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Astrea came out more often, her whip was always curled up at her side. Tempest herself was wary of Merwick, and she had strength and agility equal to his. She walked around school looking for Nila. She had another date with Davy. Tempest had made Void wait in the Slimythings coming room., he had turned into quite the stalker as of layed. She bit into her apple and looked around almost bumping into Louis. She rolled her eyes in amusement.——"
"It's none of her business Stella," interrupted Entia. "My reasons are Gorx, that's enough to say. Besides, I wanted to see the girl Tempest Artemisa Nyx was to gracious enough to give life to." She sneered at her and Tempest growled.

"Entia that's enough!" said Serena.

"Oh now you're standing up for her."

"I always have. The life of a vampire is a cursed one. We cannot venture into light, we have to drink blood from the living, we don't age. Gorx choose death rather than a cursed life. He was ready, prepared. Besides if he were turned you would still feel the same if not worse. And anyway that girl was only thirteen, she didn't want to die. Tempest did a deed only few have the courage enough to do. Not to mention Gorx would have died anyway, he didn't have enough blood for the change."

Entia glared at her hatefully. "And I thought you were my friends."

Serena sighed and gave Tempest a heartfelt look. "We are your friends, I am your friend, but you forget, we loved Gorx as well, you are not the only person who has suffered his loss.''

"O, but I am the only one who has felt a part of herself missing." She stormed out and Tempest felt herself collapse. Someone caught her. Nila carried her to the sofa and stroked her hair.

"Thank you Serena."

"It was nothing, really. Entia has been

"Something is wrong with her. She hasn't been the same in ages. Ever since his death. We fear that she has become insane."

"She probably has," said a subtle voice. Tempest and Nila turned around. Three fuchsia eyed people stood behind near Void at the bottom of the stairs.

"Jonathan! Daniel! Samantha!" Nila ran to her other siblings. Each gave her a warm hug.

Stella smiled. "That was suppose to be a surprise."

"We couldn't resist," said Daniel.

"Why did I see Adrian here," asked Samantha. Void shot Tempest a warning look. She coughed and stood up. Samantha could never know about Adrian and Nila.

"He's helping s," said Nila casually.

"Oh, well I assumed so but come on, Adrian? Bloody bastard dumped me."

"Enough Sam, Zephyr needs all the help she can muster," said Jonathan.

"Yes, I know, but he's got a cool sword. I want a sword." Tempest and Void laughed. She was so much like her sister.

"Oh Samantha, you are so like a child," said Tempest. "I'm sure Nila wouldn't mind taking you three to meet the Lady of the Lake. Besides we need an army. Now, Void, Nila, library . . . now." Nila and Void followed her close at her heels. It was time to stop toying with th old man.


Tempest walked onto the top of the shelves looing for something, anything in reference to Morgans flower. They found nothing.

"Are you sure we should be here and not in the catacombs?" asked Nila.

"I already checked the catacombs. Morgan wouldn't have kept her dark research in Avalon. Probably at her Dark Majesties palace or at Camelot. One of which I don't think I'll be welcomed in, the other well, that location has been lost to the ages. She here is out last chance."

Tempest flipped her hair out of her face and tapped her blue and black nails against the bookshelves. She needed to the book.

"Maybe we are looking in the wrong section," said Void.

"I hardly doubt it. We know it's a flower so it had to be here."

Void shrugged. "Not everything is where it's suppose to be." He gave her a knowing glance that she bitterly ignored.

"Whatever." She jumped down and walked past them. It should be here. But maybe . . . "I'm going to talk to my mother, see if she has any answers she can give. She'll probably just give me a bunch of riddles though."

"Can you go alone?" asked Nila.

"No. Zoltron will come with me."

"She looked at Void. "You can come Void, if you want. Nila in the mean time, take your family to the Lay of the Lake."

"I'll go," said Void. Tempest saw Nila shoot him a worried look that he ignored. He walked past her towards Tempest but she spun him around and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Please be careful Void."

He hugged her back. "Yeah, I promise."

He took a step back and followed. Tempest to Head mistress Majika's office. Tempest let the way dragging Zoltron away form Hydra in the process. Headmistress Majika never changed her password, she trusted her students . . . to a certain degree.

At the wooden door at the top of the stairs, she knocked on the door three times. It slowly creaked open and Majika remained seated elegantly behind her black desk. Her creamy porcelain skin formed a smiled and her blood red hair glowed over her shoulders.

"Hello Young Tempest, How are you? I hope your studies for your OWL's are going well."

"I need the mirror."

