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Void gave Tempest a thoughtful look. She smiled mischievously, she had led him into a trap and he wasn't even aware of it.——"
Tempest waved her hand. "They'll all believe me. They can all see that she has gone mad. Insane like Christopher said."

"Her twin brother died in his lovers arms. Murdered by the man who is hunting her–—"

Tempest looked away. "Are you saying that I should give her a break?"

"No! Quite the opposite actually," said Void shocked. "I'm trying to emphasize what Gorx told you, to be wary. You have to talk to them."

"Why?" She looked at him sadly, gripping the stone beneath her fingers angrily. "It's my fault Gorx is dead. My fault. Maybe I should let her get to me."

Void laughed at her scornfully. "Then you might as well let Merwick get you too."

"That's funny. I'm going for a walk." Tempest left Void alone and walked around the school keeping her senses open to any humming's and his scent. She caught a familiar scent, two in fact of great similarity.

"Zephyr!" Tempest spun around. Twin black hair golden eyed little kids came running to her. Luke and Luciana, Archers children, Bianca's niece and nephew. They overwhelmed her with hugs.

"Hey you two, how are you?"

"We're fine," they said in unison. Always together never apart.

"That's good."

"Hey Zephyr," said Luke. "That person who attacked the third year

"Is he really our ancestor?" finished Luciana.

Tempest bent down. Her high-top sneakers squeaked as she balance herself on her toes.

"Unfortunately, yes. Who told you?"

"Auntie Starlet," they said.

"Our father hates him," said Luciana.

"He doesn't hate anyone," said Luke, his gold eyes wide.

"He's very nice when he mentions him but

"He and Auntie Starlet, such—–"

"Anger filles their eyes."

"What did he do," finished Luke.

He killed her grandmother, thought Tempest. "That is something for your Aunt or father to tell you, not I."

"Why don't I just tell the,." Tempest jerked up and pulled Luke and Lucia at her sides. Merwick walked towards her her casually, dragging is sword along the dark marble floors.

"Leave them alone."

"Why should I? They are my descendants."

"Avada Kedava!" Green light struck him in th back and he stumbled and looked back her, a look of mock pain. She put down her wand.

"Bianca, how nice to see you."

"Zephyr, take them and go."

"Don't ignore me Bianca."

"Go to hell you bastard you murdered my mother! You cold hearted bastard! You murdered innocents!"

He sneered at her. "Hardly. Dark witches and wizards are far from innocent."

"Luke, Luciana hold on tight to me okay," said Tempest gripping the both of the as she thought of some old magic. Luke and Luciana nodded. "Cecile . . . help dammit."said a female voice in her head.

"You should ask nicely,"

"Please do something."

"You are toying with very old magic young Tempest."

"I know, but I don't have a choice, Merwick

Vines encased them. Tempest hugged the twins tighter to her.

"What is Bianca

The vines vanished, sunk back deep into the ground and Biana stood alone, her wand gripped tightly in her hand, her blood red robes blowing around her. Her knuckles where white like marble. She stared at Tempest.

"What happened?"

Tempest stood up and dusted herself off. "Cecile says hi."

Mistress Starlets gold eyes widened in shock. "How the bloody hell did you talk to Cecile?"

"Very old, very dangerous magic." She smirked.

"And you did it willingly?"

"No," her smile vanished, "I did it because I had to." She bent down and gave Luke and Luciana each hugs. "Go to your aunt you two." They nodded and Tempest walked off. She felt weak, tired, hungry but she was to weak to hunt. As he rounded the corner she felt herself falling.

"Holy hell."


two days in the infirmary. That was how long her 'visit' had been this time. The bed was officially imprinted to her body.

She wiggled out of her bed and smoothed her hair down. It was always such a mess when she go tout of bed, but always easy to fix. It's sleekness swam through her fingers. She fingered her purple strand and grabbed her clothes from the dresser besides her bed. It was her bed, always kept empty incase she had a little mishap.

Tempest got dressed quickly and tied her sneaked. Two sacks of blood awaited her in the drawer and she quickly drank both before her left arm began to throb. She swore more annoyed than angry, and went in search of Void, Nila and the others. They were already in the common room waiting her arrival, each giving her a look not filled with worry or anger or annoyance but rather readiness.

They all arrived in one instant in the living room of the Riddle house. The Dark Lords muggle father house. Half blood bastard she thought. Tempest had nothing against muggles, Mudblood or half breeds like mst pure blood families, but he was insane, killing half his blood. Ripping himself apart as he did it.

"I've called you all here because as you all know, I have control over the Dementors, they are mine, and so say the least I need it so that the Ministry is not so quick to put it together." Tempest looked at him knowing full well What he was about to ask. She clenched her fist behind her back.

"Tempest I want you and your friends to have some fun. Distract the Ministry."

Tempest forced a smile and bowed. "Of course my Lord."

He smiled his snakelike smile that made her skin crawl. "Good, dismissed." Everyone vanished and Tempest punched a brick wall upon her return to the Slimythings common room.

