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Tempest followed Nila out the back gate Verdina had been right this place was dead and Tempest wanted more than anything to leave. The sadness overwhelmed her. The story made her sad and the air was poisoning to her. She couldn't believe that Morgan Le Fey had been so vengeful but she had known. Her own son had killed her, and in turn his father killed him. Merlin had been the only survivor, if you could call it surviving, being bottled up and trapped. The only true survivors had been the children.

They walked for a few hours until they stopped to take a break. Tempest continued to stand and looked around. She could see the city growing smaller.

"Don't you dare destory my darling flower Tempest!"

"Zephyr—" began Nila.


"It is my flower Tempest, I created it! I poured my sweat and blood and my vengeance into it. My darling bastard of a son who I adored betrayed me! He let himself become twisted by that woman who tricked me! My doubt grew Tempest, especially in that of my son as I began to see the light again. I was right to place my doubt in such a place, he killed me when Merlin tricked me into undoing my own youth and beauty! My son . . . I loved him and he betrayed me . . . this is my vengeance Tempest, don't you dare destroy it."


"Yes Young Tempest. It is me."

"Zephyr, what's going non," yelled Void over the rain.

"My wand is glowing!" exclaimed Nila.

"It's Morgan. She doesn't want me to destroy her flower."

"But you don't have a choice," said Void wiping his hair back. Nila hugged him tightly trying to remain calm and steady on her feet as the wind grew stronger and stronger.

"Zephyr, do something!" said Void hugged Nila tightly.

Tempest nodded and gripped her wand tightly. "Morgan, I have to destroy it! Merwick has a way to use it! He'll use it against me! He could kill me with it!" Tempest waited. Morgan remained silent but the rain and wind still blew hard and the thunder still shook the ground and air.

"She's silent but I'm not waiting. Come on." They pushed against the wind and rain. It wouldn't light up and their path began difficult. The ground beneath them turned to mush and they had to walk as softly as possible or else have their feet dragged under the mud. Nila yelped and Tempest sighed. Her foot got stuck in the mud and she couldn't pull it out herself. Tempest and Void pulled her foot out with all their might and cleaned her up. She slicked her strawberry blonde and black hair and grumpily made her way to a boulder near by.

"Okay, I don't mind getting dirty or muddy but come on, this is ridiculous!"

"And Morgan won't stop the storm correct?" asked Void. Tempest nodded. "Well that's just bloody brilliant. You know we've been through a lot. Attacked by Manticores and plants, almost getting our heads chopped off, dealing with warrior dolphins, vampires and death not to mention those stupid elemental creatures last year but this by far is the most annoyed bull we've had to deal with!"

"Well I can't do anything! We just have to push on!" Tempest ignored the irritated look Void gave her and rubbed her forehead. "Nila are we still going in the right direction?"

"Yeah we are." Nila took off the ring. "Here you leave, you'll get there faster than us." Void helped her stand and Tempest put on the ring. Tempest was getting annoyed with all the voices in her head.

"Morgan has never talked to a descendant before. You have angered her,"

Yeah, tell me something I don't know. Look I need to destroy that damn thing. I just don't' know how and as you can see I'm running out of time. Morgan though thinks I have a way to destroy it thought."

"You do."

"Bloody brilliant, just direct me please. I smell him through the wind."

"Go straight on and up the hill Young Tempest."

Tempest pushed hard against the rain and looked back behind her. Nila and Void were far behind but they all knew that she was the one that had to destroy the flower. She approached the hill Cecile spoke of and looked beneath her feet and onward. The place was covered in poisonous vines in its entirety, and up above was a little blood red flower blooming despite the wind. Tempest sighed relieved, she had finally found it. Tempest smiled and wiped the rain off her face and looked around. Her smile vanished. Merwick was at the other side and saw her. He ran and so did she. They raced to the top and with the winds pushing against their equally matched physics, there was no telling who would win.

Vince moved beneath her feet and she noticed that Merwick was having as much trouble clambering up to the top as she was. Tempest was fed up with this storm and Morgans vengeance. Morgan was dead, her essence was within her, Tempest had her power. Now if only she knew how to tap into it.