Majika's face fell and her eyes became cold. Tempest could heard her heard begin to race. Her chest fell up and down faster and faster.

"Do you have any idea how dangerous it is going to the land of the dead, to the world in between where the dead come to seek life? You risk much going there."

"I'll be fine."

Majika slanted her eyes and finally noticed Void and Zoltron.

"The will be at risk.

"No they won't. Zoltrons family will protect him and Void's father will protect him. We know the risks." Majika glowered at her but she wasn't going to back down. She would go, and even attack Majika if the need arose.

Majika sighed. "Fine, you may go." She gave her warm look. 'You are so much like your mother."

"Which one," said Void. Tempest shot him a hateful glare. How dare he, she thought.

Majika laughed. "Both in fact. Those two were almost like sisters."

"Enough please." Tempest headed towards the mirror and pulled off the velvet cloth over it. No reflection appeared as she placed her hands over the glass.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Tempest saw her mother at her age. A purple streak danced on her hair and a sinister smile crept forward. She pulled Void and Zoltron in and they looked at Tempest who waited patiently.

"Well, well isn't this a surprise. It was been a while Young Tempest, so nice of you to pay a visit."

"Always a pleasure."

"Isn't it." She looked at Void. "Ha had better have someone to look after him."

"He does. Now please, I am in kind of a rush."

The reflection smiled. "Yes, of course, Merwick. Well come along and be quick about it."

They hurried and walked till they saw the fog. It rose higher and higher as they walked on. First it flowed over their feet then danced on their knees and after some time it settled on their waist. At that point the reflection was barred from further passage. She let them go and those that they needed were there, awaiting them.

Tempest ran into her fathers arms. He hugged her tightly and she regretfully let go and looked at her mother. She smiled at her.

"Hello Tempest."

"Hello mother. I know you've seen everything. You've seen it all so please tell me. Does Draco do what I've seen he does, what he's been ordered to do? Please tell me." She grabbed her mothers pleadingly. "I see two paths, please tell me?"

Her mother lightly stroked her face. "You know I cannot. I may alter events. Not everything is is set, but most of it is, there are some events that's cannot be changed . . . like Gorx's death." Tempest was taken back. Gorx . . .

"Hello Tempete." Tempest frose and slowly turned around. Behind her stood Gorx, eighteen and as handsome as ever. She ran into his open arms and kissed him dearly in the process.

"Gorx," she said pulling away. "I'm so sorry, for everything. I'm

——" She stopped and looked at her sister confused and helpless. Stella stepped forward.——" Colds hands slowly laced themselves with hers. "Who's the fairest of them all." Then she was pulled in.——"
He put a finger on her lips and smiled at her.

"She, don't worry about it Temp. Now come on, you didn't come here to question things about your love life. You had a true purpose remember."

Tempest nodded. "That's right." She turned back to her mother, neglecting to let go of Gorx's hand. "Mother, what can you tell me about Morgan's Flower."

"I am not the one you should be asking. I cannot tell you what I've seen, and that is all I know. You come for answers my daughter and I am sorry that I cannot deliver them to you. You have to speak to Vivaldi and hope that she will tell you."

"But you already

"Yes, I know, she will say no. but there is something you must understand about her reaction. Please do this, for me and for your father."

Tempest nodded reluctantly. She didn't want to speak to that woman. "Yes, okay, I will." She turned and gave Gorx another hug and kiss and would have left quickly but he pulled her back.

"Tempest," he said looking at Morganna, "please, look out for my sister, she's dangerous. She losing her mind, I need you to be careful."

"Of course I will." She pulled away and returned to her parents.

"You've grown so much Young Tempest. I am so proud to be your mother." Tempest gave both of her parents loving hugs and went back Void and Zoltron reluctantly. She wanted nothing more than to be with her father, know her mother. Void and Zoltron held her tightly on the way back to the reflection, they felt what she felt.

The face that greeted them frightfully was that of Nila. She chose Nila.

"We must run. Now." She ran and they ran after her. The fog was getting thicker, entangling their legs, making the trip here and there in deaths hunger.

One by one they stumbled through the mirror, the reflection quickly pushing them through taking worried glances here and there. Tempest looked back, no reflection greeted her.


Tempest made a dramatic entrance and kicked her door in leaving her boot to imprint on the white door. Vivaldi came in startled, probably thinking it was the ministry.


She poised herself, she knew Vivaldi would give her no answers but she had promised.

"What is Morgans Flower?" She watched and waited, slammed the door shut with her foot. Again she left an imprint but she didn't care.

