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A friendly game of chess, that's all it was. She was eyeing his king but she knew his strategy. Merwick was trying to trap her, but so was she. She smiled and moved a Knight. He smiled and moved his queen. There they sat, staring at each other confused.

"Stalemate," said Void who was monitoring the game.

"I can't believe it," said Merwick.

"This isn't fair."

"Not at all." Void laughed at the both of them and pat each of them on the shoulders. Merwick and Tempest joined in th laughing. They had been getting along these past few months. So much so that Merwick had even joined in the Halloween Celebrations. Astrea though had almost ripped through the tables Louis had been accepting, had laughed in fact.

"Okay can we go back indoors, the cols is freezing my bloody ass off," shivered Void.

"Well we vampires can withstand the cold," said Merwick as he lay in the snow.

"Merwick don't be mean. I'll go back indoors with you Void."

"Oh but its such a beautiful day," said Merwick.

"Yes, but my best friend is cold therefore I am brining him in."

"Suit yourself."

"Goodbye Merwick, I'll see you later." Tempest grabbed Void by te arm and led him away. Void waved goodbye.

"Goodbye Zephyr, farewell Void."

They walked away. Void gave her a knowing look as she reluctantly walked away.

"He's changed."

"Yes, Void, I know."

"How is we are the only ones noticing it?"

Tempest shrugged. "That's just how things are. People only see what they want to see, other people see more than they thought, like us and other people—"

"Other people see what you see but refuse to accept it," interrupted stern voice.

Tempest and Void looked at Zoltron and Demenshia. She wasn't smiling.

"Tempest I know his kindness, I was at the other hand of it, remember. Do you remember what he made me do?"

"Yes, you didn't have to exactly do it thought."

"Zephyr, we just want you to be careful, there is more to his motive here," said Demenshia. "He no longer just aches for revenge, he wants you!"

"Cousin look. We see the change, I even see it, but we both know he always has an ulterior motive and frankly, I see the way he looks at you and how you blush when you think no one is looking. He loves you and you know ut and I think—" he sighed in frustration and covered his face.

"Look Zephyr, I see him in the forest. He does love you, but remember, he may have tome good within him but Merlin drove him mad and he can't help but crave vengeance. He'll do anything he can, even manipulate to get what he wants and that's either going to be you alive or dead." She walked off and sat Zoltron down. He just stared at Tempest and she had to look away.

"Cuz, look, a part of him is good, I even know that but you too are letting yourself forget what he's done. How much pain he has caused. I'm not." He walked off and narrowly avoided Entia who snarled at Tempest.

"Shove off Entia," he said as he shoved past. She bared her fangs and smiled. Tempest felt like punching her. Merwick may have a good side but she didn't, she was demented to the very end, and not in a good way like Demenshia, thought Tempest.

"Hello Zephyr, how are you?"

"I'm fine."

"Glad to hear it. Share any secret kissed with Merwick lately." Tempest held her breath and Zoltron stopped walking away misstep. He slowly turned around and Tempest stared at him frightened. The look of fury on his face scared her like no other thing could. Void gripped her hand.

"What the bloody hell!"

Entia barely looked at him over her shoulder. "Oh didn't you know. Void certainly does."



"Zephyr what the hell!"

"Calm down!" she said but Zoltron did the opposite, he lunged at her with his sword drawn and she shoved Void out of the way and blocked her cousin. She saw Maddox. She quickly blinked that away.

"Zephyr, how could you!"

"Sheath Selvine Zoltron. You aren't thinking straight! It was one kiss!"

"Zoltron let her go," said Void summoning to daggers.

"Chop of her head!" cackled Entia. Tempests hot her a look. A plum coloured light flickered between her fingers. She was casting a spell.

"Tempest," she hissed. Entia licked her fangs maliciously. Tempest swung away from Zoltron. "I won't figgt you! You're my cousin, I can't fight you!"

"Too bad." He charged once again and she was prepared to hold him off but instead Aurora did. She recognized the humming from the blade. Merwick stood before her, and Tempest heard Demenshia.

"End the spell Entia," ordered Merwick.

"No!" You have let feelings cloud your judgement! Take the antidote and kill her!"

"I made a deal. I am an honourable man. Now end your spell."

"No, I'm having fun."

"I'll do it," said Demenshia. She began tto wave her fingers in the air and her under breath muttering began. Her white clothes contrasted that of Entia's black. Entia continued to mutter as well, but Demenshia was getting help from her mother.

"Merwick don't hurt him."

He gave her a side long charming smile. "I'll try my best Zephyr." He went back to fighting Zoltron who was as quick as a cat. Tempest looked ta Void and nodded int Entia's distracted. They both ran to her. Entia saw Void and dodged him, keeping her concentration. Luckily Tempest caught her off guard and kicked her jaw in with her boots. That broke her concentration on Zoltron, and spun it onto herself. Entia's long black nails were outstretched and Tempest own green and purples were as well. They lunged at each other but where quickly separated. Merwick used Aurora on the both of them and they both fell to the ground in agony. Merwick placed it precariously on Entia's arm and she screamed. Even Tempest winced, she knew what that pain was like.

