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Tempest loved being back at school. Although she could have done without her stupid O.W.L. examine that she had barely studied for. She felt confident that she did, unlike a nervous Nila who barely studied to begin with. Void was perfectly calm about the whole thing, of course he always passed everything with flying colours without even trying. Everything seemed to be back to normal, safe. Luciana and Luke paid her a visit and asked her about Camelot. Although it was still in ruins, it looked brilliant. It only needed some magic to fix it up. They wanted to see it and she agreed to take them one day.

Tempest was happy. But it didn't last long. Her arm began to throb as she got dressed. Divina caught her just in time and soon all her friends were around her.

"Come on, lets go."


Draco had found the way. He had found the way to sneak all the Death Eaters into Hogwarts, They would al attack in the dead of night, while everyone was asleep. She had know that he was going to, he had seen, had helped. She looked outside. It was too let to warn Ron or her cousin. Severus . . . Dumbledore . . . Draco . . .

The attack would be in two nights. Draco had called Bellatrix, a few others and herself. She was in the Room of Requirement awaiting her orders.

"In two nights time I will call all of you at the perfect time to come." He handed each of them coins. And Tempest felt bothered by two things. That she was actually really doing this and that she was taking ordered from Draco. Everyone left through the closet and she would have left too, had Draco not pulled her back.

"Draco, its late and I'm tired."

"I know but please. You asked me what Pansy was and yo haven't returned any of my messages."

"I have Aidan burn them."

Draco looked at her hurt but still continued. "Temp—Zephyr, please hear me out." He gave her his puppy dog eyes and she swore.

"Oh bloody hell don't give me that look. Fine."

Draco smiled at her and she sat down on a table nearby. "Zephyr, I love you. You are the one that I want to be with, but what would people think if I were single for sic years."

Tempest laughed at his response. She couldn't believe he had just said that. "Bloody hell you are narcissistic. You know, I think your mothers name suits you better than her. I should start calling you Narcissus."

"Tempest please. Look, I love you. I mean why did you date Gorx."

Tempest eyes flared. That had really been the wrong thing to say. "I dated Gorx because I loved him. We shared secret forbidden kisses Draco, we didn't have a whole damn relationship behind his back! You and I, no longer. You say you love me, do you really? Who cares about Pansy, who cares what others think." Tempest took a deep breath and pointed her finger at him. "Don't you dare forget Draco, you forsake our friendship because of her, for her! I wouldn't do it. So now I'm saying choose. Her or me. This life or me?"

Draco shook his head sadly. "You can't ask me that."

Tempest sighed and clasped her hands. "I just did, and I think I just received my anser. See you around Malfoy." She got up and walked away.

"Tempy wait." He reached for her and she jerked away, hurt.

"No Malfoy, no. I'll await your orders." Tempest walked away and didn't look back once. He had made his choice.


"You made him choose?" snapped Void.

Tempest rolled her eyes agitated. "So he told you."

Void slammed the note on the table in front of her. "I got the message this morning. What the bloody hell Zephyr!"

Tempest stood up and slammed her hand so hard against the table that it snapped.

"Hold on right there Void. Look, you're my best friend and I love to death but come on, I had every right to. Me or Pansy, this life or me. This retched life he promised he would have nothing to do with! I had every right to ask him what I did!"

Void sighed and fixed the table. "Yeah, you did, he had it coming." He rubbed his forehead and sighed once again. Tempest waited with her arms crossed, she knew he wasn't done. "But look here, he loves you more than anything."

"Well than I gave him something to think about. And besides if he loves me so much it shouldn't have been usch a hard choice."

Tempest snatched up the letter and walked from the dormitory. As she made her way up the wet cold stone stairs, two little black haired children ran into her.


"Hey you two, what's going on?"

"We saw Merwick," said Luke.


"He did. He was staring directly at us. Auntie Starlet told us to run to you," said Luciana.

Tempest swore. "What happened."

