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Tempest and Draco packed their bags. He packed his uniforms and she packed her cloak and clothes. She was in a good mood. Voids family hadn't been out under scrutiny and Neither had anyone else's. Only her family which made her wonder what the woman who's she used to call her said to the Dark Lord behind her back; and Narcissa's reaction made her finally realized why her mother had chosen the Malfoys as her godparents above everyone else. She cared about her children. She just wondered how much. Tempest looked at Draco.

"Draco, how much would you say your mother loves you?"

He looked at her curiously. "A lot, why?"

She looked at her baggage. "Enough to betray the Dark Lord?" He stopped what he was doing and she finally met up with his gaze. He stared at her frightened.


"While I was hunting, my mother came looking for me with Narcissa. She couldn't believe what my mother had done. She looked frightened. So again, do you think that it is possible that she would betray everyone for you?"

He sighed. "Its possible Tempest. You would actually have to talk to her about it, but that would be difficult considering Lord Voldemort has taken refuge in my house." He finished the last part ff bitterly and she knew that he hated the Dark Lord as much as she did.

She snorted and grabbed her second suitcase. "Taken over you mean."

"Anyway," he said ignoring her comment, "you'll have to be careful."

She shot him her best arrogant smile. "Please, I'm always careful."

"Hmm, sure, so that would explain why you always get into trouble and end up near death."

"No wait I just one bloody moment, that's's not my bloody fault."

He smiled at her and her face. "My mother loved I you like you were her own daughter. Just be careful with Voldemort okay."

"I promise."

He kissed her lightly. "Good, now go downstairs you brother has something for you."

She scrunched up her eyes. "What?"

"Just go downstairs."

Tempest rolled her eyes and went downstairs. Everyone seemed to be gathered in her kitchen. She smiled slightly and prepared herself. She turned the knob and opened the door.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!" Nila ran over and gave her a hug, followed by Void then Edana. A beautiful purple cake awaited her and she smiled.

"There will be no talk of Merwick or Riddle, not today okay," said Nila. "I even had a talk with Merwick, with Void of course. He won't' be bother you today."

"Oh and another surprise." Void flashed her an envelop. "We got our O.W.L. scores today dn we, you and u of course got perfect O's all around. Nila got a few S's and E's."

Tempest took the envelop shocked. "Outstanding everything we did last year."

"You're telling me," said Nila lighting the candles. "Now come make a wish and blow out the candles."

Tempest smiled and began to think of a wish as she made her way towards the three layer cake. She finally smiled at the thought of her wish and blew out the candles. They flicked out as and arm wrapped out her. Tempest looked at Draco who smiled at her.

"Cake time?" She nodded smiling.


Tempest cast a silencing spell on herself as she climbed the tree. She looked in the window with the moons light. They were asleep. She tapped the window once with her long nails and Narcissa sat up. Maybe she hadn't been asleep at all she thought as Narcissa looked at her and smiled. Narcissa headed over to her.

"Zephyr," she said opening the window, "Happy birthday. I'm sorry I couldn't celebrate your birthday with you. I got you a present."

"Thank you Narcissa but I came here for a very specific reason. I sw you in the woods with Vivaldi. If I said Draco's life was in danger would you betray the Dark Lord?"

Narcissa gave her a look of fright. "Is his life in danger?" Tempest didn't know how to phrase anything. She herself was so confused.

"Voldemort will die and if you betray him you will get a full pardon. But long before the return of Voldemort I had vision of Draco's death, the dark mark was on his arm. I keep having these dreams."

"So his life is in danger."


Narcissa nodded. "I would betray Voldemort for my own son. He is my life." She sighed and looked over at Lucius. "What do I need to do?"

Tempest clasped her hand and looked into her future. It all appeared coherently and flowed over her vision. HS blinked away the future and stare dat Narcissa.

"Harry Potter will be at your mercy. Tell Voldemort he is dead."

Narcissa nodded and clasped Tempest hand harder. "Protect him Tempest."

The use of her name stung her but she said nothing as she nodded. "I'll do all in my power." Narcissa grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

"Wait here my darling. Your mother wanted me to give this ti you on your seventeenth birthday." She crept back into her room and pulled out a little box wrapped in silver and purple. She sat back on the branch and opened the present handed to your. Inside was a picture kept intact through the ages of her with her mother and father. She was nestled in her mothers arms and her mother and father continued to dote on her looking every so often up at the camera. Her mothers grey eyes held sadness within them. A not was there, labelled for her in her mothers handwriting as well as a beautifully intricate necklace. The band was formed of amethyst stones and peridot and in the centre in silver was a dragon over an onyx crescent moon. She put it on. It fit perfectly.

"Happy Birthday Tempest. You look so much like your mother."

"Thank you Narcissa." She gave her a hug and left ending her spells as she made her way. She opened the letter and read it slowly, ignoring the hovering Merwick.

Dear Tempest,

I'm so glad that you love Draco. Even when you were babies I saw the attraction
.You tow were meant to be together, despite what you will feel in the future please know that. I love you darling, I hope you have a great birthday, I wish I could have met my grandchildren.Love Always,

Morganna Le Fey Nyx
"Hmm, grandchildren, that's plural my dear."

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I noticed, I'm very aware of word tenses."

"If you say so. I only ever thought there would be Blake." Tempest spun making him bump into her. He was too close for comfort.


