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Nila pinched Tempest out of her daze in class. Tempest pushed back her hair and blushed. Nila knew shy she was dazed. It was because of Draco, the one she grew up loving. She had said it, finally told him, that she loved him. What made her sad though was the fact that it had been her that had caused him to be so lost with himself. The thought also made her bitter.

"Stop daydreaming. We get it, you're happy," said nila. She wasn't even taking notes, noticed Tempest, she was writing another love filled to Davyn.

"Like you should talk."

'Hey, at least I look like I'm bloody paying attention."

Tempest opened her mouth ro say something, but them closed it. Nila did have a point. She smirked at her and tied up her strawberry blonde curled hair. Davyn like it curled and Tempest had to admit, it looked food on her. She looked at Void across the room. He wasn't paying attention either. Tempest wondered what he was thinking about. Maybe she and Edana had gotten to him or maybe Davyn had gotten to him. Void caught her stare and smiled at her uncertainly. She smiled back and thought about invading his privacy but then thought against it. He was her best friend and his thought belonged to him and him alone. Void would tell her when he was ready.

Mistress Miracledoomer dismissed the class and Tempest walked to her rendevous point with Astrea. The halls echoes with congratulations on her raiding of Hogwarts. Tempest smiled here and there accepting compliment after compliment. Although she hadn't approved, the feat itself did deserve some praise.

When she reached the twins they each gave her a giant hug. As of this moment they would be her responsibility until dinner. Through the days she had noticed one thing that unnerved her. Entia had taken a keen interest in watching the twins with much intrigue. Tempest didn't like the look in her eyes. Everything about her had changed in the past months since her turn and an ominous feeling crept up her spine.

By dinner time, Astrea and Louis took charge and something flashed before her eyes when she saw them together with the kids. There in that spot stood triplets. Two girls and one boy. The boy looked like Louis except he had auburn hair like Astrea, his blue eyes were vicious looked and he was dark and handsome. On his left was a girl who looked exactly like her mother only sadder and next to her was a strong willful girl with her fathers looks. Tempest blinked it away and swore to herself. She hated seeing the future, she missed having surprises in life. Tempest snorted though at the thought of those two having children.


Tempest sat with Aidan on the tallest tower holding an orb. It wasn't her prophecy, it was that of Blake Phoebus Malfoy, someone who didn't exist yet.


"You saw the vision Aidan, do you really think that he could be my son?"

"Yo shouldn't rule it our. Remember, what Headmistress Majika said, not everything is written ins tone."


Entia was holding Luciana and Luke, her nails poised and ready to slash their throats in an instant. Merwick was holding Astrea, his fangs inches away from her neck. Her worst nightmare . . .

"Entia why?"

Entia's expression didn't change, it was devoid of any emotion. "Do you know what its like? Losing your other half? A part of yourself? You'll find out once I take the life of one," she finally sneered, flashing her fangs. "You get to choose though, to save them both or destroy one. So young don't you think, to loose a part of one self." Her smile vanished and she cocked her head. Tempest looked at them then at Astrea who gave her a warning look.

"What do you want?"

"Its simply, give merwick the antidote."

"Zephyr, don't you dare," hissed Astrea. Merwick gripped her throat forcing her to shut up.

"Let the children go."

"Give Entia the antidote and she will." Tempest looked around for help. She saw Nila, her ring glowing and she looked to her left when she heard the slight sizzle in the air. Louis was going to have to make a new antidote.

"Fine, catch." Tempest summoned the vial and threw it forward. Entia's eyes widened and she let go of the twins who were saved by Cecile. Tempest saw the dagger fly from nowhere and strike the vial before Entia had a chance to reach it. Tempest had never loved Void more than at that moment. She smiled and ran towards Merwick who sneered at her. A familiar blade hummed before it was thrust through her side. Entia was holding Aurora.

"That was for Gorx." She took the holy blade out and Tempest collapsed to the ground in pain. She coughed up blood and wiped it off her face before looking into the autumn eyes that were so unlike Gorx's.

"You know Entia, the reason I don't trust you is because Gorx told me not to." She sneered up at her, satisfied with herself. "He said and I quote, 'Tempest, please, look out for my sister, she's dangerous. She losing her mind, I need you to be careful'. Even he knew you were insane." Entia's eyes flared so hatefully that she could have set the whole room on fire. Entia kicked her across the jaw then in her fresh wound. Tempest gasped in pain and she looked at Nila who was hugging Luciana and Luke tightly. Entia grabbed her by the hair and jerked her hair back roughly and she placed the blade near her neck. She forced her to look at Merwick.

"It seems Young Tempest that you have made your bed. Now lie in it," said merwick before he dug his fangs into Astrea's neck.

"I never liked you anyway," said Astrea as she pulled Aurora from Draco.


Tempest stood by Astrea's bed, the moon shining on both of their porcelain like skin. Tempest looked down at Astrea.

"Do you want the portions that I take?"

"I would appreciate it."

"All right. I'll have my mum send you the recipes and in the mean time I'll give you a bunch of vials to hold yo over.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it." They remained silent. At this very moment Louis was making another antidote to her swords poison.

"Did you know he would do this to me?" asked Astrea as she pulled her hair behind her ears.

"I saw a possible future where you were a vampire yes," she said not looking at her.

"So no."

"I guess not."

"Just promise me one thing Zephyr."

"I owe you that much."

"Don't' give that bastard the antidote, no matter what."

"Don't worry I have no intention to." Astrea smiled and closed her eyes as she pulled the covered up to her neck. Tempest looked down at her neck wound that was still fresh. She looked away towards the moon. Everything was so uncertain now. Merwick, Entia and Astrea. What would happen now, she asked herself frightened.

Tempest stared at the prophecy a moment longer when the heard a familiar scream. It was Astrea. "Merwick." Tempest made the orb vanish and smashed trhough a window on the second floor from where she heard the scream. Crowds of people were around and as she shoved her way through the crowd she saw something she wished she had seen.

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