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The thought of him made me imagine killing him just to get him out of my sight. But then again, that would make me remember him forever, and I’d rather forget all about him since I had no proof he had ever existed. Until he took my hand in his and kissed it.


“Nice to meet you. I am Léonel. You?”


I hesitated. “Harrie,” I said after a while. “Or Harriet if you like, but my friends shorten it.”


“Only one name?”


“Didn’t hear much more from you,” I snapped, but my eyes must have showed him that the sharp tone was very false because he grinned again. His eyes shone dangerously through his eyelashes, but they had a wicked glint in them.


“True enough, but I do not have more than one name to give you. I assume you have?”


“I do, but I don’t see why you need to know it,” I said. Michelle groaned in my ear.


“What?” I asked her.


“You. Do. Not. Talk. Like. That. To. A. Vampire,” she hissed and I shivered. Still, I couldn’t imagine Léonel trying to hurt me or anything only because I was rude. She and the others obviously could.


He looked like he hadn’t heard her, but I was pretty sure he had. Something about the humorous glint in his eye told me that. All of the girls seemed rather uncomfortable around him, and I looked at each of them. Michelle looked like she wanted nothing but the vampire to leave. Cecilie looked scared to death and Satine switched between terrified and interested looks. 


I glared back for an instant before returning my eyes to Léonel’s. They really were red. Just so dark, it was almost impossible to see. I gazed at the man he had come with. He was laughing at something, his fangs glittering sharply in the light from the lamp above him, but still with the same empty expression in his face. So he was a vampire too.


“Who is he?” I asked, and Michelle made a snarling hushing-sound. Léonel smiled again. I had to force myself to think about his words instead of his smile.


“His name is Aji’daar,” he said and I frowned. Aji’daar? Oh, sure! Agidar. Stupid French pronunciation. “He is ... you could call it my master. My teacher, so to speak.”


“Oh,” I nodded. Then I smiled at him, realizing it was a major mistake. He smiled back, his eyes meeting mine again with a desire in them I would rather he didn’t show while there were others there. That gaze was something I wanted only for myself. But nobody else seemed to notice that. Michelle cleared her throat, making me jump.


“We should go, oui?” she said. “We are to be back before ten. We will never make it now.”


Even though it hurt me to admit it, she was right. We all stood up, took our cloaks and headed out in the rain. About ten minutes later, I squealed and turned my pockets inside-out in frustration, letting my tiny money-bag and a couple of other stuff fall to the ground. The others looked at me like I was getting mad, and I sat down to scoop up my things again.


“I can’t believe it, I forgot my wand!” I said. “You go ahead – no, seriously just go, I’ll catch up! – and I’ll go back to get it.”


They went. I turned around, pushed the wet hair out of my eyes and started running back to the bar. It was dark, and I followed the light of the windows, not seeing the black hooded figure before I bumped into him. I gasped, and he grabbed my shoulders to keep us both standing. It was Léonel.


“I believe you forgot this,” he smiled, handing me my wand, then placing the hand on my shoulder again.


“Thanks, I believe so myself too,” I said dryly. His silent laugh sent shivers through me, and I realized his hands were still on my upper-arms, having moved down from my shoulders.


“Well, Harriet,” hah, you pronounced my name right! “I hope to see you again,” he said softly.


“Hope to see you too,” I said without thinking and recovered from my thoughts a second too late. Kill me, please. At least then I’ll probably not go say the wrong things to people! As I guessed, his look turned hungry. He pulled me closer, and I pushed him further away from me. That required quite a lot of strength, even though he gave in almost at once. His hunger was replaced by sadness. It was funny how I could see every tiny little mood-change in those deep eyes.


“I think we will meet again, Harriet. But I must ask you that if so, it has to be at night. I do not care for sunlight,” he said, and I nodded weakly. Merlin, I felt so pathetic acting like I did, but I had no longer control over myself.


I turned away from him, and hurried back through Le Village and up towards the school. The Beauxbatons castle seemed warm and light behind the curtain of rain, and I started running as I thought of my warm bed in my dorm. At least I told myself that that was the reason why I was running, and not Léonel.


Darn idiot forgetting the wand of all things, I thought annoyed.


Well, the voice was immediately there, it was a good reason to go back there, right? And he came out with your wand for you.


Oh go drown yourself, I grumbled.


I can’t. I’m stuck here in your stupid head.


As I ran up the last hill to get to the castle I started wondering if I was insane. Then I wondered if insane people thought they were insane, or they just thought they were normal. Because I usually felt normal! Or close to normal. And the voice in my head, I was sure, was completely normal as well. Everybody has a voice in their head so they have someone to argue with all the time, right?

I thought I'd put out this chapter a while ago, but discovered I hadn't... =P So here it is :)

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