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Hello everyone, thank you all for the reviews, i am so happy you like my work, here is the new chapie.
HUGE thanks to Marla1 for her betahelp :)


-The Fight of the Black Sisters –




The kitchen of Grimmauld Place was full of people, right after the ritual; the Order had its first meeting, trying to find a way to trap Bellatrix and her followers under the Ministry’s nose. Both Harry and Hermione were tired after the progress of the ritual but they were happier than ever with Fawkes by their side.

Everyone in the kitchen was talking loudly, trying to convince everyone of their ideas. Andromeda and Narcissa were left in the far end of the table, talking in whispers and nodding heads in unison. Harry and Hermione secured the room with a strong silencing spell, to make sure none would hear a word from the meeting. Harry and Hermione also secured the place with more protection charms and made sure that Kreacher would speak to no one apart from the two of them about the Order. Harry knew that Kreacher considered Narcissa one of his masters as well, the thought of Lucius Malfoy in Kreacher’s mind as a master made Harry shiver, the last thing he needed was to have the old Death Eater knowing the existence of the Order. Narcissa was at first sentenced to prison in Azkaban for life.  After giving to the Ministry the names of the Death Eaters she knew, and after Draco’s actions to help get her out, she was released after serving for seven years in Azkaban.

Harry and Hermione moved to the head of the table but before they could ask of everyone’s silence and attention, Fawkes let out a cry and everyone stopped and looked at the Leader and the Keeper of the Order. Hermione smiled at the ancient bird and Harry cleared his throat and spoke.

'OK, people, we need to find a solution so we can expose Bellatrix Lestrange and rescue Draco.' Harry said and his eyes traveled on Ginny who flinched at the sound of Bellatrix and Draco's names. He couldn't even imagine the terror if he were in her shoes and Hermione was abducted by Bellatrix Lestrange, he took a small breath and continued. 'I want to hear everyone's opinion, ideas or suggestions. We need to be careful with anything we do, her spies can be anyone who is close to us.' Harry said and everyone nodded their heads as they knew he was right, Ron, Andromeda and Narcissa rose their hands and Harry nodded to Ron first, the redhead man stood up and looked around him with his eyes stopping momentary on Ginny.

'OK, people, I think we need to think of somewhere that Bellatrix could appear, maybe using a bait would be useful.' Ron said and everyone nodded, Andromeda and Narcissa stood up and looked at everyone who looked back at them.

'We were thinking of using me as a bait in my house, if we make my presence in the house noticeable, I'm sure Bellatrix will want to come and find me, our chances are greater if Narcissa is with me...' Andromeda said and everyone looked at Harry and back at the two sisters. Harry thought of the older woman's words for a second and then spoke.

'I think it's too dangerous...' Harry said and Narcissa this time spoke.

'Of course it is, that's why you'll be close, waiting for the right moment. We can try and trap her in the house, I'm sure she won't miss a chance of having both me and Andromeda in the same place for a small chat, or just to show to us that she's back.  Hell we may even learn what she wants this time, she's insane and she's not going to keep up appearances.  She always talks about what she wants to achieve....' Narcissa spoke and everyone nodded this time, many of their faces were angry at the memory of what Bellatrix wanted and achieved back in the two wars....

Harry thought about the two sisters' proposal, his trained auror mind was racing at pros and cons of the idea. It would be risky indeed but the entire Order could be around, plus if there was an actual fight the ministry would be on the spot again on trying to cover everything up and Harry wanted desperately to uncover them all so the people could see the truth. Harry could feel Hermione inside his head, he turned and looked at her and she only nodded at his own thoughts.

'Very well then,' Harry said and everyone nodded. 'But I want us to set the trap up perfectly, I won't let anyone get hurt in the middle of Muggle London, we don't have the luxury of moving injured people in St' Mungos without giving explanations...' Harry’s deep voice echoing inside the large room followed by everyone's words of agreement.

The meeting lasted two more hours, everyone giving ideas of how they should work to be close to Andromeda's house. They knew Bellatrix was a powerful witch who would easily detect magical activity so they didn't want the entire Order inside Andromeda's house. They decided to have two people out of the house, waiting for someone to approach in some way, they knew that if Bellatrix decided to come, she wouldn't come unprepared. Harry also wanted Ginny, Fleur and Luna in Grimmauld so they could be prepared for the team's return as they were bound to have injured people.  Everyone knew that Harry wanted Luna in Grimmauld because of her fragile at the moment state after the loss of the baby and Ginny could easily do something without thinking in her fury of Draco's abduction, and Fleur was very good at healing spells and potions so she was vital to stay behind. Luna and Fleur were fine with Harry's decision but Ginny had other plans.

