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Hello everyone, thanks for the reviews, here's the new chapie :)
Huge thanks to Marla1 for her help :)

Chapter Nine

A New Prophesy


The atmosphere at the Burrow was simply depressing with everyone moving around, crying, screaming and mourning in pain for the loss of Arthur. The Weasley kids were gathered close to their mother who was close to breakdown. Ginny seemed in the worst state with her father and husband victims of Bellatrix Lestrange. The grandchildren were also there, numbly looking around, they lost their favorite, smiling, kind grandpa in a flash of light, literally.

Harry and Hermione were left in a corner, numb, watching everyone around them. The Order would have a meeting after the funeral but for now the only thing they could try to do was to wrap their minds around Arthur’s death. He wasn’t just a friend; he was a second father to both of them. He was one of the few who supported them when others didn’t… he was the closest thing they had to a father when they couldn’t have their own parents. Harry sighed, his mind was in a torrent of thoughts and worries, reflecting themselves to Hermione’s mind as well. Harry looked at her and she was the only reason that he did not breakdown.

Hermione was wearing a simple black knee-long dress with a large V neck, black heels and her hair was in a ponytail. Simple and beautiful he thought with the tiniest smile on his lips. He was wearing black trousers, a black shirt and tie without the coat as he felt suffocated already and black shoes. He was only glad his children were left in Grimmauld with his in-laws as the last thing he needed was to have to deal with that as well.

Harry closed his eyes for a moment, happy and joyful moments of his and Arthur rushing in his mind, he sighed as a choke rose in his throat but a warm hand against his jaw and cheek calmed him. He opened his eyes and looked at his wife, of so many years, she smiled sadly at him and they embraced, not being able to hold the tears any longer that day. He clung with her as she did with him; they started breathing in and out in unison, needing to relax as people moved around them. One thought pierced their minds: they and their kids could be next in coffins. Harry moved a bit away and looked at his wife at an arm’s length, their gazes locked.

‘It won’t happen, not to you, not to me not to the little ones. We’ll fight back like we have done so many times in the past.’ Harry said and Hermione smiled and nodded her head in agreement. He knew he could sound cliché but right now, the only thing he needed was to face the next days by his wife’s side, like he always did with her, bounded by marriage or not with each other. ‘Promise me, we’ll both get through this, together.’ Harry said and Hermione looked deep in his eyes, not wanting to make a vow she wouldn’t be able to keep.

‘I promise you, we’ll make it. Like always.’ Hermione finally said and Harry nodded his head and pulled her close again, crushing each other in the hug. Harry inhaled deeply and felt the fog leaving his mind, then it accrued to him, they had a prophesy to learn about and only one portrait would help them make it. Hermione heard Harry’s thoughts and nodded her head.

‘I will make the meeting later; we can go in Hogwarts with Minerva. We will leave everyone to relax for today and have the meeting soon.’ Hermione said and Harry nodded with a small smile on his lips, they had finally found ways to get closer to that prophesy.

The funeral finished in a haze, Harry wasn’t sure when he moved from the Burrow back to Grimmauld, he smiled when his children ran up to him and Hermione. They were the proof of the harsh reality, life goes on indeed and Harry knew that if he wanted to move on with his family, he needed to defeat a certain, crazy witch that strutted somewhere out there. 

Minerva had been informed of the couple’s late night visit and the only thing keeping them in Grimmauld Place was the letter they had received from Kingsley, asking them to see both of them immediately. The Potters were waiting quietly in the kitchen of the house as the rest were all asleep or pretending to be.

Kingsley showed up through the floo which was the only safe way for all of the ones who wanted to visit Grimmauld.

‘Thank you for waiting,’ the older wizard said with his deep voice as he greeted the house owners.

‘No problem, Kingsley, tell us what you know,’ Hermione said as she and Harry had both guessed Kingsley wanted to talk to them about the Prophesy.

‘I used all my powers in the ministry, under Anderson’s nose and learnt that the prophesy is one of the newest that were made and moved in the Department of Mystery.’ Kingsley said and both Harry and Hermione looked at him quizzically.

