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Tempest sat in Poisons Class next to Void. Today Master Vlad had made a specific announcement. Asides from Swore class, taught my Majika, he would be teaching another class specifically for vampires. Tempest knew what this was about, Merwick's presence. Headmistress Majika had asked about it, but only because she knew what Tempest was trying to prevent. The school was hoping to make all vampires the school guardians. Zoltron was a guardian, particularly keeping an eye on Luciana and Luke.

Stella and Serena hung around her classes and waited for Void and Nila. Tempest was getting annoyed and more importantly worried. Entia was not around.

"Okay, enough, I'll be fine just go be a guardian. Entia is gone and I don't know where."

"She's right Stell," said Serena. "Entia is loose somewhere and I don't trust him. Come on Stell." She walked and and Tempest waved goodbye. Where the bloody hell was Entia?

Tempest skipped out on lunch and went in search of Merwick. She found him in of the many secret passages. He sucked his teeth hungrily at her.

"Hello Zephyr, how fare thee?"

"Where's Entia?"

"At Hogwarts, I sent her there to take a look at things for me. Apparatus barrier is back up. She had to sneak in.

"I could've told you that. The Ministry made me the only exception."

"And why is that."

"In case I needed to hide away from you. I needed to be able to get there quickly than floo powder. Took me becoming a vampire to persuade them."

"You're welcome."

She rolled her eyes and leaned against him threateningly. "I wasn't thanking you."

Merwick sniffed the air around her. "I know but you should be. Anyway she says that Draco looks kind of frightened but remains calm. Pansy keeps him company."

"Of course she does." She leaned against the wall. She had forgotten about her. Merwick placed his fangs precariously on her neck.


"One little bite, I'll promise I'll behave."

Tempests' eyes fluttered, her heart raced. "Get away from me." Tempest slunk away from him and stared at him, she had almost given in to him.

"Get Entia back here, I'll go to Hogwarts ."

He smiled and bowed at her. "Of course I will."

Tempest walked off to catch whatever was left of lunch. On her way, someone punched her, sending her sprawling. She caught her breath in the time to kick away a flying Astrea. She landed on her fact. Apparently Louis hadn't worked his magic or rather it fell on deaf ears. Astrea barred her fangs that grew in rage, and was ready to pounce. She drew out her whip and Tempest wrapped around Excaliber, her fangs barred. They were equal in strength so they weren't going anywhere. She pulled with all her might and swung Excaliber into the wall, a distraction long enough to punch Astrea in the gut. She stumbled back but quickly retaliated, knocking her feet from under her. Tempest gasped as her head hit the ground and kicked Astrea in the face flipping back.

Astrea glared at her and charged. Tempest let her, she was furious. They both sent statues tumbling as they each sent each other into them again and again, landing punches. Tempest favourite shirt was torn as were her pants. Astrea's shirt was also torn and they both were about to slip off and expose their braw. Spells knocked them each against the wall. Stella and Serena came froward and held each of them down. Master Vlad came from the mass of students surrounding them and smiled genuinely at each of them.

"Girls, if you would be so kind as to follow me to Headmistress majika's office." Astrea and Tempest looked at each other and then nodded reluctantly. "Good. Stella, Serena, make sure they behave." They nodded and gripped each on the arm and led the way.


"You know, usually we love to see your little student squabbles but as it stands, two vampires cause much damage to each other, not to mention to the area surround. So again . . . what the bloody hell were you two thinking?"

"Uh, well—" began Tempest.

"She's working with that blood sucking bastard! She gets what's coming to her!"

"Tempest has a good reason for working with him."

"She has you bloody brainwashed too! Why can't any of you see it!"

"Miss Sanguina enough! You both will serve separate detentions. Ids that understood?" Astrea flexed her fist in and out and she looked bitterly at Tempest. Tempest ignored her and kept her head up high and forward.

"Yes Headmistress Majika," they both said in unison.

"Good. Dismissed." Astrea stormed out slamming the door behind her. Tempest waited a few moments before smiling at head Professor.

"Well that was highly unpleasant. Um, is it too early to ask for a favour?" She smiled at them charmingly and Master Vlad snickered while Headmistress Majika sighed.

"Yes, but ask away."

"Can I go to Hogwarts. Need to see how things are going."

"Oh very well, you my go, but I suggest you change your clothes."

"No need." She snapped her finger and her shirt was whole once again. "I'll be back soon, I promise."


Tempest walked around openly. Death Eaters had control of the Ministry and Hogwarts. Her presence was of no mater, not anymore. She looked for Draco who was edging his way form Pansy. She licked her fangs ain delight and ran into his arms.

"Draco darling."

He spun around and smiled. "Tempest?"

"In te flesh." She ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. God, she missed him.

"Get off my bloody boyfriend," Tempest heard Pansy hiss. She pulled away and smiled at her venomously.

"Your boyfriend? You must be mistaken."

