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Revelations by byebye
Chapter 21 : Normal Days
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            “This is your bedroom?” she asked incredulously.

            “Yeah, it’s not that interesting,” he said confused as to her obvious disbelief and surprise.

            “But, but its red!”

            “Actually it’s dark maroon. Is there something wrong with that?” he asked as she stood there still.

            “I just, red is Gryffindor. I pictured green and silver and black.”

            “It’s not red, it’s maroon,” he corrected again. “But I do have black carpet. Does that count?”

            “No, no, and maroon is a shade of red.” She finally stepped forward and trailed her hand along the bed frame.

            “Its cherry wood. Built the desk and the dresser myself.” When she looked back at him, in even more astonishment, he simply shrugged.

            “The summers are boring.” She nodded and went back to staring around his bedroom. She figured his dresser was in the closet, seeing as it wasn’t in the room she could see.

            “So, um...” She looked back at him as he scratched the back of his neck again in an uncomfortable manor.


            “I'm tired, so I'm going to go change. Then I'm going to sleep.”


            “Ok,” he said and patted his legs in a pattern for a minute before he moved to the closet and pulled some clothes from a drawer before moving into the bathroom. Taking one last sweeping glance, she moved to her trunk that was sitting at the foot of his bed and pulled out a pair of pajamas. 

            The next morning she woke with him still in the bed, arms wrapped around her, pressed tightly against her back. Not that she didn’t mind it, in fact she enjoyed it, but it was strange. Usually he was up before her and already in the shower. Smiling, she moved to extract herself from his arms, only to have them tighten against her.

            Laughing, she tried again only to have the same result.

            “Malfoy,” she whispered. He replied with a mumble.

            “Malfoy you can let me go now. I just want to take a shower.” His reply was another mumble. Gently, she tried to pry his hands apart from each other. He only mumbled again and pulled her tighter.

            “Malfoy, let go.” She laughed as she continued to try and pry his hands apart. After a minute, she felt him begin to stir. So, she requested he let her go again. Another minute and she was sitting up with him leaning on his elbow, watching the small of her back. Her skin was enchanting, and he wanted to reach out and touch it.

            But she chose that exact moment to pull her shirt to cover it and his arm fell back onto the bed. He looked at in surprise. He didn’t even realize he was reaching out to touch her.

            That was a no-no.

            She turned around and looked back at him with a grin on her face. He simply smiled back at her.

            “You should listen better in your sleep,” she joked.

            “I listen perfectly fine. I just don’t listen to what exactly you're saying.” He grinned back at her, laughing as well. Today just felt like it was going to be a good day. 

            And it turned out to be one. They laughed the morning away with the twins, Harry, and Ginny. Ron was still being a grouch.

            The afternoon was spent playing Quidditch. Harry and Draco had been captains. Teams consisted of a seeker and two chasers/keepers. Ginny and Fred were on Draco’s team; Ron and George were on Harry’s team. Hermione refereed. They were tied after the first four games and even though it was dark, Harry and Draco insisted on a tie breaker, Harry later regretting the choice.

            The rest of the night was spent playing games in the game room until well past three, when it was decided they should head in. Each day was basically spent having fun and playing games, and snowball fights of course, until Christmas.

            When Draco woke up Christmas morning, he smiled. Even Weasley would have to be happy today. Who wouldn’t be?

            He’d been all angry and grouchy most of the time, especially when the two had played on a team together. But still, Draco smiled. He gently pulled away from Hermione, who didn’t know that the first morning he had been awake the whole time. He just hadn't been willing to let her go right then.

            When he sat up, he saw her turn her body towards him, physically wondering at the absence of the heat and form that had been there for hours. He watched it every morning. But this time, well it was Christmas after all. So it was okay, right?

            He leaned down and gently pressed his lips to hers, memories from that long past evening flaring up. She opened her eyes and looked at him with a confused smile on her face, propping herself up on her elbow. She opened her mouth as if to ask him why he had done that.

            “Merry Christmas,” he whispered as an explanation, not waiting for her to speak. Then he pulled father away from her, smiling still, and moved to take a shower.

            She fell back onto his bed, a giddy grin on her face as she thought about his lips against hers. Not only this morning, for she too was thrown into the memories of that long past night.

