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Tempest woke in Dracos' arms. She had don't her deed, her job, her task and hated thinking about it. It was the dead of night, Draco lay asleep. She could hear Divina and Chad talking a few rooms down, she was about to burst into tears. Draco opened his eyes.

"Tempy, are you all right?"

"No, I saw his face again. The face of his daughter, her bright eyes filled with joy. She's going to put me on trial."

"Shh, don't think about it." He hugged her tight and she herself cried a little like Divina. Draco kissed away her tears and she kissed him, first passionately then ferociously. He knew what she was after.

"Tempest no."

"Why not?"

"You're not thinking straight. When you're ready, neither of us is and right now——"

"Bloody hell I don't care!"

"But you will. We'll do it when we are both ready and thinking straight." He kissed her lightly then held her tightly.

"Draco I'm scared."

"Don't be. He'll help you."

"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. I'm going to tell everyone tomorrow."

"Okay, in the mean time, lets go back to and talk of good things."

She laughed. "Good things huh, there's a tough subject not and days."

This time he laughed. "True, that is a though subject." Together they laughed and fell asleep long into the morning.


"Have you lost your bloody ,ind!" exclaimed Nila. She slammed her fork down into the table and stood up knocking her chair back. Tempest continued to calmly drink her morning cup of coffee.

"NO, I don't believe I have."

"You must have if you plan on going to Merwick for help," said Void, his fist clenched. "What the bloody hell! And promising him the antidote! What the bloody hell, do you have a death wish!"

"Not today or anytime soon. But he's been alive for a long time and betraying Voldemort, s not something I can do alone. He knows more about countering evil magic more than any of us. So enough is frankly enough, I don't plan on giving him the antidote until everything is over with, give him an incentive."

"This is both stupid and dangerous," exclaimed Nila in anguish. "You can't be serious! You just can't be!"

"I am very serious and thinking clearly. We need his help, I need his help, unfortunately. There are just something's I can't seem to see, and I hardly think my mother had this trouble. So enough is enough. Whether and of you like it or not, I am going."

"Not alone you're not," said Zoltron.

"Zoltron," hissed Hydra.

"No, I'm as quick and agile as Zeph and she'll need someone at her sides. Besides the treat of my poison will be more than enough to make her back away." His sword, like hers was kept at his wrist band. He sadly ha to wave it out like she used to.

"Will you all let me go as long as I bring Zoltron?"

Nila and Void looked at each other but it was Maddox who said something.

"Let her go. Tempy knows what she's doing and frankly I tink she's right. I'm not thrilled about this either but if she feels she needs to do this then we have to believe in her."

Everyone was silent and Tempest smiled. Nila sat back down reluctantly and looked away. She did not approve at all of any of this and by the expression on Void, neither did he.

"I'll be careful you two. I promise." They both gave her warning disapproved glances and she shrugged them off. This wasn't something she wanted to do, but it was something she had to do. The thought left a bitter taste in her mouth.

"You both better be careful," said Hydra as she ate her sausage.

Divina glowered. "I feel very uncomfortable leaving you. Bound by generation I should go."

"No, the less people there are the less he'll feel threatened."

"Old fart's a chicken," snickered Nila. Edana began making chicken noises and everyone began to laugh. The mood was finally lightening up.

"When are you going," asked Adrian.

"Tomorrow. In the mean time lets not think about it." Everyone agreed but Tempest could tell by the penetrating stares that Void and Nila were still thinking about it.


Tempest sat down on her roof and floated the prophecy orb of Blake Phoebus Malfoy in her hand. She remembered her vision. Down the black staircase her son was going, deep into danger and she saw him he had seen her. He had her eyes exactly and purple spiked hair. He looked like a younger version of Draco.

"You are thinking of him again."

"He's my son. But will he come to exist? What if I don't save Draco."

"Have faith Mistress, faith always assist."

"Hmm, yes, faith."

She stood once again at Gorx's grave, all alone. The wind blew her hair aall around as storm clouds rose from the horizon. Grey and Black clouds swirled and mixed together. She could smell the moisture in the air the thick cold air struck her from all sides. Her coat blew around her and she knew that somehow this would be a frigid summer.