'I want to be there!' Ginny said hotly as the Order's members were leaving, others to return to their homes and others to go and check on the kids and get prepared for the setting of the trap. Harry and Hermione were left in the kitchen with Ron, Luna, Ginny, Molly, Andromeda and Narcissa.

'Ginny, please,' Molly said but Ginny didn't pay attention to her mother and turned to Harry and Hermione.

'I want to fight, it is my husband who has been abducted.' Ginny said.

'And that's why I want you to stay behind, Gin, I don't want your fogged judgment to jeopardize the mission.' Harry said quietly yet sternly. Ginny seemed to get more angry by his words.

'My judgment is perfectly fine, Harry! I want to be there, this woman hasn't only abducted Draco but also tried to kill me back in Hogwarts' battle!' Ginny said loudly, her face red all over. Fawkes seemed distressed by the redhead's loud voice. Harry sighed and looked at Hermione for support; she nodded and turned at Ginny.

'Look, Gin, back in a mission, a few years ago, Harry had been injured by a wizard in a battlefield, I was there and saw the entire thing, this man escaped wile Harry was in the hospital, I wanted to go and hunt that man down, I wanted to make him pay for the pain he caused at Harry but my team held me back even if I was second in command after Harry.' Hermione started and Ginny looked at her impatiently. 'Thank God they did it because we all knew that if I had followed, I’d have screwed everything up with my impatience to catch him, I’d have put everyone in risk as my emotions would have deceived me.' Hermione said and Ginny took a deep breath in the effort of calming herself.

'Look Hermione, all this is nice and good for you but here,' Ginny said loudly. 'Is my husband's life on the line!' she went on even louder. 'If you knew that she had Harry and the only thing you had in return was his finger and his wedding ring, you'd known how it is!' Ginny went on and looked back at Harry. Both Potters stood silent for a moment, thinking of Ginny's words as how things would be then. Harry knew he'd be drown in despair if Hermione was abducted by Bellatrix, only the memory of Hermione's screams during her torture back in Malfoy manor were enough to make him shiver, he didn't want more to think about. But still, he had made his decision, a decision he knew was right and he couldn't step back now, for everyone's sake.

'Ginny, I have made up my mind, I can't change it, it'd be unfair to people like Luna and Fleur, you have to stay here, waiting for us to return.' Harry said and Ginny pouted and glared at both Potters. Molly and Narcissa nodded to each other and took Ginny gently by the shoulders, trying to calm her down as they excited the kitchen, protests still being heard from her. Andromeda followed the women out of the kitchen. Ron and Luna looked at Harry and Hermione.

'I'm sure she'll calm down.' Ron said reassuringly as the two couples could still hear Ginny from outside the kitchen. Harry and Hermione nodded in unison, both thinking how hard must it be for Ginny not being allowed to follow.

'You made the right choice,' Luna said and everyone looked at her, the blond witch had been calm and rounded by an air of sadness since the day she lost her and Ron's child, the sparkle she once had in her eyes was slowly fainting with every passing day and everyone had noticed her stop of mentioning all the crazy creatures she once was mentioning and daydreaming about. Ron smiled sadly at her and hugged her by the shoulders, Luna leaned into his hug and both of them nodded to Harry and Hermione and exited the room quietly.

Harry sighed deeply and Hermione turned and looked at him with care and love in her eyes, one of her hands went on his chest and the other close to his jaw, just caressing both places, 'Luna is right you know, that was the proper choice, we have learned not to let our emotions to get on the way, that stands for everyone in our team and now Ginny is in this team.' Hermione said quietly and Harry looked at her and nodded, knowing she was absolutely right but still feeling guilty for denying Ginny's request of being there.

Harry’s hands moved to her waist as Hermione leaned her head against his chest listening to the beat of his heart.

'I know,' Harry said and felt Hermione nodding her head against him. 'I want us to be both careful.' Harry said and knew Hermione caught the true meaning of his words of her trying to be very careful so they won't have to grieve over each other's lose.

'We will,' Hermione said and Harry knew that was her answer as of his own try to survive the battle as well. Harry nodded and kissed the top of her head lightly.