‘And that means…’ Harry asked.

‘That means that maybe, the oracle or prophet who made it, could still be alive somewhere so we have a chance of hearing that prophesy…’ Kingsley said and both Harry and Hermione nodded their heads, that was supposed to be good news but even if the person who announced the prophesy was alive, they had no idea where in the earth could she or he be.

‘As far as I know, most of the prophesies that have to do with British people come from the Mediterranean countries, it’s almost a wonder how Mrs. Trelawnly was the one to announce the prophesy about you and Voldemort,’ Kingsley said and this time Harry felt Hermione nodding as she probably had read something about.

‘She has Italian heritage,’ Hermione said and Kingsley nodded his head.

‘Of course she would…’ Kingsley said and Harry looked between his wife and his friend bewildered.

‘I don’t get it,’ Harry said and Hermione spoke this time. 

‘The old tradition of magic, the craft of the eldest countries being bound with the future of the newest countries…’ Hermione said and Harry looked at her confused.  Hermione nodded her head at him and smiled at his oblivious look. ‘But of course, you, love were daydreaming about Quidditch in History of Magic of our first year at Hogwarts.’ Hermione said and Harry smiled in spite of the situation.

‘Countries close to the Mediterranean sea are some of the most ancient on the planet: Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia are the countries that worked with magic since the dawn of time close to that sea, China was the one away from it and on the other side of the world, civilizations like the Mayas worked with magic. ’ Hermione said and Harry still looked at her confused.

‘The magic developed during the centuries by those countries who soon started taking over new lands, Greek people for example, with Alexander the Great took over lands for years and passed the magic by all those places until Alexander’s death and the crumbling of the empire. Romans who came closer to the other side of Europe fought with people like us and eventually took over them during the times of the Roman Empire before it could crumble as well, Egypt is another example but a smaller one since that was the country taken over by both Alexander and the Romans but that led the country to have a huge variety in magic. Anyway, my point is, that the countries that found, took over or simply have relations with countries and their magic that conquered others, have their magic bound with them.’ Hermione said and Harry finally seemed to get the picture.

‘Our Oracles or the ones we have, usually made the prophesies for people in Australia or India because during the past centuries Great Britain made colonies down there so the magic of our people is bound with them. Respectively, Portuguese oracles make prophesies for people in America since they were the ones who discovered the continent and their magic was bound there.’ Hermione said and this time Harry nodded his head in understanding, wondering when all that was said and he didn’t notice the slightest.

‘It was when you and Ron were daydreaming about your achievement of being the youngest Seeker in the Gryffindor team!’ Hermione exclaimed and Harry could hear the disdain in her voice so he moved closer, kissed her cheek and softened her a bit.

Kingsley smiled and nodded his head even he wasn’t sure how Hermione answered Harry’s thoughts without him vocalizing them, ‘Indeed, Harry, thank Morgana you have Hermione close to you, she’s not just a perfect student, her memory is remarkable.’ Harry smiled and looked at his wife.

‘That’s why I married the best,’ He said and Hermione elbowed him playfully, Kingsley smiled and nodded his head.

‘Time for me to go and have some rest, in a few hours I will have to be back in the ministry, if I have anything new, I will inform you, good luck with Dumbledore.’ Kingsley said and the couple nodded their heads and thanked him. When Kingsley was away the couple looked at each other and nodded their heads in silence.

A couple of minutes later, they were both coming out of the floo in Hogwarts’ Headmistress office. Minerva McGonagall was behind her desk, waiting for them as moonlight passed through the windows, the white beams across her pale flesh making her look even older.

The couple asked their old professor and friend to have the meeting at night, it was too dangerous for them to stroll around in the daylight now. The professor stood up and looked at the couple as they approached and greeted her. They sat down and Minerva with no further ado, looked up at the portrait of Albus Dumbledore.

‘My dears,’ Albus’ figure greeted the married couple who smiled back at the portrait, Harry could feel his heart aching at the feeling of things being repeated. ‘I know why you’re here, Minerva informed me, how are the Weasleys?’ Albus went on.