"He was up in a tree, staring, just staring," said Luke. "He looked different though."

"He looked sickly," said Luciana.

Tempest thought that was gratifying but then she thought again.

"Come with me, the both of you." She grabbed each of their hands. She would be gone soon and she didn't know for how long. She needed someone to watched the kids.


Tempest ran for Louis and Astrea. She left the kids in the hands of Master Vlad, Headmistress Majika and Mistress Starlet. They would keep the kids safe until she found Louis and Astrea. She was growing frustrated. Those two love birds were probably making out. Finally, she found them in the catacombs.

"Enough I need you're help."

Astrea glared at her as she pulled away from Louis. He simply smiled at her. "Here to join us Zephyr."

Astrea smacked him and he winced. "What do you want?"

"Merwick is watching and spying on Luke nd Luciana. I need yo towo keep them safe."

"Why can't you?"

"Because Lord Voldemort needs my friends and me to assist in attacking Hogwarts."

Astrea smiled. "Sounds fun."

"Hardly. Look will you look after them?"

"Of course I will. Where are they?"

"Headmistress Majika's office." Tempest turned to go. "One more think,, don't trust anything from Entia."


"Because Gorx told me not to." She left closing the door behind her. Something was wrong with Entia.


There wasn't anytime to warn anyone at Hogwarts without it looking suspicious. Tempest was dressed in black. She wore her black and purple halter corset and her tight black pants with her knee high boots. She placed her wand at her belt and looked at eveyone who stood with her on the school grounds. Everyone was dressed in black. This was not a day to rejoice.

"So when is Voldy Baldy going to summon us," said Nila fixing her black bra under her black lace tank top. Tempest rolled her eyes when she caught Void watching her.

"Tempest forced a smile though remembered Nila's question. "He won't. Draco will be." She flashed the coin. "This coin with transport us to Borgin and Burkes to the vanishing cabinet so everyone get into a tight circle. Once it hits the ground we'll be gone. I unfortunately helped Draco turn the damn think into a portkey. " As everyone stepped into a circle she flipped the coin into the air. She watched it flip through the air and land onto the ground in a blinding light.

They pushed their way out of the close t and looked at each other and at Draco. Tempest noticed that he kept his gaze far away from Tempest as he made his orders. Nila and Void both held her hands reassuringly. Tempest felt her heart racing at the thought that he might actually kill Dumbledore. Draco dismissed them all and left and Tempest bolted. She headed for Ravenclaw at her fastest. She would not let her cousin get hurt. Nila and Void headed off int the direction of the Great Hall while everyone else tried to make as much noise as possible to wake Dumbledore's Army off their sleeping butts.

Tempest arrived at the Ravenclaw portrait and momentarily forgot the password in her haste and was ready to burn a hole through the portrait when she finally remembered,. She ran in screaming Maddox's name. People woke startled but he was the first one before her.

"Tempest what's wrong?"

"Hogwarts is under attack. Lord Voldemort, he got int, Death Eaters are attacking from the inside." Her dark mark was highly visible but she didn't care.

"You're one of them!" screamed a girl.

"Shut up!" yelled Maddox. "She's not like them, she's here to help."

"Just remind them that you are Maddox Perth, my cousin. They won't dare touch you."


"I have to go Maddox." She kissed him and hugged him tightly. "No matter what, I love you." She left in a rush and met up with her friends at the Grand Staircase.

"No one has come out," said Divina.

"They may now. Come on, lets head up to the seventh floor."

As they ran up the stairs they were surrounded on the fourth floor. Someone fired but Cecile protected them. Tempest growled.

"Ron!" Nila ran into the arms of a red head whom she quickly recognized.

"Hello Ron."

"Zephyr. What—""We don't have a choice."

"Nila we get it, you miss him," said Void rather hotly. Nila blushed and left Ron's arms, quickly returning to Tempest side.

"Expelliarmus!" someone cried.