Harry, Hermione, Arthur, Ron, Bill, Cho, Andromeda and Narcissa left Grimmauld early the next day so they could set up the trap. Reaching Andromeda's house; they left as many traces of magical use as possible, only Andromeda and Narcissa were visible, with the rest magically disguised. They made sure that everyone in the neighborhood noticed Andromeda's return and her sister's visit.

The team charmed the entire house with alarming charms that would signal any invasion from someone out of the ward's signatures. Then they decided to implemented shifts with Ron and Arthur in the first one.  Father and son remained in the house under the charms and started their guard.

The rest left Andromeda's house, leaving the Black sisters inside. Harry, Hermione, Bill and Cho returned to Grimmauld and Harry activated the alarming charms. They knew Bellatrix would strike soon, they just had to wait.

Bill excused himself so he could go and speak to Ginny about the success of the trap’s setup, Hermione sent to Harry that she’d go and check on the kids while he’d talk to the rest about the progress they made. Hermione moved up the stairs of the hall and Harry was left alone with Cho at the end of the stairs. Harry was ready to move toward the kitchen when Cho spoke.

‘So you’re happy with Hermione,’ she almost pointed out but Harry caught the hint of irritation in her voice that made him angry.

‘Yes…’ he answered dryly and in matter-of-fact tone that left no chance for arguing.

‘I’m happy for you,’ Cho said but Harry could see she didn’t mean it.  They may have had a pitiful excuse of a relationship but Harry could see when people lied around him. ‘Sometimes, you know, I wonder…’ Cho went on and Harry looked at her oddly. ‘so I was right… wasn’t I?’ she finished and looked at him, Harry could see Cho wanted something more and he also knew that attempting to gain it in his own house with his wife and children inside was spiteful. ‘But there is always a chance to change things, you know…’ Cho said quietly and moved a bit closer to Harry.

 Harry looked around him for a second, trying to find a way to get out of this quickly but when he looked back at Cho he realized she had moved even closer to him and now their faces were just inches apart. He realized with shock that she had closed her eyes and she was leaning toward him but his arms worked in instinct and he gripped hers and held her back.  This caused her eyes to snap open, he stepped back at the shock and at the feeling of Hermione’s presence that filled their bond.

He closed his eyes in defeat as he heard her clearing her throat way louder than she needed to and when he opened his eyes he saw Cho moving away from him quickly.  As he turned his head towards the stairs he saw his wife moving slowly down. An ice-cold glare masked her beautiful eyes as she looked both at him and Cho. Harry felt Hermione blocking their bond and that meant only one thing: she was furious

Hermione moved the rest of the stairs down slowly, her eyes pinned on Cho, Harry could feel even without their bond that she was on the verge of losing it. He moved closer but when he wrapped his hand around her arm she snapped her head to his direction and looked at him with furious eyes, he hadn’t seen that look on her addressed to him in a very long time and that made his stomach drop slightly. He wished he could sent through their bond that nothing happened but he knew that his possible attempt of breaking her wards would only made her even more angry.

Before Hermione could speak the alarm set off around the first floor of the house and many order members rushed in the hall. Harry snapped out of his stupor as Hermione did at the same moment, he let go of her arm and glanced at her, promising he’d explain everything to her later as he felt their bond being unblocked again. He looked around him and spoke.

‘Bill, Molly, George, Hermione and Neville, with me.’ He commanded and everyone nodded and apparated at once. The moment Harry and the rest of his team entered Andromeda's house they could hear the noise and the screams, Harry and Hermione rushed to the living room's door, the sight of her took their breath away.

Inside the room the three Black sisters were fighting with fury, Narcissa and Andromeda were close, covering each other and Bellatrix fighting her sisters with two wands in her hands.  Her hysterical laugh made Harry and Hermione's blood freeze inside their veins. Bellatrix had changed a lot in the last decade; her once black hair now had many white strands of white.  Her face still had all its reasons to fear her, but age took its toll as many wrinkles formed on the edges of her eyes and lips.  The one thing that hadn't changed was her eyes, those eyes full of furry and madness were still looking at everything and everyone around her with disdain and hatred.  Though something the was different was the big ugly scar that covered the left side of her face from her temple down to her neck, disfiguring her eye a little.

