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A few days past and although Tempest knew that she had to go to her isle to see Verdina and Exodus, but she had to heed Demenshia's warning. She had to keep herself Void and Nila safe. They would get infected on the first instant there , it only took a matter of time till they all turned on each other, and they could easily kill each other. Tempest slammed her book shut.

"Having trouble finding it Young Tempest." Merwick jumped onto the table in front of her ad she growled.

"Why don't you find it on y0ur own if you're so bloody brilliant."

He gripped her throat. "Don't test my patience, Young Tempest." Tempest hissed and gripped his throat in turn.

"And don't test mine. I'll find it faster than you, then I'll destroy it."

"Before it destroys you?"

"And what makes you so sure that you can control it?"

He released his grip. "I have my ways.

Tempest let go of him. "I'm sure you do, but I have a way to destroy I."

"I'm sure you do. Always the destroyer."

"Ans you, always the murdered."

"Hows' Entia?"

Tempest slanted her eyes. Something was wrong. "I wouldn't know, I don't talk to her much."

"Oh, hwy not?"

"Because I don't trust her. Gorx told me not to trust her and everyone thinks she's insane anyway. No one trusts her."

Something in his face changed. E stood up, his body stiff, his usually misleading angelic face was hard and malicious. He jumped won next to her, a full half a foot taller than her. She looked him in his gold eyes.

"I'm watching you Young Tempest."

She laughed at him harshly. "You mean you weren't before? How amusing."

He slammed her against the bookshelves. "Find Camelot, or I'll make your worst nightmare come true."

"And what exactly is my worst nightmare Merwick?"

"Watching Draco die." H kissed her roughly and she pushed him off her biting his lip. He growled and vanished and she wiped her mouth in disgust. Suddenly she remembered Draco and an awful feeling grew in the pit of her stomach.



Tempest couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. Not just with Entia and Astrea but with something else. She thought of Draco and hoped that he was okay. If Merwick did anything ,she would kill him, hunt him down ad kill him.

Tempest sat in the common room by the fire place staring at it intently. Something was very wrong, she knew it.

Nila ran into the common and Tempest stared at her friend startled.

"Nila what's wrong?"

"Its Draco." Tempest ran.


Tempest ran out of Dumbledores office and straight to the Infirmary. Draco . . He was hurt, he was hurt badly. He'd done nothing, he was innocent and to make matters worse, it hadn't been Merwick, it had been Harry Potter. Maddox stood outside the infirmary waiting for her, pacing back and forth.

"You prosed me you'd keep him safe!"

"I'm human Zeph, there's just so much I can do. I tried okay. I'm sorry Zephyr." Tempest looked ta him, eyes stinging and shook her head before walking in. Draco lay unconscious. Tempest ran to him, cupped his face and stroked the hair out of his face.

"Draco . . . wake up, please wake up."

His eyes fluttered opened and she smiled. "Hello Tempete."

"Draco . . oh Draco." She kissed him. "Please tell me that you are all right."

He nodded. "I am now." He wiped away her tears. "You'll stay the night right?"

"Of course."

"Good, I'm glad,. I love you Tempest."He closed his eyes and she curled up in his arms and listened to his heart. She wouldn't leave him, not until he was better. She wouldn't not leave her Draco aline until he was better. The Draco she loved so dearly.


Before Tempest left Hogwarts she hunted for Ron. She had to forgiven Maddox, there was only so much he cold so and he had tried his best. Finally she found Ron. She was dressed as a Slytherin, her red hair and purple eyes were ferocious. When Tempest finally saw Ron she grabbed him by the dollar of his shirt not caring who saw and lefted him up above her head.


"Shut up and wait. If it weren't for the fact that Potter is who he is I would attack him, and hurt him. Why did he do what he did Ronald?"

"He had no idea, he used the spell not thinking not even knowing what the spell would do."

Tempest let go, allowing him to drop to the ground. "He attacked Draco Ron. Keep him from him, or I swear I will hurt him." She turned on her heel and headed back to the Infirmary. Upon her return, she was tricked. Pansy was there kissing Draco.

"Glad to see that you're better."

Draco pushed Pansy away and stared ta her. She hoped that he could see how hurt he was. Pansy glared at her and didn't move. Tempest was ready to snap the girls neck.