Vivaldi's ice blue eyes widened. Fear, anxiety and anger filled her flimsily appearance. Her mouth became tighter, her heart rater faster, her breathing erratic and her posture stiffer. Tempest didn't understand what all this meant. Morgans flower . . .

"Don't you ever ask me about that


—thing again. You think it's something to be trifled with?! Do you understand?! It poisons and it taints! Leave it alone."——"
"No! Ge out now! I will not tell you anything you want to know. Get out!" Tempest was taken back. What the bloody hell was going on?

"Fine." She said finally before she punched an easily fixed whole through her door. Then she vanished, satisfied, slightly. Vivaldi knew something dangerous.


Tempest sat in her History of Horrors class. She doodled in her notebook waiting for Master Balden. Nila and Void sat on either side of her. The room was eerily quite, no one spoke, anyone hardly moved. Merwick had struck fear into everyone and the Ministry would do nothing. But she hardly blamed them, Voldemort was far more dangerous, for the time being.

Master Balden walked in and Tempest took in his appearance. His eyes were red today, his hair a dark forest green. He looked rather dirty and yet tantalizing in his ripped black jeans and black t-shirt fitted well but here tattered like he played with the manticores. He eyed her as he walked by and as he sat on his desk, crossing his arms.

"In light of things, and certain request, I have decided to talk about something you all should know about, particularly some more than others." Tempest looked away from his blood lust eyes. "Today we will be talking about Morgans Flower," her heart raced and she looked back up. "This was created as a safety measure in case Mordred should fail killing Arthur. She knew that if he should fail it would mean her death. Morgan Le Fey had help form an unknown source though, one to help her create this evil flower. She created the flower to bloom when he died. It did.

"The dark lily, blood red in colour poisoned Camelot and is still poisoning Camelot. It turned the people vile, horrid, turned them against each to her, engulfed the city leaving nothing but ruins. It's vines, it roots, spread like weeds. They wound over homes and businesses. It destroyed Camelot and left no survivors. Even the children took lives."

Tempest gripped Nila's hand as Void rose his hand. "Does anyone know where Camelot is?"

"No, all that remains are rumours." Tempest, Void and Nila exchanged glances. He wanted her to find it so that she would fall into her own doom.

"Hey Louis, have you by any chance seen nila?"

"Yeah, she's off making out with Davyn." He looked at her side. "Where's Void?"

"Not here obviously. He's been following Nila and Davyn around, particularly Davyn. You know his history."

Louis snickered. "Yes I do. He's broken many hearts. But girls love him and he says he's changed and it would seem that way. Besides Nila would probably tear him to bits. She's oblivious yes but capable."

"True. Thanks for everything Louis I've got to go."'

He smiled at her. "Anytime."

Tempest went to the school grounds and soon enough she found Nila in a passionate embrace with Davyn. She leaned against a tree and waited. Void and Nila were both oblivious idiots. She noticed how they looked at each other. How Nila would lay on her bed seductively to get his attention and how he would try huis best to ignore her when she flirted with other guys. She saw it, always had but they were so stupid, so completely oblivious that they were prefect for each other.

"Yes, yes, I think the whole school gets it, you two are into each other." Nila pulled away and Tempest looked at Davyn who had his arms wrapped tightly and protectively around her waist.

"Where's my stalker?" he asked. Nila laughed and ruffled his chestnut hair. He smiled as did Tempest. His green eyes sparkled.

"Locked in his room. Now I'm sorry but I have to pull Nila away. Don't worry I'll give her back."

"Yeah, I trust you, it's Void that I don't." His arm tightened harder on her waist. Nila;'s smiled faltered and she looked away. Tempest quickly grabbed Nila's hand and Davyn let her go, unwillingly.

"See you later Davyn," said Nila.

"Yeah, later." Davyn gave Tempest a warming look. Tempest ignored it and pulled Nila along. Davyn didn't like Void and Void shared that feeling.

"So what are we doing?"

"We are going to get Void then we are going to the library."

"Morgans flower? We're finally going to start looking for it?"

Tempest nodded. "We have to, who knows what he'll do. He's not one to toy with . . . much." She smiled but Nila didn't.

"We shouldn't toy with him Zephyr, Merwick is as ruthless as Tom, he'll kill whoever he wants, no matter the significance."

A shadow fell over their faces. The clouds were gathering. "Yes, I know."

They headed to the Slimythings common room. The dragon hissed as always and flew to the ceiling letting them pass. Tempest and Nila entered the doorways and Tempest almost collapsed. Those same autumn eyes and black hair sent her world spinning.

"Entia what are you doing here?" asked Nila taking hold of Tempest's hand.

"She was with us this summer," said Stella. "She came here after

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