'My two beloved sisters.' Bellatrix said with laugh, mixed with hate. “Both traitors, one mixed her pure blood with the muggles, the other betrayed our Lord and ran away like a rat...' laughter was gone the instant as she mentioned Voldemort. 'But you both have been paying for your sins, haven’t you, my sisters? Both your children have been fallen on my mercy.' Bellatrix said and laughed again as she ducked to avoid a fierce curse from Andromeda's wand. Bellatrix looked at the middle Black sister with venom. 'Not so easily my sister, not so easily, the same rushed moves cost my niece's life.' Bellatrix said and ducked again as Narcissa this time tried to curse her with a paralyze charm. Bellatrix started to laugh again but gasped loudly when she caught Harry and Hermione out of the corner of her eye. She raised a protection field to save herself from her sister's charms and apparated in black smoke.

Harry and Hermione knew the method and covered each other's backs, Harry raised a field as Hermione, wandlessly, casted a steadying charm. Harry could feel Hermione's fear and worry as the woman who had tortured her was back from the dead. But he knew that Hermione was a perfect Auror and would not let her fears overcome her abilities.

Bellatrix reappeared in front of the Potters and waved her arms in anger shoving them with a wave of magical power.  Hermione's charm worked and the couple was only jolted by the force and remained standing, their spells protecting them. Bellatrix’s hand jerked away as the spell backfired and she landed a couple feet away, laughing hysterically until she hit her head on the hard floor beneath her. Harry and Hermione had time to make their spells stronger after the curse before Bellatrix stood up laughing and rubbing her head with her left hand. The Dark Mark shown beneath her leather clothes.

'Well well, what do we have here? The Orphan and its Mudblood, so nice to see both of you dears. I'm so eager to see your three little brats, I'd love to listen to their squeals as they die in my hands.' Bellatrix said with furry, expecting the couple's reaction to be heated. She got even angrier when neither of the Potters cursed or tried to attack her.

Harry felt his heart ache inside his chest, as he shared both his and Hermione's pain at the things Bellatrix said. He could feel Hermione's fear and memories of the night Bellatrix tortured her in Narcissa's house. It made his stomach drop at the idea of Bellatrix with their children in her hands.

Hermione lost her temper after a few seconds and waved her arm, causing a wave of power to wash over Bellatrix.

The wave of magic was blocked as the Black sister shrieked and laughed with her arms shielding her front from the power. She unleashed a fire snake that encircled the couple but Harry was faster and let loose of a water ring that distinguished the snake, filling the room with white smoke.

 Hermione took the opportunity and cursed the witch with a web like spell, which covered the witch and made her scream in pain. Bellatrix tried to apparate out but because the spell stopped her, she blew the web away. 

She turned with furry towards the couple as she was casted a filter to stop her sisters from cursing her from behind. The Potters and Bellatrix took a couple of seconds to catch their breath, Harry and Hermione still covering each other as Bellatrix looked between them with hate and disgust. Harry waved at the rest in the hall not fight but to cover the rest of the house in case Bellatrix had back up of her own.

'Tooth for tooth, Mudblood? I don't remember you casting web spells when I had you in my hands. Will your children be that intelligent to defend themselves when they watch their mommy and daddy dying in front of them? Will they be that strong when I put Cruciatus on them?' Bellatrix spitted with venom and Harry felt his blood boiling inside his veins as his body went rigid for seconds.

He and Hermione casted the same wandless charm, waving their arms at the same time, making a magical wave that smashed into Bellatrix and every item in the living room that was in the path of the wave. Bellatrix fell back crushing the filter she made against her sisters, and falling on the floor. She stumbled trying to stand up as Narcissa readied to curse her again.  Bellatrix waved both her arms and tossed her sisters away. She stood up and looked at her littler sisters, who were trying to stand up from their collision with the wall. 

She glanced around, taking in the destroyed living room that was covered in dust and then returned her gaze to the Potters, 'But this isn't a family gathering anymore. You… Potters -I like the sound of you two as an item. It gives you a better target name, since you are the next on my list.' Bellatrix screamed as Molly moved closer to the couple.

Bellatrix's eyes darkened as she saw the redhead woman, before anyone in the room could do anything, three curses were heard


'Avada Kedavra!'


Andromeda's Imperious and Narcissa's Crucio missed Bellatrix, but Bellatrix's Avada had found its target.  Arthur's lifeless body fell next to his wife, he saved her by covering her with his body. Ron was right behind his father, a look of horror etched on his face.

For a moment everyone fell silent in shock, the Potters, Ron and Molly, Andromeda and Narcissa, even Bellatrix had fallen silent until she realized what she had done and burst into laughter and she screamed happily.