'I hate that half blood bastard." She pulled her hand out of the wall and fixed it with a wave of her wand.

"So now what?" asked Hydra and Nila.

"Now we report to the Order of the Phoenix."

"Good plan," said Chad.

Tempest headed for her room. "Yeah, sure it is."


Tempest sent a note to Remus to announce her visit. A spell kept number twelve Grimwald Place safe there her visit had to be announced and her had to use floo powder. She ordered everyone but Void and Nila to stay behind. They obeyed.

First Void, then Nila and lastly Tempest herself, each allowing ample time to elapse before going in themselves. Remus helped her up and smiled down at her. Remus had been her mothers oldest and best friend . . . always, like Void was to her. But there were even something's that Tempest didn't tell Void, just like her Morganna had left something's out herself.

"Hello Zephyr. You look so much like your mother."

She blushed. "Hello Remus, it's good to see you again."

"Hello there Zeph."

Tempest looked at Tonks and smiled. "Hello Tonks. Nice hair colour today." She winked and Tonks smiled broadly.

"How's your practice coming along?"

"Perfectly brilliant."

"So what is the emergency," asked Dumbledore from across the room. Every besides Tempest, Nila and Void took a seat. Tempest stood behind, across from Remus and Tonks arms crossed.

"Voldemort wants me and my friends to wreak havoc and kill some muggles." Tonks jumped up and banged her hands on the table. Drinks toppled over.

"No," exclaimed Tonks. Her hair changed colour from purple to red.

"She has to," said Dumbledore.

Tonks looked at Dumbledore astonished. "Dumbledore, you can't be serious? Why would you send her to do such a horrible thing? How can you ask that of her?"

"Because he knows, as well as I do, that I don't have a choice," said Tempest, digging her long purple nails into her arms.

"Zephyr . . . those would be innocents?"

Tempest shot her a look. "Who said they had to be innocents."


"She came to save her niece and nephew."

"I see. I seem to have frightened away Merwick, temporarily anyway. Tell Bianca that I said hello."

"Will do Cecile. Goodbye."

"Farewell for now Zephyr."

"I don't have a choice Tonks! If I don't obey him, more than one person will be tortured to death. I can't let that happen."

Tonks gave her an understanding look, filled with tears I the corners of her blue eyes. "Take care of your Zephyr. Please."

Tempest smiled and winked at her. "I plan to Tonks."


Tempest hunted alone. She hadn't allowed Void or Nila or any of the others come along, and she planned on keeping it that way. She wasn't going to make them kill, she was already having trouble doing this as it was. Humans struggled more than animals.

But was muggles like the one she was hunting now, who deserved to die. Muggles who committed horrible acts upon their own kind without any remorse or any regrets, they deserved her kind of death.

She stalked hi up in the trees, as graceful as a cat. She had attacked a group of killers already, creating the illusion that more than one attacked. That had been dangerous, their screams still rang in her ears. She tortured some, killed some blatantly and now she was going to feast on one. She wasn't going to waste the unforgivable curses on them constantly.

She looked around for any sign of life. Only the crickets greeted her. There was no one for miles in Whitechapel. This was the ideal place for murders. She jumped before he rounded the corner and he flinched when he saw her. He lit his cigarette and looked her up and down. She smiled, yes this was the guys.

"Who the bloody hell are you?"

She cocked her head. "Are you Timothy Wicker field?"

He smiled. "So what if I am, what's it to you little girl?" She took a step towards him and flexed her muscles.

"The man who murdered the family? Who ravaged the girls?"

His smile vanished and her took a puff of his cigarette. "Found not guilty little girl so beat it."

She smiled at him viciously and licked her fangs. "Not by me you weren't." She pounced, giving him to time to scream as she drained his blood.

"Knight to E5." It moved and her pon destroyed it.

"Queen to F6." It moved and she smiled. "Check mate."

"You suck."

"You could have won. I thought for a moment that you would. But then you moved your pon to the wrong place and I had the opportunity to trap you."


"You two are silly," said Nila as she blew on her turquoise nails with her feet on the wall.

"We're the silly one?" said Tempest incredulously. Nila rolled her eyes and waved her hand.

"Okay fine, we're all silly, now if you don't mind, I have a date."

"Have fun," said Void sourly as he crossed his arms.

"I plan to." Nila got up and walked out, casting a quick dry spell on her nail, her sword hung low on her slender hips. Void ignored her as she left and Nila did the same keeping her face impassive/ Tempest rolled her eyes annoyed. Her two best friends were idiots.

Tempest stood up and walked to the window. Void fixed the chess pieces.

"I saw Gorx. What did he say to you?"

Tempest looked at him, then down at the window. Entia was down there with her friends.

"He told me not to trust Entia. He told me she was losing her mind, to be careful with her." Tempest looked at Void. "She's not here to help me or to avenge Gorx. She's here for ,e, to obtain revenge against me."

"Don't tell

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