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The days were passing, each day exactly like the last. Hermione would go to her classes, be shadowed by Blaise all day and then go sit and stare at the fire in her Common Room until she fell asleep on the couch. Every few days everyone would gather in her living room and they would practice for the upcoming gig but things had changed. Hermione was no longer all fun and games, all smiles. She did what she had to get done at practice before everyone piled out of her portrait hole.


 Harry and Ginny and Sasha were more comfortable with the fact that they spent some time up in Hermione’s room. They felt that it was getting them closer to the old Hermione. Hermione watched their faces get excited, she just ignored them though. Not bothering to please or disappoint them. All she was concerned about was getting this stupid Christmas Ball over with. Hermione was already angry as it was that she still had to do it. She felt enraged that Draco, who also had planned to take part in some way in the Christmas Ball, was no longer tied to his obligations. He just ran away from it. He just ran away from her.

This is what had been running through her head one night when the band was practicing. Hermione ripped her guitar away from her neck and slammed it against the wall. The thin wood splintered into a thousand pieces. She kicked the microphone stand to the floor and fell with it, letting out a scream on the way. Hermione buried her head in her arms and screamed and cried to herself. This was a first for her emotion let-out. They had all just been bottled up. Everyone in the room just stared down at her. No one moved to touch her. No one moved at all. For moments the only sound was the sobs of Hermione. Eventually someone repaired her guitar and packed everything away before they all left her on the ground to be by herself.

Hermione woke the next day on the rug where she had drifted off to sleep last night. There was a blanket on the floor. She grabbed it on her way to the bathroom and dropped it next to her bedroom door. Horror reflected in the mirror. Her bushy hair was sticking in every directions and her purple and blue bags under her eyes resembled bruises of some sort. Her own appearance sickened herself.

After she kicked the door to her bedroom open she dropped the blanket somewhere in the pile of mess that she called her belongings. The magical calendar on her wall was shooting fireworks into the air over and over again. It only did that when there was an event scheduled. Hermione squinted her eyes a little to read what the calendar was telling her in an annoying manor. ‘Christmas Ball with Draco!!!’ It read. Hermione’s eyes hardened. She hadn’t realized it was this close. Hermione opened up her closet door to find her dark blue dress hanging there. She picked up her wand and lit it on fire then shut the door of the closet and walked to the shower.

Hours later Hermione walked straight past Blaise as she was heading towards the Great Hall in her Ball attire.

“You know you’re late?”

She choose not to reply. Her heels clicked down the hallways and that was the only sound except for the whipping of Blaise’s dress robes as he hurried behind her. Hermione pulled open the giant doors leading in to the room and was greeted by a beautiful sight. The room was full of gold themed decorations and floating gold bubbles that bounced around the guest’s heads.

Up on stage the rest of the group was already standing. Students were mingling in groups on the dance floor and around tables. Hermione was the least bit excited to be here but she stepped onto the stage nonetheless.

“Are you ready, Hermione?” Ginny asked softly.

“Yes.” Her reply was barely heard but the rest of the band guessed when she started to pick up her guitar.

They played many songs before it was time for the band to take a break and get something to drink while recordings played. Harry danced with Ginny and Sasha danced with Ron. Hermione sat on her lonesome, determined not to be bothered by it. In truth she wasn’t. Her mind was completely blank. Her soul was completely blank. She had released all the emotion she needed to. Now she was back to her normal shell-self.

“Alright everyone, this is the last song of the night.” Hermione announced to the crowd after hours of playing and dancing. Everyone in the crowd clapped and even Ginny yelled a little.

“Look at me, my depth perception must be off again
Cause this hurts deeper than I thought it did
It has not healed with time
It just shot down my spine
You look so beautiful tonight
Reminds me how you laid us down
And gently smiled before you destroyed my life”

Hermione sang the first verse and her voice rang out with emotion. She sounded alive singing this song. To Harry she sounded like she was singing to someone, trying to get through to someone. She sounded close to tears by the time that she was nearing the ending. Harry knew where this was coming from and his heart broke into a million pieces when he looked up onto the stage and saw his best friend breaking into a million pieces just by letting out words through a song. She sounded like she was begging for mercy. He knew that only he would notice it. Not the rest of the crowd, whose minds were far off somewhere else.

The song ended and the lights turned back up. People started to slowly exit the Great Hall, most hand in hand with their date. Others walking alone, but everyone appeared to have had a good time. Eventually it was only Hermione in the Great Hall. Her friends had left her to be with herself. She took off her heels and hopped off of the stage. The gold bubbles surrounded her head and she gazed at their beauty. These were the small moments when she forgot that she was a girl with part of her missing. These were the times when she got seconds of happiness. When other things took over her mind.. She heard the doors of the Great Hall open and shoes moving her way and she snapped out of her trance.

Walking towards her was a dream. A beautiful white haired angel was walking her way. He was smiling at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. It was the effect that he had begun to have on her. He stopped feet in front of her. Then he spoke and it was all broken.

“Hermione.” He said her name softly. The way she had waiting to hear it said. When he spoke though, she knew it was not a dream and her smile was wiped from her face. He was dressed in a black suit and his marvelous hair was hanging in his face. It had grown since she’d last seen him. Draco noticed that she was no longer smiling and started walking towards her again.

“No!” She screeched and her angel face was distorted.. She yanked herself backwards, away from his reach. Hermione was outraged.

“Hermione!” He pleaded with her to please come close to him, to let him feel her soft skin but she ran out of his reach.

“Get away from me, Draco Malfoy! Don’t you ever think about coming near me again.” After all this time of not seeing him she felt utter rage that he thought he could just waltz right back into her life whenever he choose to.

“Please understand, Hermione. Please let me explain!” He begged her.

“No” She shook her head. “No, you can’t do this to me.” She walked over to the stage and grabbed her heels from the stairs leading up to it.

“Why?” He yelled at her as she walked, bare foot, away from him.

“Because you broke my heart and now you just want to come back? You just show up at the school like everything is going to be okay? Well it’s not. You killed me inside! You made it feel like something was stepping on top of my heart. I felt a physical pain that I have never experienced in my life! The curse put on my by your wretched aunt felt better than this! So now I never want to see you again for the rest of my entire life!” She yelled so loud and tears fell down her soft cheeks as she turned to storm out of the Great Hall.

“Hermione.” He was quiet this time, he didn’t yell again.

Hermione turned around with a look of stone on her face. “What?” She hissed though her teeth.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

And in truth she did. Her white dress she had worn instead of her burnt blue one stood out against her normal black. Her eyes were coated in coal colored shadow but her brown eyes shown through it. Hermione stopped in her tracks and didn’t move when Draco began advancing on her. She let him wrap his arms around her and kiss her on her lips. She didn’t refuse once she had touched him again. She couldn’t never refuse that. Love was searing through her. It was healing her broken heart. As fast as it had broken was as fast as it was healing.

Credits: 'Rest In Pieces' Salvia

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