'Bingo! You killed me, I killed your husband! Does he have Horcruxes to bring him back? Possibly not!' Bellatrix said triumphantly the same moment Molly screamed and fell on her knees beside her husband.

Ron moved in front of his parents, covering them even as his eyes were still pinned on his father's dead body. Harry and Hermione looked at each other for a moment, the next thing Harry saw was Bellatrix casting Cruciatus at Hermione. Hermione ducked to save herself, and Harry turned with fury against the Death Eater but he was too late as a dozen of Inferies filled the room.

Bellatrix laughed at the scene as the rest of the team entered the room and Neville tried to curse her with a stunning spell. She waved it off and then winked at Harry and apparated away in the black smoke, a signature of the apparition via black magic. 

The people left behind split up in small teams and started fighting the Inferies.  They knew that casting many fire spells would endanger the house, so they tried to push the Inferies close together to trap them with a single strong fire spell. Harry felt his heart beat fast as two Inferies tried to reach for him and three were closing on Hermione.  By not casting fire spells close to them made the Inferies move towards the people in the room and Harry felt shivers run through his spine as he could see their white eyes and skin. Their lifeless movements made Harry want to throw up as the memories of that awful night with Dumbledore in the dead lake fogged his mind for a moment. He knew he was projecting his fears and memories to Hermione, both of them acting unconsciously to defeat the Inferies.

Harry heard a scream and looked to his left, Hermione's neck was bleeding as an Inferie dug its nails into her flesh, its hand closing around her neck. Harry snapped out of his fear and memories and a wind blew around the living room causing the Inferies to stumble as well as the wizards.  Soon all the Inferies were on fire, including the one attacking Hermione.  The witch fell on her knees and wrestled to move away from the dead creature, while couching and rubbing her bleeding neck.

Harry rushed to her and helped her on her feet, he looked around him and saw that almost every member of the team was hurt. He could feel the energy leaving his body as the massive wandless charm absorbed it all. Now that the room was silent, Molly could be heard, her screams ripping through everyone's minds and hearts.

 'Lets go back,' Harry said weakly as Bill and Ron helped their mother by carrying their dead father via apparition, Harry did the same with Hermione who was stemming the bleeding. The moment they apparated back in Grimmauld, Luna, Fleur and Ginny rushed to the team, Ginny paled the moment she saw her older brother caring the lifeless body of their father, Arthur's eyes still open.

The scream that ripped through Ginny's throat made everyone bow their heads, their eyes filling with tears. Harry couldn't believe that the man who has been a father to him was dead now. He could not believe that the only fatherly symbol he had was murdered by the same person that had killed and threaten so many people in his life.  Sirius, Dobby, Nymphadora, Draco's fate was unsure and just by luck, Ginny and Hermione had survived Bellatrix's curses, and now Arthur was dead, Harry felt all the tension turning into pain, guilt and desperation as hot tears left his eyes and ran down his cheeks. 

He was holding Hermione in his hands and waved off Luna who moved to heal his bleeding wife, 'I'll take care of her, go to Ron, he needs you.' Harry said in a broken whisper and Luna nodded and moved close to Ron who was trying to hold his grieving mother.

Harry tugged Hermione and the couple moved up the stairs in silence, not having the power to stand all this pain right now. Harry entered the room first and moved Hermione close to their bed, she sat down tired and frowned as Harry leaned above her and looked at her bleeding neck. Hermione looked intensely into Harry's eyes and his gaze traveled to meet hers. They locked eyes, communicating with their gazes, no words, not even their bond was useful to describe the fear and worry they felt for all the things they had experience the last hour.

Harry leaned and kissed Hermione's lips, the tense scene between them and Cho already forgotten before the tragedy that struck them. Arthur was gone. Hermione moaned as Harry’s hand brushed against her side and traveled up her collarbone. Harry moved a little away and examined his wife's wound, with a flick of his wand a bowl of steaming water, a couple of towels and a small, magical first aid kit appeared on the mattress next to Hermione.

'It's not so bad,' Hermione said quietly and Harry felt somehow relieved to listen to her voice, her mind's touch in his was good but the soothing of her voice was the best proof of her survival of another fight.