"Show some honour Entia." He removed the blade and healed her wound. Merwick turned his back to Entia who was still groaning and Tempest stand up, letting his arm linger a little too long on her waist.

"Thank you Merwick," she said giving Entia a look of pity. She wondered how Merwick could use it so easily on one of his own.

"My pleasure Young Tempest." He pulled away and bowed. Tempest watched him walk away then looked at her cousin who was uninjured on the ground. Demenshia seemed to be un-weaving some magic around him.


"She's been given lessons in the ancient ways by Her Dark Majesty." Her childlike innocence looked up at her. "Good thing I was here eh." She giggled and Tempest smiled at her.

"You told Merwick to come." It wasn't a question, but an observation, only moments before sh e had been trying to warn Tempest about Merwick.

"Indeed I did. I knew he would help you without question." She closed he honey eyes and the plum light showed and glowed bristly before bursting into gold speckles and vanishing into the wind. "Good, I'm done. Zoltron?"

He looked up at her and Tempest. "Sorry Zephyr. Thank yo Demenshia."

Demenshia smiled and kissed his head. "Oh don't mention it. Just go get some sleep." She herself yawned. "Ancient magic always drains me." She yawned again and almost fell. Merwick caught her. "Oh silly me, thank you Merwick."

"Merwick can you carry her home."

"Of course." He lifted Demenshia into his arms and carried her away. Tempest looked down at her cousin.

"Zoltron are you all right?"

"Yeah fine." He shot her a look. "So is it true."

"Depends, are you going to try to chop my head off again."

He gave her a sly smile. "I'll do my best."

"Then yes."

"Figures. How could you?"

"I'm not talking about this with you."

"What about Draco."

Tempest was becoming very annoyed. "Shut up Zoltron. I could easily kick your ass, don't make me."


"Shove it," said Void making is daggers vanish as he stood next to Tempest.

"What are you kissing him too?"

"That's too far Zoltron!" said Tempest holding back Void. If they fought ti would go on for hours.

"You see,, its a ploy, he wants you all to himself." Zoltron stood and walked away. "Try to keep your pants on."

Void almost ran after him, but with no effort at all, Tempest held him back.

"Leave it alone Void." Void looked at her then quickly took her in an embrace. Tempest hugged him back and buried her head in his chest.


Tempest walked through the forest towards the swamp. She needed instruction from Demenshia. Entia and Merwick shouldn't be the only ones to use ancient magic. She passed the arm way and walked into the swamp. She wasn't too fond of the swamp fairies as she quickly evaded them, but they could be helpful, they had after all led her too Demenshia, but so had the pixies. Tempest made her way to the camp and nearly stumbled on th e wet ground. Demenshia smiled at her.

"Hello Zephyr, how are you this fine day?"

"Can you teach me some ancient magic?"

Demenshia giggled. "Right to it huh? Well I could teach you some but you should really go to the Lady of the Lake. In fact I would have to insist on it."

Tempest gave her a slight weak smile. "Never seen you so serious."

Demenshia shrugged and stood up. "Times are no longer simple for me sadly. No, no, they've grown far more series since I met you."

"Should I say I'm sorry?"

"Oh heavens now!" Demenshia laughed. "I rather like the change of pace. No w come follow me, We should begin the lessons as quickly as possible. Merwick may have honour but Entia does not. What's more, her hatred for you is almost unfathomable."

"Yes, I know."

Some distace away Demenshia sat down and Tempest followed suit. Demenshia tie back her brown hair and looked at Tempest calmly.

"The basics are you have to tap into magic world, into the pureness of magic, not just the spells you know, that comes form within you." She drew runes in the air and they sparkled briefly and vanished. ?"That came from around us. Meditation is always the best way to do it." She smiled and Tempest tied her hair back and began to meditate.

"Concentrate on the magic within you. For you it should be easy . . . Morgan Le Fey."

Tempest jerked her eyes open and it began to rain. Demenshia began to laugh and fell to the ground. Her honey eyes where white.


"Demenshia isn't here at the moment." She craled to Tempest who jumped back frightened. "You are a seer, gifted with the gift to see." She laughed. "You are inherently the child of ancient magi. The essence of Merlin and Morgan strengthen this you silly girl." She laughed and pulled at her hair as she continued to crawl towards Tempest who crawled away. "Dark magic runs think within you. You are a daughter of Her Dark Majesty. And yet magic of light runs deep within you making you a daughter of the Lady of the Lake. You are a sister to the Mystics. You are the Mystic of Magic. Black magic and white magic can be controlled bu you, changed by you." Tempest backed into a tree and looked for an escape. Demenshia crawled up her legs and her white eyes bore into her own. "You were lost to the ages as the old texts will say but now you are back, Yet still you're—" she collapsed into her arms and Tempest laid her onto the ground. Her breathing was erratic her head was covered in sweat. This was new, thought Tempest frighteningly.


She mumbled so low Tempest could hardly believe it. "Death comes and goes."

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