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Tempest woke up as thought she had spent the day in a pub. Aidan growled in her head ans she pushed him away. Of course he was going to scold her, that ;s what he did daily now for the past two weeks. She was a little annoyed to be frank, but then again she deserved it. She was letting Merwick feed on her, although she would rather her than anyone else around. She sat up in bed and fell on her way out.

"Tempest are you okay?" asked Nila helping her up.

"Don't call me that Nila."

"I'm sorry, look, are you all right?"

"She needs blood of course." They both looked up and Merwick stood on the window ledge.


"He's right I do." Nila helped her stand up and shot Merwick a dirty look. He simply smiled at her.

"Then come on, lest get you dressed. Merwick if you wouldn't mind leaving the room, that would be great."

"Not like I haven't her naked before."

"Impedimento!" He ran off and Nila put her wand away. "I hate him!"

"Yeah." She sat down while Nila pulled out some clothes. She gave her a pair pf jeans her usual sneakers which were new since every year they were damaged beyond repair and a simple purple tank top Tempest quickly got dressed and put on her cloak. Nila must have called for Void through Lestat because he was waiting for them.

"Come on Zeph, we've got you."

He wrapped his arm around her waist and helped her walk but Entia blocked their way.

"Entia move," said Void agitated. Entia stared at him blankly.

"She can't leave."

"And why the bloody hell not," said Tempest.

"You have to heal him."

"Can't you see she's in too weak a condition to do that!" yelled Nila. Entia smiled.

"Its all her own bloody fault."

"Entia enough," said Merwick. "It can wait till after she's had her fill of blood. Healing my like this would just drain her too much, her magic wouldn't be up to its natural standards."

Entia stared at Merwick bewildered. "But—"

"Your 'master' said we can pass Entia, so let us," said Nila mockingly. Entia growled at her and Void laughed out loud.

"Yeah right, like a harmless growl will do anything to her."

"Who said it was harmless."

Merwick stepped forward and grabbed Entia by the arm. "Come pet, let them past." Entia growled some more but moved away anyway. Nila shot her a smug look and led the way out. Void followed carrying Tempest. He was smiling admiringly at Nila who was ahead of them. Artemis brushed past her and strolled to Nila and licked her leg. Nila giggled and stumbled. Void grew pale.

"Void, is Artemis okay, she's not hungry is she?"

"Uh, no. She's just . . um." He looked at Tempest. She rolled her eyes and stumbled purposely.

"Oh my god Zeph!"

"Yeah, come on, lets hurry," said Void hoisting her up. Tempest suppressed a smile.

"Oh right, I'll run along to Master Vlad." She ran off and Lestat followed her.

"You so owe me," said Tempest regained her balance.

"Yeah I know I do."

"She does like you I hope you know."

"She's with Davyn."

"That's your fault."

"Yeah I know."

"I think Nila is the only ne who doesn't really see it. Even Davyn sees it."

Void smiled, satisfied. "Yeah, I know, I just wish she could see it, that I love her, that I've always loved her."

"Have you now?"

They trudged along and he nodded. "Remember when we found her, cradled and crying. God I wanted to run to her and hug her. And when I discovered her relationship with Adrian, god I was so down right jealous I wanted to punch him and break his jaw."

"You wouldn't stop punching the wall."

He nodded. "Yeah, I wouldn't. She saved me so long ago, I had to save her, but I was so mad that she even liked the guy. Still upsets me that she even talks to that guy."

"So why id you date Edana, just curious."

Void shrugged. "I liked her, thought she could take my mind of Nila. Didn't work, Edana saw that look I had when Nila kissed Zoltron."

Tempest giggled. "That was bloody brilliant."

"Oh shut it. I just loved her. I love Nila Cerdwin." A dreamy look fell over his face and Tempest stomped on his foot.

"Stop being such a girl and besides, she loves you too, I think she's just doing what you did with Edana."

"I guess only time will tell huh."

"Yeah I guess."

They walked in silence tell the entered Master Vlad's office. Nila wasn't around. Void sat Tempest down where she greedily drank down a pint of blood.

"Where's Nila?"

She ran off to Meet Davyn."

"Of course," snorted Void.

Tempest shot him a look and he turned away. Artemis went off, probably searching for Nila, she assessed.

"Void go, I need to have a word with Young Tempest alone please."

Void scrutinized and looked Tempest. She nodded and he left. Tempest turned to Master Vlad and prepared herself but sitting back in her chair arrogantly and placing her feet on the table.

"You may begin now Master Vlad."

"Do you know how stupid you are being."

She smiled. "I'm not sure I know what you're talking about."

"Giving him blood."

"Oh that, well I'd rather have him feed off me than anyone else." She smirked.

"Look at you, you can't even walk on your own."

"I'm used to it."

"Don't give him more blood Zephyr."

She shot him a deadly look. "I can take care of myself thank you." She drank the second pint that stood ready for her and stormed off. Void stared a t her curiously. She was refreshed.

"Lets go find darling Nila shall we."


Tempest sat on top of the Slimythings Common Room tower next to Merwick.. Days had past since Master Vlad had confronted her. He hadn't said anything to Nila to Void, but he had said that if she kept it up he would refuse to give her blood. She stared into Merwicks golden eyes.


