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Tempest made her way to her house with Merwick and Entia tailing behind her. Zoltron took off the many layers of clothing as they walked making Tempest laugh despite herself and the situation at hand. As they approached the door Tempest opened the door slowly, everybody was eating diner. Greta timing she thought to herself rolling her eyes.

"Evening everybody, I'm back." Chairs were moved, forks were dropped and people hurried on their way. Nila and Void ere the first at the hallway and they both stopped dead in their tracks, their eyes wide.

"Hello Void, Nila, pleasure to see you both again."

"You filthy—" placed one hand over Nila mouth and another around her waist to prevent her from lunging. Tempest sent him a grateful look.

"We see you agreed," said Void simply.

"Why not, I'll get the antidote when this is over, nothing sounds as satisfying and as great as that." He smiled at them all.

"Hello Serena, Stella," said Entia simply. "How are two of my best friends?"

"We stopped being friends when you joined that bastard," said Serena. "You lost your bloody mind Entia."

"That's your opinion," she said arrogantly.

"It' a fact," said Stella.

Entia shrugged her off and Tempest turned her attention back towards Merwick who was regrettablly staring ant Draco with a smug smile. Tempest felt her heart ache and her blood run cold. What didn't surprise her was that Draco returned his gaze just as intently. Tempest went over to him and took him hand, not to reassure him but rather herself.

"So this wold be the great Draco Malfoy. Oh you're always on Young Tempest minds." He leered at them both and this time she had to restrain herself but punching him square in the jaw. Her eyes lit up worried as Draco spoke.

"Yes well I would hope so. But besides that you must be the infamous Merwick. Hmm, you do look as every bit pathetic as I've heard, not worth one bit of her time. Are you that desperate for companionship that you had to manipulate Entia there into being your bloody pet?" Tempest smiled and at that moment had never loved Draco more. She saw Entia's eyes flare and her fist clench. Merwick sadly enough retained his smile.

"Well you and Tempest are one in the same aren't you, both arrogant pure bloods."

"And proud of it," muttered Tempest.

Merwicks' gold eyes flickered to her. "I'm sure you are." Everyone remained silent, there was nothing more to say. The air became thick with breathing as they all stood there staring at each other for what seemed like hours. Someone needed to talk.

"Well Merwick, well do you plan on staying?" asked Adrian. Tempest shot him a thankful look and he waved it off, apparently he was just as uncomfortable. Merwick rose his eyebrows playfully and Tempest rolled her eyes.

"Oh, I won't be staying here?" He forced a hurt expression on his face that quickly broke into a smile.

If you do," she began smiling, "someone may try to kill you, my dragon included."

"Well than, where will I be staying?"

"At my mothers house, and I swear if you defile anything, damn you to hell the deal is off."

He shot her a look of pure hatred and gripped his sword. "Yes well then, I shouldn't defile anything now should I?"

"No you shouldn't." Everyone remained silent once again. A cold wind blew and sure enough the windows sprung open. Tempest knew what was about to happen. "Get to the basement! The both of you! Now!" They did as they were told, each of them smirking at her as they past her by and just as the basement door opened shadows formed into people and Death Eaters surrounded them, Vivaldi included.

"What's going on?" asked Tempest warily, staring intently at Vivaldi.

"I'm here to bring Selene, Jason, Oliver and Isolde to trial."

"What? Why?"

"To see of they are apt supporters of Voldemort."

It took all of Tempest strength to control herself. "You're insane, they're your children!"

"I do what I must. Take them in." Selene and Jason looked at Tempest for help then at each other. What the bloody hell had happened to Vivaldi?

One they were all gone Merwick and Entia came up from the basement and Tempest punched a hole in the stairs, she could no longer contain herself.

"I see your mother has hone insane."

"She's not my mother!"


Tempest made her way with Merwick through the ministry, Merwick for once had clothes and shoes on and wavered by her side.

"So what exactly is your plan?"

"What plan? I plan on barging in and telling them to release my sibling and their partners."

"You can't do that, that will bring suspicion onto yourself."

She turned to him and shot him one simply look of desperation. "So what am I suppose to do?"

"Lie of course."

She stumbled with words and raised her arms in exasperation. "You are impossible!"

"I'm right and you know it." She ignored him and they continued to make their way to the courtroom. They were all being tried together. Tempest opened the side door and stepped in silently.

"We are hereby going to hear the case of Mr. & Mrs. Nyx and Mr. & Mrs. Wood," announced a woman Tempest knew to be Dolores Uxbridge.


"No time like the present."

She stood up. "Hello council, if I may."

The Toed-faced woman shot her a hateful look. "Who are you?"

"I am Tempest Artemisa Nyx and you would do well to know me respect. I did dispose of your previous Minister. Now, why is my family under trial?"

"Their lineage of course, their devotion to the dark lord."

"They are all pure blood and their devotion shouldn't be questioned."

"And why not Miss Nyx?" The woman's eyes flashed suspiciously and Tempest herself growled impatiently.

"Because who do you think provided me with information on the inner workings of the ministry."

