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Disclaimer: If I was JKR Fred Weasley would not be dead … Percy would be.

A/N: Bit of a slow chapter if I’m honest. I’ve got lots planned, I’ve just got to find a place to put it all.
I havent had much of a response to this im not sure of im going to carry it on.

It is very sad, and, not necessarily dark, but yeah … you know what I mean. I was upset writing this. I really love this story, but hate the fact that James cant remember if that makes sense?

Does any one know how to become a trusted author? Let me know in reviews yeah?


Previously on Forget Me Not:

“Evans…” Lily looked up from her book. “Did I have a girlfriend at all?”

Lily heart stopped beating, frozen in time her mouth dryed up sealing off the answer. She wanted so desperately to tell him yes. It was her. She opened her mouth, but then stopped. Images of his disgusted face when she kissed him popped up in her mind. She closed her mouth.

“Lily?” He urged.


But you had a fiancée


“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place” - Unknown

James looked at her warily, there was something off about her answer. It was as if she wanted to say more, but was stopping it. He could see her eyes desperately pleading with him. After a few moments of silence it became apparent that she was not going to say any more.

So James thanked her and went up to his room.

When he opened the soon, he was surprised to find his room looked very much … lived in.

Which initially came as a shock to James as he had been in the hospital wing for two weeks. But his bed covers were messily strew across the bed, and the pillow had a fresh indentation in it although it had been used that very morning.

But James just ignored his suspicion and grabbed a text book from his trunk, as much as he hated to admit it he needed to catch up on missed work.

So he made his way downstairs to where Lily was sat.

His heart gave a familiar pang as he saw her curled up in the cushy arm chair, something inside told him he want to go over there and just embrace her to his hearts content, but then there was this other feeling, a stronger felling that did not recognise her.

So he walked past her and settled himself on to the sofa.

He noticed her eyes follow him as walked around her, but he could not bring him self to look at her.

So he opened his book and began to read. He had barley read two words when Lily spoke.

“I’ve never seen you read a text book before.” He looked up at Lily to see her smiling slightly in the glowing fire light, “Not even in lessons I don’t think. You were … are … naturally intelligent.”

James just nodded and turned back to his book. This time he read a whole sentence before Lily interrupted.

“It must be weird.” She commented.

James frowned and looked up. “Sorry?”

Even in the fire light he could see her flushing at her apparent rudeness. “I meant it must be weird, having no idea who you are, or how you supposed to act?”

“How so?” James questioned.

“Well, It must be hard looking at someone and just having no clue who they are, or what they mean to you.”

James was shocked at how well she knew him, she seemed to read him like a book, and the questions at the hospital wing, how she seemed t know so much about him.

“You have no idea …” He mumbled quietly.

But he could have sworn he heard Lily reply; ‘I’m pretty sure I do …’

He turned back to his book and tried to take in what was being said about Draught Of The Living Death, but his mind could barley get past the first sentence.

It kept wandering else where, and resting on a beautiful red head that sat mere feet away from him.

He was sure he felt some sort of connection between them, but he couldn’t place it. It all felt so right, yet so wrong.

Even when he had subtly tried to ask her she had told him he didn’t have a girlfriend. But he was sure he had seen her eyes die a little when she had replied no. There was something hidden behind those green orbs, hidden with in the depths.

Finally, after re reading the same sentence for the 100th time James excused himself and went up to his room.

He changed quickly into a pair of silk pyjama bottoms and dropped into his bed, completely untired. He rolled over trying to make himself comfortable bouncing around on his bed, trying to get some feeling of familiarity.

But none came.

As he rolled over again his eye caught something on his bedside table. A picture.

He sat up and looked intently at it, watching it play it’s scene.