"I love you Gorx. I'm doing this because I have too. I don't plan on trusting your sister, I've got nothing to hold her to my will but Merwick, well you already know about Merwick. Wish me luck love." She kissed the cold grave stone. The final battle between Voldemort and Potter was underway. She had to assure that it would be the end to all would be doomed.


Tempest and Zoltron arrived at the edge of ta glacier. They looked around. No one in sight. Zoltron blew into his gloved hands.

"So where exactly doe she live?"

"No idea. I was going to do a tracer spell."

He laughed. "That wordy charm? Can't you think of anything shorter?"

"Shut up, its the safest one. I could use his blood but that would be a waste of one single drop."

He nodded. "True."

Tempest pulled out her wand and pointed it towards the ground. "Slindeferous cartigrous." A clear map with shimmering gold lines appeared. She took a step and it moved along with her. "Okay we're set, lets get going before you freeze." He shot her a look and she grabbed his hand and pulled him along.

They made their way over the ice and snow carefully. Zoltron cast a warming charm on himself and Tempest stifled a laugh as they continued to walk. She did love to be vampire at times.

As the sun drifted below the horizon they finally came to their destination and frightening enough Tempest was baffled. They had encountered no trouble and she could see nothing. Nothing was invisible so she knew something was up. Bastard was smart, she thought. She spread her arms wide.

"Insimartae attritus." The wall of ice before them vanished revealing a cave.

"An illusion spell, very clever. Shall we enter?"

Tempest smiled. "Of course." They both unleashed their poisonous blades, each glowing their individual harmful breath.

"Oh Merwick darling! I know you're here! If you send Entia out to do your dirty work you must be here." No sound came out, they were surrounded by a deathly silence. Zoltron looked at his cousin worried. "Vertina singulara!" A strong blue ball of light flew from her hand and down the cave. He was farther down the cave than she initially thought.

"Oh come now darling Merwick! I promise not to bite! I promise not to harm you! Unless you give me reason to darling! You are making this very tedious for me darling! What's wrong, don't you love me anymore!" There was still no sound. Merwick had gained self restraint at the most inopportune time. She bit her lip.

"I went by Gorx's grave Entia! I hear from Luke and Luciana! The twins are like two pees in a pod! Always together! They look perfect together! So happy and full of life together! I kissed Gorx's gravestone! You know I think he loved me more than he loved you!" Entia stormed forth and was caught between each of their blades, she was trapped. Entia snarled at her.

"Now is that any way to treat an old friend? Merwick call off your little pet before we both poison her. I have a deal to make with you."

He appeared from the shadows looking ill, as though he was dying, which he probably was.

"Entia come here."


"Shut up before I let her poison you for your stupidity. Get over here." She glared and both Tempest and Zoltron sheathed their blades. Entia walked back to Merwicks side.

"Well, isn't this cozy," mocked Tempest.

"Get on with it."

"As you wish. The final battle with Riddle and Potter is underway——"

"Just say Vold——" began Entia agitated.

"Don't call him by that," warned Zoltron, "he placed a taboo on his name. Unless you're a Death Eater or a dark one swarms of Death Eaters will swarm us."

"He's right. Now, within I play my part but I need assistance." She finished off her sentence with bitterness and looked away from his satisfied smirk.

"You need my help, how amusing. But, pray tell Young Tempest, why the bloody hell should I help you?" This time she smiled and between tow dainty finger appeared a little vial of indigo liquid.

"Because I'll give you the antidote." Entia lunged and she simply kicked her aside and made the vial vanish. "Ah, ah, ah, not yet my darling. I need something to hold over your head don't I? I'll give you the antidote after we assure that Potter defeats Voldemort. Deal?"

"Very smart Young Tempest. I admire that but sadly I'm not much help this way." He smiled at her as he gestured his body. She simply smiled back at him.

"I'll heal you . . . Temporarily. Whenever you need it. So again, do we have a deal?" She held out her hand and he stared at it for sometime. Zoltron shifted his feet and stared at Entia hard. She returned the stare ready to pounce hopeful that Merwick would reject the offer. Merwick shook the hand and stared at her face.


"Glad we agree. Vigoratus somes!" A strong blue light emanated from her hand and flowed over his body. The life returned to his gold eyes.

"Ah," he said releasing her hand, "now that's much better. So when do we start?"

She waved her hand and the orb vanished. She jumped from her roof to the ground and made her way to the cemetery.

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