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Tempest practised drawing her runes. Her studies were going along fine and she was learning faster than should have been able to. Louis and Void applauded her, although she scared herself. She knew she should be grateful but she wasn't. Tempest had other things on her mind. One was the future, another was the stupid rune on her shoulder, while another was the stupid bond she shared with Merwick, not to mention Demenshia's madness about the fifth Mystic, something both she and Merwick were. The thought sickened her . . . somewhat. Entia stood across form her at all times f=giving her an evil eye and yet within her face she held a smile that was sinister. That bothered her the most out of everything.

Tempest crossed the threshold into Hogwarts. She looked around at all the Death Eaters. Pansy saw her and stalked over to her. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in joyful yet annoyed anticipation. She watched as Pansy's hair bounced up and down as her steps quickened.

"Yes?" asked Tempest mockingly.

"I saw what you did to him. I told your precious Death Eaters. They'll make you pay." Tempest made a loud snorting noise as she flipped her hair back arrogantly. Her picture perfect smile made Pansy take a few steps back from her.

"Oh how pathetic Pansy. You forget, I'm precious to all of them. They all love. There is nothing you could tell them that they would believe. I'm beloved."

Tempest pushed her aside and once again headed inside. No Death Eaters hounded her and before the doors closed behind her, she shot Pansy a brilliant smile and licked her fangs. Draco appeared suddenly, surprisingly enough sneaking up on her and swung her around in his arms. The rune on her shoulder burned her deeply almost making it unbearable, but she would suffer it.

"Tempy, are you all right? You look like you're in pain."

"Its nothing Draco. Believe me, it nothing to worry about."

He rose his eyebrows and smiled at her. "You sure."

"Trust me. Its just . . . I love you so much." She suffered through the ache in her shoulder and kissed him again. Tempest let his lead her through where she saw her cousin eating with Crabbe and Goyle of all people. Crabbe had grown more confident in the passage of time. Tempest looked into his future and sw fire and death. Her breath caught and she stoped slightly. Maddox looked up at her and waved.

"He sits with us to stay safe. The Death Eaters know that he's your cousin but being a pure blood is no longer protection by itself. If you have the potential to betray, they take you to the ministry.

Tempest nodded. "I know. Trust me, I know." Her own mother had sent her own children to the ministry for questioning.

"I still can't believe Vivaldi would do that." Draco sat down, far from everyone and rustled his pasty blonde hair that cascaded over his grey eyes. Her shoulder ached as she watched him and she winced in pain. Draco noticed.

"What's wrong Tempest," he said sternly.

"Nothing." She turned to leave but he grabbed her hand.

"Tell me what's wrong . . . now." H looked at her seriously and she was forced to look away.

"Not here Draco. I'll tell you anywhere but here." Draco grabbed her hand and led her away to the Slytherin common room that was completely silent and empty. Tempest found it eerily disturbing that not one Slytherin student was in there.

"Its disgusting," she said as she sat down.

"Don't change the subject, now what's wrong? Did Merwick or Entia injure you?" Tempest saw the hate in his eyes.

"No, no, no! Look Void and I were practicing runes on various objects, Then we decided to draw one on ourselves. I preferred it to be me." Tempest smiled sweetly but he seemed to grow more upset.

"What rune Tempest?"

Her face fell hot and she knew she was blushing, so she forced herself to look away towards the black lake outside the window. "The rune of love." It sounded completely cheesy as it came from her mouth. She looked up at Draco who was beaming.

"So your love for me pains you?"

"Oh shut up," she said falling victim to his smile.

"Le me see it." Tempest took off her jacket and unbuttoned the top of her blouse to lower it just enough to show the back of her shoulder. "Its glowing."

"Yeah, runes do that. It grows and stings whenever I'm with someone I love. It tends to burn when I think about you." She heard him laugh and kiss the rune. He was enjoying this far to much for her delight. "You are such an ass Malfoy."

"True, but you now you love me." The rune glowed and ached and she smacked him lightly.

"Damn you Malfoy, you are such an ass." She pulled up her shirt and buttoned it back up. Crap, she thought, she was going to have to tell Void when she got back to school. That simply thrilled her.


Tempest sat next to Void who was examining her shoulder. It wasn't glowing and didn't sting at all.

"It looks fine. Runes should rally be sued on objects, not living beings but I'm sure it'll be fine. It was said king Arthur was branded by the protection rune."

"And yet his bastard son managed to kill him."

"His son was also branded. I'm sure Morgan did something." He pulled up her shirt. "You know I've been looking into the Mystics of Magic. Demenshia said two existed at once and tent to be irrevocably drawn to one another. I think Morgana dn Merlin were mystics followed by their descendants."