He could immediately tell who the red head in the picture was, Lily. Lily and him were sat at the breakfast table, he had a comfortable arm round her waist and were talking to each other happily, then suddenly James would reach out his hand and dip it into the jam pot and smother it over Lily’s nose. At the she would crumble into fits of laughter, only to be stopped by James licking it off her nose then -

“Hem Hem” James dropped the picture in shock and it clattered to the floor, sliding under his bed. He looked up to see the silhouette of Lily stood in the door way somewhat nervously. She had a look of horror on her face was eyeing where the picture had fallen under the bed.

Her hair was loose, flowing on the her shoulders, and she was wearing a quidditch shirt that only came to her mid thigh.

“I’m sorry…” She said in a voice that seemed far too soft to belong to a girl with such a firery personality, looking up at him, “I couldn’t sleep. Its just that … when … er … never mind.” She turned to leave but James jumped out of bed and grabbed her wrist before she had chance.

“What’s a matter Evans?” He asked.

She looked nervously at her feet and bit her lip, “Erm, whilst you were in the … hospital wing … I would sleep in your bed. And now I’m back in mine I can’t sleep. But it doesn’t matter.” One again she turned to leave, but James kept a firm grip on her wrist.

“Do you want to share my bed?” The words were out of his mouth before he knew what he was saying. It was although his sub-conscious wanted him to say it.

Lily’s eyes immediately brightened up and she shyly nodded.

He lead her over to the bed and let her get in, then slide in beside her.

And within seconds James felt Lily’s breathing deepen into a dreamless sleep, and almost subconsciously she rolled over to him, so that his arm was around her shoulder and her head resting on his chest, and at that James too fell into a sound sleep. He finally felt some familiarity in his life.


James awoke the next morning with his arms curiously empty, when he was sure there had been something there before.

Still half asleep he padded into the bathroom and over to his basin. In the mirror his hair was sticking up in all directions, worse than usual. He ran a hand through it in an attempt to tame it, once again it failed.

As his hand left his hair he noticed the quidditch shirt Lily had been wearing in bed on the floor, he bend down to pick up the red and gold top.

Finally his senses caught up with him and he recognized the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. Just as he realized this, it switched off and he heard the sound of wet footsteps stepping out the shower. He dropped the quidditch shirt in a haste.


It had not occurred to him that they shared a bathroom. So as politely as he could James covered his eyes and called out; “I’m really sorry Evans, I didn’t realise you were in there.”

“Oh” came her response, “I’m just putting a towel on … two seconds. Okay, you can uncover your eyes now.”

He slowly uncovered his eyes and looked over to where her voice was coming from. James was pretty sure she couldn’t have chosen a smaller towel if she tried, as this one only reached mid thigh, doing nothing to stop James from staring at her beautifully glistening legs.

Averting his eyes as best he could he said, “Don’t we have a knocking rule?”

“We used to …” She said it so softly James couldn’t be sure he heard it right.

“Well, sorry about this … ” He breathed unevenly and he sped out the bathroom, as red as brass. He laid back on his bed breathing deeply.

It was so strange, his body recognised her and responded to her, but his mind had no idea who she was. About 10 minutes later there was a small knock on the door.

“Come in” He called out. A very red Lily walked through the door, thankfully fully dressed, in a simply black dress.

“Look … er … I’m sorry about before. Its just that I’m so used to-- I’m sorry.” She explained.

“Erm, that’s okay. It was my fault really.” He explained, still plainly embarrassed. “I … forgot we shared a bathroom” he added bitterly.

Lily nodded awkwardly, not knowing what to say. “Ill .. meet you down stairs in the common room and we can head down to breakfast…?” James nodded and let Lily go.

In a flash James was showered and dressed ready for breakfast. Knowing he had no lessons he dressed in his casual clothes, and ran a comb through his hair, flattening it slightly.

Once he was satisfied with his appearance he made his way downstairs to Lily sat on the sofa reading a book. A sensation swept over his body, his vision blurred.