            Then she shot straight up in his bed as his words hit her. Today was Christmas day. Her first Christmas with her real father, first without her dad, and she didn’t know what to think.

            She heard the shower shut off and he came out a minute later, clad in his boxers. She watched him riffle through his drawers before pulling out a fitting dark green t-shirt and black jeans. She couldn’t help but laugh as he held them up so she could see.

            “What’s wrong with them?” he asked with a smile on his face.

            “Christmas is supposed to be joyful, not all dark and dreary!” she laughed.

            “Well, green is a Christmas color and black isn’t dreary, it’s calm.” She laughed again and through the covers off of her legs, before moving to the dresser.

            “Let me just,” she paused. “You don’t do formal do you?” she asked.

            “No, no way. Father insisted on it but since he wasn’t always here on Christmas morning, we just changed when he was coming back here.”

            “Good, then.” She moved a few things out of the way and pulled out a pair of plaid pajama pants and blue sleep shirt.

            “P.J.’s?” he asked as he pulled them from her hands, “Why?”

            “Well, I'm wearing mine, the boys and Ginny will be wearing theirs, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley will be in theirs and I know Mum will be in hers. It’s a part of Christmas, Malfoy, just do it.”

            “Fine,” he grumbled as he pulled on the pants and shirt. “Happy?”

            “Yes, now let’s go wake up Ginny and everyone.”

            “You don’t wait for them to get up? That makes no sense.”

            “It’s another part of Christmas Malfoy. Tradition you know?”

            “No, I don’t.”

            “Well, just pretend you do and follow my lead.”

            “I can do that.”

            “Good.” She smiled back at him. She pulled open the door, but turned around, only to find his chest right in front of her face. After a moment he stepped back.

            “Why did you stop? I thought we we’re going to wake everyone up?”

            “We are, I just want to let you know that we have to be very sneaky about it. Only wake up one person at a time so they can help us wake everyone else up.”


            “Ginny first.”


            She turned around again and moved to the bedroom at the end of the hall way with a devious smile on her face. She opened the door very slowly, peering inside. Seeing her friend sleeping peacefully she pushed it open fully and stepped inside.

            Then she screamed.

            Ginny shot straight up in bed at her friends scream, panicked. Then she laughed.

            “Serves you right for interrupting my sleep. Although I figured it would be Fred or George. Not you, oh hi Malfoy.”

            “Is it normal to be drenched by a bucket of water when you're waking people up?” he whispered to Hermione as he nodded to Ginny.

            Laughing at him, Ginny replied, “With us Weaselys it definitely is. See, some of us like to sleep in, presents later.”

            “You were the one who woke me up last year! I was simply trying to get back at you!”

            “I did the same thing to her last year, only she was sleeping in bed and I just poured water from my wand on her. It was pretty funny.”

            “For you! But anyways, do you know how we’re going to get everyone else up?” Hermione asked as she finished drying herself off.

            “Oh that’s easy. Can you help me make puppies?”


            “Make puppies? Why do you want us to make puppies?” Draco asked causing Ginny to grin wider.

            “Easy way to wake everyone up, without then getting all angry. Well, super angry.”

            “What do dogs have to do with making people wake up?

            “Well, they like to lick people’s faces when their sleeping. Which usually wakes someone up.” Smiling, Hermione nodded her assent. 

            When everyone came down to the tree in the larger living room, each holding a puppy of a different color and different type, some were smiling and laughing, others (Ron) were angry.

            “So I wouldn’t mind waking up like that every Christmas,” Charlie said, “Where did you three get them?”

            “Well, they aren’t real,” Hermione said, “Watch.” She pulled out her wand and aimed it at Ron’s chocolate lab. With a flick and a twist, he was simply holding a chocolate bar.

            “Much better than a puppy,” he grumbled. To which everyone laughed. A moment later the puppy was back and he put it on the floor. Hermione, smiling, called it to her. It ran to her and climbed into her lap, barking its cute little barks, and licked her face many times.

            When she fell backward in an attempt to get it to stop as she told it to stop many times, Draco pulled it from her hands as they tried to push it away.

            “Don’t do that,” he chuckled as he pulled the puppy into his lap. It barked at him and settled into his lap.