‘Not good,’ Hermione said and Albus nodded his head in sadness. Harry looked at Hermione for a moment and she nodded her head reassuring him both by her look and their bond.

‘Professor, we need your help, Bellatrix mentioned something about Horcruxes.’ Harry said and the figure nodded its head and sighed as he looked at the couple and then around the office.

‘I imagine we all underestimated her, there is no other option for her to have survived that night in this castle if not having some Horcruxes…’ the old man’s figure said and both Harry and Hermione nodded their heads in agreement as they had came to that conclusion the moment they saw her right in front of them in flesh and bones.

‘Can you imagine how she managed to make the Horcruxes or when?’ Hermione asked this time and Albus looked at her and nodded his head.

‘Bellatrix was always close to Tom, no matter what, she was there even if she could seem suspicious since she was a married woman…’ Dumbledore started and both Harry and Hermione listened to him carefully, their trained as Aurors minds were racing. ‘So she probably noticed his extreme care for some of the Horcruxes, like the Cup of Hufflepuff since it was hidden in her own vault… Or she certainly noticed Tom’s furry when Luscious Malfoy lost the diary of their master…’ Dumbledore started and the couple nodded and exchanged some words of understanding through their Bond.

‘Tom probably didn’t just shout at Luscious… and later on at Bella herself for the fiascos they inflicted on him, he must have tortured them for their mistakes…. I think Bellatrix guessed what was going on with the Horcruxes and she decided to make some of her own, even in a try to prove to Voldemort that she was worthy to be his best Death Eater instead of Barty Crouch Jr.

‘But I think she never had the time to make the Horcruxes because you, Harry my dear friend, beat Voldemort for the first time and she was captured.’ Dumbledore said and looked at Harry who nodded his head and let the figure to elaborate, so far everything seemed to make sense.

‘She must have tortured the Longbottoms in a try to find how Tom died, she probably wanted to know if she really should use the Horcrux of the Cup. That’s why she was so certain of Tom’s return when all the other Death Eaters or most of them ran away and tried to play innocent, that’s why she was so certain and she was screaming and declaring his return in that pensive I had showed you, Harry, all those years ago. She knew about the Horcruxes but she didn’t have the chance to exploit them to bring Tom back, like she could with the Cup in her own vault because she was captured. It must have been awful for her to know about the only way for Tom to be back and not being able to make him return because she was captured.

‘So she eventually helped her master and made her own Horcruxes since she saw with her own eyes that they worked… And I’m afraid she made at least her first Horcrux with Sirius’ death… if she wanted to be symbolical, she probably used Sirius’ murder for the first violent segregation of her soul. And I’m afraid that if she decided to made the Horcruxes by killing people of her family, Nymphadora’s death could also have been used for the making of a Horcrux and…Draco might be…’ Dumbledore said and Harry tightened his hands into fists to the point of feeling his cut fingernails digging into his skin painfully, Hermione’s soothing hand on one of his fists made him look at her eyes and her sympathetic look, soothing thoughts from her side were trying to ease the bitter ones from his side.

‘But I don’t understand why her tries of having some Horcruxes have anything to do with us and a Prophesy that she stole?’ Hermione asked as Harry didn’t seem ready to speak yet. Dumbledore looked at her with a hint of a smile on his lips.

‘My dear Hermione, this is the key I think, when Bellatrix was making her Horcrux back in 1995, your Bond was already active, I’m sure. There are many powerful combinations of magic in this world, combinations of objects like the Horcruxes of one person or combinations like the Deathly Hallows… and combinations of people like the Ultimate Love that the two of you share… I believe your Bond that was already active and her try to make Horcruxes are kind of bound with both of you since you’re linked as the ultimate couple first of friends and of lovers because you love each other so much and you always wanted to protect yourselves from threats like Bellatrix and she is bound with you because she made her Horcruxes as to survive the war, be like Voldemort –Harry’s greatest enemy- and ultimately, to save herself by people like you who were her immediate threat.’ Dumbledore said and the couple looked at each other, the thought of them as a couple being bound with Bellatrix by fate and magic just like Harry had been bound to Voldemort before made both suffocate in desperation, history was repeating itself.