"You're mind darling." Her breathed relaxed. He hadn't found her prophecy, either of them. Not like he would be able to hear anything though she thought.

"Okay new rules. Stay out of my head."

He laughed. "You're barrier slipped in Camelot darling. You know he looks a lot like Draco. He had your eyes thought and your hair. Nila's daughter looks like her with—"

"Enough already."

"I wonder what your son was doing there."

"Who knows darling old man. But look unless I invite you into my mind, stay out."

Merwick shrugged and ruffled his pure white hair that glistened above his gold eyes. She wanted to dig her fangs into his neck, a little vampiric blood lust. He smiled.

"Entia and I exchange blood all the time, its quite . . . intoxicating."

"Go to hell." She turned and walked away hoping to leave him behind. Merwick insisted on following her.

"You could do it with Draco, without changing him."

"He'll feel the pain."

"Only at first. Besides, as long as you don't him any of your blood, he'll be fine."

"Its too risky."

"Suit yourself. I'm going hunting."

Something bugged her and she looked at him. "How is it Entia isn't poisoned."

"Many protection spells. Although it doesn't seem to be moved through the blood. She still gets sick thought."

She smiled. "Blood is nothing to you. We tried to aim to affect the real you. Remember, this body isn't your own. An the dust and bones of your remains were at my school."

"Well are you a clever little minx."

"Yes I am. Good night Merwick."

"Good night Zephyr." He turned and ran off into the night and she continued on her way back to Draco. Clutching her present in her hand.


Tempest had her arms wrapped around Draco on the Muggle platform. His arms were wrapped tightly around her. She tangled her fingers through his hair and he in turn wrapped his fingers through the ends of her hair. She really didn't want to let him go.

"Zephyr, come on already," said Void.

"Yeah Draco, you too, we have to go before the train leaves," said Maddox.

Finally Tempest pulled away noting her cousins discomfort and looked at the both of them. "You two better take care of each other."

"We promise," said Draco kissing her again.

"Bloody hell, you two are not straying that again," said Nila yanking her away. "Sorry Draco but come on, breath already, you have been swapping spit all summer."

"Yeah, and now you and Davyn will, yay," said Void sarcastically. Tempest gave him a look and he gave her a knowing one. Dammit Void, she thought, too little, too late. Nila paid no attention to him and made her way, dragging her along, towards the train Everyone waved goodbye. Merwick stayed taped to her side but Void never left her alone.

"Oo, trouble," said Merwick in her ear she ignored the stares. No one would understand but she saw who he was talking about. Astrea slammed her against the wall.

"What the hell!"

She heard Merwick snicker besides her. Tempest ignored him. "Astrea, you have too—"

"Shut up! This thing kills! He almost killed me! Tormented me! And now . . . I can't believe it was true! The antidote!" She aimed to punch her but Tempest easily blocked her.

"Go shove off, you don't understand and you won't listen to me."

"There is nothing to understand. You've betrayed everything! I'll make you pay! I sear it!" She stalked away followed by Heather and Cassandra. Louis stayed behind.

"Tell me you have a good reason?"

"I need his help to defeat Voldemort or else everything we all know and love is doomed. I had to make the deal, I need his help. Please believe me."

His smug look appeared and he took a step towards her. "Yeah, okay, I believe you. I'll try to talk to her. Now, how about a kiss??" He tapped his and cheek and she smacked his arm.

"Go to you vicious girlfriend already."

"Yeah okay." HE walked away but she pulled him back and embraced him, giving him a light peck on the cheek. The was when she noticed his bite marks.

"Be careful with her okay," she said stroking his neck.

Louis shrugged it off. "We're careful, I'm careful. Don't worry."

"Okay, if you're sure, just be careful."

He looked at merwick. "Yeah, you too." He walked away.

"That was fun," mocked Merwick.

Tempest clenched her fist and took a deep breath, calming herself so that she didn't break his jaw.

"Get on top of the train and stay there."

"Of course darling" He jumped into the train and she continued to wonder about how Astrea found out about the deal. She needed to find Lilith and the others. She had to explain before they thought that she betrayed them too.

The train began to whistle, she saw Void jumping onto the train. She asked him the same things she had asked herself and he shrugged, bewildered, a she handed her her prefect badge.

"Well find them on the train, come on."

They searched, people staring at her, boring their eyes into her. So Astrea had spread the word about Merwick, at least now everyone would be fine. She found Lilith who was a prefect with Damien and Trixie. They all gave her cold looks, their hands on their hilts. Tempest rolled her eyes and payed attention to her belly ring. Void would take care of this.

"Hear her out," said Void simply. No he wouldn't hadn't this and once again she explained the situation. They exchanged looks but understood nonetheless.

"One slip up through," said Damien, "and I shove this blade through his skull."

"I'll gladly help you, I'll hold him down if need be."

"Glad to hear it." They walked off leaving Void and Tempest alone. She placed him under scrutiny.

"You know, its your fault , , , that Nila is dating Davyn of all people. She wanted your attention."

"I just—"

"Its not just that, I think—"

"Hey there you too are," said Nil interrupting him. She was holding hands with Davyn.

"I have to go. Later Zeph, Nila." He shot Davyn a look. "Davyn." He walkaed off and Tempest looked after him noticing the look Nila gave him.

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