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Revelations by byebye
Chapter 22 : Cold
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           Ginny was walking up the staircases to her temporary bedroom. She wasn’t in the mood to take the weird elevator thing. And she really didn’t feel like passing all the boys’ rooms. So here she was, walking up the wrong side of the house, mind wandering nowhere, when she heard them talking.

            Normally, seeing as they were the adults and in a bedroom together, she would have rushed up the stairs to the next floor. But she only heard a single sentence and she had to hear the rest.

            “Brett, why can't you just tell me who my son is?”

            The words were heart stopping. Hermione had a brother? And her mother didn’t know who he was? That could only mean one thing. So her mind jumped to a conclusion, doesn’t everyone’s? But it was the only possibility. Because he hid them right after Hermione was born, and someone would have said something before if they had had another child before.

            So that all meant Hermione had a twin brother. Her heart was racing, her mind running so fast that she only caught the last half of what he said.

            “-tell you.”

            “Why not? Don’t you think I have a right to know?”

            “Of course you do,” his voice paused slightly. “But I don’t want him to know. It wouldn’t be good for him to know.”

            “I won't tell him dammit! I won't say a goddammed thing to him! Do I even know him? Do I? Because if I don’t know him then I can't tell him can I?”

            “Oh, you know him Josi, you know him.”

            “Does he know he’s a wizard?”

            “Oh yes, he knows. The whole world knows.” There was silence for a minute and in that time; Ginny was finding it difficult to concentrate, to stop her mind from putting everything together.

            “Is he here with us?” The voice was barely audible, the words almost hard to make out through the wall the voice so trembled.

            “Yes.” This time, his voice was tense, as if he knew she would figure it out. But he could still stick by his word of not telling her who it was.

            “Harry?” Although there was no difference to the voice, Ginny felt as if the word had been shouted in her ear that was pressed against the wall.

            Then there was nothing. She waited for another few minutes and there was silence. Finally, taking a deep breath, she turned and ran as quietly as she could up the stairs. When she reached her floor, she saw Malfoy’s room. Unable to figure out something else to do, she knocked on his door.

            After a minute or so, she knocked louder, more hurriedly. When he opened the door, she felt a bit of calm wash over her.

            “Malfoy, we need to talk,” she said as she grabbed his arm and pulled him from the room.

            He looked over his shoulder in confusion, back at Hermione who just shrugged and stood from the bed. He watched her close the door as Ginny dragged him along to her room.

            “Merlin Weasley, what’s the hurry?” he asked as he finally ripped his arm from her grasp.

            “I just heard, and the whole, with the, no sense at all,” she said as she flung her arms around in big gestures.

            “Exactly,” he interrupted, “You're making no sense at all. Stop, rewind, play much slower.” She took a deep, shuddering breath and he pushed her down by her shoulders to sit on her bed.

            “Ok, so I was coming up the stairs, and I heard, I heard Brett and Josi talking. I know, I know, wrong side of the house. I just didn’t want to take the elevator and I didn’t want to deal with the boys.”

           “Ok, so what were they talking about?”

           “That’s what makes no sense. Josi asked what he did with her son-”

           “Her son?” he interrupted.

            “Yes, now let me finish. Basically the conversation went, he couldn’t tell her, and then she asked a few questions which he said were right. The whole conversation was just weird and with the fact that no one has said anything about them having another kid before hand, and since they couldn’t have had another kid afterwards, which leads me to assume Hermione has a twin.”

            “And you couldn’t wait to tell me this in the morning?” he asked, surprised that Hermione could have a twin, but more pissed off that she had interrupted… Well, something he considered much more important.

            “Well because the last thing I heard was her suggesting it was Harry, and then everything sort of came together for me. It does make sense. I waited but they didn’t say anything else, so I don’t know if she’s right or not but I'm pretty sure she is.”


            “Well, she asked if she knew him, Brett said she does. So that there limits it, and then she asked if he was here in the house, and he said he was. It couldn’t be you or any of my brothers, which means it has to be Harry.

            “They have the same birthday, his parents died all that time ago,”

            “You're right.”


            “You're right, not only is that all right and everything, Brett told me that there were complications with the Potter’s son. They really believed that Josi and her daughter died and that there son had pulled through. When Josi and her children lived and their son died. Ginny, what do you want to do?”

            “I don’t think we should tell them, but I'm sorry, I had to tell someone. I obviously couldn’t tell her or Harry, and you can't trust my brothers with something so important. And I definitely couldn’t tell any of the adults. Besides that, I trust you. Almost as much as I trust Hermione.” He nodded his assent and stared off out the window for a while. Then he stood.

            “Goodnight Ginny.”

            “Goodnight Draco.” And then he left.

            As he closed her door, he knew he wouldn’t be able to talk to Hermione anymore tonight. And he definitely couldn’t pick up where they left off. Going anywhere inside the house was not going to do him any good. He needed air and he knew just the place to go. He moved slowly up the stair case and gasped as the cold hit him.

            Sure, he was wearing pants, but pajama pants aren’t very good at keeping in the warmth when its ten degrees outside.

            Hermione was worried. Malfoy had left nearly an hour ago with Ginny and he hadn't come back yet. Surely what ever she had to talk about wouldn’t take this long. Sighing she moved out the door and stood outside Ginny’s bedroom. She knocked once and heard Ginny call, “Come on in.”

            “Ginny, I, where’s Malfoy?”

            “Hmm? Oh he left about thirty minutes ago. I though he went back to his room.”

            “No, no, well, goodnight.”

            “You want some help finding him?”

            “No, I think I know where he is.”

            “Goodnight,” she said as her friend closed the door. Sighing, Ginny climbed into her bed and flicked the lights off.

            She went back to their room and pulled on one of her jackets, grabbing two of his, and went to the door to the roof. Taking a deep breath, she pulled it open and walked swiftly up the staircase.

            When she saw him, he wasn’t shivering as he looked out across the landscape. When she called his name he turned and looked at her, lips blue with cold.

            “You're freezing,” she whispered as she stepped next to him and handed him his jackets. When he took them from her, she felt how cold his skin was.

            “Malfoy, come on. Let’s go.”

            He simply shook his head at her.

            “Draco, please?” she asked as she grabbed his wrist. He drew it back swiftly from her, feeling as if her skin were on fire.

            “Yeah, sure.” And then he walked past her towards the stairs. When they finally got inside his room, he was starting to shake from the differences in heat. She watched as he took off his jacket anyways. After a moment she said, “Draco, take off your clothes.”


            “Take off your clothes, your going to freeze to death if you don’t.”

            “Aren’t clothes supposed to help keep you warm?” he asked as he watched her begin stripping. “What are you doing?”

            “Sharing body heat you idiot. Take off your clothes or I’ll do it for you,” she commanded. Sighing, he began taking off his shirt. He watched as she dropped her pants to the floor. Then she climbed into the bed, pulled the covers to her chest, and then her shirt was gone.

            “Keep on your boxers. Actually, you can change those. They're probably pretty cool.” He nodded and walked into his closet, closing the doors behind him and changed into a new pair of boxer shorts.

            She was still lying in his bed, clad in only her panties, he realized, and he felt his body shake even more. He hadn't realized how cold he really was as he climbed in next to her. When he was flat against the mattress, she turned and lay her body across his, wrapping her arms beneath the bend in his back, intertwining their legs, and laying her head on his shoulder.

            He shuddered even more as he felt his body start to heat up. And they fell asleep that way, long after he had stopped shivering.

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Revelations: Cold


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