"Pansy, could you leave us alone."


"Please." Pansy unwillingly got up from the bed and walked from the room. Tempest waved the door shut behind her before walking up to him

"Temp—Zephyr, please look. She adores me and I enjoy being fawned over. I love you, you're the one I call my girlfriend not her. I love you not her."

"Hmm, and so if I'm your girlfriend and if you love me so much why kiss her?" He stared at her hurt and she stood up. "As I thought, nothing more to say." She stood up and looked at him. "Get better Malfoy." She walked off.


Tempest grabbed her sword and her wand. Nila and Void were ready and waiting for her. Once they figured out where Camelot was, they would go there. Hopefully Cecile would be able to keep them safe from the harmful pollen which meant she would not be able to assist them in finding the flower. Veronica said that once she knew they were were she would bring up her barrier again meaning they would temporarily be trapped there.

Tempest walked won the stairs and looked at her two best friends. Tempest herself wore a simply black lether corset, her fingerless lace gloves black shorts and her high-top. Nila wore a plain green tank top, blue shorts, green lace stockings and her blue sneakers. She always did like to pretty herself up. Void looked up at her and wore his usual black t-shirt and jeans.

"I take it you two are ready to go." They nodded. "Good, grab on." They each took an arm and she cast apparatus, bringing them close to the camp.


"Yes, I here you."

"Good, take care fo things at school and try to keep an eye on Entia. Lestat and Artemis will assist you with that as with the Sevratis."

"Of course Mistress. Take care."

"Don't I always."

Tempest was instantly sick pf the site of the village so she quickly went into the forest, followed closely by Nila and Void.

"This place is far too sunn," said Nila.

"Didn't used to be," said Tempest.

"Yeah, Barbie." Nila glared at Void but he ignored her and continued on. "She used to keep this place cloudy. She liked the darkness and her people ;loved her.

"Why Zephyr, what are you doing here." Tempest stopped walking and looked up. There stood Verdina in a tree a bow in hand, dressed in her hunting gear.

"I need to see Exodus."

Verdina's fa ce became dark. "Why?"

"I need to speak with Abigail." Verdina scrunched up her face in confusion and Tempest rolled her eyes. Her expressions were constantly changing, couldn't she just pick a face and stick with it, she complained to herself.

"Why?" she asked again.

"I need to find Camelot."

"Camelot is a graveyard. The Flower of Doom had destroyed it."

Tempest stared at her confused. "How did you know?"

Verdina jumped down and shrugged. "I've seen it." She walked on and Tempest followed her.

"What do you mean you've seen it?"

"I used to beg my mother to take me. She always said now and always said it was a dead place. I didn't care so finally after years she took me. She was right, it was a dead place. She wouldn't take me any closer than the great gate. She warned me and I wouldn't listen."

"Well we have to go."

"Why? To die?"

"Merwick says he had a way to harness the power, probably got it from her Dark Majesty. I need to go there and destroy it, even if I die doing it."

Verdina laughed. "Ho do you plan to do that?"

"I . . I don't have a clue, but I have to go at least to stop him."

"Hmm, Abigail will show yo the way it Cecile or the others haven't by now."

"Cecile believes that it is only Abigail who can bring us," said Nila. "She needs to save her strength for when we get there."


They approached the camp and Exodus looked up at her and smiled. "I hope you bring good news this visit."

"I need to speak with Abigail. I need to go to Camelot."

Exodus sapphire wrist band glowed and Exodus smiled. "She will speak to you." He took off the wrist band and Tempest put it on. Abigail's voice vibrated through her head, causing her to swoon. Void caught her.

"Hello Zephyr."

"Hello Abigail."

"You do know how dangerous this is don't you? That flower can poison you. Cecile can only keep you safe for so long. Even Veronica's magic is weakened by it. That flower can kill you all."

"Yes, I am aware of that but please can you just tell me where it is."

Abigail sighed. "Me and my sisters protect it by magic. Although there are those few occasions that few have ventured there, they died there. You cannot get there by rode or magic. I will bring you and your friends there by my magic. Be ready." Tempest took off the wrist and gave it back to Exodus.

"Nil, Void, you two ready?"

"As ready as ever," said Void.

"Good, brace yourselves."

Abigail glowed and Tempest Void and Nila were engulfed in magic and were sent flying.

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