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Tempest was partnered with Stella in Sword Class. She needed to practice, build up her strength and ability as well as her agility. Tempest still wasn't well acquainted with her long sword.

"You're as unsteady as us," said Stella.

"I'm not used to it. But neither is he to be fair."

"You handle it better, all you need to do is learn it's weight."

"Yeah, I know." She dazzled at her sword. "One but, that's all I need to get in to infect him."

"What do you mean?" came a voice. Tempest sheathed her sword in it's dagger form quickly and stared at Entia. Her autumn eyes glowed with a malevolence, far from friendly, intensity.

"Nothing. I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

She walked away. She was highly suspicious of Entia, wouldn't trust her, nor would she trust Astrea. Astrea hated Tempest, but right now they had a truce and she hated Merwick. But it was Astrea who stabbed Draco, who still did night after night, not Entia.

She walked down the steps and into the dungeons. She traced her fingers against the cold wet walls. Something's wasn't right. Why would Astrea join with Merwick? She thought back to her visions. Astrea's hair was long and her green eyes had a gold circlet around them. Her teeth were fanged.

Something was going to happen, and sometime soon, she could feel it in her bones. Maybe Merwick posses her, but he still had a body. If only she knew what was going to happen,. She saw too much, far too much and it was driving her crazy. She just wanted to know what was going to happen.

Camelot. She remembered, she needed to find Camelot and find out more about the flower so that she wouldn't fall to her doom like so many others had. She would have to find a way to protect herself Void and Nila was it's poisonous pollen. She needed to find it.

"Zephyr——" Tempest jerked her head. It came from the wind and she knew that playful childish voice.

"Demenshia?" She stood up and walked closer to wear the wind was coming from. She ended up in a secret passage.

"The one and only. Come to the swamp the first chance you get."


"Because silly, I have information for you that I would rather that bastard not know."


"Hush and yes. Come soon Zephyr, oh and bring Zoltron."

She smiled. "You do know that he's with Hydra right."

Demenshia giggled. "Oh I know, it's just fun to play around. I'm used to people liking me. You and Zoltron liked me."

Tempest laughed. "To be fair we were under the influence of the swamp."

"Nevertheless you still liked me."

"Play nice Demenshia."

"Oh, I will." The slight wind vanished and Tempest smiled to herself. Hydra wouldn't be happy, but then again she seldom ever smiled, unless who was up to know good.


Tempest informed Zoltron who sat on her bed and ruffled his sandy hair. He was sweaty, had been working out as Nila had been so kind enough to point out.

"I was just in the forest. Demenshia said nothing to me, just watched me work out. She tends to pop in and out of nowhere now and again."

"That maybe because she likes you."

"She thinks I'm cute I know, but other than that she doesn't think much of me. Although the fast that I'm going to live longer than normal wizards makes her adore me considering she is over two hundred years old."

"Because of her mother." She thought of Levina's anger. Laila had been more attentive. Zoltron shrugged his shoulders and whipped the sweat of with his shirt.

"True, but Demenshia, I don't know. I usually visit her on a full moon. Not because of Hydra, even before. Her visions are birth gifted, she becomes a totally different person, gives warnings and what not. Kinda creepy and weird, so yeah, next full moon."

"We're not suppose to leave the school. All the werewolves will be transforming." She smiled at her cousin who looked up at her as he laid down.

"I have my ways."

"Good, now get your sweaty butt off my bed." She reached for his arm but he was quickly and pulled her down.

"Come on, relax, you need a good breather. Voldy and Merwick have been riding you to hard. What you need to do is forget they exist."

Tempest laughed. "Yeah, right, if only it were that simple."

"One can pretend even if for a moment."

"If only." Tempest reached for her cousins hand. "Thanks for trying though, the gesture was sweet."

"Always trying to brighten up the day, that's what I do."

Tempest laughed and again and gripped her cousins hand tighter, care not to break it. "Sure it is, you keep telling yourself that." She kissed his cheek that kicked his shin. "Now get your sweaty butt out of my bed. You stench, although not retched is far to strong, I'll smell u for days."

He laughed and stood up. "Oh I know you will. Just like I smell you for days."

She kicked his butt. "Stupid cat."

"Stupid vamp." He walked off and Tempest buried her head in her pillow before jerking back and wiping her nose. She really would smell him for days. A thought crossed her mind.

"I wonder." She cast Apparatus and found herself on the Hogwarts school grounds. She went searching for her cousin. She searched quickly and quietly. She wasn't wearing her Slytherin uniform or anything considered normal for this school. She found him and he wasn't alone.

"Hey there you two, how are the both of you."

Maddox and Ron looked at each other. Maddox gave him a sharp look and he looked away avoiding Tempest penetrating gaze.