‘I guess we need, more than anything to hear the prophesy.’ Harry pointed out and Dumbledore nodded his head and spoke.

‘Do you know how countries and oracles and prophets are bound with the people that make the prophesies for?’

‘I have explained to Harry,’ Hermione said softly as her mind was still far away in the possibilities of her and Harry having such a bounding point with one of their worst enemies.

‘Of course you would have,’ Dumbledore smiled at his old student. ‘Then you know that you need to research for the oracle or the prophet who made the prophesy before Bellatrix can get to her or him.’ Dumbledore pointed out and the couple nodded their heads still a little put out after all those pieces of puzzle being put together as to show such an ugly image. ‘Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.’ Dumbledore said before the couple could leave and he smiled confidently.

The couple left the Hogwarts castle in a haze, still needing time to adjust, they only briefly stopped before Dumbledore’s tomb, them and Ron were the only ones who knew that the Elder Wand was in there, when they apparated back to Grimmauld Place they exchanged brief words with Andromeda and a few other people. They disappeared to their bedroom, since their children were already asleep in their little beds.

  Without talking Harry and Hermione moved to the bathroom that was joined with the master bedroom and the two stripped each other and got under the magically, constant hot water. The stress and the worry was evident in their bodies as they ran the sponges up and down each other’s muscles and didn’t need long for both of them to seek some relief in each other as Harry moved closer and trapped Hermione between his body and the cold wall of tiles.

The couple slid down on the ground slowly Harry but held her close to him and against the wall.

They remained in silence for a few moments, enjoying the recovering from their coupling and the random thoughts that ran through their heads and bond. They couldn’t cry again, they had lost people, learned a big part of the truth but still, they couldn’t cry. They couldn’t spill more tears, there were no more tears, it was time for them to act and to do so fast.

Harry wasn’t focused on what was running through their bond but when he felt Hermione’s body stiffening against him and the thought of the Balkan case repeating in her head and in their bond he looked up at her to greet a shocked expression on the features the knew so well.

‘What is it, Hermione?’ Harry asked seriously, she looked at him with eyes wide.

‘The Balkan Case,’ Hermione said but her mind was blank in shock.

‘What about it?’ Harry asked impatiently.

‘The Balkan Case, it was about many people’s disappearances, some people who were believed to be prophet’s deaths… and all of them where in the Balkan countries and some countries close to the Balkans, what if Bellatrix and her army is behind the Balkan case… the Department of Mystery was in the trouble, Draco had said, the night of my birthday, he had said and we had agreed on whoever wanted some prophesy from in there was either British or  cared for some British people, what if the one is Bellatrix behind all that, she wasn’t trying to just have the prophesy, she took it and now she’s trying to destroy all the oracles and prophesies that could be the ones to have made it as to have none hear the prophesy but herself…’ Hermione said in a rush and Harry’s eyes widened as well.

‘You’re right…’ Harry said as they remained hugged in the bathtub, hot water caressing their bodies. ‘Oh sweet Merlin, that’s why we first found that Egyptians were being murdered and then people in Israel and Palestine and then a few in Italy and then in Bulgaria and Romania. But what if she found the one who made the prophesy… what if we’re too late?’ Harry asked and Hermione shook her head for the first time with a smile on her features.

‘Then we wouldn’t have the Prophet keep reporting deaths around the east Mediterranean coast… and she hasn’t made to it Greece yet, we have no report of deaths in Greece. Maybe because there are the most powerful oracles and prophets there and they know how to hide themselves best…’ Hermione said and this time Harry smiled as well.

‘Then we need to leave as soon as possible…’

‘For Athens, we need to find our friends there from the Auror department and have them lead us to the oracles and prophets of the area…’

Hermione finished for Harry and he smiled wider and kissed her lips, they may have lost the prophesy but they were heading for the source and that was finally the first step to beat Bellatrix or to at least find her Horcruxes…



OOOOOK now we have some clues haven't we? please review and tell me what u think, it's easier for me to have them in a country like Greece because i'm Greek and I know my country's history of magic (yep we have one...)
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