Lily was sat by the common room fire, curled up reading “Stirring up some wicked potions” The fire flickered on her face, shadowing it in the most alluring way. James quietly walked up to her quietly, wrapped his arms around her waist, and slowly began kissing her neck.

And as sudden as it happened his vision returned, a pain shot through his head across his temples. He cried out in pain and Lily shot round at the noise, and hurried over to James. The pain only lasted a second before it dulled into a slight ache. “James? What happened?! Are you alright?” Lily garbled out in a rush, grabbing his should, and looking at him with concern.

James had no idea what had just happened. A memory? Or maybe how he wished things would be?

“Oh, your nose is bleeding…” She said quietly, and with a gentle touch she reached up and dabbed the blood away from his nose. As soon as she realized how close she was, she backed away embarresed. “Sorry …” she mumbled.

James just nodded, unable to get her sweet scent of strawberries out of his head.

“I’ve been reading up on memory loss, and if I’m honest I haven’t come across anything that would explain James condition at all.” Alice looked over at James worriedly. James nodded solemnly. The rest of the group listened in carefully, knowing that if there was a solution Alice or Lily would be the ones to find it.

“What does this mean? I don’t understand.” Remus dropped in the conversation. “Will he not ever get his memory back?” He questions doubtfully.

“Now, we can’t jump to conclusion” Lily stepped in. James gave her an unreadable glance across the table, but dropped right back into his stoney façade before anyone could notice. “There’s no reason … no reason to believe that he won’t get it back. This sort of thing happens all the time.” Her voice broke slightly at that comment. But she gave nothing away.

“So what do you know Alice? Did you and Peter find anything useful?” Remus asked.

Peter and Alice shared a glance. “I put Peter in charge of looking up potions that may help James remember more, and I looked up similar cases and theories. And there was nothing! Baddley and Hatches theory of the working memory does not even suggest that James could forget all these thing, but remember magic! If he can remember short term magic, he should be able to remember his mum and dad! It doesn’t make sense!” She spurred off, not stopping for breath.

The rest of the group looked on to her confused, all except Lily.

“Your right Alice. Baddley and Hitches theory doesn’t fit, but neither does the multi store model of memory. They both suggest the stores of Short term and long term!” Alice nodded furiously at Lily’s statement, clearly being the only one that understood it.

“I’m sorry, but it appears were all really confused here …” Sirius put in. And as dimwitted as he seem Sirius was actually very well equipped in the academic area.

Realisation suddenly dawned on Remus; “I think what they are both trying to say is that researchers, when they look at memory suggest there is only a long term and short term store of memory, and it is not possible for James her to not remember his parents, but remember magic.” The group nodded eagerly, finally understanding.

“But how does that help me?” James spoke up for the first time, and the looks of glee at understanding the theory dropped off everyone’s faces.

“It doesn’t” Marlene groaned, leaning her head on Sirius shoulder, rubbing her temples gently.

Slowly the students that had classes to attend filtered out the hall, leaving the few with free periods left to eat the last of breakfast.

“Well, I need to finish finding the pictures for James memory book, Alice, Mar- Albus. Are you joining me? Peter said you had something to contribute?” Remus question wanting to leave the tense atmosphere as soon as possible.

Alice and Marlene nodded eagerly, jumping from their seats and following Remus out. Just before she left Alice turned to Lily and they exchanged a small glace of understanding, and Alice gave a nod and small smile to her knowing what Lily did NOT want included in the picture album.

Soon the tension became too much for the unobservant Peter, and he excused himself do look up more potions for memory expansion, leaving Lily, Sirius and James sat alone.

Lily had barley eaten at all. She had expected to eat more when James had woken up, as her grief for him had prevented her eating in the first place, but still her appetite had not returned.

“Are you not going to eat Evans?” James asked looking over at her curiously and she picked at her uneaten toast.

Lily looked up, startled b his voice, she had obviously been in a dream world. “Wha-? Oh, I’m not hungry…” She trailed off, looking back at her plate. Sirius looked over at her and frowned.

