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Recent reports indicate muggles had been murdered not by dementors but rather by intractable magic," said Nila as she read from the Daily Prophet. "A few were even drained of blood which shows that aside from werewolves, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, has vampires working form him." Nila put down the paper. Tempest continued eating her breakfast.——"
"Oh no!" She swan forward and Tempest kept up easily. What greeted them was unpleasant.

The underwater City of Gorgon was in ruins. Tempest and Divina crept in silently, both on two legs. The streets were deserted but Tempest could hear many hearts beating and thankfully no blood filled the water. No one was dead . . . yet.

They reached the palace and walked in cautiously.

"We hoped you would come," said a male voice. Tempest and Divina looked towards the staircase. Erasmus sat on the steps, humanly dishevelled.

"Erasmus, what happened? My mother

He put up his hand. "Your mother is fine. No one was killed. Injured yes, killed no."

"What happened?" asked Tempest.

"He came," said a female voice. Divina's mother walked down the stairs. Her skin was sea tinted and her white hair flowed behind her. "The one named Merwick. He was looking for something."

Tempest shared a look with Divina. "He was looking for Morgans Flower wasn't he," asked Divina.

Her mother nodded. "Why would he think it would be here?" asked her mother.

"Because you are Morgans creation. He thinks she would have left the flower here to poison Camelot."

"It's not here," said Erasmus. "It would have poisoned us as well. Besides we do like far to distant form the city of Camelot."

"Do you know where it is?"

Divina's mother shook her head. "No one does. It was lost to the ages. No one knows."

"Divina stay here, I'm going to tell the others what has happened." Divina nodded and Tempest ran. The swim although fast as a long hard journey, and it made her sick. Water was not kind to vampires.

Two hours she's been gone and she slumped onto the land. She was hungry.

"Zephyr!" Tempest looked towards the urgent calls. Her friends were running towards her. She forced herself up.

"What is it?"

"Merwick," said Stella.

"He attacked two first years. Almost sucked them both dry," said Jonathan.

"Then he just went mad," said Nila.

"started attacking everything," said Serena who's wrist was bleeding.

"Entia went after him," said Adrian.

"She doesn't stand a chance," said Tempest.

"We know," said Chad. "Where's Divina.

"Merwick attacked the city, he was looking for Morgans Flower."


"He left everyone alive. Right now we have to make sure that Merwick doesn't kill her."

"And if he does," said Stella. "Gorx told you not to trust her. Maybe

"He said not to trust her, not to let her die."

Tempest bit her wrist and sucked some blood. It wasn't satisfying, it never was, but the taste gave herself something to think about. Serena thrust forward her wrist and Tempest looked at his astounded.


"We don't have the time to bicker. You need the strength more than me. Someone will get to the Infirmary, just drink." Tempest nodded and drank her fill. It tasted beautiful. Serena nearly collapsed into Jonathans arms and he urged her to go.

Tempest had nowhere to look so she opened her thought and used the old magic she found. It was dangerous, hearing all those thought, but she had no other choice.

"Hello Young Tempest."

Her eyes hot open. "Merwick."He sighed in her head hungrily. "It was so sweet. So delicious. Her's will be the same, I can tell by her scent. She looks like him too, running around like that."And then he was gone.

"I left the city alive, but Gorx's twin sister, I don't think I'll leave her alive. I remember what his blood tasted like."

"Merwick dammit leave her aline."

"How about . . . no."

"Merwick! Merwick! Merwick!" She ran into the school. Entia was running n around somewhere. She was someplace. The entire school was a maze, but the seventh floor itself was a maze.

Tempest ran, faster and faster, her bare feet pounding the marble floors with each step. She could feel herself weakening. She reached the seventh floor and sniffed the air. She knew were Entia was. She followed the scent then something hit her. She could on' t tell who or what. But she saw gold, before she blacked out.


Merwick had turned her. Hd also killed a student, a fourth year boy, a boy she knew. He was Adam Cutthroat, Lilith Cutthroats little brother. Hydra was comforting her friend

"This bastard needs to die," said Damien Cheltrink, Lilliths' boyfriend.

"I'm working on it Danny." He smiled at the use of his nickname.

"Yeah, I know you are."

"We want to help," said Trixie Abcynthia. She was Lilliths best friend. Her blue eyes were brimming with tears. Adam had been like her little brother too.

"At this point, I could use the help. Void will get you what you need." She walked out if the Infirmary. At least Lilith didn't blame her.

"Thank you," said a voice. Tempest turned and stared at the newly changed Entia. Her skin looked cold, she looked dead, and beautiful.

"For what?"

"Not turning Gorx. This pain, this life, he wouldn't be able to bear it. He loved the sun.'

Something was up. She didn't trust her, and her change just made her more threatening.

"Yes, I know. I have to go Entia." She walked away. Gorx had said not to trust her, so she wouldn't. And Merwick, his attacks were becoming more and more erratic. He was on the rampage.

"Got that right Young Tempest."

She gasped. She hadn't sensed him. "Merwick, why are you doing this?"

"Why I think that it's only fair that for every muggle you bite, I get a nibble."

"Damn you. I'm only doing what I have to," she snarled.

"And I'm only doing what I have to in order to get you to get looking for that flower."

"I'll kill you."

He winked at her. "You wish." She went for him but he dodged and touched his sword against the bare part of her back. She screamed in agony. "Auris tinnie." Tempest clutched her ears. The ringing wouldn't stop. "I hope your friend the princess has left home because now blood will be shed." He vanished and she screamed.