            “How did you do that?” Hermione asked amazed. She had never been able to control a dog, hence why her parents had never let her have one. He shrugged.

            “I told it to stop?”

            “Well so did I, but it didn’t stop,” she exclaimed confused.

            “Well maybe Charlie just likes me better. Besides I’ve always been good with animals.”

           "Charlie?" Brett questioned. 

           "It's not very nice to simply call him an 'it'," Draco said in defense as his hand stroked the dog's coat. Brett shrugged.

            “So who’s for opening presents?” Fred asked. Everyone agreed. 

            Brett was watching everyone open presents, a glass of orange juice in his hands. Josi was playing with a golden retriever and he had a black lab sitting in his lap, content to simply be pet. Every one was enjoying their morning with the dogs and their gifts when Mrs. Weasley suddenly exclaimed, “We all need some breakfast!”

            When many heads nodded in agreement Josi stood and placed her puppy on the ground at her feet.

            “So, what does everyone want?”

            “Oh, let the house elves take care of it,” Mrs. Malfoy said as she waved her left hand, her right holding tightly to her cup of tea.

            “No, it’s Christmas. They deserve a day off. And besides, I miss cooking big meals.” Mrs. Malfoy just shrugged at Josi and continued petting her Canadian Eskimo.

            “How about some fried eggs?”

            “And toast!”

            “And hashbrowns!”

            “And pancakes!”

            “That’s your cue Brett,” Mrs. Weasley laughed. “Would you like some help there Josi?”           

            “That would be wonderful Molly,” she said and then pulled Brett to his feet, “You have pancakes to make.” Everyone laughed as he simply smiled and followed the two women down to the kitchen.

            The rest of the day was spent with everyone together. Mainly having snowball fights. Some were with two teams, some had three and four, others simply every man for himself. And of course, Josi and Molly made a delicious Christmas dinner, breakfast having been well worn off. Hams and turkey and gravey and mashed potatoes, and a million other things.

            That night, as they were lying down to sleep Draco sat up and flicked on the lights. Hermione sat up and turned around to face him.

            “What are you doing?”

            “Did you think I forgot you?” he asked as he pulled a box from his bedside table’s drawer. She looked at the box, then up at his face, then back to the box.

            “I just, I didn’t, with everyone there,” he stumbled over his words as she took the box slowly from his hands. She had been hurt when everyone had received a gift from him besides her. Yes, even Ron. She had been very careful not to show it to him though. Even when she had given him his gift, a beautiful black book. The title was engraved in gold, The Complete Collection of Roald Dahl. Which was exactly was it said, every story ever published by Roald Dahl, in one extremely thick book.

            As she peeled the paper from the box she tried not to cry. She felt horrible for thinking that he had simply forgotten about her.

            He watched her hands tremble, saw a tear fall from her down turned face and watched as it hit the paper, instantly absorbed. He reached his hand to her cheek and gently lifted her face. He saw the tears brimming in her eyes and watched as they started to finally break through as he moved closer to her. Without once breaking their eye contact he pressed his lips against hers again. Both of their eyes fluttered closed again and he could taste the salt of her guilty tears.

            When he pulled back it was only for a moment, to look her in the eye again as he hovered an inch from her. Then he took the half opened box from her hands and set it on the table behind her. She watched as it left her hands, but was unable to watch where he set it as she moved her eyes back to his.

            And then his lips were pressed against hers again, her back pressed against the mattress, his front pressed tightly against hers. His lips were soft and his hands velvet as they moved along her frame, gently touching parts of her skin that weren’t covered.

            She felt as if she would die when he started to move her shirt up slowly. His lips moved from her lips to her neck, then her shoulders, and she felt her eyes nearly roll into the back of her head when he gently bit above her left breast then touched his tongue to it, to soothe the spot.

            And then she heard someone knock on the door. Her eyes flew open and his lips and his hands stopped moving.  They waited in silence a moment, only to hear the knocking more persistent, louder. As if in a struggle, he pulled his body from hers and moved to the door. When he opened it, Ginny said,

            “Malfoy, we need to talk.” Her eyes were wide with surprise, her hand firmly grabbing his arm and pulling him out of his room.


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