"Orbis," said Tempest. She crushed the spell in her hand.

"Ron, could you please tell your friends that we actually mean no harm."

"Everyone they don't. Tempest here is actually part of the Order." Tempest flinched at the use of her name. "I read about you in the Daily Prophet, knew it was you instantly."

"Yeah well its not something I'm proud of." She shifted her feet and Void grabbed her hand.

"Look, we came to help which means you all have to get out. Harry is going to need you," said Void.

"Too late. They're here already," said Nila. Tempest spun around and met her friends gaze. "Cecile says Potter is under his cloak."

"Wait, I know you," said a bushy haired brunette next to Ron. "You're Tempest Artemisa Nyx. Descendant of Morgan Le Fey, Arthur and Merlin."

Tempest stared at her, she knew her. She was the mud-blood Hermione. "My, my, you are brilliant."

"Expelliarmus!" Tempest had enough she used Excaliber to destroy the spell.

"I said enough is enough!"

"Zephyr, Draco is out there." Tempest turned and stared at Nila alarmed. She quickly sheathed Excaliber and destroyed the nearest mirror and stood precariously on the edge. She caught sight of Draco with his wand drawn.

"Go . . . now!" she ordered.

"Zephyr—" began Ron but she shut his mouth with a glance.

"Void cast protection charms and get out, I'll meet you out there." She was prepared to jump.

"Wait you can't jump," said Hermione.

Tempest flashed her her most arrogant smile and turned her back to the outside. Apparently the girl wasn't as up to date as she was led to believe. "Actually I cam, I'm a vampire. See you soon." She jumped off the ledge and the wind blew her hair around her and caressed her body. She took a glimpse up and saw Divina and Nila staring after her worried.

Tempest landed on her feet. She crept in the bushes and used the invisibility spell. Tempest crept closer and began to mutter under her breath. Draco couldn't become a monster, he was better than that. She looked around for Snape and wished that he would hurry. Draco's inner conflict was buying them time.

Tempest watched and watched as though time were moving slower for her. Snape came forward, his eyes filled with hate and she saw, she knew what would happen. Snape would cast the deadly spell that would kill Dumbledore. Tempest ran into the forest, she had no wish to see the death she had already seen, but she couldn't stop herself from hearing it. Dumbledore had been a great man and a great wizard. Tempest wiped away some stray tears and stood in the shadows of the trees and looked up at the moon. She clutched her necklace.

Draco and Snape ran in her direction and Harry ran after them. Snape had created those spells, her mothers memories had told her that much. When they reached her she showed herself, startling them both. Severus set a very upset Draco down.

"Stay here, I'll go on ahead, make sure everything is falling into place." He walked off and Tempest mouth a thank you. He smiled back at her sadly.

Draco and Tempest remained silent until she sat next to him and held his hand.

"Its a good think, you not killing Albus."

Draco snatched his hand away. "I was suppose to do it! It was my chance to prove myself." He walked away from her ans she grew furious.

"Why do you need to prove yourself !? Why do you want to?! You—you're going to destroy yourself, What you once were! The Draco I grew up with!"

He turned to her and looked at her hatefully. "Why do you care? Why the bloody hell would you care? All you give a bloody damn about is yourself!"

"I love you dammit and I don't want to lose you, you childish blind sighted idiot! " They stared at each other. Not once in all her life had she said she loved him. He stared at her lovingly, all the hate and anger was gone between them both.

"Tempest—" he began walking towards her. Tempest put a finger to his lips.

"Why do you think I made you promise Draco? I didn't want to lose you to this madness. Frankly, you were bad enough." He laughed and she smiled. Draco cupped her face

"I'll play along like you Tempy. I just—I felt lost, but know I know . . . I know you love me and that's all that matters." Tempest stared into his wolfish grey eyes and waited. He finally kissed her and she wrapped her around her Draco Malfoy, the boy she had and would continue to love forever and always.

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