"So my mother and father—"

"Yes and no." He looked at her. "Remember Merwick was born a Mystic,, as you were. That means that it abandoned your fathers line at some point. Then Merwick took—"

"Okay enough, I get the picture, don't' make my head hurt." Tempest clutched her head and Void laughed.

"I'm sorry that I'm just so bloody brilliant." Tempest smacked him then they both turned their heads. They saw Nila coming their way.

"There you two are. I've barely seen either of you two nowadays." She sat down next to Void. "SO what are you two talking about?"

"Demenshia's madness," said Void simply. Nila giggle and tossed her hair back to reveal her skin.

"She's not completely mad, she does have some moments of sanity," said Nila staring at Void. Tempest was tempted to shove Voids head into Nila's protruding bosom.

"Well, I've got to go so something."

"Okay," they said in unison. Tempest rolled her eyes and headed on her way. She thought it was hilarious how neither of them acknowledged the fact that she was leaving.

Tempest made her way to the catacombs. The bones in the walls didn't bother her. Death was a natural part of human life. She smiled wistfully as she searched in her mind for the Apparatus charm. She was going to Camelot to see if Void was right.


Tempest looked at Camelot with a graceful smile painted on her delicate features. The sun was shining as the walls, although crumbling shimmered in the air. She knew that with some magic the place would look beautiful again. In the mean time thought, the reconstruction would have to wait, she had some research to do.

Tempest walked thought the gate repairing it as she touched it. It fixed bac, but the rusting still kept. She sighed to herself, Rome wasn't built in a day she told herself as she walked won the streets. She kicked aside carts and wagons as she made her way towards the castle. She would look for anything she could. Diaries, notes papers, anything that would allow her to see if Void was right, even though he was hardly ever wrong. She could go to the Lady of the Lake, but her relationship was more towards Merlin so she wouldn't be able to get an object view. Besides, Tempest was upset with her.

Tempest fixed the great palace doors and opened them easily. No, shouldn't be twisting her body to squeeze through the door this time. She fixed the pillars as best she could and looked at the rotting staircase. She may be the Mystic of Magic but she wasn't the Mystic of Earth. It was a good thing that she was going downstairs for now.

Tempest made her way down the cold stone steps till she reached their adjoined study. She needed to know the truth, not just myths about Merlin and Morgan le Fey. So She began her studies. Merlins notes included various ideas of magic that she herself could perform. He could make it rain, start fires from his hand and could even do magic with just a thought. He could make people young again, make people beautiful make people well. As Tempest rifled through all his note and private journals, she had no doubt in her mind that he had been a Mystic. She clutched her head. All the knowledge and confusion was making her head hurt.

Footsteps came from the stairwell and she sniffed the air and growled. Merwick appeared and her shoulder tingled. She highly doubted that Morgan did this to Merlin or vice versa. Merwick as usual barred his fangs at her as she smiled.

"Hello Young Tempest, I hardly see you nowadays since that fateful day I placed that on you," he said pointing to her shoulder.

"I know, there is a reason for that Merwick." She closed the book and stacked the papers. She knew Merwick was completely evil whereas Morgan was just power driven and a bit mad.

"Trying to figure out if you are a Mystic?" He went to her side and sniffed her neck.. A deep growl formed in the back of her throat. He ignored her. "You should just listen to Demenshia."

Tempest shoved past him. "Maybe I do, its you I'm trying to figure out." She gave him a side long smile. "Technically by all accounts I should be a mystic, but you were born one as well and only two can exist at a time." He went to her face and brushed her face his fingers.

"Makes your head hurt doesn't it/" He laughed and she pushed his hand away and stalked up the stairs.

"Oh shut up Merwick. My sight had been off and the damn rune on my shoulder aches if I just think of Draco," she shot him a look. "Yes Draco, not you, you just make it tingle . . . and now this mystic shit! Ugh, it's all driving me nuts!"

"Then take a break and focus on our main objective. Vold—" She placed her hand on his mouth then swore as he wrapped his arm around her.

"You did that on purpose," she said removing her hand.

"Of course. Now how goes things?"

Tempest growled and crossed her arms. "Voldemort is on the search or Potter. Potter in on the move and from my knowledge he's searching for the Horcrux's. He has to find them all so that he can kill Voldy."

"So you're keeping an eye on him?"

"Of course. Voldemort is also looking for the Elder wand. He thinks that with that he will be able to kill Potter." She laughed. "He's so silly."

"Why is theta?"

Tempest lifted herself so that her mouth was y his ear. "Potter has the elder wand and he doesn't know it." She giggled and headed up the stairs pulling Merwick along. Her shoulder stung.

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