Pansy's eyes wavered to Draco in pain but she still held her composure. "I'm not."

"Draco darling," said Tempest turning her head back towards Draco to stroke his face, "tell her she's mistaken." Tempest wanted her sweet revenge. Pansy had never liked her and had never even tried to give her a chance. She hated her.

Draco smiled and nuzzled her neck. "You're mistaken Pansy."


"Oh go away already. We haven't seen in each other in a week." She went back to kissing him and listened to her stalk away, her plain black shoes hit the ground hard. She smiled satisfied. Finally Draco was all hers.

"I love you Tempy. Those four little words always made her spine tingle.

"I love you too Draco."


Tempest finished up her detention of plucking poisonous weeds from the Herbology Greenhouse. Horklumps to be specific. She loved Herbology but she could do without plucking Horklumps. Now her clothes were going to need a serious wash to get the smell out.

Tempest walked across the dark grounds towards her Vampire Specialized Class. She stretched her arms into the air and flexed her fingers feeling the magic permeate through the tips of her fingers. If ever there was a class made for her, this most certainly was. Master Vlad welcomed her with a smile.

"Hello Class. I need to insist before we do anything that you all head over to this table behind me and drink as much blood as you need. The goblets are refilling so don't worry." Tempest walked towards the table followed by a very upset Astrea who nearly made her fall. They both drank their blood staring hotly at each other.

"Finished? Good." He waved his had and made the table vanish." Lets start with a simple fire spell. I want each of you to conjure up Incendio and try to focus it in your hand. Begin."

For many people, the spell flung out and hit all around. Tempest managed to secure a ball of blue flame in her hand and spun it all around her hand. She hadn't done this, never experimented with the flow of magic before. It was as though she could feel the magic deep with herself. She felt light as though she could fly. Suddenly the air around her changed. Moisture vanished and heat was vibrating through the air. She fell to the ground quickly.

"Astrea! Enough!" yelled Master Vlad. Tempest looked at Astrea, her red wavy hair leaned against her shoulders despite the wind. Her fist were clenched and at her sides and her feet were perfectly poised and ready to pound in her blue high heels that glowed next to her porcelain white skin.

"No." Her green eyes flashed. "Incendio."

"Aguamenti!" Steam surrounded the air and through it Tempest could feel Astrea lunge for her. She rolled away and felt the impact through the earth. Astrea took her fist out of the ground and snarled at her. Tempest eyes flashed and turned blood rage in anger. She could easily destroy her.


Astrea eyes widened and she fell back to the ground and screamed. It was ear splitting. Blood was everywhere. Tempest took advantage of the opportunity and punched again and again until someone was brave enough to pull her off. She saw the black hair and spun around. Entia gave her a blank look.

"Can't have you kill her Zephyr, that would be stupid, even Gorx would say so."

"Don't you dare say his name," said Serena stepping up. "You don't deserve to."

"Oh yes, I do."

"No you don't, not since you started working for his murderer."

Entia's eyes flared and she directed her hateful glare towards Tempest who ignored it. "Wrong Serena, he's not my brothers murdered." She walked off and Tempest looked around. Everyone was staring at her frightened. Her eyes turned black. Whatever, she thought, she no longer cared,. Let them fear here.

"Class dismissed," said Master Vlad. Tempest watched him walked over to Astrea's unconscious body and pick it up before she stormed off. Aidan was waiting for her.

"He is here too."

"Of course he is. He's always around."

Merwick slipped forward from the shadows and smiled. "Yes, I do smell brilliant don't I."

She rolled her eyes. "If you say so." She didn't want to admit it, but he did smell kind of sweet.

Merwick smiled and walked over to her. "Heard about your little tiff with Astrea. I thought you two were friends?"

Tempest snorted, disgusted. "We were never friends. I would on occasion help her out and she would do the same. We were never friends ans she in completely psycho." She crossed her arms and leaned against Aidan. Merwick took a step toward her and Aidan growled. She smiled. Merwick shot her dragon a hateful look.

"I see your dragon is as protective as ever," said Merwick in her head.

"Of course, why shouldn't he?"

He clicked her teeth. "Could you please come over here?"

Tempest almost laughed. "My, my the great Merwick said please." She smiled and walked away from Aidan. Regrettably enough she had to admit that he was attractive.

"No, when do you plan on Shifting on Vold—" Tempest slapped her hand over Merwicks mouth.

"Shh, you know you can't say it or he'll swarm us." She slowly removed her hand and Merwick took her in his arms. Aidan growled when she didn't pull away.

"Okay, so tell me when?"

"Tempest opened her eyes and looked into the future, she saw so many things happen but quickly jerked her eyes open when she felt his fangs on her neck.

"Merwick—" she warned as her breath quickened.

"Just one bite, one tiny bite." He kissed her neck and she sighed in pleasure. Suddenly her eyes jerked as she felt the fangs pierce into her skin.

She leaned against him. "You can come out now Merwick, I smell you anyway."

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