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Things changed after that. Hermione changed. Her glorious, wild, beautiful spirit was hidden under the invisible black clouds over her head that kept her face blank at all times. She walked the castle without a purpose with Blaise at her side. They walked silently since he had learned soon enough that she would only ignore him. Like she ignored everyone else.  Hermione never spoke to anyone. She only sat in the backs of her classrooms and completed her work. Teachers didn’t try and her friends didn’t either. They knew nothing would come of their pointless attempts. Hermione was nothing but an empty shell with two shadows. For when Draco left he did not break her heart, he broke her soul.


It had been quite some time since he had left her his note and she was no more healed. To her it was like yesterday. She did not leave the castle to search high and low for him and she sent him no owls. Hermione knew he had to leave and she knew he hadn’t taken her or told her more for a reason. A reason that turned her to stone when she thought about it.


One night, a few weeks before Christmas, Hermione was sitting in her Common Room in front of the fire. It was her Common Room now. She no longer shared it with anyone. While she was blankly staring at the flickering flames, she heard a knock on her portrait outside.

“Go away, Blaise.” She spoke monotone, not even turning in that direction. The knocking continued. And continued. And continued. Finally Hermione ripped herself from the sofa and stomped towards the exit of the Common Room. She yanked it open and began to yell but stopped when she realized it wasn’t Blaise. Professor Dumbledore was standing with his hands folded in front of her with a small smile on his lips. She looked behind the professor and saw Blaise leaning against the stony wall staring into her eyes. Her face was expressionless.

Hermione turned back towards Dumbledore.

“Hello, Ms Granger.”

“Hello, Sir.” Her voice was scratchy from lack of use.

“May I come in?”

Hermione moved out of the way and let him walk in. The door swung shut behind him. His bright blue robes brought out his electric blue eyes. Hermione sat herself down on her couch and went back to facing the flames.

“Ms. Granger?” Hermione’s head slowly turned to the couch across from her where he had seated himself. “Yes?”

“As you may recall, your musical group was hired for the Christmas ball?”

“I don’t think we will be able to make it, I’m sorry Sir.”

“I thought you would say that and that is why I have come to speak with you on this fine evening.” He played with the corner of his glasses. “This Christmas Ball seemed quite a big deal to you not too long ago and that is why we request that you rethink you decision and do it anyway. The school needs your entertainment.”

Something about the way the professor had ‘requested’ that they perform anyway made her think that she didn’t really have a choice and that on that dreadful night she was to be drug from her room and had to sing in front of her school’s population.

Hermione eyed him up and down a few times and he gazed innocently back at her. “Alright” She told him. “We’ll do it.”

“Very well.” He said and stood from his couch. As he was making his way to the door he turned back towards Hermione.

“Ms. Granger?” Hermione only slightly twitched to show that she had heard him.

“Time heals everything.” And then he walked out of the room. Her face twitched again but she held everything in.


            The next morning Blaise was surprised when Hermione came out of her Common Room before the start of their first class. She ignored him standing there as usual and walked down the corridor. He realized after some time that she was heading towards the Great Hall. This was the first day she hadn’t eaten breakfast in her Common Room. All by herself.

Hermione walked into the Great Hall and at first went unnoticed. She made her way over to the Gryffindor table and sat across from Ron and Harry. Ron accidently spit food out of his mouth and Ginny looked at him in disgust. Hermione had on her normal blank face.  Blaise sat down next to Hermione. No one spoke for several moments. Sasha nudged Ron who sadly was more concerned with his food so it seemed. She nudged him again.

“Er, hello Hermione.” She glanced up. Her eyes were dead, but she responded with a mumbled “Hello, Ronald.”

“Would you like something to eat?” Ginny asked. Her hair had gotten longer. Hermione hadn’t noticed until now. She starred at them all for quite some time, forgetting what Ginny had said. They all averted their eyes and squirmed under her stare.

“Hermione?” Harry spoke softly, not wanting to upset her. Like she was a deer and he was trying not to scare her away. “You haven’t eaten breakfast with us in a long time.” She still didn’t say anything. Harry looked at Blaise, trying to make him try to talk to her. He just shrugged. The only anger that Hermione had let out of her body was onto Blaise. He knew that he was her least favorite person.

“Dumbledore is making us play at the Christmas Ball.” She announced. The girls didn’t want to seem too excited so they didn’t say anything. “That’s wonderful!” replied Ron.  

“Yes, it’s brilliant.” Hermione muttered to herself.

“I’ll tell Justin.” Ginny said and made her way through the Great Hall.

“When will we practice? What songs will we play?” Sasha rambled on about things that were unimportant to Hermione.

“Whenever you want to, I don’t mind.” Her voice was unhappy but she spoke anyway. “We have classes to go to.” She then stood up and walked away from the table towards Potions. Blaise got up and followed her out while the other boys still were slightly shocked.

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