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*Author’s Note: Hullo friends(: I’m Alice and I decided to write this little idea I have and stuff! I know it’s short, but it’s just the prologue. I PROMISE that the other chapters will be a hell of a lot longer. I hope you enjoy it(: It’d be really kickass if you read and reviewed.






            Cheers echo around the Gryffndor common room. Everywhere you could hear people chanting things about Gryffndor Quidditch being the best. It didn’t really matter to me. All I wanted was to see Ron. Just seeing him smile in victory, would erase all my anger at him. I look around the room, and my eyes fall on the back of a redhead. My ears close, everything becomes slower. No. No. No. This isn’t happening. The back of the redhead was one I knew only too well, unmistakable. Ron Weasley, looking like he was having a wrestling match with none other than that tramp, Lavender Brown. But their faces were connected. Enthusiastically. Just as the greatest hurt flew through me, anger came. I whipped around, and stalked out of the room. As soon as I was out, the tears welled up in my eyes, and fell faster than you could say damn. I ran, to the closest empty classroom. I fall to the floor. I utter a sob, pain ripping through my chest. It’s as if there’s a giant hole.




            WE WON! I can’t believe it! ALL BEAUSE OF ME! I feel people patting my back, telling me congratulations, and nice play. Finally. I was just as good as my brothers, finally the star. It seems unreal. The one thing that was dampering my mood a tad bit was that Hermione was upset with me, as usual. There’s nothing I could do to please her. I turn around, feeling a tap on my shoulder. Behind me was Lavender Brown, the girl who had been eying me all of this term.


“You played really well today, Ron!”


“Oh, um thank you.” I muttered, blushing. Grinning, I see her get closer. Time slows down. Why am I doing this? Oh, wait. To get Hermione jealous, to show her I can snog too. Our lips meet, but there’s nothing there except for some spit. I don’t like her. But I keep on going. I have no idea why.




            I search the common room, looking for Ron. He is just so cute. I’m so going to make a move on him. It’s going to happen! I can tell! I finally see him, amidst a group of smiling fans. I bump through them, finally getting close to him. I tap his shoulder, vibrating with excitement.

“You played really well today, Ron!” I say, attempting to look alluring.


“Oh, um thank you.” He says, and redness fills his adorable little cheeks. THIS IS MY TIME TO GO! I step closer to him, and swiftly throw my arms around his neck and lock my lips with his. YES. I did it! I beat that Granger girl.




            I reach the bathroom and look at my face. It’s an ugly mess. But that’s expected. It always is. It’s just worse than usual. My eyes that are the one nice part of my face are puffy and red. My face is shining from tears. There’s little bits of mascara below my eyes.

“Ugh.” I mutter. I’ve finally finished crying, which is okay. But that doesn’t compare to the pain. It feels as though a giant sword has slashed at my chest, leaving an aching, empty hole. I splash water on my face, and rub away the mascara. It looks a bit better. I flip my head over, and pull my hair out of my face. A little air, there we go. I walk out of the bathroom, back to the classroom I was in before. Practice always distracts me. I prop myself onto the desk, and conjure the small yellow birds. I feel more relaxed now. Just as I am pulling myself together a SMALL bit, Harry walks in looking worried.

“Oh, hello, Harry. I was just practicing…” I say quietly, tears coming to my eyes again.

He looks at me awkwardly.

“Yeah…they’re—er—really good….” I nod, looking away.

            We stand there, awkwardly. “Ron seems to be enjoying the celebration.” My voice goes really high, and my tears spill over.

            “Er…does her?” He mutters awkwardly.

            “Don’t pretend you didn’t see him. He wasn’t exactly hiding it was—” I gasp as the door bursts open. No. My heart drops, my head spins. This can’t be happening…again? My eyes go black at the sides. I feel the world close around me. Ron and Lavender burst through the door. It’s quiet for what seems a lifetime.

            “Oh…” Ron says, shrinking out of the door.

            “Oops!” Lavender giggles, backing out of the door.

The silence is horrible. The hole in my chest burns around the edges.

            “Hi, Harry! Wondered where you’d got to!” Ron says, awkwardly.

I slide off the desk, not realizing what I’m doing until I’m walking towards him. I feel a cold wash over me, as if I am a figure of ice.

            “You shouldn’t leave Lavender waiting outside…she’ll wonder where you’ve gone.” I murmur icily. I slowly walk towards the door, and amaze myself. “Oppugno!”

            I’ve literally lost my mind, here on out. I watch the small flock of birds pecking him, clawing him. I feel horrible, the second I do it. I wrench open the door, and disappear down the corridor, going anywhere, anywhere but here.

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