'Let me decide that after I clean it.' Harry said quietly but firmly and she only nodded as she gave him more access to her neck. Harry opened a drawer and took out a small vial, he broke the opening and let the liquid fall inside the bowl. The water became a white color and Harry dipped a small towel inside, squeezed it and started caressing Hermione's skin with care.  He was careful not to rub against her tender flesh and wound too hard. Hermione purred as the potion and water soothed her wound, she wrapped her hand around Harry's as he cleaned the area with care. A silent thank you was sent from her through their bond, Harry could only send soothing thoughts to her to relax her even more.

 When Harry finished with the piece of fabric; the towel had blood but Hermione's neck was clean with the small wounds not bleeding. The skin was still tender but Hermione's frown was gone and that made Harry relax. He opened the kit to take out the healing cream Hermione had made some weeks ago for times they would have a small injury.  Before he could open it, the hand on his neck was guiding his face close to her, Harry willingly moved closer, seeking the same thing. Soon their lips were locked, their bond wide open, their love and care trying to suppress each other's fears, guilt and pain.

Hermione broke the kiss with a gasp, as a small sob escaped her lips. Harry moved down her body, kissing her jaw moving closer to her small wound, kissing and licking the skin there, making Hermione moan in alleviation as her sobs grew stronger. Harry knew his eyes were full of tears but he couldn't stop either of them, crying would at least suppress their pain for now and that was enough, for now at least.

For now, they could stop being the strong and confident Leader and Keeper of the Order of the Phoenix, for now, just for awhile. They could stop being the powerful couple of Aurors that had succeeded in so many missions. For now they could be the same fearful people who lived for months in that tent and spent their Christmas night in a graveyard before they survived Voldemort's almost deathly attack. Harry moved back to Hermione's lips and kissed her again, brushing both their tears away as he nuzzled his nose against hers and brushed their lips in need and care.

'Thank you for surviving this bane as well.' Harry whispered and embraced Hermione tightly as she let out another sob. Hermione's hands moved on Harry's face as her thumbs brushed his own tears away, they looked deep into each other's eyes and Hermione pecked his lips and took a shaky breath.

'Thank you for saving me, yet again.' Hermione said in a broken voice that didn't match her personality but completed her grief. 'Thank you for loving me, for not dying either,' Hermione went on another sob escaped her lips, accompanied by the breakdowns of both of them.

They clang onto each other as they cried, Harry kneeling between Hermione’s legs, her cries muffled by Harry's neck and his cries muffled by Hermione's shoulder. Arthur was gone, they were next to die, their children were the target of Bellatrix Lestrange and every day was even harder than the previous. They were already tired and were not even near to the end of this torture, were they supposed to watch everyone die until it was their time to be murdered by Voldemort's pet?

After a long time, they laid on their backs, sweaty and exhausted, spent but not as soothed as they hoped. Their love always helped them but even during their lovemaking their hearts and minds were haunted by the possibilities of Bellatrix's success. They were haunted by her near victory against them, and even if they could loose themselves in each other for awhile, but now their lovemaking was over and all the banes in their lives were back at full force. Hermione moved closer to Harry and he embraced her tightly, protecting her as she did with her arm around his chest. Her hand rested above his heart, keeping it warm and beating beneath its ribbed cage, keeping it hers to hold and cherish. They didn't speak as Harry's hand caressed her hair, the chestnut brown locks he grew to love to touch throughout the years.

Their Bond was full of their pain and fear, emotions they didn't try to hide even though they concerned each other. They didn't dare say out loud the possibilities and the events of that evening. If they did, everything would be so final, if they did, Arthur would have no chance to be alive, all that wouldn't have changed the nightmare they shared, it would be their reality. 

'Everything will get better,' Hermione almost moaned after that endless silence and Harry knew she didn't, she couldn't believe her words herself. He appreciated her effort to make both feel better and tighten his hold on her as he leaned and kissed the top of her head.

The next day the entire Wizarding world was in panic as history had repeated itself.






The title was similar to every newspaper around magical Europe. When Harry showed the newspaper to Hermione, they looked at each other and knew, the prophesy was certainly concerning them and Bellatrix Lestrange.



oooook *runs and hides* i know i know i'm sad too about Arthur but we're in the middle of a war so there are losses :/ i hate it too, it hurt me to kill him, SO what u think of the chapie and of bella back in flesh and blood? please do review and tell me what u think it's going to happen next
in case the next chapie is not validated before the time of the staff being in vocation: Merry Christams and happy New Year people! may 2010 brings you happiness and love! and a green planet...


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