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Tempest stood up, Abigail had to work on her landings. She looked around and what she saw was devastation. Stone walls were crumbling, falling to pieces everywhere. Vines covered the place. The gate was black as night and beyond that, evil lurked. Tempest looked at Void and Nila, they stood aghast.

"Oh my god," said Nila. "What the bloody hell. I expected this place to be bad but this is just horrible."

"Can't believe Morgan would do something like this," said Void. "I mean, I didn't think— "

"Yeah, we know Void. Come on, you two, we don't' have much time once we step through that gate. Cecile can only take care of us for so long and without her help in finding the flower, we're on our own." They nodded.

The gate was stiff as vines covered it and Nila winced. She could feel that the earth was in pan. Tempest believe that it was. They followed the rode to the centre of the city. Houses and businesses were shattered broken, and the fountain stood crumbled. The Golden City was black and bear, and not even the sun shined. Thunder echoed through the air and Tempest could feel the moisture in the air build up. A storm was coming.

They reached the palace of king Arthur himself. The door was broken, smashed, some parts burnt, other parts hanging by a thread. She walked in angling herself in impossible ways to get through. Tempest walked over pillars and carefully tiptoed up the broken rotting stairs. They diverged there.

Empest ransacked their rooms hoping to find any notes of any kind. She only found dust. One was Arthurs room and one belonged to Merlin. The drapes her ripped, the windows smashed. Nothing was salvageable in either. She sat briefly on Merlins dusty bed. His essence was within her, his power as was Morgans. Their blood ran deeply though her vein. She may be powerful, but she felt so helpless. She left the rooms and headed back to the stairs. Nila and Void were already waiting for her.

"We found nothing," said Nila.

"Yeah, you have any luck," said Void.

"No," said Tempest.

"We're running out of time," said Nila.

"Thanks for the reminder," said Tempest. They turned and Tempest felt something in the air. She took a few steps back and stared out window. Nothing was there. She looked up at the sky through the broken ceiling.

"My, my Young Tempest, you found it."

"Zephyr," asked Nila.

"He's here." She looked at Nila who was on the stairs and at Void who stood ready to run towards her. "Merwick is here."

"What do you—ah!" Nila fell down the stairs and Void barely caught her. Before Tempest was able to take one step she was knocked through the railing and hit the floor. The impact made her gasp for air but that wasn't the only thing. Something had impaled her side. It took her several moments to force herself off the broken piece of pillar. Her wound healed quickly and she looked around. Rain came down.

"Zephyr! Nila is slipping!"

"Void don't you dare drop me!"

"What the bloody hell have you been eating this year! Zephyr, get your vampire butt over here! My arm feels like its gonna pop and the wood beneath me is breaking. Blondie here had been eating to many pumpkin pasties!"

"Void Dermot I have not!"

"Zephyr!" She ran beneath them and held her arms out.

"Void I'm here just let her go, I'll catch her!" Void gave Nila his winsome smile and let go. Tempest caught her and set her down.

"You okay"

"A few scratches but I'm fine. Void's turn."

"Come on Void Nila's right, I'll catch you." Nila giggled and Void glared. "Void we don't' have time for this, would you rather Nila catch you?"

His eyes widened. "I'm coming." Void jumped down and Tempest set him.

"So here's here?"

"Yeah, somewhere. He's looking around for the flower."

Tempest walked away. "Where are we going," said Nila.

"Down stairs. To their laboratory."

Tempest led the way down the stairs and past the broken doors. These stairs were stone ad the walks were cold as ice and covered in scorch marks. Merlin and Morgan must have faugh there she assessed as she made her way down.

There were several rooms down there. Tempest examined books, many that were missing from Avalon. Void and Tempest looked through the books as Nila searched the rooms. Tempest watched her through the corner of her eyes. As Nila opened one door Tempest ran and caught her arm once she saw the staircase.


"Don't' go down there."

"Why not?"

Demenshia warning came back to her. "Death lies there. Demenshia said 'not to venture to the darkness, to the land of death'. I believe she meant that place. We can't go there." Something flashed before her eyes. A young boy who looked like Draco with black purple spiked hair stood with her eyes. He was walking into there with two other people. A girl with black hair and fuchsia eyes and a boy with blonde and black hair and turquoise eyes. They looked like Nila and Void and they were all going down the staircase.

"Blake?" she said aloud.

They boy stopped short and turned around. His eyes became watery as he seemed to seemed to see her. "Mum?"

"Zephyr," said Nila. "Are you all right?"

Tempest shook her head and the vision vanished. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure?" asked Void.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just don't go down there okay, we're not meant to."

"What do you mean," asked Nila.

"Don't ask anymore questions okay. Lets just get out of here. I don't think we're going to find anything about destruction or where it lies here." They both nodded and followed her out.


Tempest sat at a ruined fountain and thought. The rain wasn't letting up and she could fell her thoughts becoming clouded. The flower was starting to take affect. And then there head been that vision. Those children, her son. She couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe it. Tempest felt sick.

"Zephyr are you all right?" asked Nila.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She looked up at her. "We have to get out. The flower is starting to affect me. How about the two of you?"

"Yeah," said Void. "We have to get out. Besides I don't think the flower is here and I don't think Morgan left any evidence here."

"Agreed," said Nila. "Lets see, if I were Morgan I wouldn't place my weapon where someone could easily find it."

"I would place it outside," finished Tempest.

"But where outside is the question," said Void. "That's also what we've been looking for.

"Its simple," said Tempest standing up. "We get outside the city gates and have Cecile lead us."

"True, once outside she won't be having to protect us, she can just lead us."

"Its brilliant. Now lets hurry before we kill each other," laughed Tempest.

"Always light on your feet Zeph," said Void.

She gave him a slight smile. "I'm vampire, I have to be."

Tempest jerked away and Nila and Void stared at her concerned.

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