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Ron looked furious and Nila gave him some tea. Void shared a look with Tempest who was rubbing her forehead incessantly. She was so glad that it was still winter break. She looked at Ron and noticed that he looked so tired. Merwick sat precariously on the sofa and stared at Ron.

"Okay, so again, you got into a fight so you came to me," said Tempest. Void snickered and muttered something under his breath. Both Nila and Tempest shot his deadly glares. He put his hands up in defence.

"I couldn't go home, I can't go to school, this was the only place left I could think of and I knew eventually you would be here." He ruffled his red hair and rubbed his eyes. Nila placed a consoling arm over his shoulder and Tempest saw Void glare.

"So okay, ugh, I think my head is starting to hurt again," muttered Tempest.

"I can't go back, they hate me."

Tempest rolled her eyes. "Hardly, you're his best friend and you two are just being a pair of stubborn idiots." She tied back her long black hair. "How many has he destroyed?"

"Three I think. Vold—" Nila place her hand on his mouth and Tempest shushed him.

"Seriously, I would think that the order would know."

"Voldemort placed a taboo on his name," said Nila removing her hand. "If anyone besides a Death Eater mutters his name, Death Eaters are immediately at the said place, no pun intended. You can't use his name."

The though crossed Tempest mind and she kicked the wall. A stone fell out of place and Void fixed it with his wand as usual. He shared her look of concern.

"Merwick come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"To make sure that the damn Order of the Pheonix is still intact. I haven't heard a word from any of them on so long I'm beginning to worry." She grabbed Merwicks arm and cast apparatus without saying goodbye to any of her friends.

In no time Tempest was on the porch of Number 12 Grimwald Place. Te place was quiet, the windows were black and broken. The Death Eaters had already been here and were long gone. But still, maybe they had returned, she hoped. Tempest ordered Merwick to hide just in case something was lurking in the shadows. She released Excaliber and headed inside.

The floorboards creaked beneath the weight of her feet ans she lessoned it. Dumbledore appeared and she answered the question honestly. She did not kill him, he had killed himself, she thought sadly. Tempest looed all around the first floor, there was no one around. She looked around the second floor, not even a Dementor was lurking around. Maybe the order had left. Tempest looked around the desolate place with her sword outstretched for protection, hoping that maybe they left a note. She was worried about them and slightly scared that they had all been caught. She needed the to be safe. They were her friends, some even her family and part of her past. Tempest sighed and sheathed Excaliber when she reached the top floor.

"You can come Merwick, we're alone." He came through a window and dropped ont a bed.

"They're not here?" Tempest shook her head and rummaged through the among paper. "Do you have any idea where they would be?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out. Their other meeting place is the Burrow. Death Eaters attacked there too." Tempest sniffed the air when she heard something from beneath her. Her hair spun around and a flitter of hope glowed within her. "Kreacher are you around? Please Kreacher I need your help!" The shuffling started up again and Tempest ran down the stairs and stopped just a few feet from the House Elf. She smiled relieved and gave him a hug. Tempest pulled back slightly and bent down keeping her hands on his shoulders as though he were a child. "Kreacher, what happened?"

"Death Eaters came and some people escaped, not all thought. They left poor Kreacher alone."

"Do you know where the others are? The one who escaped?"

Kreacher shook his head. "No mistress. They left and haven't returned." He turned and headed back towards the kitchen grumbling along as he went by. Tempest looked at Merwick.

"No what?"

"Now we go to Azcaban." She walked out of the house and gripped his hand. Azcaban was almost impregnable and she had no idea where they would start. Hopefully someone shared something at the Ministry or maybe someone was at the Burrow.

"That's risky."

"I know but first I need to try to find someone of the order. We're going to the Ministry, and then hopefully we're going to the Burrow. Someone has to know something." Tempest cast apparatus and soon stood in her brothers cubicle. Jason jumped and swore under his breath. He glanced at her briefly before narrowing his gaze onto Merwick.

"Dammit Zephyr, don't do that." He spun his chair around fully and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Tempest could see the gathering bags under his eyes. "Why are you even sneaking around, technically you're in charge?"

"Death Eaters attacked Grimwald Place. Some were captured."

Jason nodded. "I heard. They're on the run here and there. They're all scattered."

"Do you know where?"

He nodded again and when through his drawer. "They send me encoded notes. Right now they're somewhere near the Burrow. They're trying to see if its okay to go back. You should hurry."

Tempest nodded. "Yeah I know. I'll be back." She sighed and wiped at her face. "Do you know if they are keeping any records?" He nodded and that knowledge lifted up her heart.

"They enjoy flaunting about their recent captures."

"Okay thank Thorn." Tempest hugged and kissed her brother on the cheek and felt him hug her tighter than ever before. When she finally pulled away she noticed that he was staring hatefully at Merwick.

"Be careful Zeph." Tempest knew he wasn't talking about the Dementors.


Merwick and Tempest walked through the murky waters that surrounded the Burrow. She called out but no one called back. She wondered if they doubted her, she wondered if she was too late and they all were captured. She had killed the Minister and everyone knew it. She wondered if they thought that she doble crossed them.

"About time," called a voice. Tempest spun around and saw Tonks and Lupin appear through the marshes. They both smiled at her sand she ran to them relieved. They were her family.

"I'm so glad you two are here, I was so worried that the Death Eaters found you."

"They almost did," said Remus. "We don't understand it."

