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Tempest dodged her attack once again. Merwick was to weak to fight for himself so he lay dormant and weak in his ice palace. Entia dove again and Tempest dodged with ease. Her movement were easy to predict. Tempest smiled and moved away she had gotten more talented and familiar with her blade. She twirled her blade then got into her fighting stance, both of her hands on her hilt. The moon lit up the gold ion Entia's eyes. Merwick was reforming the Merlin Crusaders, now called the Merwick Crusaders, hardly clever she thought. Entia snarled at her.

"Give me the antidote."

Tempest suppressed a laughter. "Bloody hell Entia, everyone is right, you are insane, I mean you must be if you actually think that I'm going to give you the antidote."

Entia glared at her. "No one thinks I'm insane."

"Wring, all your former friends think you're insane. You've lost all their pity, all their friendship."

"Because of you!"

"Wrong again darling, because of Merwick. You blame me for something I have no control over. And now you serve that cold hearted bastard! How could you?"

"He gave me the chance to avenge my brother."

"He's the one that killed your brother!"

"You could have saved him."

"He didn't want me to Entia, you should understand that!"

"I'll kill you!"

"You can try."

Entia charged and Tempest just rolled her eyes. When was Entia going to see the truth She blocked her easily and her feet from under her.

Entia had come out of nowhere, charging at her Nila and Void as they walked home from a Death Eaters meeting. She had forced Nila and Void to go home. She could deal with Entia alone.

On the floor, Tempest took the opportunity to make every punch count and knocked her out. It took some time but she had enjoyed every bit of it.

"Now," she said out of breath, "stay there and have your Master come and get you." Entia was unconscious and her bruised face was quickly healing. Tempest threw Aurora somewhere and grabbed Excaliber sheathing it.

Tempest walked home, her home which her mother had to add rooms too. Practically everyone was there. Nila from her trip in Spain, Void, Chad, Hydra, Stella, Serena, Christopher, Jonathan, Alex, Samantha Adrian and Daniel. They all stopped whatever it was they were doing and watched Tempest as she opened the door. She hung up her long black coat.

"I took care of it. I didn't kill her, but I beat the bloody shit out of her like she deserved. Knocked her unconscious."

"Well good," said Selene. Tempest looked at her older sister. She was wrapped in Oliver's arms. Neither of them were thrilled about the invasion of Hogwarts. But then again it was either follow orders or die, and since Tempest herself was hard to kill, he would kill all those she loved, even Draco.

"She lost her mind, to say the least."

"I can't believe she would blame you," said Isolde, her Romanian accent was heightened by her distress. "You loved her brother, you honoured his last wish."

"She doesn't see it as such. Anyway what's for dinner, I'm hungry."

"Vivaldi isn't back yet," said Edana. "Lord Voldy wanted a private word with her." Edana bit into her cookie. "Luckily I found cookies raiding the pantry with Adrian." Edana beamed at him and he smiled down at her. Tempest rolled her eyes. She knew that Edana liked Adrian even though he was eight years older than her, but she could approve, Adrian was decent enough and he could look after her.

"Anyway," began Void, taking a cookie. "What are we going to do about Entia? We can't keep letting her come after you for the damn antidote. I'm not suggesting that we go ahead and attack her but come on, we have a serious problem here."

"Thank you for stating the obvious Void," said Nila as she twirled her ring on her finger. Void glared at her.

"Is Draco here yet," she asked. They shook their heads.. Voldemort was staying at the Malfoys house and the Malfoys were having trouble accepting that fact. Tempest rolled up her sleeves.

"I'll cook dinner, steak tonight you guys." No one complained, they were hungry. Nila and Void followed her and placed a silencing charm on the door.

"Zephyr," began Nila. "We haven't told any of them about Voldemort plans."

"You should," she said absentmindedly taking out the steak. She turned the stove on with flick of her wrist and then her muggle stereo. Her favourite song was on.

"Zeph, I sent a Patronous to Remus about the attack on Harry at his house. They're prepared for that. It's the attach on the Ministry the one you're in charge of."