"You don't need to know,"

said Cecile. "You already have tapped into her power. All you have to do is simply use it."
Tempest clenched her fist and took a deep breath. She needed the wind to stop, enough was enough. Morgans power was hers. Morgans essence was within her. Suddenly the wind stopped and Tempest pulled out her sword and ran, she promised herself she would enjoy this little bit of triumph later, when lives weren't possibly on the line. Merwick approached it and pulled out Aurora.

"You're mine now." He struck down and Tempest blocked him. She was sling again.

"I hardly think so Merwick." Tempest lunged.

Merwick blocked and cut her leg. She ignored the pain as he stared mesmerized at her red blade.

"I see you've done something with Excaliber."

Tempest licked her lips. "Yes, I have. Don't you like it?" she asked him sarcastically.

His nose twitched and he snarled at her. "Not particularly, but still, you don't have a chance."

"We'll see about that."

Merwick lunged for her, his gold eyes filled with rage. Tempest was amused. She didn't care how many times she got herself, she had to wait for the right moment to poison him. Poison. Finally it dawned on her. She knew how to destroy the flower. Tempests laughed and that only made Merwick more furious. He pushed her back and she stumbled and fall backwards. The ran had made her footing slippery. Mud went up her nose and she coughed. Merwick came out of nowhere and shoved her face into the mud even harder. Tempest struggled feebly but he wasn't holding back one bit. Vines came forth and trapped him and she was released. She smelled Void and Nila approaching and gave her thanks to Cecile and Nila. Nila helped her up and quickly turned in time to stop Merwicks attack with her earthly blade. Void was at her side.

"Zephyr, where's your sword?" asked Void anxiously.

Tempest shook her head and coughed out some mud. "I dropped it when I slipped."

"Well summon it already, Nila can only hold him off for so long."

"Accio Excaliber." The silver hilt returned neatly back towards her hand and Nila and Void were running low on strength. Tempest ran and tripped them all, scratched in Merwick with her blade. He growled and licked his wound. It wasn't healing so fast.

"What's wrong Merwick, feeling a little sick." She laughed and ran back up the hill. He ignored Nila and Void as he ran after her, slower than before. Tempest was overwhelmed with joy. Tempest crawled up the last bit and looked back at Merwick who clambered on after her.

"Told you I'd win." She struck Excaliber deep into the ground through the flower and through its root. At first nothing happened but then the Earth came alive. The earth tremored and attacked and Tempest fell down the hill pulling Excaliber along after her. Void caught her with ease and put her down onto the shaky earth. The vines turned to ash and filled the air before vanishing completely.

The winds blew and circled them as though thanking her and she looked back at Camelot. All the poison was vanishing, all the evil was going away. Tempest heard Nila laugh over the rain and wind. Tempest smiled and handed her back Cecile. Void hugged them both and Tempest couldn't believe it. Tempest was so wrapped up in the sight before her that she didn't realize that Merwick was charging for her. The pain pierced her side and Tempest fell tp the ground. Merwick knocked Void and Nila aside. Tempest stumbled away, bleeding profusely. She gripped the hilt of her dagger and clutched her side.

"I don't' need Aurora to finish you off, I don't' even need a wand. I'll simply suck you dry." Tempest gasped at those words. She had said them to him.

"I'd like to see you try," she hissed.

"It would be my pleasure." Merwick lunged of her and Tempest let loose the power of Excaliber. He gasped above her and she kicked him roughly off her blade. His wounds took as long as hers to heal. Tempest clutched her side and stumbled away. Void caught her and healed her quickly. Merwick clutched his side and glared at her.

"I'll make your worst nightmare come true Young Tempest. I promise you that." He vanished and Tempest glared at where he once stood.

"Zephyr, was he talking about Draco."

""Yeah, he was," she said sombrely. Tempest sat on the muddy ground and stared up at the clearing. "Bright side, I succeed in poisoning him."

Nila laughed. "Old fart doesn't know what hit him." Void collapsed in laughter and Tempest looked at them and remembered her vision.

"Blake—" she muttered to herself. He looked exactly like Draco.

said Cecile.
The wind blew strong against them and Tempest hair began to whip against her face. Strom clouds grew closer together darkening the sky further making the thunder that struck the air seem brighter. The rain pounded on them harder.
hissed a voice in her head Tempest spun around. That voice had been female, seductive, not Merwick,

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