"They placed a taboo on his name," muttered Merwick. Remus and Tonks stared at him as they finally his presence. They looked back at Tempest alarmed and Tonks hair temporarily turned black before fading into a deep red.

"Meet Merwick and he's right. Voldemort is practically forcing you to fear his name. Now don't say it anymore please and one more thing, I need the names of those who were captured."

"Zeph," began Tonks, her eyes wide.

"I have to get them out Tonks. I need to. Now please, give me the names." Tonks and Remus exchanged looks and finally nodded/ Tempest crossed he arms. There was no way they were going to changer her mind.


Tempest searched the file room with Merwick. She knew they were at Azcaban, the question was which floor, which hallway, which cell.

"Young Tempest, are you sure that they are keeping records. Maybe your brother was mistaken." Although he doubted that they kept records he continued to shuffle through the stacks of paper. Tempest looked at him and smiled.

"I'm hopeful. Its better than risking out lives searching around there."

"It's not exactly safer sneaked around here."

Tempest grabbed another stack of paper and sat on the desk next to him. "True, but this is safer." She smiled up at him and he grabbed the papers from her hand and ruffled his way through them.

"All these records are from before you took you over. I don't think your fellow Death Eaters are as efficient as the ministry."

"I think I'm beginning to see that. Well at least they gloat, but I'm sure that that is much help." She stood up and waved her wand, putting everything back into it place. Her ears twitched and Merwick pulled her close and whispered in her ear.

"Time to go now Zephyr, darling." She nodded and whisked them away.


It was cold and dark. Dementors surround from above and hadn't sensed her yet, but it was only a matter of time. The sun didn't show, not even through the dark clouds that mimicked twilight. Tempest was surprisingly cold and attempted to rub her arms to warm herself. Her touch didn't warm her. Merwick grabbed her shoulder, shaking her from her thought/

"We don't have much time Zephyr. We should hurry." She nodded and opened the door. The cold stell stung her hand. The coldness of the Dementors took all the life out of the place. As she creaked the door open she saw everything as though it were happening again.

The door broke open and she saw her father spin towards it. The green light hit him in the chest before he had the chance to do anything. His lifeless eyes stared at her and Tempest couldn't breath. Her heart ached, her shoulder burned. Tempest collapsed against the ground, her hand on the silver door. She could hear Merwicks voice. It was faint but she could still make out the words. The Dementors were coming.

"Zephyr, get up and move."

Tempest looked up at hi. She could see the fear in his eyes. She wondered what he saw. Tempest pulled out Excaliber and it glowed. They would know she was here now. The Dementors flew away and she opened the door and pulled him in. She looked at his gold eyes, the hatred brewed in her heart. He looked away from you.

"We should get looking." She ran off.


Several floors up Tempest looked at Merwick. They hadn't said a word to each other since entering this dreaded place.

"You saw you fathers death didn't you?"

Tempest snorted. "Now you care? That's rich."


Tempest spun, placing Excaliber on his neck. "Don't, you know nothing. And frankly I'm lucky that's all I saw." HE snarled at her.

"You think. You know I know more than you can understand." He grabbed her wrist and gripped it so tightly she was forced to drop Excaliber. "My daughter was killed, murdered. My wife died soon after. My son and I sought out the damnable Crescent of Merlin. I killed innocents Tempest! I murdered people and I tried to kill you when you were too powerful!

"You're still trying to kill me! You still kill innocents! You killed Gorx! You killed my father!"

"You carry Merlins essence. I want him destroyed, even if that means destroying and killing you."

"Even if that means killing the people I care about?

"Yes. Don't forget, you killed me time and time again. You poisoned me remembered. You destroyed my body tine and time again. You're a bloody little witch Tempest Artemisa Nyx and damn the bond between us. When this is over I will kill you." He snarled at her and pulled her close. Tempest snarled back at him and punched him with her free hand before flinging him against the wall. Merwick managed to kick her in her gut and slammed her face to the ground. Tempest managed to trip him and the stone cracked beneath her feet. His face hit the ground with a crack and Tempest crawled onto him and dug her nails into his neck. He ripped them from his neck scrapping along skin as he did so. Merwick slammed her onto the ground and pinned her down and they growled at each other. Tempest moved her knees just enough to knee him in the crotch. Merwick let her go and she grawled away towards her blade. Merwick grabbed her anle and draped her back inches away from Excaliber. Tempest kicked him in the jaw.

"Zephyr!" Merwick and Tempest looked up and saw a hand stick out from a cell door. Temps and Merwick stumbled to their feet. She ran to the door and smiled.

"Corbin! Are you alone in there?" He shook his head and moved aside. There were four other people. "Move back." Tempest tried Ahlohamora but the spell discharged. Merwick laughed at her and she resisted the urge to hit him again.

"Did you really think that that spell would work in a prison.

Tempest pouted and the logic. "I was hopeful." She sighed. "Okay then stand back. Bombarda!" The door smashed open and Tempest grabbed three people while Merwick grabbed the other to. She felt the chill as shit climbed up her spine. The Dementors were coming. She whisked them away to the Burrow and collapsed into the muddy water. Merwick helped her up and she pulled away, slapping him.

"That's for slamming my face into the floor you bloodthirsting bastard."

Merwick laughed. "Your kick was far more painful." He continued to laugh and she looed away. She knew that using that spell would have alerted the Death Eaters. Voldemort would know of a traitor in his midst.

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