"Go tell the." She hummed to the music.

"Zephyr, come on, you know this is difficult, stop acting like it's not. You've been ordered to deal with the new minister. You've been ordered to kill him," said Nila.

"Yes, I know, thank you for reminding me." She watched the steak cook, seasoned and based. She didn't much care for Nila's worrying at this time it was annoying.

"Zephyr, you know how much we care, but frankly your dismissive tone——"

Tempest spun round and glared at Void. "This tone is not one of dismiss! It is one of reluctance acceptance. I've looked into the future his death is written in stone."

"Oh Zephyr," began Nila. "Why didn't you just tell us?"

This song always made her cry, always made her think of Gorx. "Because, something's you aren't suppose to know. Just like Gorx's death, all of your deaths. You were all suppose to die that night. You two, Astrea, Gorx and me. He killed us all. There are just something's people shouldn't know okay."

"Understood," said Void. Nila remained silent but nodded.

"Thank you. Now Void end the silencing spell."

"Yeah okay, but I bet it will still be silent considering the song." He ended the spell an d voices quickly hushed. All they heard was the song.

"Oh tell me why," sang Tempest to the music, "do we build castles in the sky? Oh tell me why, all the castles way up high please tell me why, do we build castles in the sky, oh tell me why, all the castles way up high?" She continued to sing and Void was right, the house was silent. A tear ran down her cheek and Nila hugged her. Gorx . . . his face always came to her mind. Castles in the sky were suppose to be your daydreams, not bringers of real life nightmares, bringers of death in the form of a white cloud. She dug her nails into the counter top. She hoped Merwick was rotting away slowly.

"Zephyr?" asked Void, once the song had ended. His hand took away the hair from her face. She looked at his turquoise eyes, his long beautiful lashes defines by his masculine cheek bones. No longer just charming, like he used to be in his young years, slightly goofy, but rather more mature. He was dashing she thought, almost irresistible. He was her best and oldest friends. She smiled at him, his arms pulsating, ready to comfort her.

"I'm fine Void." She stood straight, Nila pulled away from he. Nila looked at her, eye to eye in their high heels. Her long strawberry blonde hair hung over shoulder in waves. She was a brave one, a hard one to be mad at and a fun loving child like girl. But even in her something was different. She was more . . . serious.

"Are you really?"

Tempest closed her eyes and nodded. "Yes you two, I'm fine."

A door opened. Vivaldi entered. "I'm home."

Tempest went to the door and stared at the woman who had raised her. The attack would happen soon. Vivaldi gave a look as she hung up her coat.

"Hello Selene, Jason." They both stared at there mother. She smiled at them sadly. "No hugs or kisses for your dear mother." They both looked at each other and went to hug their mother awkwardly then returned back to where they were before.

"Zephyr, go get some sleep. You have a huge day coming up soon."

"You forget, I don't need sleep, only blood. Its everyone else who is going to need the rest." Tempests stormed off up her stairs and only one person followed. It was Maddox. She sat on her bed and he leaned on her dresser, his black hair hung over his purple eyes.

"You don't have to do it you know."

She laughed bitterly, her eyes turned a dark red. "Oh but sadly I do."

"Cut it with the auror studies." She rolled her eyes and they returned to their natural abnormal colouring. "Now again, you don't have to."

"If I disobey him, he'll go after everyone I love, starting with family." She gave him a look and he looked away, the dim yellow lighting from above highlighted his purple eyes.

"You should try to see your prophecy, or rather yet try looking into my future." She gave him a look and decided she would do that. She sat back confused.

"Hmm, of all things Maddox, I cannot see your future. So many flashes, nothing coherent. Its like . . . I can't explain it Maddox, I wish I could just to make myself feel better but I can't."

"Hmm, almost like I don't have one."

"Don't say that, everyone has a future, it's just that some are shorter than others."

"Hmm. Well all right I have a future and I will not be taken by Voldemort. I promise you that." He walked over to her and stroked her purple bangs out of her face. He looked at her so lovingly, a love that could never be, a love that was sick. A love that she would think about that made her sick, She loved Draco, more than anything, and she only loved Maddox like family, always would love him like that. She just wished that was all he felt.