"Tempest are you all right, is everything at school okay?"

She waved away his worries. "The usual. Merwick had been attacking students, killed the little brother of a friend of mine a little over a week ago. Turned Gorx's sister and I don't' even know about that, whether it was purposeful or an accident."

"How can you be so calm?" asked Ron.

"If I wasn't I would lose my mind," she said feigning a smile.

"True," said Maddox. He looked at Ron and that single glance told her that there was something seriously wrong that could no longer be avoided.

"Okay, what's wrong."

"Harry, he knows bout Draco being involved with Lord Voldemort," said Ron hushed. Tempest looked at her cousin frightened.

"What else does he know?"

"Nothing that's it."

Tempest swallowed and looked around. "Okay, okay this is all fine. Okay Potter won't do anything stupid right." Maddox and Ron looked at each other. "Right, she said ore urgently.

"We don't know. This had been bothering him since before the school year started," said Ron. "He just won't et it go."

She leaned again the all and closed her eyes. This could not be happening. "Maddox if anything——"

"I won't let anything happen to Draco," he said a bit bitterly. "I promise okay."

"Don't make a promise you don't know you can keep."

"I'm sure I can keep this promise."

She pulled away from the wall and lunged at him hugging him tightly. "I love you Maddox. Keep him safe."

He returned the loving gesture. "Love you too Tempest. Now go get back to school." She nodded and was gone in a blink of an eye.


The full moon was upon them and Hydra's mood was a feral one. She did not want Zoltron going to the swamp. She did not want Demenshia near him. But Tempest mood wasn't that great either and everyone knew better than to tempt her patience, so Hydra dropped it.

Dusk fell and all the students were rushed inside the school. Every student of werewolf blood was there and the teachers went to the roof, that had to make sure that no one died.

Tempest and Zoltron his in the secret passage way and walked along. They needed to run once night set so they couldn't be caught during the transformation so that they wouldn't die.

"I'll turn into a cat, you can move faster if you carry me. One person I enough of a risk, two people , I think not."

"Sounds good. But wait, your clothes?"

He blushed. "Demenshia always has another pair of pants for me."

Tempest smiled. "Does he now."

"Enough already, why do you think I never transform in front of you."

"Oh but we're family, we're blood."

"Oh enough."

He took off his shirt and then it began and her favourite light brown house cat was on her shoulder.

"You're too cute cousin." She waited with him tightly in her arms and then it all started. She ran, clutching her cousin for dear life, hearing howls brought forth from a transformation. They were not pleasant and rang deeply in her ears.

She made it to the forest and looked for the archway.

"Zephyr, over here quickly." Tempest turned and there stood Demenshia dressed like a warrior in white her swore hanging from her side. Tempest followed her and soon enough they were in the green swamp.

"You know, how the bloody hell do you keep your damn white clothes so clean?"

Demenshia laughed. "Magic of course. My mother blessed most of my clothes. She loved it here. These people after all were her warriors."

"But your mother——"

"Yes she was sweet, innocent, but she did not believe that Cecile and Veronica had the right to join the battle between siblings. Then against Abigail, she didn't believe it was fair so she joined Abigail. That was so many centuries ago it tore them apart. Made everything different. Come Zoltron, her are your clothes." Zoltron jumped out of Tempest arms and ran into the swamp behind a tree. He took a few good moments before reappearing, pants on.

"Great, now let us sit. I have much to tell you before I go into on of my . . . . trances. My mother and Abigail formed an army. They were going to diverge. Abigail sent her army to Camelot. They knew where Camelot was. Laila fought against Cecile, Abigail against Veronica on a certain isl alongside Morgan. Abigail loved her dark mother for her mother of light made a great betrayal. My mothers warriors didn't go to Camelot but my aunts did."

"So I have to go to the isle. To Verdina and Exodus."

"No, you have to go to Abigail. She knows where Camelot it."

"So that's it."

"No." She looked up at the moon. "Veronica set up magical barriers against Abigails men. Like I said, Abigail wasn't the only to send her army there. You need to speak to Veronica, have her temporarily take down her magical barrier." She looked at her hands and Tempest saw her honey eyes turn white.


"Hush Temp."

Demenshia spoke, her sing song voice coarse. "Beneath the fire a curse of poison lies. Into your body it will twist and turn. Kill it will make do, poison all of you. But within the shadows lies the end. Only poison can stop poison. But beware not to venture to the shadows, into the darkness of the land of death." They all sat still and slowly Tempest could see the whiteness vanishing until finally she broke out of her statue like stance and blinked her eyes. Se shook her head and stood up.


"No, I cannot know." She looked up at the sky. "I suggest you wait till dawn."

Tempest watched her walk away and sat alone with Zoltron. "Is it——"

"Yeah, every time. Come on lets eat something."

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