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The amazing chapter image made by love_jillmarie! Thank you! :D

Pacing the bathroom floor, she finally looked in the mirror. She looked good for her age, even if she was still in her early twenties. She had a lovely figure, but was still small for her height. But at the moment Hermione's eyes seemed a dull brown, and her hair, if it was possible, bushier than ever. She looked pale and seemed translucent in the dim lighting of her small bathroom. The petite brunette had been stressed lately, with work and her nonexistent love life. And yet, what she wanted the most from life, was more stress. 

A child. Hermione wanted one of her own. A daughter to read Hogwarts: A History to before bed, or a son to fret over while he played quidditch. She wanted to be a mother. 

There was just one problem: Love. It was too messy and she didn't want to get caught up in that. Was there a solution?

 Quickly, realizing the time, she finished dressing for work. Taking her morning coffee with her, she Apperated to the office. 

"Morning Penelope,” she smiled at her secretary.

"Morning Miss Granger. I have some messages for you. Miss Weasley and you have lunch plans today. And don't forget about your ten, twelve, and three appointments today." 

"Thanks Penelope." Lunch with Ginny. Well that was one good thing about this God awful Monday.


"What's the matter Hermione? You're  looking a little pale..." Ginny said trailing off.
"Oh. It's nothing. Just a little stressed." She replied.

"Oh come on Hermione! I tell you everything! Tell me what's really bugging you!" The glint in Ginny's eyes told Hermione she wasn't messing around.
"Well... It's just..."

"Well come on! Just spit it out Hermione!"

"I want... to be a mother, Ginny. But I don't want to mess around by falling in love. Love is a fools game. What do you suppose I do?" She asked feeling self conscious. 

"Merlin, what are you wanting? A kid without the strings attached? Isn't it normally the other way around? I mean a good relationship without a kid?"

"Yeah, well when have I been normal…" She mumbled.

"You got that right. Hmm... Well let me see if I've got this right. You want a kid, no lover, but a kid."  

"Well, y-yeah." She stuttered. 

"Any other things?"

"Well he has to be... decent looking. Not necessarily gorgeous, but decent. And no diseases that can be passed on to the baby. And well... Kind. I mean I'm not going to proceed to do anything with a guy that isn't nice." 

"Okay, got it. Nice, no diseases, and ‘decent looking‘, "Ginny said, putting air quotes around decent looking.

"Sounds right to me." There was an awkward silence that followed. When looking around for something to say, Hermione noticed the time. 

"Oh! I best get back to work. Thank you Ginny." She said getting up.

"I'll get back to you on what we talked about," she said winking.

As Hermione walked up to pay, Ginny yelled, "What about Fred? Or George?"

"I don't know..." The brunette said wearily.

"Think about it." the ginger said catching up to her, "It would be perfect. They don't have any diseases, they're nice to you, and well I don't know if you think they're good looking, but they're better than most."

"Well yeah. I guess your right. I'll think about it." Thinking about everything that had never happened between me and Ron, it might not be such a good idea to get caught up in another Weasley, much less two. "Hey, you're going to the Burrow tonight for dinner right?" Hermione asked.

"Unfortunately. Fleur and Bill have  some ‘important news‘. I bet you anything she's knocked up." 

"Or maybe they're moving." They both started laughing.

"Aw, who are we kidding Hermione? We both know it."

Standing right outside St. Mungo's, she gave Ginny a hug. 

"I'll think about it. See you tonight."

"Ciao, momma Hermione." She said winking at the chocolate eyed girl and smiling mischievously.


Author's note: Thank you so much for reading this first chapter. I promise it gets better! ;) Please review! Thats what that little box down there is for! :D               

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