She heard people coming and smelt Void.

"Zephyr," began Void. "What

"Merwick . . . Ringing in ears. Counter spell now please."

He pulled out his wand. "Abrogo tinnie!"

Te ringing stopped and she stood up. "I need blood. Merwick is going to attack Divina and her home. We need to be quick."

"Yeah okay how much blood?"

She looked at him. "A full bodies worth. An adult animal preferably."

"Go kill an evil muggle then."

"We don't' have that kind of time!" she snapped. "You're my best rien, please go get Master Vlad."

He nodded and ran. Nila was at her side in seconds.

"I need you to get everyone ready. It will wake us all to protect the city and people." Nila nodded and turned around. Tempest wouldn't let her friend suffer, wouldn't let her down.


Astrea came too, just for the hell if it, for the joy of watching Merwick fail. Entia though wouldn't not come. Entia gave her a look and went back to reading. She wished them luck but would not come herself, just sat back and continued to read.

Tempest, Stella and Serena had their fill of blood. They were ready and strong. They reached the bottom first and stood above the palace, back to back, swords drawn. Protection spells were cast and they were waiting.

Everyone arrived soon enough and stood all around, equal distances away, all swords were drawn, ready. Lilith had been upset that she wouldn't com, but she had no sword to protect her.

"How long," asked Serena.

"Don't know."

"Inkarosa!" Tempest spun around.

"Intercessorus!" She swiped at the spell and cancelled it out quickly.

He sneered at her. "Always so quick aren't you"

"I try."

"Too bad." He swan at her, but she was ready fro him.

"Noisullio!" He wasn't quick enough and it hit him. She smiled.

"You think this stupid hallucination spell will work. Think again. Dracosec reflecta!"

She growled. This wouldn't be any normal dragon reflection, it would cause havoc and there were no spell she could use against it.


"Coming Mistress."

"Being a vampire has it's uses doesn't it."

Tempest looked at him. She wanted to kill him. His dragon was causing damage to the people, but making him weak as was the hallucination spell She cast. But that wasn't stopping him. He swam quickly and before she could get ti him, Astrea did and her whip wrapped itself around her throat.

"End your dragon you bastard."

"Ah Astrea, what a pleasant surprise. It's so nice to see you." She tightened her whip. Tempest smelt his blood.

"I should kill you."

"How can you if you can't see. Partum umbra!"

Astrea screamed and lost her grip. Tempest dove and caught a blind Astrea. Something sliced her back and screamed in agony.

"Zephyr . . . are you

"I'm fine. The spell he cast on you will end soon. He's losing strength with that dragon he created and the duel with Aidan is taking it's toll."

"Zephyr!" It was Void. "Dammit you've lost a lot of blood. Vigoratus somes!"

So that was blood I tasted," remarked a still blind Astrea.

"Yes, and thank you Void. Now get out of my way." He grabbed her protectively.

"You're too weak."

"I've already let him do his much damage. No more." She pulled away from him ad swam for the palace. Serena and Stell were already ahead of her. She swam even faster. She knew exactly which spell she would use against him.

Inside the palace, Divina was challenging him and losing.

"It's not here, go away." He kicked her. Erasmus tried to help but he was trapped In a gold bubble, his fist hitting unbreakable glass. Tempest cast the invisibility spell and a stealth charm on herself. Divina had to keep him distracted.

"Oh, I know but you have bit sof information I need. So again, what do you know?"

"All I know is that she created it along with us. She used whatever blood was still human, to create the flower. That's ll I know, I swear it." He gripped her throat and lifted her up.

"Oh well then, that helps me somewhat too bad Tempest isn't here to save you."

"Think again you son of a bitch. Oculus infernum!" He screamed and looked all around. His eyes were fulll of fright.

"No . . . NO!" He swam away and Tempest knelt down to her fallen comrade.


"I could not prevent damage, but it has vanished."


She nodded. "Took you long enough."

"I lost a lot of blood," she said nonchalant.

"I thought I tasted blood. Thank you for your help."

Tempest hugged her injured friend. "What the hell are friends for."

Divina, are you okay?"

"Seems you've done your job," said Void.

"Yes, it would seem that way wouldn't it." She hated herself more than anything at the moment. Everything she had done, had been against her will. Killing had been against her will. Thankfully the Order held nothing against her, she was keeping up appearances, doing her job.

"You should at least let us come," said Nila.

"No, I'm not going to have you kill for that mad man."

"We've joined, so that choice should be ours don't you think," said Chad staring at her intently.

Tempest shot him a hateful glare that caused Divina, her guardian, to clutch his arm protectively. "Not in this you don't," said Tempest.

"She's right Chad," said Divina. She stroked her long blue hair. Tempest noted that it was fading. "We shouldn't be made to kill, we shouldn't 't even be involved. Killing rips the soul apart. I'm her guardian, I have a magical connection to whoever carries her essence. Killing would only destroy us. I know it, she knows it, why can't you all face it." She got up and Tempest did as well. She knew where they were going.

They arrived at the edge of the lake in no time. Divina ran into the water before diving in. Tempest followed suit. The swim for either of them was a quick on, a always.

"How is your mother?"

"Well as ever. You did a great thing."

"I owed you."

Divina chuckled. "Indeed you did."

They reached the floor, no guards or lights greeted them.


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