"I don't think I should continue to give you blood."

"Oh, really?"

"I can't have them find out."

"Then take my blood."

She snorted in disgust. "Yeah, I don't think so, I don't care if I am immune."

"Fine, I will leave you to it them. I will no longer take your blood."

She stare d at him suspiciously. "You are being far too calm Merwick."

"You are promising me the antidote to the poison that ails me. I will o what you ask without question, besides, there is always Entia."

"Ah yes, your blood whore."

"Merwick laughed. "Yes, my blood whore." He laughed some more. "Oh my, I almost forgot, I heard your little conversation with Void about his love for Nila."

"So?" He was going on, he never talked without a purpose and he was always talking, drove her insane.

"Well I can't say I'm surprised. But well, I have taken an interest in Nila's boyfriend. While I was watching him one time, he was in the loving arms of someone who was not Nila. I suggest you tell Void, he wouldn't believe it if it came from my mouth."

"I hardly believe you." She sighed and pulled her hair back. "Go to sleep already. I need to speak to Void. He bowed and stepped off the tower.


"Yes Aidan?"

"Be wary."

"Always am when it comes to him and I know he's up to something, he walsy has another agenda. Not to mention the fact that Entia keeps vanishing."

"Blood kept him tame."

"Yes, it did."

"Wait till morning Mistress."

"Yes, all right. I'm tired anyway."

"Davyn gave her a present."

"I see." She thanked god she had no reflection, she didn't want Nila seeing her expression of pain. Edana sw it though as did Divina. She shook her head and kept tem silent. She wouldn't tell them, it would be all over the school soon enough anyway.

"Davyn is the greatest don't you think."

"He's bloody brilliant," she said crawling into bed.


Void punched the wall. Tempest winced when she head bones break. He swore and Tempest fixed him up. Hi's eyes were fr from gentle.

"I'm going to kill him."

"You believe him?"

"Why not? Merwick may be a bastard but he would have not reason to lie about this of all things. Besides I knew Davyn hadn't change." He raked his hands through his hair impatiently and stared at Tempest. "So what now?"

"She arched her eyebrows. "No I don't even know, you're the one with the usual clear head."

His usual charming smirk rose. "Yeah, right." He stormed off and Tempest sighed and looked down at Artemis.

"Come on, lets go make sure he doesn't do something stupid." The cat purred and followed Tempest as they trudged forward.

They arrived at the Great Hall and there sat Nila with Davyn, wrapped up in his arms. Void clenched his fist.

"Void—" warned Tempest. Void looked at her brieftly before strolling over to her. Tempest sighed again and rubbed her temples. "This isn't going to end well Artemis." The panther bobbed her head and they walked over to the wall to watch.

"Hey Davyn," said Void flexing his fist. Davyn and Nila stopped snuggling and looked at Void. Irritation fell on Davyn face as he pulled away from Nila.

"What Void?" Void smirked and punched Davyn, sending him sprawling to the ground. Before he had the chance to get up Void continued to punch and punch him. Nila stood shocked and looked at Tempest who stood idly by petting Artemis.


"He'll tire up, besides Davyn deserves it."

"Zephyr!" Tempest shrugged at her and Nila pulled out her wand. "Pertarsu!" They were separated and Void was flung to Zephyr's feet, she helped him stand and dusted him off. Nila pulled up Davyn who pulled out his want and pointed it at Void, he sneered back.

"What the bloody hell is your problem!?"

"My problem? My bloody problem is that you're cheating on Nila!" He was about to lunge again but Tempest held him back with her shaking her head.

"Subtle Void, very smooth," she muttered.

"What?" exclaimed Nila. "What the hell?"

"Nila—" began Davyn and Tempest saw the look that instantly told her that Merwick had bitterly been tell the truth.

"He is Nila," began Tempest. "Merwick told me and well I believe him." Even as the words left her mouth, she couldn't believe it herself.

"Why the bloody hell would you believe him," asked Nila.


"Because she's feeding him of course," said a familiar voice. Tempest looked over and saw Astrea. This time it was Void who had to hold her back. "I heard her and Master Vlad talking about it. Why do you think she's been so weak."

"Zephyr!" exclaimed Void and Nila.

Tempest glared at Astrea. "Yes, its true, but I stoped. The fact is, he's cheating on you Nila."

Nila growled at her and looked at Davyn. "Davyn look me in the eye." He did and was speechless. This time Nila punched him then kicked him in the crotch with her brown high heel boots. She didn't say a word but walked over to Tempest and Void and gave them both a deserved slap.

"You both are idiots. I'm a if girl, I can take care of myself and Zephyr, you better not by lying about stopping I refuse to carry you if you continue."

Tempest nodded and looked at void who gave her a stern look. She rolled her eyes and followed Nila to Class. She heard Void follow. None of them spoke.

Tempest sighed and rubbed her temples. "I need to find Void. Nila won't believe it but well we just have to sine a light."She crawled back down to her window and saw Nila dangling a new necklace for Divina to put on her. Edana saw her sister and made a puking gesture. Divina turned and looked at her.

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