ignoring me before?


“I think she’s having a seizure.” Drew stated. I snapped out of my trance and noticed Drew and Dixie standing infront of me incredibly worried.


“I’m fine.” I said quietly even though any particularly happy emotion had vacated from my body. “Well, alongside the disappearing act, we also know why he was avoiding me before the whole; I might have killed my parent’s thing.”


Kyle said. “Hang on, what this about you murdering you parents?”


Lily sucker punched him in the stomach. “Yes, Kyle, because that was caring.”


“It’s fine.” I said sharply.


All my friends knew that was my parents were killed, they had no idea who, or what by. A lot like us still, the incompetence at the Ministry still left us with nothing. “I shouldn’t have brought it up.” It was then that I realized that they didn’t know about Teddy nor myself either. They really should know these things for times like these.


“Erm, the Aurora’s are loosing it.” Lily stated, covering up the mess that I had just created. “They believe that any of us in our street are a suspect, Charisma is just taking it a little harder, because of, well, isn’t it obvious. She’s, well … somebody please shut me up?”


Drew walked over to me and Rose stuffed a napkin in to her cousin’s mouth. The redhead hit back. I ignored the miniature fight that broke out and focused on Drew’s face. “You couldn’t have done anything Charisma.” He stated simply. “It’s not you; you’re unable to be dangerous, evil - any kind of bad really. You’re an angel, you need to rebel up!”


I snorted and looked over to Dixie she raised a brow. “Any who’s, back to this whole, James came to your house thing.”


“Yeah we covered it up. We told him about you and that Nate guy, cause you like that Harper, prick … please woman you gotta like that Harper guy.” When Drew noticed my look. “Fuck you don’t like Harper; you like Jamesy-poo.”


It had finally dawned on him.


I turned to check that he wasn’t eavesdropping again and then turned back to the guys. I thought that I was about to break down and cry.


“Oh, love.” Fred comforted, getting up from the couch and stumbling over to me, enveloping me in one of his gigantic Fred-hugs.


“We’re all screwed.” Lily stated from the sofa with her arms folded. Everyone turned to look at her like she was insane. “You guys are so stupid, thinking that you are so smart and quick thinking about leading him on to a trail about Nate Harper. Fuck, now Jamesy-poo feels betrayed that Chic wouldn’t mention any of this to him before you lot.”


Oh, I see why that could be a problem.” Drew stated obviously, before tipping the packet of crisps in to his mouth and putting the wrapper in the bin.


“Yeah, but he didn’t tell her about Evie Lewis until the deed was done.” Rosie pointed out from the corner of the room.


I shook my head. “But that’s just childish; at least he mentioned it to me. I didn’t tell him about Nate because he would have been rude about him, and I didn’t want that.”


Wandering over I collapsed on the sofa between Lily and Dix, the latter placing her hand on to my shoulder and muttering possible curses that she could use on James. I pulled a pillow to my chest and buried my face in it.


“I don’t want to interrupt a moment here, but they’re coming inside.” Drew was looking out the back window.


He knows, he knows everything. The why didn’t he say anything? I still feel like crap from the moon and my body has now betrayed me again. I feel like my insides have back flipped and gone in to panic overdrive. I need my old James back. My James, my best friend. The James that I love.


“Honey,” Lily said quietly in my ear. “I really doubt that this would matter due to – recent events. But, go easy on him. He’s trying his best.”


When he came in to the room everything was normal. They were good at covering up awkward situations, my friends. Kyle walked in and took Ellie’s hand, and James thrust his thumbs in to the pockets of his jeans.  


Elle and Kyle went to talk to Drew while Dixie and Lily left me on the couch to go over to Fred and Rosie, leaving me totally alone. James slowly walked over to me and sat down.


He didn’t speak for a minute or two, and we both knew that Lily was obviously watching, not making the slightest attempt to cover it up.


“Hello,” he said. When I didn’t reply he leant his head back, resting his neck on to the back of the sofa.  “Are you ok?” he asked in slight desperation of the situation, before realising that it was a stupid question.  


“I’m fine.” I answered shortly, not looking at him, desperately trying not to look. Don’t look.


He nodded and murmured something that sounded like, ‘that’s good’.


It was quiet once more. He looked at my clothing and noticed Drew’s jumper he blinked twice and looked away.


Refusing to look away from the bookcase in front of me I asked him, “Where’s Lewis?”


“We both decided that it was better if she spent the rest of the holidays at her own house.” He answered, still looking at me. Why oh why is he looking at me, it’s really not helping on my part. “Especially due to the fact that she’s a bit scared of you right now.”


I laughed, I sounded rather cynical, like a maniac in training. James ignored it.


“So … do you wanna come back to my room?” he ventured, sounding hopeful but somehow still doubtful.


My eyes drifted over the titles of the book as I told him, “I’m fine in Lily’s thanks.”


Once again … silence.