“Careful Lils, you’ll become skin and bone, well more so…”

At that phrase James vision blurred and he experienced the same feeling he had felt back in the common room.

Lily picked at her food silently, not talking. Her eyes were ringed and red. She had obviously been crying.

James dropped into the seat on one side of her, and Sirius the other.

“Jeez Evans. You’ve got to eat. I know it’s hard. But you have to.” He looked at her with a tender expression on his face, obviously caring of her well being. Lily just shook her head.

“I’m not hungry…” she mumbled, not looking up. She dropped her fork, and James and Sirius eyes were drawn to her wrists. They were tiny and fragile looking. Nothing like the beginning of the year.

“Evans. I know. I’ve lost my parents too. It’s hard. But you can’t give up okay. That’s what he wants.” James said quietly. He took a leap and wrapped his arm around her shoulder comforting her. And for the first time she didn’t throw it off or make a rude comment. But she leant into him and rest her head on his chest.

“Careful Lils, You’ll end up just skin and bones, we more so…” Sirius commented, putting some fresh toast on her plate. She reached out and took a bit, letting a small smile spread across her lips, thankful for her good … friends …

“Arggg” He cried out, gripping his temples as the pain shot through them, bringing him back to reality.

“James?!” Lily grabbed his arm and pulled his chin towards her to look him in the eyes. “What’s happened? Your nose is bleeding again. That’s twice in two hours!”

“Mate?” Sirius took his shoulders and shook him gently, “You still with us?” The pain dulled to a slight ach and James let go of his head, letting his hands drop to the desk. Lily grabbed a napkin, but instead of getting rid of the blood herself, she gave the napkin to James.

Slightly disappointed James dabbed under his nose to get rid of the nose bleed.

“What happened mucker?” Sirius asked looking strangely concerned compared to usual.

When James didn’t answer Lily dropped in her suggestion, “Was it a memory? Did it happen this morning too?” she asked cautiously.

Sirius’ face lit up at the idea of a memory. But Lily’s remained blank and emotionless, as she and she alone knew what he getting him memories back may entail. Or so she thought.

“Er … no. It was a migraine. All gone now.” James supplied, carefully monitoring Lily’s face. He could see that she wasn’t buying it. Sirius’ face however had dropped into a pout.

“Okay, but if you do remember anything, please tell us …” She begged, before pushing away her full plate and getting up to leave.

James and Sirius, sufficiently full went to follow her, but were stopped at the exit by a Huffelpuff that James didn’t know the name of.

“Hello Claire.” Lily greeted icily, not bother with manners this morning.

“Evans.” Claire greeted back in the same manner. Sirius smiled gracefully, knowing that Claire would appreciate that more that the cold shoulder.

She flashed Sirius a flirtatious smile, and he mental gagged, so turned her attention to James, keeping the same smile.

“So Jamie, I hear you can’t remember much? Amense they say.” She flashed a sad smile at him.

“Amnesia Claire.” Lil supplied, not being able to believe how stupid the girl was.

“Whatever Evans.” She said, and flipped her golden hair over her shoulder, in what she thought was a sexy way. “If you want I can help you out a little. Tell you what I remember.” She trailed a long delicate finger down James chest, and Lily took this as her que to leave. She could not stand there watching Claire Merry top touching up her boyfriend … ex-boyfriend in the middle of the hall. Just as she turned to leave she heard Claire say, whilst shooting lily a look, “You have to be careful who you trust Jamie, you never know what people are hiding from you …”


A/N I know it has been WAYYYY too long. But im doing A levels now. And I just don’t have the time.

I am writing my own original work atm which is at 19,000. An i don’t expect ill be doing regular updates till summer. But I will try. There might be long gaps between them thoigh! I need to update “Dying to know you” and have a song fic on the way. So stand by.

I would like a bit more of a response though if I’m honest!

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