"Just as long as you keep that promise."

"I'm not Draco, I actually keep my promises." Tempest laughed and placed her forehead against his and he laughed too. The door creaked open.

"What's so funny," came a sultry voice. Tempest looked up at Draco. She loved seeding him everyday. She loved curling up in his arms. She loved that he knew that she loved him. She loved that she knew she wold have his child, providing he did not die anytime soon. That fear was always at the edge of her mid.

"Nothing Draco." Maddox gave Tempest a warm hug goodnight. "Goodnight cousin, goodnight Draco." He left the room and as soon as she closed the door she flew on into his arms and kissed him.

"Yeah I missed you too." Tempest shut up the lights and led him to ed.


Tempest was ready. She had a a black tank top and her black shorts and black boots. The day had finally come. She wore no makeup, no nail polish. Today was one of death. She grabbed her black leather trench coat. Nila also wore no make up, juts a black turtled neck and jeans, her sworn hung by her side. No heels for her today and she wore her loosely tied up. Void entered the room next. He wore black as well, and his blue tipped hair was dishevelled. The Dark Mark would soon appear over the Ministry and she herself would dispose of the Minister. Nila and Void would be at her sides whilst everyone else she knew was going to attack from the inside. She hoped her family would be okay in the wake.

The clock struck, their arms began to throb and they were off whisked away in shadows and darkness. Today she would be the bringer of death. They crashed through the windows and materializing, Nila ran to the door and cast several charms and spells over it. No one would be getting in or out with out her say so. They Minister looked as though he would scream. Void placed his wand at his neck.

"It would suit you best if you shut your mouth."

"Void be nice." She looked at the Minister and at his desk, he had a daughter. "Hello Minister, I'm sorry to say but Voldemort had ordered me to kill you. We have little rime so please listen to all I have to say.

"Me and my friends are not part of this willingly. We plan on betraying him, we hope to beat him even if we must do horrible acts to make sure that all those that we love, all the innocents close to us remain safe. Yes I do admit to killing those Muggles last year and to being part of the raid at Hogwarts. I admit to all these crimes."

"Zephyr, hurry up," warned Nila. "Cecile says it's going quickly."

"Hold on. Look Minister, I will let you record whatever you wish, write down whatever you wish even if it is to sentence me to Azcaban. Just know that Voldemort will fall, Harry Potter will defeat him, that I swear and promise you so please write whatever you will."

She awaited judgement and Void stood at the window watchful.

"I will grant you a pardon. I know the chain reaction of what is happening." He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote with his as quick as possible. Nila gave her a worried look. Next he grabbed little bottle, his last memories. He placed them inside.

"Make sure these get to my daughter once everything is over."

"I promise. Are you ready?"

He looked at hr sadly and nodded. "Yes." She pulled out her want. Nila had her back to it, her head bowed and Void stood next to her for strength.

"Avada Kadavra." He flew back in his chair dead. Void went over and closed his eyes. Tempest took the what he left and put it into her pockets. Nila ended all her spells on the door and watched her. Tempest removed the body from the seat and sat down placing her feat on the table.

"Playing the part?" asked Void.

"Don't have a choice."

"I wish it would end soon," said Nila.

"Yeah me too."

"Mistress you cannot——"

"No Aidan, I have to ask. I can't this alone."

"You aren't alone. You have Nila and Void and the others."

"I know, but I need

"He won't——"

"He will . . . as long as I promise to give him the antidote."


"Enough Aidan, I've made my choice. He knows more about putting down dark wizards more than anything."

"As you wish."

his help. Its not a choice I'm making lightly. I've thought about it. As much as I hate to say it . . . I need Merwicks help."
"Zephyr?" asked Void.

"Huh, oh yeah sorry, was talking to Aidan."

"Lord Voldemort is coming."

She smiled arrogantly . "Let the charade continue." People were screaming, dying. But above all, she had been the ultimate bringer of death.

Aidans voice was strong in her mind. Loud, masculine and filled with worry.

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