“Charisma, love - please say something?” He pleaded.


“What is there to say?”


He pulled at his hair, looking as if he were trying to pull it out. “Charisma, please.”


I still refused to look at him, but I didn’t need to see him to know the look he wore in his eye. It would break my heart. He always knows how to weave back in, no matter how many mistakes he makes he can always squirm his way back on to my good side all with a look.


“Please talk to m-“


“What is there to say James?” I snapped. “You heard the stuff she said to me; she’s been saying that to me all throughout the year and you just let her. I let her do it because you were happy. And then you change, you just changed, YOU WEREN’T YOU ANYMORE.”


He heard the crack, the way my voice seemed to spit the words out, as if they were on fire. They burnt my mouth as they left them, my tongue betraying me in a manner I considered entirely unfair. I clung on to all of my Gryffindor strength as he took hold of my arms and wrestled me off of the sofa and out in to the garden.


Being the good friends that they were, they all let him as I screamed for him to put me down. He lifted my feet off of the ground, holding on to me under my arms, carrying me as you would a struggling child.


I resisted the urge to kick him in the shins and simply begged him to stop, saying his name over and over again.


“Charisma, please listen to me.”


“What make you think that you’ve deserve my attention?”


 For a moment he seemed to falter, trying and failing to take my hands in his he simply begged again, “please.”  


“Please?” I mocked. “Liar, cheat, deceiver, Judas, wanker.”


“Charisma.” His eyes flamed.


“I can’t believe.” I continued ignoring him. “That you could be so egotistical, conceited, arrogant, self centred-”




“haughty, big-headed, deceitful-




“dishonest, disturbed, blind-


“CHARISMA!” He bellowed, the mere volume of his voice making me stop in my tracks. He took this to his advantage, pulling me further down the snow covered garden. I stood there, like an idiot, my jumper too long for my arms and bare foot. “This is just because your emotions aren’t in check right now; you’re angry because of your parents.” He said. “Take a moment to calm down. But I deserve everything you shout at me.”


I shook my head. “This has nothing to do with my parents.” I hissed. “How dare you bring them up.”


“What is going on inside your head?”


“Me?” I asked, feeling slightly drunk but with the absence of alcohol. “Me? What has been going on with me?” My temper flared and I stamped my foot on to the crisp ground. “WHAT THE HECK HAS BEEN GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND THE PAST TWO AND A HALF MONTHS?”


James shook his head and gave me a look that was similar to one as if I had grown another head.


“I can’t take it anymore.” It had only been a week and I could already feel my heart dying. It was obvious that my voice was breaking.


“You probably hate me right now don’t you?” He asked. I inhaled sharply in a gasp of shock.


“James, I could never hate you.” I vowed. “I don’t like you when you’re an arse to me and I don’t enjoy it when you decide to go out with the daughter of Satin.” I went on, reaching out for his hand in the cold air, suddenly feeling the need to know he was there. “But never could I hate you.”


Noticing that he didn’t correct my awful name for his girlfriend, he only swallowed a mouthful of air. “Then you might consider talking to me again.”


“I might.”


“And you might consider being alone with me.”


“I think that I’ve already proved that haven’t I?”


I looked up in to his eyes; his expression was the worst that I have ever seen. It looked like he had broken in to pieces. James Potter looked hurt, broken.


A small tear trickled from my eyes as the rush of hurt and guilt rushed through me.


“I can’t see you cry.” He said slowly, his voice breaking itself. “I want to hurt the people that hurt you and to know that I am to blame for your tears … It’s enough to kill me.” 


“You won’t die James.” I muttered. “You won’t leave me too.”


He wasn’t crying, but he was on the verge of breaking down. He was hurt, I could see that, he was so easily upset but he would never show it. I felt slightly smug, to know that my silent treatment and tears were enough to make him sad.  


“I’m sorry.” He begged. “I’m such an idiot; I just can’t see you like this Charisma. It breaks my heart.” There was a brief pause. “I need you.”


I blinked and ran a trembling hand through my hair. I didn’t have time to answer before he took and other step towards me and pulled me in to him in a loving hug. He held me for what seemed like hours. I was stood on my tip-toes and I tightly wrapped my arms neck. His hand held me tightly as if he would never let me go. He kissed me on the head, through my hair, but it still felt like heaven. I knew that he would never intentionally hurt me. But I also knew that he couldn’t help what he does.


And when he lets go, I will feel empty once again as he returns to Evie Lewis.


This is one of my favourite chapters. I have re-written it so many times, some as I have enjoyed it so much, but mainly as I find it so perfectly fitting, that I wanted it to be that perfect. I don’t know if many of you will enjoy it as much as I, but I would like to know. This is a 13 paged chapter, you proud of me?

Finally, I thought that Charisma should be beginning to deal with the problems in her life. She is a strong person; she’s learning. Don’t forget to leave a review. 

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