"Really? Why should I believe you?"

"Because, as I said before, I am Tempest Artemisa Nyx," she leaped onto the counted, "and you would do well to show me respect."

The womans heart began to race as Tempest licked her fangs that protruded brightly.

"Yes, well, um, they are free to go."

"I thought so. Lord Voldemort wouldn't been very displeased with you. We can't have that can we?"

"N-no, most certainly not."

Tempest and leaped off backwards landing gracefully on her feet. Merwick appeared at her side and smiled at her.

"Very graceful, yet very theatrical," he said as They walked out.

"I thought so." She looked at her family. "I got here as fast as I could."

"What happened to Vivaldi," said Isolde. "Why would she take us in and arrest us? Why would we be put under scrutiny??" Her long auburn hair was tied loosely behind her and her brown eyes began to fill with tears,.

"I simply don't know," said Jason.

Selene had her arms crossed firmly over her chest. She looked far more furious than she ever was. Thunder sounded catching them all off guard. Selene's composure remained undeterred as she gripped Tempest arm tightly, her nails going through the leather material.

"You better make sure he falls Zephyr, I want my mother back."

"You're ruining my jacked and don't' worry, he will fall."

"You better be sure Zeph, I lost my father, I don't want to lose my mother."

"It may be too late Selene," said Oliver sadly. Selene gave him a horrific look and walked off. Oliver, Jason and Isolde followed leaving Merwick and Tempest alone. She collapsed against a wall and so did Merwick, unwillingly. She looked at him.


"If you wouldn't mind, I think this should be a morning ritual, unless you give me the antidote." He smiled at her charmingly and she laughed bitterly as she grabbed him hand.

"Yeah right, I don't think so."

"Can't blame me for trying."

She shrugged. "Vigoratus somes." Blue light engulfed him. He stood straight and looked at her, his fangs lon held out.

"I feel better and a little hungry. Can we go hunting?" he asked like a little child. Tempest snarled.

"Lucky for you I'm hungry too. We're going to hunt animals only. Quickly lets go before Death Eaters catch an ye on you." He nodded and followed her out.


Tempest and Merwick took off their shoes and coats in the forest. She could smell the deer running along. They had little time before the rain came and told them to hide.

Side by side they ran. Over branched and roots. Leaping over streams, catching prey and sucking them dry. Something blew in the wind, making her and Merwick stop from feeding.

"Something's wrong," said Merwick wiping blood from his lips.

"I know, but what is the proper question."

He sniffed the air and snarled. "Death Eaters. We have to hide."

"But where?"

He grabbed her in his arms and ran up the river making them both little ill. He finally put her down and told her to climb the tree. They did and poised themselves on a branch. He was right, they were Death Eaters. Vivaldi included. She sighed and focussed her hearing.

"Are you sure Zephyr came this way," asked Narcissa.

"Those were her shoes and jacket, I know she came this way. I'm just highly disappointed with her. Umbridge would have dealt with my children as she and Lord Voldemort would have seen fit."

"But Viva, they are your children you should want to protect them, form anything and anyone."

Vivaldi gave her a cold look. "I would not betray my Lord. He goes above my children." She continued on and Narcissa stared after her frightened but soon enough followed reluctantly.

"Looks like Viva finally lost her mind."

"It would seem like it, wouldn't it." She leapt to a tree. "Come on, lets go."


Tempest woke from another nightmare. First her fathers death. A sight of both the past and the future in one night. The knowledge of Astrea being a vampire frighted her, she made her deal with Merwick for more than that reason alone. Yes, she kept dreaming it, like that event was written in stone itself, and she hoped against fate that it was not.

She looked down at Draco besides her, sound asleep. His hair was dishevelled, his eyes slightly open and drool was beside his face. She pulled her knees to her chin and watched him, a smile on her face. Something pecked against her window and she jumped. Merwick sneered at her and she hissed as she headed for him.

"Haven't you ever heard of privacy?"

"No." he said simply. She rolled and crawled out her window and looked around Entia was nowhere to be seen, that made her suspicious.

"Where's Entia?"

"A little mission of my own. I have followers you know, I've rebuilt the Merlin Crusaders. Vampires and werewolves." He sneered at her.

"I have a little army too."

"Hmm, so I've noticed."

"Why did you get me out of bed."

"Oh too talk about our plans. We do need plans you know."

She rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, I know. I'll be infiltrating and while doing so I'll let you know of all his plans. I don't' know what exactly will happen, its like my vision is blocked. I've done all I could to unblock it. That's just one of the main reason why I went t you for help. I'm not going to risk the lives of my friends."

"He shrugged and nodded. "Honourable. Now come comrade, howl at the moon, its always relieving."

"I'll do no such thing." He laughed at her then howled at the moon. She couldn't suppress a laughter as she climbed down to her room.

"You know Merwick, if you weren't trying to kill me, I think we could be great friends."

"OR more."

"You're sick old man."

"Among other things. Goodnight Young Tempest." He howled some more and she crawled into bed. Draco was still slumbering. She stroked his head and kissed him lips careful of waking him.

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